Wrath of the Immortals Artefacts

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mystara – The Artefacts of the Gods

I this setting the artefacts are all tied to specific immortals and they can have different powers depending on who is wielding them.

Here are the artefacts I have available to my players and NPCs in my Wrath of the Immortals campaign.

These items have been built using a mix of 5th Edition and BECMI rules.

Sphere of Energy

Sphere of Entropy

Sphere of Matter

Sphere of Thought

Sphere of Time

Known Artefacts to be Found
(or details to be completed)

Sphere of Energy

  • Alphatia – Shield of Alphatia
  • Bartziluth – Morningstar of Bartziluth
  • Bemarris – Greatsword of Bemarris
  • Benekander: Mirror Shield of Benekander
  • Coberham: Crucible of the Blackflame
  • Eiryndul: Shortsword of Eirnydul
  • Fire Elemaster: Heart of Energy
  • Gorm: Orb of Gorm
  • Guidarezzo: Harp of Guidarezzo
  • Iliric: Nose of Iliric
  • Ilsundal: The Tree of Life
  • Ixion: Bow of Gilgrave, Flaming Wheel of Ixion, Greatsword of Ixion, Longbow of Ixion
  • Kythria: Heart of Kythria
  • Madarua: Shortsword of Madarua
  • Mahmatti: Pipe of Mahmatti
  • Marwdyn: The Noose of Marwdyn
  • Mazikeen: The Cubic Labyrinth
  • Mealiden: The Longbow of Mealiden
  • Minroth: Slivered Mace of Minrothad
  • Ninsun: Crystal pyramids of the Katapec, Eye of Humbaba, Rainbow Path
  • Palartarkan: Floating Ar
  • Patura: ?
  • Pflarr: Sickle of Pflarr
  • Pharamond: Grammarian Phase Ship, Green Crysal Staff of Pharamond
  • Raith: Rapier of the Raith
  • Rathanos: Club of Rathanos
  • Razud: Staff of Razud
  • Saturnis: Floating City of Kron
  • Slizzark: Heart of Slizzark
  • Tahkati: Bone Dagger of Tahkati
  • Tarastia: Full Plate of Tarastia, Headman’s Axe of Tarastia
  • Thalia: ?
  • The Korrigans: The Elvenstar
  • The Shaper: Hand of Kindness
  • The Shining One: Plate Armour of the Shining One, Shortsword of Light
  • Thor: Mjollnir, Scale Armour of Thor
  • Usamigaras: Silver Dagger of Usamigaras
  • Zugzul: Amulet of Zugzul

Sphere of Entropy

  • Alphaks: Mist Censer of Alphaks, Whip of Alphaks
  • Aracne Prime: Web of Aracne Prime
  • Arik: Eye of Arik
  • Aztanteotl: Longsword of Aztanteotl
  • Bachraeus: Crook and Flail of Bachraeus
  • Bagni: Bile of Bagni
  • Brissard: Whip of Brissard
  • Danel: Shortsword of Danel
  • Demogorgon: ?
  • Hel: Throne of Hel
  • Hircismus: ?
  • Idris: Ruby Broach of Idris
  • Jammudaru: Bile of Jammudaru
  • Kiranjo: Battleaxe of Kiranjo
  • Loki: Goblet of Loki
  • Masauwu: Greatsword of Masauwu, Torch of Masauwu
  • Nyx: Longsword of Nyx
  • Orcus: Whip of Orcus
  • Ranivorus: Black Plate of Ranivorus, Twin Flails of Ranivorus
  • Saasskas: Fang of Saasskas
  • Skuld: ?
  • Stodos: Bile of Stodos
  • Talitha: Battleaxe of Talitha
  • Thanatos: Black Scythe, Spear of Destruction (destroyed)
  • Yagri: Black longsword of Yagrai

Sphere of Matter

  • Atruaghin: Tomahawk of Atruaghin, Atruaghin’s Mystic Conveyor
  • Branden: Earthshaker, Golden Helmet of Branden
  • Buglore: Tome of Buglore
  • Chiron: Staff of Chiron
  • Crakkak: Trident of Crakkak
  • Diamond: Scale of Diamond
  • Djaea: Warhammer of Djaea
  • Earth Elemaster: Heart of Matter
  • Faunus: Javalin of Faunus, Sling of Faunus
  • Forsetta: Golden Sceptre of Forsetta, Shield of Forsetta
  • Garl: Toolkit of Garl
  • Gorrziok: Half-Plate of Gozziok
  • Ground: ?
  • Hattani: Warhammer of Hattani
  • Ilmarinen: Belt of Ilmarinen, Longbow of Lemminkainen, Longsword of Vainamoinen
  • Infaust: ?
  • Ka: Scale of Ka
  • Kagyar: Dagger of Kagyar, Forge of Power, Throwing Hammer of Kagyar
  • Kersy: Cauldron of Kersy
  • Land: ?
  • Lokena: Shortsword of Lokena, Spear of Lokena
  • Maat: Khopesh of Maat
  • Macroblan: Dagger of Macroblan
  • Malafor: Spear of Malafor
  • N’grath: Stone Insect of N’grath
  • Ninfanfle: Cloak of Ninfangle
  • Opal: Scale of Opal
  • Ouranos: ?
  • Paarkum: Broadsword of Paarkum
  • Pearl: Scale of Pearl
  • Polunius: Coral Dagger of Polunius
  • Terra: Robe of Terra
  • The Eternal General: Greatsword of the Eternal General
  • The Great One: Scale of The Great One
  • The Twelve Watches: Toolkit of the Twelve Watches
  • Urd: ?
  • Urtson: Stone of Urtson
  • Utnapishtim: ?
  • Valerias: Full Plate of Valerias, Shortsword of Valerias
  • Wayland: Hammer of Wayland
  • Wogar: Helmet of Wogar

