Pathfinder 2: Classes

Pathfinder 2

Available Classes

Source: PF2 Core Rulebook (pf2-rb-cr) Lost OmensCharacter Guide (pf2-lo-cg), Legends (pf2-lo-leg), World Guide (pf2-lo-wg)

Here I am showcasing what I am doing with Pathfinder 2 Classes.


  • pf2-rb-cr PF2 Core Rulebook
  • pf2-lo-leg Lost Omens Legends
  • pf2-lo-cg Lost Omens Character Guide
  • pf2-lo-wg Lost Omens World Guide

Alchemist (2020-07-02), Barbarian (2020-07-03), Bard (2020-07-04), Champion (2020-07-05), Cleric* (2020-07-06), Druid* (2020-07-07), Fighter (2020-07-08), Monk (2020-07-09), Ranger (2020-07-10), Rogue (2020-07-11), Sorcerer (2020-07-12), Swashbuckler (tba), Witch (tba), Wizard (2020-07-13)

* Changes to class where they know and learn spells like a Wizard

Feats for classes not added to blog yet:

Swashbuckler – Flamboyant Cruelty (R Swashbuckler 8, leg28)

Witch – Patrons (Baba Yaga (R leg32))

Available Archetypes

Class Archetypes
  • Alchemist (cr)
  • Barbarian (cr)
  • Bard (cr)
  • Champion (cr)
  • Cleric (cr)
  • Druid (cr)
  • Fighter (cr)
  • Monk (cr)
  • Ranger (cr)
  • Rogue (cr)
  • Sorcerer (cr)
  • Wizard (cr)
Themed Archetypes
  • Cavalier – playtest
  • Grey Maiden – playtest
  • Pirate – playtest

Converted Classes from Pathfinder 1 to 2

Converted Classes to Pathfinder 2 based on the original source. The Witch is now from the advanced players guide playtest so that is not going to be further updated unless there are issues in the build.

  • The Samuari (2019-10-15) – Used on Jade Regent Adventure Path, working to see how well it holds up at the higher levels.
  • The Summoner (2019-10-01) – Used in Jade Regent Adventure Path and in TRAP, hoping it works better with the current updates.
  • The Witch (2019-10-07) – My version was close enough to what the playtest did that I have move my player over to the official playtest.

Content Updates

  • 2021-12-20 – Added in feats from legends.
  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
PF2 Classes

Converted Classes

Existing Classes: Alchemist, Barbarian, Bard, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard

Own Class Conversions (my groups): Samurai,

Own Class Conversion Now in Paizo (Playtest): Summoner

Own Class Conversion Now in Paizo (Published): Witch

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