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Pantheons – Thyatian Empire

Thyatian Pantheon Overview

Pantheons are one of the options players can use to get access to class features, as well as secret crafts and elemental aspects.

Thyatian Empire Cultural Pantheon

Guiding PrincipleThe culture is trying to bring all the gods of the world under one pantheon that is human centric, and does not cater to aspects of other races or species.
Associated NationsKarameikos, Thyatis
Core Immortals

  • Immortals of Energy (4) – Iliric (Temporal 8, as The Ego, Ambition), Madarua (Eternal 26, as The Amazon, Aesirs, Amazons), Mealiden (Empyreal 23, as The Guardian, Adventure, Alfheim), Razud (Hierarch 31, as The Granite Tree, Alphatian Empire),
  • Immortals of Entropy (1) – Pharamond (Hierarch 32, as The Betrayer, Ambition),
  • Immortals of Matter (3) – Forsetta (Temporal 7, as The Lawbringer, Aesirs), Polunius (Eternal 25, as The Designer, Architecture), Wayland (Empyreal 24, as The God’s Smith, Armourer),
  • Immortals of Thought (7) – Arnelee (Temporal 8, as The Investigator, Adventure, Aesirs), Eiryndul (Empyreal 20, as The Adventurer), Frey (Celestial 13, as The Tactician, Aesirs, Agriculture), Korotiku (Hierarch 32, as The Trickster, Arenea), Ninfangle (Eternal 26, as The White Claw, Adventure), Odin (Hierarch 36, as The Zephyr, Aesirs, Air, Air Genasi), Thor (Eternal 29, as Thor, Aesirs),
  • Immortals of Time (2) – Hymir (Celestial 13, as Master of Alchemy, Alchemy), Tourlain (Temporal 8, as The Guidemaster, Anarchy),
  • Locations: Karameikos, Thyatis.
  • Keywords: Charity, Cleverness, Cooperation, Faithfulness, Artists (Architecture), Civilisation (Ambition, Anarchy, Authority, Circumvention, Cities, Communication, Culture, Defence, Diplomacy, Discipline, Domination, Education, Equality, Government), Corruptors (Corruption, Decadence), Magical (Alchemy), Science (Alchemy, Architecture), Warfare (Amazons, Battle, Berserker, Cavalry, Conquest, Fortresses)

This religion is known for taking other beliefs and incorporating it into its own, absorbing and expanding its beliefs. The original beliefs of the four main races of this religion have been lost.

The religion of the Thyatian, Hattian, Kerendian and Nuari (Pearl Island) people found where you can find them.

This religion is mostly concerned with: Ambition, Arts, Authority, Cleverness, Death, Hunting, Justice, Knowledge, Magic, Order, Power, Protection, Strength, War and Wisdom. This is based on the immortal pantheons patronage which also covers the rest as aspects of the belief structure. I have highlighted anything shared between at least five of the immortal patrons.

Patrons – Adventures (3), Air (2), Ambition (2), Anarchy (1), Animalistic Races (1), Architecture (1), Armours (1), Arts (5), Astrology (1), Astronomy (1), Authority (3), Balance (2), Battle (2), Beauty (2), Birth (2), Boldness (1), Bravery (1), Building (1), Cannibalism (2), Chaos (1), Charity (2), Cheating (1), Children (1), Circumvention (1), Cleverness (5), Cold (1), Communication (1), Completeness (1), Con-men (1), Conquest (3), Corruption (3), Courage (2), Crafts (3), Craftsmen (1), Creation (3), Cruelty (1), Culture (1), Cunning (1), Darkness (3), Death (5), Deceit (4), Desire (1), Destruction (2), Discipline (1), Discovery (1), Disease (1), Dishonesty (1), Divination (2), Domination (1), Earth (2), Egotism (1), Energy (1), Equality (1), Experience (1), Explorers (3), Faithfulness (1), Family (1), Fast Talking (1), Fate (3), Femininity (1), Ferocity (1), Fertility (2), Fidelity (1), Fighting (1), Fire (1), Flight (1), Forgiveness (1), Freedom (2), Fun (1), Future (1), Fury in Battle (1), Good (2), Government (1), Gravity (1), Greed (2), Guardians (1), Guile (1), Harmony (3), Hatred (1), Healing (3), Health (1), Hearth (1), Heroism (3), History (2), Honesty (1), Honour (3), Hordes (1), Humanoids (1), Hunters (1), Hunting (5), Illusions (2), Independence (1), Intrigue (1), Invention (1), Jokes (2), Justice (5), Kingship (1), Knowledge (11), Law (3), Liberty (1), Life (3), Light (2), Living Races (1), Losers (1), Love (2), Loyalty (4), Luck (2), Machetos (1), Magic (12), Magical Constructs (1), Magical Creations (1), Magical Research (3), Massacres (1), Medicine (1), Memory (2), Mercenaries (1), Merchants (1), Metallurgy (1), Miners (1), Mischief (2), Money (2), Mortals (1), Motherhood (1), Nature (3), Necromancy (3), Night (2), Nobility (3), Nonconformism (1), Northlands (1), Norwold (1), Oceans (2), Oppression (2), Order (6), Outcasts (1), Paradox (1), Passion (1), Past (1), Patriotism (2), Peace (3), Pearl Islands (1), Perfection (1), Perseverance (1), Persuasion (1), Politics (1), Power (5), Pragmatism (1), Predators (1), Present (1), Preservation (2), Pride (1), Profit (1), Prophecy (1), Prosperity (4), Protection (5), Purity (2), Rebirth (1), Reincarnation (1), Resurrection (1), Revenge (2), Romance (1), Rulership (1), Sacrifice (3), Sadism (1), Sailors (1), Scholarship (1), Sculpture (2), Seas (1), Secrets (2), Seers (1), Self-Determination (1), Self-Sufficient (1), Sensuality (1), Serenity (1), Shadow (2), Sincerity (1), Sky (1), Slavery (1), Slyness (1), Soldiers (1), Spies (1), Spokesman (1), Stealth (2), Storms (1), Strategy (1), Strength (6), Subterfuge (1), the Sun (1), Survival (1), Tactics (4), Talent (1), Temptation (1), Thieves (2), Time (2), Thought (1), Tolerance (3), Trade (3), Traditions (3), Travel (4), Trolls (1), Truth (2), Undeath (1), Unpredictability (2), Vendetta (1), Vengeance (2), Victory (2), Violence (2), Virtue (1), Visions (1), War (11), Warriors (1), Water (1), Weak (1), Wealth (1), Weaponsmiths (2), Willpower (3), Winds (1), Winter (1), Wisdom (6), Witchcraft (1), Women (1), Youth (1).