Sphere of Thought

  • Ahmanni: Harpoon of Ahmanni
  • Air Elemaster: Heart of Thought
  • Arnelee: Battleaxe of Arnelee, Spear of Arnelee
  • Asterius: Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak, Four Daggers of Asterius
  • Clebard: Breastplate of Clebard, Crown of Clebard, Rapier of Clebard
  • Cochere: Ring of Cochere
  • Cretia: Rapier of Cretia
  • Diulanna: Spear of Diulanna
  • Frey: Longsword of Frey, Scale Mail of Frey
  • Freyja: Longsword of Freyja, Scale Mail of Freyja
  • Halav: Bronze Plate of Halav, Bronze Spear of Halav
  • Harrow: Trident of Harrow
  • Karaash: Full Plate of Karaash, Greatsword of Karaash
  • Korotiku: Four Daggers of Korotiku
  • Koryis: Cup of Koryis
  • Loup: Leather Armour of Loup, Silver Dagger of Loup
  • Malinois: Longbow of Malinois, Longsword of Malinois, Silver Dagger of Malinois
  • Matin: Chainmail of Matin, Mace of Matin
  • Nob Nar: Rapier of Nob Nar “Zanna”
  • Nourmena: Rapier of Noumena
  • Odin: Plate Mail of Odin, Spear of Odin
  • Orisis: Book of the Dead
  • Palson: Shortbow of Palson
  • Pax: Dove of Pax
  • Qywattz: Bile of Qywattz
  • Ralon: Wineskin of Ralon
  • Raven: Saddle of the Raven
  • Ruaidhr: Longbow of Ruaidhri, Silver Arrows of Ruadhri, Silver Longsword of Ruadhri
  • Sinbad: Compass of Sinbad
  • Soubrette: Tiara of Soubrette
  • Ssu-Ma: Rig Verda, Tablet of Celestial Balance, Tome of Gambia, Tome of Ssu-Ma
  • Tiresias: Harp of Tiresias, Staff of Tiresias
  • Tourlain: Dice of Tourlain
  • Turmis: Rapier of Turmis
  • Tyche: Orb of Tyche

Sphere of Time

  • Al-Kalim: Scimitar of Al-Kalim
  • Bastet: Tome of Bastet
  • Brindorhin: Pipe of Brindorhin
  • Chardastes: Bell of Chardastes
  • Claitha: Trident of Calitha, Pearl of Power, Frond of Life
  • Carnelian: Ring of Canrelian
  • Finidel: Golden Mace of Finidel
  • Fugit: Crystal of Fugit
  • Hymir: ?
  • Kallala: Seven Veils of Kallala
  • Khoronus: Scythe of Khoronus
  • Liena: Plate Mail of Liena, Shortsword of Liena
  • Luca: Stone of Luca
  • Oleyan: Platinum Crown of Oleyan
  • Ordana: Club of Ordana
  • Petra: Full Plate of Petra, War Hammer of Petra
  • Protius: Blue Trident of Protius
  • Sharpcrest: Spear of Sharpcrest
  • Simurgh: Feather of Simurgh
  • Taroyas: Golden Tiara of Taroyas
  • Vanya: Leather Armour of Vanya, Longsword of Vanya, Shortsword of Vanya
  • Vethandi: Hourglass of Vethandi
  • Water Elemaster: Heart of Time
  • Yav: Orb of Yav
  • Zalaj: Tabard of Zalaj

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Mystara Artefacts

Staves: Mazikeen’s Staff (Energy – Mazikeen), Rheddrian’s Staff (Energy – Benekander),

Weapons: Blackrazor (Entropy – Masauwu), Haziwarn (Entropy – Alphaks), Wave (Time – Protius), Whelm (Matter – Kagyar),

Wondrous Items: Crown of Air (Matter – Opal), Crown of Darkness (Entropy – Idris), Crown of the Dragonlord (Matter – The Great One), Crown of Earth (Matter – The Great One), Crown of Fire (Matter – Diamond), Crown of Water (Matter – Pearl), Tree of Life (Energy – Ilsundal), Yehm’s Diamond (Thought – Korotiku)

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