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Star Wars: is a science fantasy tabletop role-playing game set in a far-future universe in which robotics, cybernetics, magic and space travel co-exist. It fits into the themes of space opera and heroic fantasy. There have been three companies that have created a game system, West End Games, Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Games.

West End Games

The creaters of the first Star Wars Roleplaying Game and still played by many. This section talks about using West End Games products.

FFG Beginner Games

The Star Wars Beginner Games: are a group of four learn to play modules for the Star Wars Role-playing Game produced from Fantasy Flight Games.

Adventure Resources

The Star Wars Beta Rules: The Star Wars FFG Beta Rules, are a set of rules released by Fantasy Flight Games to test out the new Star Wars roleplaying game. There are three based set of rules. Edge of the Empire – which focuses on people on the fringes of society. Age of Rebellion – which focuses on the people who are fighting the war with the empire. Force and Destiny – which focuses on the force users of the galaxy.

The Beta Adventures: From sessions 0 to session 3 (4 sessions), covering all the adventures in the beta game going over the list of adversaries, locations, equipment and vehicles. While each could be covered in a more detailed post, to avoid to many spoilers I have kept some of it at a high level. Each of these adventures could have been run over multiple sessions, each episode in the book has enough detail to be expanded and made special, though at the time I was looking to use the adventures as a launch pad for an ongoing story instead of being the ongoing story. Next time I run these adventures that is how I plan to do so, see if I can get one or more session from each episode in the adventure.

The Core Rulebook Adventures: Sessions 3 to 6 (3 sessions total). Each of the core rule books also has an adventure that can be run with the characters, so I then continued the campaign with the core rule adventures. This is also a record for my players of where they went and who they interacted with. This was also the last set of adventure so to have a single session per adventure.

The Game Master Kit Adventures: Sessions 7 to 12 (6 sessions total). Each of the Game Master Kits have a screen and an adventure, the screens are technically identical. The main difference is the lovely artwork on the player side, and the weapon chart on the inside, everything else appears the same.

  • EotE Debts to Pay (2019-01-22) – A GM’s Guide to the Nemesis
  • AoR Dead in the Water (2019-01-22) – Fighting in Squads and Squadrons
  • FD Hidden Depths (2019-01-22) – Crafting a Lightsaber and Knight Level Play

The Published Adventures: The first published adventures were from Sessions 13 to 30 (18 sessions total). This was close to a year of game play. Each of the adventures here are a decent in size and could quite easily be extended.

The second set of adventures were played over sessions 31 to 43+ (12 sessions total) closing out the Star Wars storyline with a cliff hanger.

The final published adventure is called Mask of the Pirate Queen for EtoE and I am still to run this storyline.

(EotE) Edge of the Empire, (AoR) Age of Rebellion, (FD) Force & Destiny, (FA) The Force Awakens.

Note: Most of these posts are going through content and format updates so feel free to check back and see what has changed.

Content Updates

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SW Adventures

Campaigns: 2011 West End Games Edition, WEG to Fantasy Flight Games

The Star Wars Beginner Games: Overall Review, EotE Escape from Mos Shuuta, This includes: The Long Arm of the Hutt, AoR Takeover at Whisper Base, This includes: Operation: Shadowpoint, FD Mountaintop Rescue, This includes: Lure of the Lost, FA Discovery on Jakku , This includes: A Call for Heroes

The Published Adventures Campaign: Character Creation

The Beta Rule Adventures: Crates of Krayts (EotE), Operation: Shell Game (AoR), Lost Knowledge (FD)

The Core Rule Adventures: Trouble Brewing (EotE), Perlemian Haul (AoR), Lessons from the Past (FD)

The Game Master Kit Adventures: Debts to Pay (EotE), Dead in the Water (AoR), Hidden Depths (FD)

The Published Adventures: Beyond the Rim (EotE), Onslaught at Arda I (AoR), Chronicles of the Gatekeeper (FD), The Jewel of Yavin (EotE), Friends Like These (AoR), Ghosts of Dathomir (FD)

(EotE) Edge of the Empire, (AoR) Age of Rebellion, (FD) Force & Destiny, (FA) The Force Awakens

Star Wars RPG

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