Thyatian Pantheon Character Options

  • Character Options – Thyatian Pantheon
    • Races: Human

Thyatian Empire Pantheon Immortal Sponsors

Due to the balance of the spheres besides matter, this dues suit as an organisation that is a Follower of the Spheres.

  • Thyatian Empire Pantheon Immortals (confirmed)
  • Patron and Title Keywords (important):
    • Cleverness (9), Cooperation (1)
    • Artists (1, Architecture (1))
    • Civilisation (24, Ambition (2), Anarchy (1), Authority (3), Circumvention (1), Cities (1), Communication (1), Defence (1), Diplomacy (4), Discipline (2), Domination (3), Education (1), Equality (1), Government (2))
    • Corruptors (7, Corruption (6), Decadence (1))
    • Crafters (2, Building (2))
    • Magical (1, Alchemy (1))
    • Science (2, Alchemy (1), Architecture (1))
    • Virtues (1, Charity (2), Faithfulness (11))
    • Warfare (22, Amazons (1), Battle (9), Berserkers (3), Cavalry (1), Conquest (7), Fortress (1))
  • Patron and Title Keywords (related)
    • Adventure (2), Beauty (1), Bravery (3), Courage (4), Epic Deeds (1), Explorers (1), Femininity (2), Ferocity (2), Freedom (1), Fun (1), Guardians (2)
    • Artists (2, the Arts (2))
    • Corruptors (15, Con-men (1), Cunning (1), Cruelty (2), Deceit (5), Disease (1), Dishonesty (2), Egotism (1), Greed (2))
    • Crafters (3, Crafts (1), Craftsmen (1), Hearth (1))
    • Elements (16, Air (1), Chaos (1), Cold (1), Creation (2), Darkness (2), Destruction (5), Entropy (1), Fire (3))
    • Fates (1, Desire (1))
    • Living (11, Birth (1), Children (1), Death (4), Family (2), Fertility (3))
    • Racial (21, Animalistic Races (Catfolk (1), Lizardfolk (1)), Aquatic Races (Devilfish (1)), Demi-Humans (Elven (3), Gnomes (1)), Dragonkind (1), Elemental Races (Fey Races (1)), Forest Races (1), Genasi (Air (1), Darkness (2), Fire (3)), Giants (3), Humanoid Races (Bugbears (1), Goblins (1)))
    • Science (6, Agriculture (1), Books (1), Engineering (1), History (3))
    • Virtues (7, Friendship (1), Good (1), Heroism (1), Honesty (1), Honour (3))

Immortal Names – The immortals of the Thyatian Pantheon are named after the the aspects the Immortal wants the pantheon to follow, or fit the existing themes of the other immortals of the pantheon.

