Wrath of the Immortals Spells

Dungeon and Dragons 5th Edition

Wrath of the Immortals – Mystra

Here are the extra spells and rules around magic I have available to my players and Spells in my Wrath of the Immortals campaign.

New Spells
(beyond Players Handbook)

AAbsorb Elements (Ab L1 2020-07-26), Affect Normal Fog (Tr L1 2020-07-27), AIR (BreathingR (Tr L3 2020-08-16), BridgeR (Tr L3 2020-08-17), ForgeR (Tr L2 2020-08-06), SphereR (Co L4 2020-09-02)), Annihilation (Ne L5 2021-04-26), Awaken Element (Tr L3 2020-08-18)

BBead of Frost (Ev L2 2020-11-04), Bleeding Wound (Ne L2 2021-04-26), Booming Blade (Ev C 2020-08-27), Boreas’s BreathR (Tr L2 2020-11-04), Breeze (Tr C 2020-08-01)

CCall Lightning (Co L3 2020-10-31), CHARGED (Missile (Ev L2 2020-08-07), Touch (Tr L3 2020-08-19)), CIRCLE (of Devastation (Ev L9 2020-09-28), of Wind (Ab L1 2020-08-02)), Chill Blood (Ne L1 2021-04-25), Claws of Darkness (Ev C 2020-10-31), Cloud Burst (Tr L1 2020-11-03), CONJURE (Elemental (Co L5 2020-09-09), Minor Elementals (Co L4 2020-09-03)), CONTROL (Weather (Tr L8 2020-09-26), WindsR (Tr L5 2020-09-10))

DDeath’s Shadow (Ne L1 2021-04-26), Dispel MagicR (Ab L3 2020-08-20), Drench (Ev C 2020-11-02), Dust Devil (Co L2 2020-08-08)

EEbon Lightning (Ev L7 2020-09-22), Electrical Storm (Ev L7 2020-09-23), Electromagnetic Storm (Ev L3 2020-08-21), ELEMENTAL (Bane (Tr L4 2020-09-04), FabricationR (Tr L6 2020-09-15), Horns (Ev L2 2020-08-09). Infusion (Tr L8 2020-09-27), Scimitar (Co L6 2020-09-16), Shape (Tr L3 2020-08-22)), Erode (Tr L4 2020-09-05)

FFist of Air (Ev C 2020-07-28), Flurry (Tr L1 2020-11-03), Fly (Tr L3 2020-08-23), Freeze Potion (Tr L1 2020-11-03), Frost Snap (Ev L2 2020-11-04), Frostbite (Ev C 2020-11-02), Frostfire (Ev L1 2020-11-03)

GGate (Co L9 2020-10-31), Gliding Step (Ab L1 2020-11-03), Green-Flame Blade (Ev C 2020-08-28), Greater Thunderclap (Ev L3 2020-08-25), Gust (Tr C 2020-07-31), Gust of Wind (Ev L2 2020-10-31)

HHeadwind (Ev C 2020-07-24), Hoarfrost (Ev C 2020-11-02)

IIce Knife (Co L2 2020-11-03), Inner Storm (Ev L5 2020-09-11), Investiture of Element (Tr L6 2020-09-17)

LLIGHTNING (Lure (Ev C 2020-08-29), Storm (Ev L6 2020-09-18), Wheel (Ev L6 2020-09-19))

MMagic Circle against ElementsR (Ab L5 2020-09-13)

PPass through Element (Ab L2 2020-08-10), Perun’s Doom (Ev L3 2020-08-24), Primordial Ward (Ab L6 2020-10-20), PROTECTION (from Energy (Ab L3 2020-09-12), from Good and Evil (Ab L1 2020-08-03))

RReverberate (Ev L2 2020-08-11), Rolling Thunder (Ev L2 2020-08-12)

SSHADOW (Horror (Ne L3 2021-04-26), Mastery (Ne L3 2021-04-26)), Shape Water (Tr C 2020-11-02), Shocking Grasp (Ev C 2020-10-31), Siphon Elemental Lifeforce (Ne L4 2020-09-06), SkywriteR (Tr L2 2020-08-13), Snilloc’s Snowball Swarm (Ev L2 2020-11-04), Spectral Scythe (Ne C 2020-07-31), Storm Sphere (Ev L4 2020-09-07), Suffocate (No L6 2020-09-21), Sword Burst (Co C 2020-08-30)

TThunder Bolt (Ev C 2020-08-31), Thundercap (Ev C 2020-07-29), Tidal Barrier (Ab L1 2020-11-03)

VVacuum Slash (Ev L7 2020-09-25)

WWall of Water (Ev L2 2020-08-26), Warding Wind (Ev L2 2020-08-14), Whirlwind (Ev L7 2020-09-24) WIND (Armour (Ev L2 2020-08-15), Bindings (Ev L5 2020-09-14), Lash (Ev C 2020-07-30), Tunnel (Ev L1 2020-08-04)), With the Wind (Ev L1 2020-08-05), Wound (Ne L1 2021-04-26)

