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DnD Immortals Oleyan

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara Immortals

Oleyan – Sphere of Time

The Carven Oak

  • Clerics:
  • Warlocks:
  • Patron – Power, Prosperity, Verdier. Crafters (Crafts)
    • Initiates pantheon onlySphere of Time (Initiate)
    • Time pantheon onlySphere of Time (Initiate)

Racial Pantheons

  • Dwarven and Gnome (The Carven Oak) Due to Patron of Crafters group (Crafts)
  • Elven (Oleyan) Due to Patron of Crafts.

Cultural Pantheons

  • Land Guild (The Carven Oak) Due to Patron of Crafters group (Crafts)
  • Ocean Guilds (The Carven Oak) Due to Patron of Crafters group (Crafts)

Immortal Pantheons

  • Initiates (Liena) Due to Rank of Initiate.
  • Time (Liena) Due to Member of Sphere of Time.

Appearance: a mature elf of lordly aspect, with fine features, light blue eyes and long blonde hair that descends to his shoulders, wearing a long green silk tunic decorated with gold brocade and a small platinum crown on the front.

Game Master Section

Oleyan – Initiate of Time (6)
Was Initiate of Time (2)

  • Sourcebooks: Vaults of Pandius (vop)
  • Alignment: Chaotic
  • Portfolio: Verdiers, power, prosperity, crafts
  • Other Names:
  • Sponsor: Ordana
  • Artefacts: Platinum Crown of Oleyan
  • Ordana
Sponsorship Hierarchy – Time
  • Sponsorship of the Time Sphere
    • Luca (12) Temporal of Time
    • Simurgh (26) Eternal of Time
    • Vethandi (35) Hierarch of Time
      • Gorrziok (25) Eternal of Time moved from Matter (22)
      • Skuld (34) Hierarch of Time was Entropy (34)
      • Tyche (28) Eternal of Time (28) was Thought (28)
        • Bastet (22) Celestial of Time (22) was Matter (16)
        • Raven (21) Empyreal of Time moved from Thought (21)
        • Tourlain (8) Temporal of Time moved from Thought (8)
      • Urd (32) Hierarch of Time was Matter (35)
      • Zalaj (27) Eternal of Time

History: Oleyan was the clan head who guided the Verdier away from Grunland and afterwards provoked the separation from Ilsundal, not wanting to submit to the authority of the old elf. It was always Oleyan that chose to settle in the region bordering Taymor, in the hope of creating a proper kingdom. Following the geologic upheaval of 1700 BC that created the archipelagos of Minrothad and Ierendi, Oleyan and the Verdier were again found on the southern coast of the present Thyatis, separated from their Meditor cousins by the newly formed arm of sea. Oleyan then tried to unify his clan and that of the Vyalia under only one banner but failed. Decided thus to sail towards the island to rejoin the Meditor and attempted in that island to create a proper dominion. This time he had great success but knew that he would have to create something that could indeed focus the sense of unity and belonging to only one clan that wanted to create a nation. So, he departed for a long pilgrimage in the outer planes and succeeded to gain from Ordana the promise that would create for them a new relic if he had overcome the determined trial. Thus, Oleyan began his own path for Immortality. When he reckoned that he was just one step from becoming an Immortal, Oleyan erred through overconfidence and was shown irreverent in the struggles of Ordana, announced that the Verdier were no longer in need of his support once that he had became Immortal, given that he would have become the only spiritual centre of his protégées. Despite his arrogance, he had successfully completed that stage of the path, travelling in time and helped the Verdier to create a powerful and respected clan, but Ordana wanted to teach him to respect the hierarchy and humility. When Oleyan rose in the Sphere of Time, she gave him the Carven Oak like artefact to give to his descendents as promised. Unfortunately, Oleyan had hardly touched it he was sucked within it, becoming to all the effects part of the relic of the Verdiers. And according to the proprieties of the artefact, he was condemned to remain in the Oak until it was destroyed, or until 2000 years had passed, condemned in the meantime to meditate on his errors. Considering that Oleyan has been imprisoned since 60 AC, date of his ascension, would still have long to wait his liberation.

Personality: Oleyan is an Immortal who hasn’t yet really tasted the powers of his new state and for this is extremely annoyed. Knowing well that Ordana had deliberately punished him for his haughtiness, but in a thousand years of imprisonment this has not absolutely alleviated his immoderate ego. He even thinks that this has been a greater wrong of his guilt, and is intending to avenge himself in case he successfully frees himself and become more powerful. Oleyan is an astute, scheming and extremely jumped-up individual, and has influenced the Verdier keepers for centuries in an attempt to orientate the clan to his directives, usurping the cult of Ordana and the dainrouw, and of escaping from her prison. He doesn’t have allies (also because few know of his existence) and proved a strong antipathy for his jailer Ordana, who became his enemy when he succeeds to attain a level of power equal to hers.

Info on Oleyan to be discovered by Groups

Classic D&D (BECMI) Stats
  • Followers Alignment: any; clerics must be Neutral or Chaotic
  • Favoured weapon: short sword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons and daggers)
  • Clerics skills and powers: +2 bonus to any one craft (not free)
  • Paladins skills and powers:
D&D 3.5 Stats
  • Domains: Time, Chaos, Crafts
  • Preferred weapon: rapier
Design Changes

Oleyan – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Crafts (patron) added to the Elven pantheon.
  • Crafts (patron) added to the Crafters patron group.
  • Crafters (patron group) added to the Land Guilds, Ocean Guilds, Dwarven and Gnome pantheons.
  • Initiate (rank) added to the Initiates pantheon.
  • Sphere of Time (rank group) added to Time pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2021-09-16 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon.
D&D Gods

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Wellsprings: Fire, Magic

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D&D Pantheons

The Pantheons, The Immortals, The Divine Features

Racial Pantheons: Atruaghin, Dragonkin, Dwarven and Gnome, Elven, Ethengarian, Giantkin, Halfling, Traladaran

Cultural Pantheons: Alphatian Empire, Land Guilds, Makai, Norse, Ocean Guilds, Outcast, Thyatian Empire, Ylari

Elemental Pantheons: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Forest, Ocean, Radiance, Shadowlands, Sky, Water

Immortal Pantheons: Celestials, Elemental Rulers, Empyreals, Energy, Entropy, Eternals, Hierarchs, Initiates, Matter, Spheres, Temporals, Thought, Time

Special Pantheons: Ancient Ones, Assembly, Azcan, Davania, Hollow World, Myoshima, Nithian, Norwold, Old Ones, Olympian, Savage Coast

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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