  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire (confirmed)
    • The Amazon (See Madarua) (E26) DomainsLife, Nature, War. Patron – Kerswig, Life, Warrior Women. Patron – Courage, Living (Fertility), Warfare (Amazons)
    • The Bugbear (see Bartziluth) (e24) Domains Tempest, War. Patron – Strength, Warfare. Patron – Bravery, Racial (Humanoid Races (Bugbears)), Warfare (Battle, Berserker).
    • The Dark Fire (see Zugzul) (H32) DomainsArcana, Darkness, Fire, War. Patron – Necromancy, Power, War. PatronElements (Darkness, Destruction, Fire), Racial (Genasi (Darkness, Fire)), Warfare (Conquest)
    • The Dragonslayer (see Bemarris) (i3) Domains Dragon, Hunting, War. Patron – Strength, Norwold. PatronVirtues (Heroism), Warfare (Battle)
    • The Earthshaker (see Branden) (T11) DomainsClockwork, Creation, Fire, Forge, War. Patron – Invention, Progress, Snartan, Technomancy. PatronElements (Fire), Racial (Demi-Humans (Gnomes (1)), Genasi (Fire)), Warfare (Conquest)
    • The Ego (see Iliric) (T8) Domains Arcana, Corruption. Patron – Knowledge, Magic. PatronCivilisation (Ambition), Corruptors (Egotism, Greed).
    • The Empress (see Patura) (T10) DomainsBalance, Fire, Justice, Life, Light. Patron – Motherhood, Women. PatronCrafters (Hearth), Living (Children, Family), Virtues (Faithfulness)
    • The Fortress (see Matin) (e19) DomainsJustice, Moon, Repose, War. Patron – Lupins, Martyrdom, Protection, Renardy, Sacrifice, Security, Tortles. Patron – Guardiana, Warfare (Fortresses)
    • The Guardian (see Mealiden) (e23) DomainsArcana, Hunting, Nature, Travel, War. Patron – Protection, War. Patron – Adventures, Explorers, Guardians, Racial (Elven), Virtues (Faithfulness).
    • The Granite Tree (see Razud) (H31) DomainsFire, Light. Patron – Independence, Self-Determination, Self-Sufficient, Willpower. Patron – Courage, Freedom, Civilisation (Authority)
    • The Shaper (T7) Domains Balance, Justice, Life, Light. Patron – Justice, Peace, Tolerance, Weak. PatronCivilisation (Equality), Virtues (Charity).
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Energy/Fire
    • The Huntsman (see Zirchev) (C17) DomainsArcana, Hunting, Nature, War. Patron – Hunting, Magic, Nature, Outcasts, Survival, Sylvan Races, Tolerance. PatronLiving (Animals), Racial (Forest Races)
    • The Jackal-Head (see Pflarr) (E25) DomainsArcana, Creation, Knowledge, Repose. Patron – Hutaaka, Knowledge, Magic, Magical Research, Nithia, Protection. PatronElements (Creation).
    • The Old and the Young (see Benekander) (i1) DomainsBalance, Clockwork, Light, Travel. Patron – Mortals, Truth. Patron – Freedom
    • The Serpentform (see Mazikeen) (E27) DomainsArcana, Clockwork, Knowledge, Labyrinth. Patron – Magic, Magical Constructs, Magical Research.
    • The Sun Prince (see Ixion) (H36) DomainsFire, Knowledge, Light, War. Patron – Knowledge, Light, Power, the Sun, War. PatronElements (Balance, Energy, Fire), Racial (Genasi (Fire)), Virtues (Heroism)
    • The Wise One (see Ilsundal) (H34) DomainsArcana, Balance, Light, Nature. Patron – Magic, Nature, Peace, Scholarship, Serenity, Traditions, Wisdom. PatronRacial (Elven)
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Entropy/Darkness (confirmed)
    • Protector of Humanoids (see Idris) (C15) Domains Apocalypse, Arcana, Creation, Dragon, Tyranny. Patron – Humanoids, Intrigue, Magic, Naga, Vengeance, Wyvern. PatronCivilisation (Domination), Elements (Creation), Racial (Dragonkind, Elven)
    • The Ambassador (see Masauwu) (E28) DomainsArcana, Corruption, Hunger, Lust, Trickery. Patron – Illusions, Intrigue, Politics, Spies, Spokesman, Subterfuge, Temptation, Thieves. PatronCorruptors (Con-men, Corruption, Deceit, Dishonesty)
    • The Betrayer (see Pharamond) (H32) DomainsArcana, Madness, Trickery. Patron – Magic, Power. PatronCleverness. Civilisation (Ambition), Corruptors (Deceit, Dishonesty)
    • The Black (see Loup) (T9) DomainsDarkness, Death, Grave, Repose. Patron – Lupins, Night, Nomads, Winter. Patron – Ferocity, Living (Death), Virtues (Faithfulness)
    • The Corruptor (see Atzanteotl) (H31) DomainsCorruption, Hunger, Lust, Madness. Patron – Treachery, Vengeance. Corruptors (Corruption, Deceit), Elements (Destruction)
    • The Dark Lady (see Demogorgon) (E29) DomainsArcana, Blood, Corruption, Grave. PatronLizardfolk, Necromancy, Reptiles, Witchcraft. PatronCorruptors (Corruption, Disease), Elements (Destruction)
    • The Deceiver (see Loki) (E30) DomainsCorruption, Fire, Madness, Trickery. PatronHule, Lies, Mischief, Treachery. PatronCleverness, Corruptors (Betrayal, Deceit), Elements (Fire), Racial (Elemental Races (Fey Races), Genasi (Fire))
    • The Destroyer (see Saasskas) (e23) DomainsArcana, Grave, Oceans, Tyranny. Patron – Necromancy, Oceans, Undead. PatronElements (Darkness), Living (Death), Racial (Aquatic Races (Devilfish)), Warfare (Conquest)
    • The Eternal One (see Thanatos) (H35) DomainsApocalypse, Corruption, Death, Grave. PatronAnimalistic Races. Corruptors (Corruption, Decadence), Elements (Destruction, Entropy), Living (Death)
    • The Giant (see Ouranos) (H34) Domains Creation, Earth, Forge, Mountain. Patron – Preservation, Strength, Willpower. PatronCrafters (Building), Racial (Giants)
    • The Keeper of the Netherworld (see Hel) (H36) DomainsCorruption, Darkness, Death, Grave. Patron – Reincarnation, Shadow. Corruptors (Corruption), Elements (Cold, Darkness), Living (Death), Racial (Genasi (Darkness)).
    • The Lurker (see Slizzark) (C17) Domains Corruption, Hunger, Tyranny, War. Patron: Domination, Kopru, Power. Corruptors (Corruption)
    • The Seven Veils (see Kallala) (e22) DomainsLust, Oceans, Trickery, Water. Patron – Malice, Nixies, Seduction. PatronCleverness, Femininity.
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Entropy/Darkness
    • The Black Prince (see Orcus) (E26) Domains Apocalypse, Blood, Corruption, Grave. PatronLycanthropes, Sadism, Undeath, Violence. PatronCorruptors (Cannibalism), Elements (Destruction)
    • The Great Devourer (see Bagni) (e24) DomainsApocalypse, Blood, Hunger, Lust. Patron – Humanoids, Animalistic Races, Trolls, Violence. Patron Corruptors (Bagni)
    • The Great Devourer of Dreams (see Qywattz) (e21) DomainsKnowledge, Madness, Trickery, Void. Patron – Knowledge, Neh-thalggu, Power. PatronCorruptors (Deceit)