C – Cantrips, Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Ne – Necromancy Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Cantrips

Ev – Evocation Spells, Ne – Necromancy Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells

New Level 1 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Ne – Necromancy Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells

New Level 2 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 3 Spells

  • Fly (Tr, Air, Sky)

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Ne – Necromancer Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 4 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 5 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Ne – Necromantic Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 6 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 7 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 8 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

New Level 9 Spells

Ab – Abjuration Spells, Co – Conjuration Spells, Ev – Evocation Spells, Tr – Transmutation Spells, R – Ritual Spells

Spell Lists

Secret Crafts

Airologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftAirologist

R – Ritual Spells. Sourcebooks: bls, br, mgp1008, mhh, ph, scag, xge


Bloodolosit Overview

  • Spell List – Secret CraftBloodologist
    • Cantrip – Blood Tide (mwb422)
    • 1st Level – Bloody Hands (mwb422), Bloody Smite (mwb423), Chill Blood (ea02-22), Find Kin – R ( mwb428), Stanch (mwb435), Weapon of Blood (mwb437), Wound (ea02-33
    • 2nd LevelBleeding Wound (ea02-21), Blood Bath (bls23), Blood Geyser (bls23), Blood Lure (mwb422), Bloodshot (mwb422), Caustic Blood (mwb423), Vomit Tentacles (mwb436)
    • 3rd Level – Blood Armour (mwb421), Cause the Bends (bls28), Hemophilia (bls69), Vital Mark (mwb436), Weeping Wounds (bls127), Whirlwind of Gore (bls128)
    • 4th Level – Bladelust (bls21), Blood and Steel (mwb421), Blood Spoor (mwb422), Bloodburn (bls23). Desiccating Breath (mhh162), Wall of Blood (bls125)
    • 5th Level – Blood Purge (bls23), Bloody Tentacles (bls23), Clot (bls32), Cruor of Visions (mwb424), Exsanguinate (mwb427), Exsanguinating Cloud (mwb427), Sanguine Horror (mwb433), Watery Blood (bls126)
    • 6th Level – Create Homunculus (xge152), Spilling of Blood (bls112), Suffocate (mgp1008)
    • 7th Level – Sanguine Creatures (bls101)
    • 8th Level – Blazing Blood (bls22), Impart Strength (bls73)
    • 9th Level

* details still to come. R – Ritual Spells.


Bureauologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftBureauologist

  • Cantrip – Detect Charm (bls43), Itemize (bls79)
  • 1st Level – Ceremony – R (xge151), Copy – R (bls34), Forked Tongue (bls61), Wind Speak – R (bls128)
  • 2nd Level – Bolster Mental Fortitude (bls24), Detect Illusion (bls43), Menace (bls86), SkywriteR (xge165)
  • 3rd Level – Air of Nobility (bls13), Liar’s remorse (bls81), Tiny Servant (xge168)
  • 4th Level – Comrades in Arms (bls33), Mark of Ownership (bls86)
  • 5th Level – Arcane Retribution (bls14), Divine Sovereignty (bls47), Skill Empowerment (xge165)
  • 6th Level – Arcane Obstruction (bls14), Instant Fluency (bls76)
  • 7th Level – Ice Soldiers (mwb429), Mark of Exile (bls85), Revelation Field (bls99)
  • 8th Level
  • 9th Level – Arcane Censure (bls14)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, mwb (GM Only), xge


Celestologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftCelestologist

  • Cantrip – Benediction (mhh151), Starburst (mhh195), Word of Radiance (xge171)
  • 1st Level – Angelic Guardian (mhh149), Cloth of Honourable Melee (bls32), Divine Beacon (bls46), Holy Infusion (bls71), Mercurial Smite (bls86)
  • 2nd Level – Blade of Light (bls20), Blessed Halo (mhh153), Chanting (bls29), Orb of Light (mhh184), Sanctified Reverie of Arms (bls101), Spirit Cartographer (bls112), Vigil of Enlightenment (bls122), Wisdom of the Divine (bls128)
  • 3rd Level – Blade of Wrath (mhh153), Divine Mantle (bls47), Favour Mount (bls56), Godly Patronage (bls64), Mighty Steed (bls86), Weapon of Retribution (bls126), Wings of Heaven (bls128)
  • 4th Level – Balance of the Mind (bls17), Circle of Divine Censure (bls32), Diva’s Wings (mhh163), Divine Charge (bls46), Divine Communion (bls46), Exorcise (bls55), Hand of Judgement (bls66), Paean of Greater Glory (bls92), Paean of the Holy (bls92), Sickening Radiance (xge164), Test of Souls – R (br208)
  • 5th Level – Blazing Chariot (mhh153), Dawn (xge153), Divine Beacon’s Answer (bls46), Fair Light (br207), Harmony of the Gods (bls68), Holy Blazon (bls71), Holy Ground (mhh174), Holy Weapon (xge157), Light of the Moon (br207), Sacred Champion (bls101), Starfall (mhh195), Wall of Light (xge170)
  • 6th Level – Angel’s Cloak (bls13), Heavenly Crown (mhh173), Primordial Ward (xge163), Winter’s Radiance (mwb437)
  • 7th Level – Crown of Stars (xge152), Divine Intervention (bls47), Sacred Aegis (bls100). Seal of Sanctuary – R (mhh190), Temple of the Gods (xge167)
  • 8th Level – Call Divine Warrior (bls27), Divine Assimilation (bls45), Godsblood (bls64), Quintessence (mhh187), Summon Star (mhh196)
  • 9th Level – Anwyn’s Elysian Palace (br206), Circle of Devastation (mmh157), Divine Inspiration (bls47), Form of the Gods (mhh168), Greater Seal of Sanctuary – R (mhh171), Judgement of Maal – R (br207), Shooting Stars (br207)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, br, mhh, mwb (GM Only), xge


Craftologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftCraftologist

  • Cantrip – Control Flames (xge152), Decorate Object (bls41), Hoarfrost (mhh174), Itemize (bls79)
  • 1st LevelCircle of WindR (mhh157), Ringstrike (mhh188), Unfettered Steed (bls122)
  • 2nd LevelAir ForgeR (bls12), Artistic Inspiration*, Bitter Chains (mhh151), Molten Strike (bls87), Reverberate (mhh188)
  • 3rd Level – Innocuous Aspect (mhh175), Reshape Metal (bls99), Tenacious Blade (bls116), Tiny Servant (xge168)
  • 4th Level – Mark of Ownership (bls86), Silver Spear (bls106), Spinning Axes (mhh194)
  • 5th Level – Blessing of the Forge (bls22), Create Homunculus (xge152), Curse Ring (mhh161), Instant Siege Weapon – R (mhh176), Tattoo Object (bls116), Unyielding Durability (bls122)
  • 6th Level – Enchant Ring (mhh165), Farvision (bls56), Glass Window (bls64), Transmute Gold to Steel (bls119), Transparent Steel (bls119)
  • 7th Level – Disassemble (bls45), Ice Soldiers (mwb429), Ringward (mhh189)
  • 8th Level – Create Ring Servant (mhh160), Glass into Iron (bls64)
  • 9th Level – Circle of Devastation (mhh157)

* to be detailed. R – Ritual Spells.
References: bls, mhh


Cryptologist Overview

  • Spell List – Secret CraftCryptologist
    • Cantrip – Encrypt / Decrypt (mhh165), Scribe (mhh190), Word of Misfortune (mwb437)
    • 1st Level – Deep Breath (mhh162), Freeze Potion (mhh169), Goat’s Hoof Charm (mhh170), Hearth Charm (mhh173), Ill-Fated Word (mhh175), Loki’s Gift (mhh181), Protection from Good and EvilR (ph270), Speak with Inanimate Object – R (mhh194), Trick Question (mhh199)
    • 2nd Level Berserk *, Bless Rune – R*, Fist of Thor *, Grudge Match (mhh172), Interpret Rune – R*, Wotan’s Rede – R (mhh203)
    • 3rd Level – Hero’s Steel (mhh173), Inscribe Rune – R*, Know Rune – R*, Rune of Imprisonment (mwb433), Spiteful Weapon (mhh194), Thunderclap (mhh197)
    • 4th Level – Binding Oath (mhh151) – R, Cursed Gift (mhh161), Jotun’s Jest (mhh177), Mark of Ownership (bls86), Moon Trap (mhh183), Power Word Lesser Pain (mhh186), Rain of Blades (mhh188), Snow Boulder
    • 5th Level – Grasp of the Tupilak (mhh171), Hod’s Gift (mhh174), Not this Day! (mhh184)
    • 6th Level – Extract Knowledge (mhh166) – R
    • 7th Level – Mark of Exile (bls85), Power Word Pain (xge163), Seal of Sanctuary (mhh190), Symbol of Sorcery (mhh196)
    • 8th Level – Power Word Restore (mhh186)
    • 9th Level – Greater Seal of Sanctuary (mhh171)

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells
Sourcebooks: bls, mhh, mwb (GM Only), ph


Darkologist Overview

* detail to come. R – Ritual Spells. Sourcebooks: bls, br, mgp1008, mhh, ph, scag, xge


Devourologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftDevourologist

  • Cantrip – Shiver (mwb434), Toll the Dead (xge169), Word of Misfortune (mwb437)
  • 1st Level – Cause Fear (xge151), Cloying Darkness (mhh158), Death’s Shadow (ea02-22), Doom of the Cracked Shield (mwb425), Hobble Mount (mwb429), Necrotic Feast (bls89), Screaming Ray (mwb433)
  • 2nd Level – Timely Distraction (mwb435)
  • 3rd Level – Doom of Blue Crystal (mwb425), Life Leech Weapon (bls81), Shadow Bolt (bls104), Shadow Horror (ea02-28), Shadow Mastery (ea02-29), St. Whiteskull’s Borrowing (mwb434)
  • 4th Level – Desiccating Breath (mhh162), Doom of Serpent Coils (mwb426), Nether Weapon (mwb432), Night Terrors (mhh184), Shroud of Death (mwb434), Umbral Touch (bls120)
  • 5th LevelAnnihilation (ea02-21), Dark Dementing (mhh161), Enervation (xge155), Grim Resilience (bls66), Necrotic Touch (bls89), Negative Energy Flood (xge163), Recall Spirit – R *, Shrieking Missile *, Transfer of Vigor (bls118)
  • 6th Level – Advance the Years (bls11), Banshee Wail (mhh150), Call the Heart (bls27), Death Gaze (bls40), Extract Knowledge (mhh166) – R, Life Drain (mwb430)
  • 7th Level – Chain Enervation (bls28), Cone of Decay (bls33), Curse of Dust (mhh161)
  • 8th Level – Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting (xge150), Devour Essence (bls43), Life Leach (bls81), Shadow Skin *, Shadowstaff (bls105), Umbral Strike (bls120), Zephyr of Death (bls130)
  • 9th Level – Wither Limb (bls129)

* details to be advised. R – Ritual Spells.


Dragonologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftDragonologist

  • Cantrip – Dragon Roar (mhh164), Puff of Smoke (mhh187), Thunder Bolt (mhh197)
  • 1st Level – Converse with Dragon (mhh159), Draconic Smite (mhh163), Dragon’s Gauntlet (bls48), Kobold’s Fury (mhh177), Land Bond (mhh178), Waft (mhh201)
  • 2nd Level – Detect Dragons (mhh163), Dragon Scales (bls47), Dragon’s Breath (xge154), Enhance Greed (mhh165), Lair Sense – R (mhh178), Ley Disruption (mhh179), Power Word Kneel (mhh186), Shade (mhh190), Treasure Chasm (mhh199), Wyven Guard (bls130)
  • 3rd Level – Breath of the Dragon (bls26), Catch the Breath (mhh156), Jewelled Fissure (mhh177), Ley Energy Bolt (mhh179), Ley Sense (mhh179), Phantom Dragon (mhh185)
  • 4th Level – Power Word Lesser Pain (mhh186), Raid the Lair (mhh187), Ray of Life Suppression (mhh188), Scale Rot (mhh189), Torrent of Fire (mhh199)
  • 5th Level – Amplify Ley Field (mhh149), Claws of the Earth Dragon (mhh158), Dragon Breath Greater (mhh164), Energy Absorption (mhh165), Lesser Ley Pulse (mhh178), Ley Leech (mhh179), Spell Legs (bls112), Thunderstorm (mhh198)
  • 6th Level – Icy Manipulation (mmh175), Ley Whip (mhh180)
  • 7th Level – Aspect of the Dragon (mhh150), Greater Ley Pulse (mhh171), Legend Killer (mhh178), Power Word Pain (xge163), Volley Shield (mhh201)
  • 8th Level – Deadly Sting (mhh162), Disruptive Aura (mhh163), Glacial Cascade (mhh170), Illusory Dragon (xge157), Power Word Restore (mhh186), Strength of the Wyrm (bls114)
  • 9th Level – Ley Storm (mhh180), Ley Surge (mhh180)

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.


Earthologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftEarthologist

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, br, ea08 (converted), mhh, ph, xge


Elementologist Overview

R – Ritual Spells. Sourcebooks: xge


Elvenologist Overview

  • Spell List – Secret CraftElvenologist
    • Cantrip Booming Blade (scag142), Green-Flame Blade (scag143), Lightning Lure (scag143), Sword Burst (scag143)
    • 1st Level – Extract Foyson – R (mhh166), Guest of Honour – R (mhh172), Land Bond (mhh178), Tree Ladder (bls119)
    • 2nd Level – Black Swan Storm (mhh152), Clearing the Field – R (mhh158), Heartache (mhh172), Ley Disruption (mhh179), Shadows Brought to Light – R (mhh192), Vine Trestle – R (mhh201)
    • 3rd Level – Ley Energy Bolt (mhh179), Ley Sense (mhh179), Song of the Forest – R (mhh193)
    • 4th Level – Ray of Life Suppression (mhh188), Shadow Retribution – R (mhh192)
    • 5th Level – Amplify Ley Field (mhh149), Energy Absorption (mhh165), Lesser Ley Pulse (mhh178), Ley Leech (mhh179), Spell Legs (bls112), Tongue Tied (mhh199)
    • 6th Level – Encroaching Shadows – R (mhh165), Ley Whip (mhh180)
    • 7th Level – Celebration – R (mhh156), Greater Ley Pulse (mhh171), Volley Shield (mhh201)
    • 8th Level – Bloom – R (mhh154), Desolation – R (mhh162), Disruptive Aura (mhh163), Harsh Light of Summer’s Glare (mhh172), Ley Surge (mhh180)
    • 9th Level – Afflict Line – R (mhh148), Cosmic Alignment – R (mhh160), Ley Storm (mhh180)

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.


Entertainologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftEntertainologist

  • Cantrip – Decorate Object (bls41), Detune (bls43), Dissonance (bls45), Silhouette (mhh193)
  • 1st Level – Bewitch (bls19), Cirrem’s Bewilderment (bls32), Enhance Oration – R (bls52), Malicious Intent (bls84), Morph Shadow (bls88), Quick Change (bls96)
  • 2nd Level – Bead of Blazing (bls18), Death March (bls40), Energetic Burst (bls52), Jungle Cry (bls79), Phantom Accompaniment (bls93), Pyrotechnics (xge163), Taunt (bls116), Wolf’s Howl (bls129)
  • 3rd Level – Air of Nobility (bls13), Dancer’s Grace (bls38), Lustful Gaze (bls83), Player Instrument (bls93), Spiteful Images (bls113), Unfasten (bls121), Wailing Dirge (bls125)
  • 4th Level – Association (bls15), Fire Fascination (bls58), Maligned Performance (bls84), Megalomania (bls86), Portrait (bls94), Voice of Confession (bls124)
  • 5th Level – Dance of Seduction (bls38), Discordant Chorus (bls45), Reverence (bls99), Shattering Cry (bls105), Tattoo Object (bls116)
  • 6th Level – Dirge of the Victorious Knights (fkcc21), Illusory Illusion (bls74), Nymph’s Aura (bls90), Song Barrier (bls109)
  • 7th Level – Agitate Crown (bls11), Charismatic Shield (bls30), Mangling Foot (bls85), Pocket Paradise (bls94)
  • 8th Level
  • 9th Level

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, fkcc, mhh, xge


Fireologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftFireologist

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, ea08 (conversion), ph, xge


Healologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftHealologist

  • Cantrip
  • 1st Level – Cure Wounds (PH), Detect Disease – R (bls43)
  • 2nd Level – Detect Curse – R (bls43), Lesser Restoration (PH), Regenerate Plant (bls98), Wound Reading – R (bls129)
  • 3rd Level – Delay Death (bls42), Health Transfer (bls69), Life Transference (xge160), Lifebread (bls81)
  • 4th Level
  • 5th Level – Donor (bls47), Greater Restoration (PH), Raise Dead (PH)
  • 6th Level – Heal (PH), Healing Draught (bls68), Invigorating Touch (bls77), Nature’s Support (bls89)
  • 7th Level
  • 8th Level – Tranquil Grove (bls118)
  • 9th Level – Phoenix Cloak (bls93), Water of Life (pcc424)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, pcc, ph, xge


Mechologist Overview

  • Spell Lists – Secret CraftMechologist
    • Cantrip – Fist of Iron (mhh167), Tick Stop (mhh198)
    • 1st Level – Analyze Device (mhh149), Animate Construct (mhh149), Armoured Heart (mhh149), Armoured Shell (mhh150), Find the Flaw (mhh167), Gear Shield (mhh170), Machine’s Load (mhh181), Machine Speech (mhh181), Pendulum (mhh185), Tireless (mhh198)
    • 2nd Level – Heartstop (mhh173), Lock Armour (mhh180), Repair Metal (mhh188), Spin (mhh194), Winding Key (mhh203)
    • 3rd LevelElectromagnetic Storm (bls50), Gear Barrage (mhh170), Overclock (mhh185), Steam Bolt (bls113), Thousand Darts (mhh197)
    • 4th Level – Absolute Command (mhh148), Gremlins (mhh171), Grinding Gears (mhh172), Read Memory (mhh188), Steam Blast (mhh196), Steam Cloud (bls114), Steaming Breath (pcc437), Write Memory (mhh203)
    • 5th Level – Chains of the Goddess (mhh156), Imbue Spell – R (mhh175), Mass Repair Metal (mhh182), Mechanical Union (mhh182)
    • 6th Level – Catapult Greater (mhh155), Robe of Shards (mhh189)
    • 7th Level – Disassemble (bls45), Hellforging – R (mhh173), Timeless Engine (mhh198)
    • 8th Level – Machine Sacrifice (mhh181), Move the Cosmic Wheel (mhh183), Power Word Restore (mhh186), Steam Whistle (mhh196), Time Jump (mhh198)
    • 9th Level – Time in a Bottle (mhh198)

* details to come. (R) are for ritual spells.


