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Here I am going to reference and go into details about droids introduced by me and by supplements that I am using in my campaigns.

Droids are as common a sight in the greater galaxy as starships or blasters and can be found in virtually every conceivable environment. Alterations to their structure and programming allow droids to function in otherwise prohibitive environments, meaning that droids may be found anywhere in the galaxy. The vast majority are simply machines, laboring in the background to complete tasks that an advanced society requires to function. A smaller portion is much more advanced, capable of interacting with living beings with a semblance of the independence and creativity that the organic enjoy. And of course, there are those few that are far more than simple tools and instead can become tremendous allies or terrifying opponents.

Droids are typically divided into five broad categories depending upon their function. These divisions are referred to as Class I through Class V and give a general idea of how a droid from a given class can be expected to behave, what capabilities it has, and what behaviors it is likely to exhibit.

  • Class I droids include perhaps the most advanced droids among their ranks, designed as they are for medical and health-related purposes.
  • Many Class II droids are designed for engineering and maintenance tasks and as such are more like self-aware tools than their peers among the other classes, though they can develop quirky personalities.
  • Class III droids are designed to interact with organic beings in a variety of fashions, from the protocol droids that are frequently employed in diplomatic circles to the governess droids that the especially wealthy sometimes rely upon to care for their children.
  • Class IV droids are by far the most restricted and heavily controlled, because they are designed for use in combat.
  • Finally, the simplest of all droids can usually be found among the numbers of Class V droids, which are generally designed for the purpose of simple, non-electronic repairs and menial labor. Class V droids can generally be said to have the least advanced processors and cognitive function of any droid class.

SW Droid Manufacturing CompaniesArakyd, OutlawTech
Generic items available to all Droid Manufacturing companies – Emergency Repair Patch, Holo Messenger, Restraining Bolt, Tool Kit

Droids by Name

Antiquated Battle Droid (Minion, ee-cr-410), Assassin Droid (R Nemesis, ar-cr-427, ee-cr-410), Astromech Droid (Rival, ar-cr-428, ee-cr-410),

Dark Trooper (R Rival, ar-cr-421),

J9-B8 (Rival, ee-cr-422, Protocol)

Maintenance Droid (Minion, ar-cr-428, ee-cr-411), Medical Droid (Rival, ar-cr-428, ee-cr-411),

Protocol Droid (Rival, ar-cr-429, ee-cr-412),

R4-W9 (Rival, ee-cr-430, Astromech),

Security Droid (Rival, ee-cr-412),

TT-3PO (Rival, ee-bcr-215, Protocol),

Viper Probe Droid (Rival, fd-gmk-10),

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Source – Fantasy Flight Games
Age of Rebellion – Core Rules (ar-cr)
Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (ee-cr), Beta (ee-bcr)
Force and Destiny – Core Rules (fd-cr), GM Kit (fd-gmk)
West End GamesPlanets Collection (2e-pc)

Droids by Rarity

Rarity 3Astromech Droid (Rival, Class II, ee-cr-410, 8,250 cr), Maintenance Droid (Minion, Class V, ee-cr-411, 7,500 cr)

Rarity 4 – Medical Droid (Rival, Class I, ee-cr-411, 12,000 cr), Protocol Droid (Rival, Class III, ee-cr-412, 8,000 cr, Rarity 4), Sentry Droid (Rival, Class IV, ee-cr-431, 40,000 cr, OutlawTech),

Rarity 5Antiquated Battle Droid (Minion, Class IV, ee-cr-410, 6,500 cr, Baktoid Combat Automata), Security Droid (Rival, Class IV, ee-cr-412, 9,600 cr, Rarity 5),

Rarity 8Assassin Droid (R Nemesis, Class IV, ee-cr-410, 65,000 cr, Rarity 8),

UnknownDark Trooper (R Rival, Class IV, ar-cr-421, Unknown cr, IDMR), Viper Probe Droid (Rival, Class IV, fd-gmk-10, Unknown cr, Arakyd)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Droids by Class

Class I Droids (Medical)

Class II Droids (Engineer)

Class III Droids (Protocol)

Class IV Droids (Combat)

Class V Droids (Labour)

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-23 – Adding in specific droids from Trouble Brewing.
  • 2021-06-26 – Added in droids from Edge of the Empire Core Rules.
  • 2021-06-15 – Added in Antiquated Battle Droid.
  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
SW Droid

Droids: Antiquated Battle, Assassin, Astromech, Dark Trooper, Maintenance, Medical, Protocol, Security, Viper Probe

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