    • The Hanged Man (see Marwdyn) (i4) DomainsArcana, Blood, Death, Grave. Patron: Magic, Necromancy, Unpredictability. Living (Death)
    • The Night (see Nyx) (H33) DomainsArcana, Creation, Darkness, Grave, Knowledge. Patron – Magic, Necromancy, Night, Secrets, Shadow, Undead (as Undeath). PatronElements (Darkness), Racial (Elemental Races (Genie), Genasi (Darkness))
    • The Night Spider (see Aracne Prime) (T8) Domains Blood, Darkness, Trickery, Void. Patron – Oppression, Spiders. Corruptors (Deceit), Elements (Darkness), Racial (Genasi (Darkness), Monstrous Races (Aranea))
    • The One Hundred Eyes (see Arik) (C18) DomainsApocalypse, Corruption, Madness, Void. Patron – Madness, Massacres, Nightmares. Elements (Chaos), Racial (Planar Races (Beholders))
    • The Roaring Demon (see Alphaks) (e20) DomainsApocalypse, Madness, Tyranny, War. Patron – Massacre, Vendetta. PatronCorruptors (Hatred)
    • The Silver Hunter (see Ruaidhri) (i3) DomainsHunt, Hunting, Justice, Moon. PatronHalflings, Hunters, Hunting, Revenge. PatronRacial (Demi-Human (Dwarves, Elven, Gnome))
    • The Swindler (see Macroblan) (E27) DomainsCorruption, Hunger, Lust, Tyranny. Patron – Money, Prosperity, Tanagogres, Trade, Wealth. PatronCorruptors (Greed), Racial (Giants)
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth (confirmed)
    • The Bear Lord (see Hattani) (C15) DomainsEarth, Nature, Speed, War. Patron – Courage, Virtues (Faithfulness), Warfare (Battle)
    • The Designer (see Polunius) (E25) Domains Arcana, Beauty, Creation, Forge. Patron – Magic, Sculpture, Tradition, Tritons. Artists (Architecture, the Arts), Crafters (Crafts), Elements (Creation), Science (Architecture)
    • The Eternal General (C14) DomainsForge, Tyranny, War. Patron – Mercenaries, Pragmatism, Soldiers, Victory, War. PatronCivilisation (Discipline), Virtues (Faithfulness), Warfare (Battle)
    • The Girder-On of Weapons (see Valerias) (H31) DomainsBeauty, Hunger, Lust, Madness, Nature. Patron – Love, Passion, Protection, Romance, Sensuality. Patron – Beauty, Artists (the Arts), Fates (Desire), Living (Fertility), Virtues (Charity)
    • The Gods’ Smith (see Wayland) (e24) DomainsBalance, Creation, Forge. Patron – Metallurgy, Smiths. Crafters (Armourer, Building, Craftsman), Science (Engineering)
    • The Horde (see N’grath) (E29) DomainsEarth, Tyranny, War. Patron – Hordes, Power, Slyness, Strength. PatronWarfare (Conquest)
    • The Horse Lord (see Tahkati) (C17) DomainsHunting, Tempest, Travel, War. Patron – Horses, Revenge. Patron – Ferocity, Warfare (Battle, Cavalry)
    • The Justicar (see Maat) (E30) Domain Justice, Knowledge. Patron – Justice, Integrity, Order, Purity, Redemption, Virtue. PatronVirtues (Faithfulness, Honesty, Honour)
    • The Lawbringer (see Forsetta) (T7) Domains Forge, Justice, Mountain. Patron – Justice, Law, Obedience, Truth, Vestland. PatronVirtues (Faithfulness)
    • The Lawyer (see Paarkum) (T8) DomainsBalance, Justice, Knowledge, War. Patron – Fidelity, Justice, Law, Order, Sincerity, Virtue. PatronVirtues (Faithfulness).
    • The Preserver (see Ka) (H35) DomainsArcana, Knowledge, Life, Nature. Patron – Healing, Hollow World, Knowledge, Life, Living Races, Magic, Prosperity, Tortles, Wisdom. PatronCivilisation (Culture), Racial (Animalistic Races (Lizardfolk), Giants)
    • The Strategist (see Lokena) (I2) DomainsArcana, Trickery, War. Patron – Intelligence, Magic, Tactics, War. PatronCleverness.
    • The Wolfrider (see Wogar) (I5) DomainsHunt, Nature, Travel, Tyranny, War. PatronOrcs, Predators, Tactics, War, Werewolves, Wolves. PatronCorruptors (Cruelty), Racial (Humanoids (Goblins)), Warfare (Conquest).
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Matter/Earth
    • The Artisan (see Kagyar) (E28) DomainsBeer, Creation, Earth, Forge, Knowledge. Patron – Knowledge, Metallurgy, Miners, Sculpture. PatronArtists (the Arts), Crafters (Crafts, Craftsmen), Racial (Demi-humans (Dwarves), Humanoid Races (Brute-men))
    • The Craftsman (see Ilmarinen) (e20) Domains Creation, Forge, Hunting, War. Patron – Exploration, Heroism, Hunting, Inventions, Magical creations, Patriotism, Sacrifice, War. PatronCrafters (Crafts)
    • The Ground (see Ground) (e19) DomainsEarth, Mountain. Patron – Protection. PatronElement (Earth, Gravity), Racial (Genasi (Earth))
    • The Insect (see Buglore) (T9) DomainsCreation, Nature. PatronInsects, Nature, Order, Plants, Protection. PatronRacial (Formians)
    • The Land (see Land) (E27) DomainsEarth, Mountains. Patron – Order, Strength. PatronElement (Earth), Racial (Genasi (Earth))
    • The Mind Over Matter (see Infaust) (C16) DomainsBalance, Earth. Patron – Perfection. Patron – Completeness, Artists (Harmony)
    • The Rainbow Serpent (see The Great One) (E26) DomainsArcana, Creation, Dragon, Justice, Knowledge. Patron – Justice, Knowledge, Lizardfolk, Magic. PatronElements (Creation), Racial (Dragonkind)
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air (confirmed)
    • Keeper of History and Order (see Ssu-Ma) (e23) DomainsArcana, Balance, Knowledge, Prophecy. Patron – Magic, Memory, Order, Sages, Scribes, Wisdom, Writing. PatronCivilisation (Education), Science (Books, History)
    • Lord of Negotiations (see Koryis) (T10) DomainsBalance, Justice, Knowledge. Patron – Ochalea, Peace, Piety, Prosperity, Tolerance. PatronCivilisation (Diplomacy).
    • The Adventurer (see Eiryndul) (e20) DomainsFire, Light, Nature, Travel, Trickery. Patron – Mischief, Shiye-Lawr. Patron – Adventurer, Cleverness, Racial (Demi-Human (Elven), Forest Races)
    • The General (see Thor) (E29) DomainsForge, Tempest, War. Patron – War, Warriors. Patron – Bravery, Virtues (Honour), Warfare (Battle, Berserkers).
    • The Investigator (see Arnelee) (T8) DomainsJustice, Knowledge, Travel, Trickery. Patron – Independent Women, Liberty, Messengers, Sincerity, Travel, Wisdom. Patron – Adventure, Cleverness, Virtue (Faithfulness).
    • The Lightning Bolt (see Taroyas) (i6) DomainsBalance, Justice, Tempest, Time. Patron – Kingship, Milenia, Nobility, Order, Power. PatronCivilisation (Authority, Government).
    • The Lupin (see Clebard) (i2) DomainsBalance, Justice, Life, Nature. Patron – Fidelity, Lupin, Nobility, Order, Patriotism, Progress, Renardy. PatronLiving (Family), Virtues (Faithfulness)