Mentologist Overview (2021-03-26)

Mentologist Available Spell List (Work in progress)

  • Cantrip – Befuddle (bls19), Daze Animal (bls40), Misstep (mhh183), Shadow Blindness (mhh191)
  • 1st Level – Broken Charge (mhh155), Cause Fear (xge151), Loki’s Gift (mhh181), Screaming Ray (mwb433), Thunderous Charge (mhh197)
  • 2nd Level – By the Light of the Moon (mhh155), Crushing Trample (mhh160), Destructive Resonance (mwb424), Dream Speaker (bls48), Elemental Horns (mhh165), Furious Hooves (mhh170), Mind Spike (xge162), Phantasmal Force (ph), Psychic Leech (fkcc22), Shadow Blade (xge164), Thunderous Stampede (mhh197)
  • 3rd Level – Alone (mwb420), Catnap (xge151), Confound Senses (mhh159), Enemies Abound (xge151), Maze Lesser (mhh182), See the Ephemeral (bls103), Spell Kill (bls112)
  • 4th Level – Charm Monster (xge151), Confusion (ph), Dream Dalliance (fkcc21), Hallucinatory Terrain (ph), Labyrinth Mastery (mhh177), Lovesick (mwb431), Mind Carve (bls87), Moon Trap (mhh183), Stupefy (bls115)
  • 5th Level – Labyrinthine Howl (mhh177), Skill Empowerment (xge165), Synaptic Static (xge167), Voice of Memories (bls124)
  • 6th Level – Chaotic World (mhh157), Confounding Battlefield (bls34), Mental Prison (xge161), Walk the Twisted Path (mhh201)
  • 7th Level – Purple Haze (bls95)
  • 8th Level – Maddening Darkness (xge160), Glimpse of the Void (mwb429)
  • 9th Level – Eternal Sleep (bls54), Maze Greater (mhh182), Psychic Scream (xge163), Touch of Madness (bls117), Wrack the Mind (bls130)

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.


Musicologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftMusicologist

  • Cantrip – Detune (bls43), Dissonance (bls45)
  • 1st Level – Enhance Oration – R (bls52), Sonic Boom (bls110), Unchained Melody (bls120)
  • 2nd Level – Death March (bls40), Harmony of Heroes (bls68), Keen Hearing (bls79), Phantom Accompaniment (bls93)
  • 3rd Level – Barbaric Yawp (bls17), Blade Song (bls21), Cacophony (bls27), Dancer’s Grace (bls38), Dread Scream (bls48), Musical Mural (bls88), Player Instrument (bls93), Resonant Imbalance (bls99), Sound Worm (bls110), Wailing Dirge (bls125)
  • 4th Level – Bead of Blasting (bls18), Crystal Wail (bls37), Harmonic Discord (bls67), Maligned Performance (bls84), Paean of Greater Glory (bls92), Paean of the Holy (bls92), Voice of Confession (bls124)
  • 5th Level – Dance of Seduction (bls38), Discordant Chorus (bls45), Reverence (bls99), Shattering Cry (bls105), Song of Vengeance (bls110), Violent Scream (bls124), Voice of Memories (bls124), Wail of Fate (bls124)
  • 6th Level – Dirge of the Victorious Knights (fkcc21), Nymph’s Aura (bls90), Song Barrier (bls109), Words of Thunder (bls129)
  • 7th Level – Pocket Paradise (bls94)
  • 8th Level – Harmonic Dissolution (bls67)
  • 9th Level

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, fkcc


Naturologist Overview

Spell List – Secret Craft – Naturologist

  • Cantrip – Alter Normal Fire (bls13), Daze Animal (bls40), Infestation (xge158), Primal Savagery (xge163)
  • 1st LevelAffect Normal Fog (bls11), Alter Scent (bls13), Beast Bond (xge150), Bee Sting (bls19), Bewildering Tracks (bls19), Call of the Wild Companion (bls27), Chlorophyll (bls31), Divining Rod – R (bls47), Empower Companion (bls52), Feather Step (bls56), Guiding Star – R (mhh172), Mosquito Bane (mhh183), Otter’s Grace (bls92), Pummel (bls95), Snare (xge165), Swirling Leaves (bls115), Tree Ladder (bls119), Wolfsong (mhh203), Woodland Shriek (bls129)
  • 2nd Level – Blessed Harvest (bls22), Boost Potency (bls25), Branch Assault (bls25), Bug Bites (bls26), Catnip (bls28), Chatterwild (bls30), Healing Spirit (xge157), Hunter’s Insight (bls73), Identify Tracks (bls74), Leaf Fall (bls80), Leaf Tide (bls81), Nature’s Aura (bls88), Pollen Cloud (bls94), Quell the Wild (bls95), Regenerate Plant (bls98), Thorn Snare (bls117), Wolf’s Howl (bls129)
  • 3rd Level – Animal Mask (bls13), Bestow Speech (bls19), Dire Rage (bls44), Earthen Concealment (bls49), Halt Plant (bls66), Hornet Wall (bls71), Nature’s Repast (bls89), Nature’s Strength (bls89), Unstoppable Tracker (bls122), Volley of Thorns (bls124)
  • 4th Level – Absorption (bls10), Barbaric Rage (bls17), Charm Monster (xge151), Enliven Wood (bls52), Forest Home (bls61), Guardian of Nature (xge157), Storm Sphere (xge166), Vines of Binding (bls123)
  • 5th Level – Death Spores (bls41), Enrich Soil (bls52), Gutsprout (bls66), Prey’s Scent (bls94), Vengeful Environs (bls122), Wrath of Nature (xge171)
  • 6th Level – Acorn Grove (bls11), Blades of Jade (bls21), Druid Grove (xge154), Nature’s Support (bls89), Plant Form (bls93)
  • 7th Level
  • 8th Level – Darken Forest (bls40), Tranquil Grove (bls118)
  • 9th Level – Crag Warrior (bls35)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, mhh, xge


Protectologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftProtectologist

  • Cantrip – Encrypt (bls52)
  • 1st Level – Heraldic Mastiff (bls70), Heraldic Owl (bls70), Heraldic Ox (bls70), Mosquito Bane (mhh183), Protection from Oozes (bls95)
  • 2nd Level – Buttress (bls27), Fiery Shield (bls57), Force Wave (bls60), Heraldic Fox (bls70), Heraldic Horse (bls70), Protection from Paralysis (bls95)
  • 3rd Level – Binding Chains (bls20), Bone Armour (bls25), Godly Patronage (bls64), Heraldic Lion (bls70), Wall of Sand (xge170)
  • 4th Level – Aetheric Shield (bls11), Charge (bls29), Demon Flesh (bls42), Exorcise (bls55), Heraldic Leopard (bls70), Heraldic Tortoise (bls71), Stonefast (bls114)
  • 5th Level – Absorb Object (bls10), Arcane Retribution (bls14), Arcane Shield (bls14), Cloak of the Serpents (bls32), Heraldic Bear (bls69), Spellcaster’s Refusal (bls112)
  • 6th Level – Bead of Iron (bls19), Negative Energy Aura (bls90)
  • 7th Level – Containment Orbs (bls34), Heraldic Boar (bls69), Seal of Sanctuary – R (mhh190), Shield of Crackling Fire (bls105), Volley Spell (bls124)
  • 8th Level – Heraldic Hydra (bls70)
  • 9th Level – Greater Seal of Sanctuary – R (mhh171), Heraldic Phoenix (bls70), Heraldic Wyrm (bls71), Invulnerability (xge160)

R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, mhh, xge


Preservologist Overview (tba)

R – Ritual Spells.


Sailologist Overview (tba)

Spell ListsSecret Craft – Sailologist

  • Cantrip – Hydraulic Push (pcc40)
  • 1st Level – Air Bubble (pcc34), Animate Water (pcc35), Bubble Net (bls26), Buoyancy (bls26), Cool Strength (pcc421), Float (pcc38), Lasting Breath (bls80), Locate Fish – R (bls83), Murk (pcc40), Quick Breath (pcc40), Read Weather (pcc41), Sea Sight (pcc44), Shock Shield (pcc44), Touch of the Seal (pcc46), Waterproof (pcc49), Weather Eye (pcc49), Wind Compass (pcc424)
  • 2nd Level – Bo of the River (pcc435), Boarding Plank (bls24), Depth Charge (pcc38), Depth Warning (pcc38), Dolphins Fins (bls47), False Gold (bls55), Flotsam Vessel (pcc39), Forecast – R (bls61), Marid’s Blessing (pcc421), Marid’s Curse (pcc421), Net (bls90), Riversight (pcc42), Sargasso Strands (pcc43), Slipstream (pcc45), Taunt (bls116), Track Ship (pcc46), True Bearing (pcc47), Undertow (bls121)
  • 3rd Level – Aerial Pilot (bls11), Air BreathingR (bls12), Anchor (bls13), Detect Land (bls43), Protection from Pressure (bls95), Receding Reef (pcc41), Reef Growth (pcc42), Turbid Tide (pcc47), Undertow (pcc47), Water Double (bls126), Weather Calming (bls127)
  • 4th Level – Black Spot (pcc35), Deep Diver (pcc38), Deflect Ram (bls42), Desail (bls42), Hullshock (pcc39), Ice Ship (pcc432), Iron Rope (bls78), Phantom Rugging (pcc422), Remember Seas (bls98), Scalding Sea (bls101), Shatterhull (pcc44), Stone Hull (pcc424), Transform Boulder to Pebble (bls118), Transform Pebble to Boulder (bls118), Veiled Vessel (pcc48), Wall of Brine (pcc48)
  • 5th Level – Billow the Sails (bls19), Channelled Currents (pcc37), Control WindsR (xge152), Maelstrom (xge160), Sea Scrying (pcc44), Unseen Crew (pcc47)
  • 6th Level – Aqueous Extraction (pcc35), Change Dust to Water (bls28), Greater Veiled Vessel (pcc48), Paper Vessel (pcc436), Ship of Fools (pcc423), Wall of Coral (pcc49)
  • 7th Level – Change Water to Dust (bls28), Create Iceberg (bls36), Hovershp (bls72), Icebreaker (bls73), Raise Island (bls97), Submerge Ship (pcc45)
  • 8th Level – Caster’s Caravel (pcc36), Divine Wind (pcc436), Raise Shipwreck (bls97)
  • 9th Level – Curse of the Ancient Mariner (bls38), Interplanar Voyage (pcc40), Salvage (pcc43)

R – Ritual Spells.