    • The Mediator (see Urtson) (T7) DomainsBalance, Earth. Patron – Kryst, Mediation, Order, Peace. PatronCooperation, Civilisation (Diplomacy).
    • The Merchant (see Asterius) (E28) Domains Life, Moon, Travel, Trickery. Patron – Healing, Merchants, Money, Profit, Thieves, Trade, Travel. PatronCleverness, Civilisation (Communication).
    • The Tactician (see Frey) (C13) Domains Air, Nature, Life, War. Patron – Intelligent Warfare, Kogolor, Strength, Tactics, Virility. Patron – Bravery, Living (Fertility), Science (Agriculture), Virtues (Faithfulness, Friendship)
    • The Trickster (see Korotiku) (H32) Domains Clockwork, Knowledge, Labyrinth, Trickery. Patron – Jokes, Liberty, Lupin, Mischief, Nonconformism, Pearl Islands, Spiders, Stealth, Tanagoro, Thought, Wisdom. PatronCleverness, Fun, Corruptors (Cheating, Deceit), Racial (Monstrous Races (Aranea))
    • The White Claw (see Ninfangle) (E26) DomainsCats, Hunt, Travel, War. Patron – Hunting, Travel. Patron – Adventure, Bravery, Epic Deeds, Racial (Animalistic Races (Catfolk)), Warface (Battle).
    • The Zephyr (see Odin) (H36) DomainsAir, Balance, Knowledge, Tempest, Trickery. Patron – Knowledge, Nobility, Northlands, Rulership, Sky, Storms, Winds, Wisdom. PatronCivilisation (Authority), Corruptors (Cunning), Elements (Air), Racial (Genasi (Air))
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Thought/Air
    • The Artist (see Thalia) (H31) DomainsBalance, Beauty. Patron – Youth. Patron – Beauty, Artists (the Arts, Harmony)
    • The Avenger (see Malinois) (C15) Domains Hunting, Justice, Moon, War. Patron – Hunting, Lupins, Vengeance, War, Weaponsmiths. Patron – Courage.
    • The Celestial Traveller (see Sinbad) (E25) DomainsJustice, Knowledge, Ocean, Travel. Patron – Travel. Patron – Adventure, Boldness, Discovery, Explorers.
    • The Embodiment of Good and Light (see Pax) (H35) DomainsBalance, Light. Patron – Light, Love, Peace, Purity, Tolerance. PatronArtists (Harmony), Virtues (Forgiveness, Good)
    • The Judge (see Tarastia) (E30) DomainsBalance, Justice, War. Patron – Justice, Law, Order, Revenge, Truth, Vengeance.
    • The Lofty One (see Palartarkan) (T11) DomainsAir, Arcana, Light, Travel. Patron – Magic, Magical Research. PatronElement (Air), Magical (Astrology), Racial (Genasi (Air)), Science (Astronomy, Flight)
    • The Performer (see Soubrette) (e24) DomainsArcane, Beauty, Creation, Trickery. Patron – Illusion, Persuasion, Talent. PatronArtists (the Arts)
    • The Pharaoh (see Orisis) (e19) DomainsDeath, Grave, Knowledge, Repose. Patron – Rebirth, Resurrection, Secrets. PatronLiving (Death)
    • The Redhair (see Halav) (C17) DomainsForge, Tempest, War. Patron – Kendach, Sacrifice, Strategy, Strength, Tactics, Traldara, War, Weaponsmiths, Willpower. Patron – Crafters (Armourer)
    • The Troublemaker (see Cretia) (C16) DomainsAir, Tempest, Trickery, War. Patron – Jokes, Stealth, Tactics, War. PatronElements (Chaos)
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Time/Water (confirmed)
    • Keeper of the Gates of Time (see Khoronus) (H36) DomainsKnowledge, Prophecy, Speed, Time. Patron Patience, Persuasion, Philosophy, Time, Wisdom. PatronCivilisation (Diplomacy, Government), Science (History)
    • The Alchemist (see Hymir) (C13) Domains – Beer, Oceans, Water. Patron – Revelry, Water, Wisdom. PatronMagical (Alchemy), Racial (Giants), Science (Alchemy).
    • The Guardian (see Liena) (i1) DomainsBalance, Justice, Time, War. Patron – Norwold, Oceansend, Order, Thyatis, War. PatronCivilisation (Discipline), Science (History)
    • The Guildmaster (see Tourlain) (T8) DomainsApocalypse, Trickery. Patron – Losers, Luck, Perseverance, Sacrifice. PatronCleverness, Civilisation (Anarchy).
    • The Inquisitor (see Vanya) (e23) DomainsLife, Speed, Tyranny, War. PatronHeldannic Knights, Kubbits, Pride, Strength, Victory, War. Patron – Femininity, Living (Birth), Virtues (Honour), Warfare (Conquest)
    • The Settler (see Petra) (C17) Domains Creation, Speed, War. PatronMilenian, Patriotism, Resistance, Settlements, Traladaran, Traldara, Virtue, Warriors. Patron – Courage, Civilisation (Cities, Defence).
    • The Sharp Tooth (see Crakkak) (T10) DomainsBlood, Hunger, Hunting, Oceans. Patron – Hunting, Fury in Battle, Predators, Sharks, Shark-kin, Strength. PatronWarfare (Battle)
  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals of Time/Water
    • The Advisor (see Yav) (e20) DomainsLife, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Prophecy, Seers, Yavdlom. PatronMagical (Divination)
    • The Hag (see Skuld) (H34) DomainsArcana, Death, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Visions. PatronFates (Fate, Future), Living (Death), Magical (Divination)
    • The King-Priest (see Chardastes) (e24) DomainsDeath, Knowledge, Life, Repose. Patron – Healing, Knowledge, Life, Medicine, Nithia, Purity. PatronLiving (Brith, Death, Health)
    • The Last Universal Common Ancestor (see Luca) (T12) Domains Creation, Life. Patron – Life, Proteans.
    • The Machetos (see Carnelian) (T11) Domains Balance, Knowledge, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Machetos, Nobility, Order, Patriotism, Tradition.
    • The Maiden (see Urd) (H32) DomainsLife, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Memory, Past, Wisdom. PatronFates (Fate), Living (Birth), Science (History)
    • The Mother (see Vethandi) (H32) Domains Balance, Knowledge, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Knowledge, Present, Preservation, Time. PatronElements (Balance), Fates (Fate)
    • The Rootmaker (see Calitha) (C18) DomainsNature, Oceans, Travel, Water. Patron – Luck, Meditor, Oceans, Tortles, Travel. PatronLiving (Fertility), Racial (Aquatic Races, Elven)
    • The Spuming Nooga (see Protius) (E29) DomainsOceans, Time, Travel, Water. PatronMarine Creatures, Ocean, Sailors, Sea, Travel, Unpredictability, Water.
    • The Squid Slayer (see Sharpcrest) (e19) DomainsHunting, Oceans, Travel, Water. Patron – Hunting, Kna, Prosperity, Trade.
    • The Temporal Prime (see Fugit) (E30) Domains Knowledge, Prophecy, Time. Patron – Knowledge, Memory, Paradox, Time. Patron – Experience, Science (History)
    • The Unending (see Finidel) (T7) DomainsJustice, Time. Patron – Hope, Justice, Patriotism. PatronLiving (Family)

Thyatian Empire Pantheon Divine Features

Followers of this faith receive the following:

  • Protected by the Thyatian Empire Culture: You can make death saving throws when reduced to zero hit points and can be brought back from the dead.
  • Spell Affinity (Thyatian Empire): You have a cultural affinity and your spells have a Dice roll and DC modifier of +1 when used against that culture or in regions controlled by the culture.
  • Base Anathema (Thyatian Empire): Destroying the sustainability of the culture.

Thyatian Empire Clerical Domains

Trying something different, not using statistics, just base number of gods supporting domains. There are 75 gods in the Thyatian Empire Pantheon.

Thyatian Empire Pantheon Artefacts

Artefacts of the Pantheon:

  • Blackrazor – The Ambassador (see Masauwu) Provided to Church of Karameikos as part of its founding, linking it forever to Wave and Whelm. AC 970.
  • Wave – The Spuming Nooga (see Protius) Provided to Church of Karameikos as part of its founding, linking it forever to Blackrazor and Whelm. AC 970.
  • Whelm – The Artisan (see Kagyar) Provided to Church of Karameikos as part of its founding, linking it forever to Blackrazor and Wave. AC 970.

Associated Artefacts (can be appropriated by pantheon)

The Church of Karameikos

Source: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (gaz1 p23)

The national branch of the Thyatian Pantheon.


  • Kelvin, Karameikos
  • Specularum, Karameikos
  • Threshold, Karameikos
Church Of Karameikos
Church Of Karameikos

Formed in AC 970 with the founding of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

Most of those of Thyatian descent in Karameikos are members of the Church of Karameikos; approximately half those of mixed descent are; and many of Traladaran descent have been converted by the church’s compelling philosophy of the “unstained spirit.” In all, about 25% of the population of Karameikos now belongs to the Church of Karameikos, and this segment of the population includes most of the landed nobles and many other political figures.​

Church of Karameikos
Leader/PatriarchOliver Jowett (Specularum, M85, Clr20)
PatriarchSherlane Halaran (Threshold, M72, Clr16),
Bishops Alfric Oderbry (Specularum, M50, Clr16), Desmond Kelvin (Kelvin, M40, Pal12)
PriestAleena Halaran (Threshold, F32, Pal14)

Cleric of the Faith

​The Church of Karameikos can exert great influence over its devout believers. The common church member has a terror of separation from the Church, because it would mean that his spirit grows so stained that he will suffer perpetual grief in the afterlife. Though manipulative priests are not common, those few who exist can demand some heavy and unusual purification from their followers and often get away with great abuses in this fashion.​