Shadeologist Overview (tba)

  • Spell List – Secret CraftShadeologist
    • Cantrip Claws of Darkness (mhh157), Douse Light (mhh163), Shiver (mwb434)
    • 1st Level – Black Ribbons (mhh151), Cloak of Shadow (mhh158), Memento Mori (mwb432), Protection from the Void (mwb432), Shadow Armour (mhh190)
    • 2nd Level – Dark Path (mhh162), Darkbolt (mhh162), Doom of Consuming Fire (mwb425), Ghostly Howl (bls63), Ghostly Throttle (bls63), Maddening Whispers (mwb431), Negative Image (mhh184), Shadow Puppets (mhh191)
    • 3rd Level – Call Shadow Mastiff (mhh155), Conjure Undead (mwb423), Doom of Caelmarath (mwb425), Doom of Disenchantment(mwb426), Legion (mhh178), St. Blusen’s Reaver Spirit (mwb434), Umbral Touch (bls120), Void Strike (mwb436)
    • 4th Level – Doom of the Earthen Maw (mwb426), Hirvsth’s Call (mwb429), Lovesick (mwb431), Nether Weapon (mwb432), Shadow Barbs (fkcc22), Shadow of Moil (xge164), Shadow Monsters (mhh191), Shadowbind (bls104), St. Parvalas’s Risen Road (mwb434), Visage of Madness (mwb435)
    • 5th Level – Essence Instability (mwb427), Kiss of the Succubus (mwb430), Living Shadows (mwb430), Shadow Realm Gateway – R (mhh191), Soul Shatter (bls110), Umbral Weapon (bls120), Wail of Fate (bls124)
    • 6th Level – Become Nightwing (mhh150), Negative Energy Mantle (bls90), Shade Swarm (bls104), Soul Cage (xge165), Umbral Transformation (bls120)
    • 7th Level – Conjure Shadow Titan (mhh159), Ebon Lightning (bls50), Obliterate Soul (bls90)
    • 8th Level – Dark Geyser (bls39), Death Bringer (bls40), Illusory Dragon (xge157), Malevolent Waves (mhh181)
    • 9th Level – Annihilate Soul (bls13), Umbral Storm (mhh200), Void Rift (mwb436)

* Details to come. R – Ritual Spells.


Skaldologist Overview (tba)

R – Ritual Spells.


Skyologist Overview (tba)

R – Ritual Spells. Sourcebooks: bls,


Voidologist Overview (tba)


Wagonologist Overview (tba)

  • Spell Lists – Secret Craft – Wagonologist
    • Cantrip
    • 1st Level
    • 2nd Level
    • 3rd LevelAir BridgeR (bls12)

R – Ritual Spells.


Waterologist Overview

Spell ListSecret CraftWaterologist

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells.
Sourcebooks: bls, br, mgp1008, mhh, mw, ph, scag, xge


Weaponologist Overview

Spell List – Secret CraftWeaponologist

  • Cantrip Booming Blade (scag142), Fist of Iron (mhh167), Green-Flame Blade (scag143), Hoarfrost (mhh175), Magic Stone (xge160), Spectral Scythe (dWiki), Sword Burst (scag143)
  • 1st Level – Adjust Positioning (mhh148), Armoured Heart (mhh149), Armoured Shell (mhh150), Battle Wisdom (bls18), Broken Charge (mhh155), Catapult (xge150), Hobble Mount (mhh174), Spur Mount (mhh194), Thunderous Charge (mhh197), Zephyr Strike (xge171)
  • 2nd Level – Battle Guidance (bls18), Boiling Oil (mhh154), Charged Missile (bls29), Crushing Trample (mhh160), Furious Hooves (mhh170), Mass Blade Ward (mhh182), Poisoned Volley (mhh186), Precision of Arms (bls94), Sacrifice (mhh192), Thunderous Stampede (mhh197), Trench (mhh199), Warning Shout (mhh202), Wrestling Wind (mhh203)
  • 3rd Level – Arcane Spear (bls14), Axe of Destruction (bls16), Curse of Incompetence (mhh161), Doom of Dancing Blades (mwb426), Flame Arrows (xge156), Mass Hobble Mount (mhh182), Nightfall – R (mhh184), Outflanking Boon (mhh184), Rain of Blades (mhh188), Smart Arrow (bls108), Sudden Dawn – R (mhh196), Thunderous Wave (mhh197)
  • 4th Level – Blade of my Brother (mhh152), By the Light of the Watchful Moon (mhh155), Inspired Speech (mhh175), Instant Fortification (mhh176), Multiple Shot (bls88), Projectile Link (bls94), Reposition (mhh188)
  • 5th Level – Holy Ground (mhh174), Instant Siege Weapon (mhh176), Jolt (bls79), Steel Wind Strike (xge166)
  • 6th Level – Catapult Greater (mhh155), Fault Line (mhh167), Tenser’s Transformation (xge168)
  • 7th Level – Walking Wall (mhh202)
  • 8th Level – Costly Victory (mhh160)
  • 9th Level

* details to come. R – Ritual Spells
Reference: bls, dWiki, mhh, mwb (GM Only), scag, xge

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