Formal Clerical Robes: For formal occasions, clerics may dress in full clerical gear. This consists of a full-sleeved, floor length gown with the arms of the Church of Karameikos (or Order of the Griffon) displayed prominently on the chest. Clerics carry a metal sceptre designating their clerical profession.​

Faith and Belief

These are the beliefs of the Church of Karameikos:​

  1. That the acts of assault, abuse, murder, theft, lying, adultery, and living together without the sanctity of matrimony are sins; that these sins stain the spirit of the doer; and that these sins require acts or ceremonies of purification (of severity appropriate to the sin) to cleanse from the spirit.​
  2. That an unwillingness on the part of a sinner to purify himself of a sin is itself a sin, punishable by separation from the Church, the eventual result of which is the sinner’s spirit becoming too stained ever to be redeemed.​
  3. That the individual’s role in the afterlife will be determined by the amount of stain his spirit bears at the time of his death.​
  4. That it is the responsibility of members of the Church to bring the benefits of Church philosophy to the unbeliever, and to remain present even in hostile lands, so that the benefits of the Church be denied to no one who desires them.​
  5. That magical rituals with no confirmed basis in formal arcane or divine ritual constitutes ignorant superstition, and therefore the use of lucky charms, card-reading, and so forth are all valueless wastes of time and effort.​

Many of the members of the Church, especially converts, don’t truly understand the intent of the church’s philosophy. This philosophy is that no sin committed in the mortal world is so great that it cannot be purified from the spirit by great acts of self sacrifice. Many converts, however, consider it a game with rules to be bent – that the church philosophy means they can do anything so long as they subject themselves to the deeds of purification recommended by their church leaders after the fact.​

GM Notes: You need to know which of the characters are adherents to the Church of Karameikos. Whenever they’ve committed an act which is questionable under Church doctrine, keep reminding them that they have a nagging guilt about the act and should seek purification from a Church priest.​

​Obviously, this is a grand opportunity for an adventure in which the character has a very personal stake.​

A lesser sin – telling a lie, for instance – may require a ceremony of purification no greater than saying of a few prayers. A moderate sin – beating someone who did not deserve it, for instance – might require a day’s vigil and fasting under the watchful eye of a church priest. A greater sin – for instance, murder – may require that the character not only suffer secular punishment (i.e. punishment handed down by the courts) but also perform some great ceremony of purification, such as the character risking his life and fortune in an adventure which the Church thinks would benefit his spirit.​


The leader is the Patriarch of Specularum.​

  • Leader
    • Lord Olliver Jowett (Specularum) (Cleric 14)
  • Patriarch:
    • Alfric Oderbry (Specularum) (Cleric 13)
    • Baron Sherlane Halaran (Threshold) (Cleric 13)
  • Priest
    • Aleena Halaran (Cleric 12)
  • Members
    • Magdel (Specularum) (Cleric 4)

The Order of the Griffon

Source: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (GAZ1 p24)

They are a military order of the Church of Karameikos and Thyatis.


  • Kelvin, Karameikos
  • Specularum, Karameikos
  • Threshold, Karameikos
Order Of The Griffon
Order Of The Griffon

The Order of the Griffon is a military order of the Church of Karameikos. Priests and followers may be members of the Order.​

The Order is a very prestigious society of warriors; its Members are constantly adventuring, going on quests to help the Church, the nation, and the common man. It’s held to be a great honour to be a Member of the Order, and so each year many young men and women attempt to gain membership.​

Order of the Griffon
Leader/MasterOliver Jowett (Specularum, M85, Clr20)
Captains Aleena Halaran (Threshold, F32, Pal14), Desmond Kelvin (Kelvin, M40, Pal12)

Membership Benefits

These are the benefits a character receives for being a member of the Order.​

  1. The character can claim shelter from any Church of Karameikos (most priest would offer it to other priests or the needy anyway, but the Member of the Order has the right to demand it of a priest who might not be inclined to offer it).​
  2. The character has the companionship of other Members of the Order, who are likely to become his friends, give him aid when he needs it, etc.​
  3. The character, because of the good and widespread reputation of the Order, is accorded the respect due to someone of Knight status, regardless of his true rank in society; therefore, he is often invited to dine and stay with nobles, to share his exploits with them, etc.​
  4. A Member may resign his membership at any time.​

The leader or the Order is called Master.​

Master: Lord Olliver Jowett (Cleric 14)

  • Members:
    • Baron Desmond Kelvin II (Cleric 10)
    • Aleena Halaran (Cleric 12)

These are the responsibilities of Members of the Order.​

  1. The character must tithe 25% of his income to the Church during all the time that he is a Member.​
  2. The character must obey the dictates of the Church as regards sins and purification.​
  3. The character must accept missions and duties assigned by the head of the Church or by his superiors within the Order; such missions are often adventures or military missions in the interest of the Church or nation.​
  4. The Member of the Order wears a badge which proclaims his Membership; it can be on his shoulder, as a clasp on his cloak or belt, or in any other unostentatious place on his clothing.​
Application to the Order

The applicant appears before Lord Olliver Jowett, Patriarch of Specularum, and declare his intent. The Patriarch assigns the applicant to a Member, who will test his fighting abilities in sparring matches, will question his degree of his faith in Church doctrine, and will evaluate his character. if the applicant meets all the criteria for Membership, he will be invited to join the Order.​

In order to become a Member of the Order of the Griffon, a character must:​

  1. Be of a set standard of fighting ability.​ (Tier 2 Character)
  2. Be a devout follower of the Church of Karameikos.​
  3. Swear a holy oath to uphold the responsibilities of a Member of the Order.​
  4. Be a Court Lord or higher in the Karameikos court.

Design Changes

  • Thyatian Pantheon Immortals – old version
    • Spheres of Power – Energy (20/398), Matter (17/373), Entropy (12/289), Thought (13/286), Time (14/212)
    • Immortals
    • DomainsAir (3), Apocalypse (6), Arcana (17), Balance (15), Beauty (4), Beer (1), Blood (5), Clockwork (3), Corruption (9), Creation (10), Darkness (4), Death (7), Dragon (2), Earth (6), Fire (4), Forge (7), Grave (8), Hunger (4), Hunt (2), Hunting (8), Justice (12), Knowledge (17), Labyrinth (2), Life (10), Light (9), Lust (4), Madness (5), Moon (3), Mountain (3), Nature (9), Oceans (4), Prophecy (6), Repose (4), Speed (1), Tempest (5), Time (11), Travel (10), Trickery (11), Tyranny (7), Void (2), War (17), Water (4)
    • Patrons – Animalistic Races (1), Divination (2), Domination (1), Earth (2), Egotism (1), Energy (1), Equality (1), Experience (1), Explorers (3), Faithfulness (1), Family (1), Fast Talking (1), Fate (3), Femininity (1), Ferocity (1), Fertility (2), Fidelity (1), Fighting (1), Fire (1), Flight (1), Forgiveness (1), Freedom (2), Fun (1), Future (1), Fury in Battle (1), Good (2), Government (1), Gravity (1), Greed (2), Guardians (1), Guile (1), Harmony (3), Hatred (1), Healing (3), Health (1), Hearth (1), Heroism (3), History (2), Honesty (1), Honour (3), Hordes (1), Humanoids (1), Hunters (1), Hunting (5), Illusions (2), Independence (1), Intrigue (1), Invention (1), Jokes (2), Justice (5), Kingship (1), Knowledge (11), Law (3), Liberty (1), Life (3), Light (2), Living Races (1), Losers (1), Love (2), Loyalty (4), Luck (2), Machetos (1), Magic (12), Magical Constructs (1), Magical Creations (1), Magical Research (3), Massacres (1), Medicine (1), Memory (2), Mercenaries (1), Merchants (1), Metallurgy (1), Miners (1), Mischief (2), Money (2), Mortals (1), Motherhood (1), Nature (3), Necromancy (3), Night (2), Nobility (3), Nonconformism (1), Northlands (1), Norwold (1), Oceans (2), Oppression (2), Order (6), Outcasts (1), Paradox (1), Passion (1), Past (1), Patriotism (2), Peace (3), Pearl Islands (1), Perfection (1), Perseverance (1), Persuasion (1), Politics (1), Power (5), Pragmatism (1), Predators (1), Present (1), Preservation (2), Pride (1), Profit (1), Prophecy (1), Prosperity (4), Protection (5), Purity (2), Rebirth (1), Reincarnation (1), Resurrection (1), Revenge (2), Romance (1), Rulership (1), Sacrifice (3), Sadism (1), Sailors (1), Scholarship (1), Sculpture (2), Seas (1), Secrets (2), Seers (1), Self-Determination (1), Self-Sufficient (1), Sensuality (1), Serenity (1), Shadow (2), Sincerity (1), Sky (1), Slavery (1), Slyness (1), Soldiers (1), Spies (1), Spokesman (1), Stealth (2), Storms (1), Strategy (1), Strength (6), Subterfuge (1), the Sun (1), Survival (1), Tactics (4), Talent (1), Temptation (1), Thieves (2), Time (2), Thought (1), Tolerance (3), Trade (3), Traditions (3), Travel (4), Trolls (1), Truth (2), Undeath (1), Unpredictability (2), Vendetta (1), Vengeance (2), Victory (2), Violence (2), Virtue (1), Visions (1), War (11), Warriors (1), Water (1), Weak (1), Wealth (1), Weaponsmiths (2), Willpower (3), Winds (1), Winter (1), Wisdom (6), Witchcraft (1), Women (1), Youth (1).

This is a table that I build for random rolling before changing the pantheon greatly, No longer represents what I have now without a rebuild.

For a random domain, roll % twice, first to see rarity of domain and second to see which domain in selected.

01-46% Common

47-97% Uncommon

98-00% Rare

Thyatian Empire – Patron to Pantheon Links – This is to be the basis on who is in what Pantheon and why.

  • Alchemy (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon. (Hymir).
  • Architecture (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon (Polunius).
  • Building (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon (Ouranos, Wayland)
  • Cleverness (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire (Arnelee, Asterius, Eiryndul, Korotiku, Loki, Lokena, Pharamond, Tourlain)
  • Cooperation (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire (Urtson)
  • Corruption (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire (Atzanteotl, Demogorgon, Hel, Masauwu, Slizzark, Thanatos).
  • Decadence (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon. (Thanatos)
  • Faithfulness (patron) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon. (Arnelee, Clebard, Forsetta, Frey, Hattani, Loup, Maat, Mealiden, Paarkum, Patura, The Eternal General)
  • Civilisation and Warfare (patron group) linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon.

Content Updates

  • 2022-04-25 – Added in links to members of Church of Karameikos and Order of the Griffon.
  • 2021-09-05 – Added in design changes and Patron to Pantheon links to show where this Immortal features in the Pantheon.
  • 2021-09-04 – Added Buglore, Chardastes, Finidel, Fugit, Ground, Ilmarinen, Land, Luca, N’grath, Orisis, Ouranos, Paarkum, Pax, Soubrette, Tourlain, Urd, Vethandi, Yav to the pantheon. Finished updates on Domains, Patronages and organisational links. In Design changes started a Patron to Pantheon link to be the catalyst for who is in this pantheon.
  • 2021-09-03 – Added Brissard, Iliric, Pflarr, Skuld, Thalia to the pantheon.
  • 2021-08-20 – Updated headings to have correct titles.
  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the menu.
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  • 2021-01-23 – Added in Al-Kalim, Qywattz, Sinbad.
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