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This page is intended to be a work in progress of all the book I have collected over the years and have on my bookshelf. Details of each book will be added over time. My Books are broken down into the following Categories:

Babylon 5Dungeons and Dragonsd20 System (3rd Party books based on D&D 3rd Edition) – FateGenesysPathfinderRobotechSentinel ComicsShadowrunStar WarsAuthor

Babylon 5 Logo
Babylon 5 RPG
Star Wars RPG
Star Wars RPG
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d20 System RPG
Pathfinder 2E
Pathfinder RPG

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is broken down into the following Categories:

BECMI D&D5th Edition D&D

BECMI D&D (0e)

BECMI D&D are broken down into the following categories

RulesAdventuresWrath of the ImmortalsCreature CrucibleGazetteerHollow World

BECMI Rules (0e-rb)

rcRules Cyclopedia, b – Basic Rules, e – Expert Rules, cm – Companion Rules, m – Master Rules, i – Immortal Rules

BECMI Adventures (0e-adv)

Basicb1B1 – In Search of the Unknown, b2 – B2 – Keep on the Borderlands, b3 – B3 – Palace of the Silver Princess, b4 – B4 – The Lost City, b5 – B5 – Horror on the Hill, b6 – B6 – The Veiled Society, b7 – B7 – Rahasia, , b8 – B8 – Journey to the Rock, b9 – B9 – Castle Caldwell and Beyond, b10 – B10 – Night Dark Terror, b11 – B11 – King’s Festival, b12 – B12 – Queens Harvest, b19B1-9 In Search of Adventure,

Expertx1X1 – The Isle of Dread, x2X2 – Castle Amber, x3X3 – Curse of Xanathon, x4X4 – Master of the Desert Nomads, x5X5 – Temple of Death, x6X6 – Quagmire!, x7X7 – The War Rafts of Kron, x8X8 – Druns on Fire Mountain, x9X9 – The Savage Coast, x10X10 – Red Arrow, Black Shield, x11X11 – Saga of the Shadow Lord (PDF Only), x12X12 – Skarda’s Mirror (PDF Only), x13X13 – Crown of Ancient Glory, xl1XL1 – Quest for the Heartstone, da1DA1 – Blackmoor – Adventures in Blackmoor, da2DA2 – Blackmoor – Temple of the Frog, da3DA3 – Blackmoor – City of the Gods, da4DA4 – Blackmoor – The Duchy of Ten

Companioncm1CM1 – Test of the Warlords, cm2CM2 – Death’s Ride, cm3CM3 – Sabre River, cm4CM4 – Earthshaker!, cm5CM5 – Mystery of the Snow Pearls, cm6CM6 – Where Chaos Reigns, cm7CM7 – Tree of Life, cm8CM8 – The Endless Stair, cm9CM9 – Legacy of Blood

Masterm1 – M1 – Into the Maelstrom, m2 – M2 – Vengeance of Alphaks, m3 – M3 – Twilight Calling, m4 – M4 – Five Coinds For A Kingdom, m5 – M5 – Talons of Night

Immortal – im1 – IM1 – The Immortal Storm, im2 – IM2 – The Wrath of Olympus, im3 – IM3 – The Best of Intentions
OtherthThunder Rift

BECMI Wrath of the Immortals (0e-wi)

bsWrath of the Immortals – Boxed Set, bs1WI Book 1 – Codex of the Immortals, bs2WI Book 2 – The Immortal Fury,

BECMI Creature Crucible (0e-pc)

01Tales of the Wee Folk, 02Top Ballista, 03The Sea People, 04Night Howlers,

BECMI Gazetteer (0e-gaz)

01The Grand Duchy of Karameikos, 02The Emirates of Ylaruam, 03The Principalities of Glantri, 04The Kingdom of Ierendi, 05The Elves of Alfheim, 06The Dwarves of Rockhome, 07The Northern Reaches, 08The Five Shires, 09The Minrothad Guilds, 10The Orcs of Thar, 11The Republic of Darokin, 12The Golden Khan of Ethengar, 13The Shadow Elves, 14The Atruaghin Clans, boxDawn of the Emperors – boxed set, box1Book 1 – Dungeon Masters Sourcebook, box2Book 2 – Player’s Guide to Thyatis, box3Book 3 – Player’s Guide to Alphatia

BECMI Hollow World (0e-hw)

BECMI Hollow WorldcsHollow World – Campaign Set , dmsDungeon Master’s Sourcebook, pgPlayer’s Guide,

BECMI Hollow World Adventuresa1Nightwail, a2Night Rage, a3Nightstorm, q1 The Milenian Scepter,

BECMI Hollow World Resourcesr1Sons of Azca, r2Kingdom of Nithia, r3The Milenian Empire

5th Edition D&D (5e)

5th Edtiion D&D is broken down into the following Categories:

Wizards of the Coast (Core Rules)
EN WorldFrog God GamesGoodman GamesGreen RoninKobold PressRite PublishingWeb Resources

Wizards of the Coast (5e-wiz)

Base RulesSetting BooksAdventuresPlane Shift

Base Rules (5e-wiz)

Base Rules (5e-wiz): phPlayer’s Handbook, dmgDungeon Masters Guide, dmsDungeon Masters Screen, mmMonster Manual, mpmmMordenkainen Presents – Monsters of the Multiverse, mtfMordenkainen’s Tome of Foes, tceTasha’s Cauldron of Everything, vgmVolo’s Guide to Monsters, xgeXanathar’s Guide to Everything,

Setting Books (5e-wiz)

Setting (5e-wiz): egwExplorers Guide to Wildemount, erlwEberron – Rising from the Last War, ftdFizban’s Treasurey of Dragons, ggrGuildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica, motMythic Odysseys of Theros, scagSword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, vrgrVan Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft

Adventures (5e-wiz)

Adventures (5e-wiz): aiAcquisitions Incorporated, bgdaBaldur’s Gate – Descent into Avernus, cm Candlekeep Mysteries, cosCurse of Strahd, cosrvCurse of Strahd ReVamped, crcdCritical Role – Call of the Netherdeep, gosGhosts of Saltmarsh, hdqHoard of the Dragon Queen, idrfIcewind Dale – Rime of the Frostmaiden, jtrcJourney Though the Radiant Citadel, ootaOut of the Abyss, potaPrinces of the Apocalypse, sccStrixhaven – A Curriculum of Chaos, sktStorm King’s Thunder, toaTome of Annihilation, todTyranny of Dragons, trotThe Rise of Tiamat, typTales from the Yawning Portal, wbwThe Wild Beyond the Witchlight, wdhWaterdeep – Dragon Heist, wdmmWaterdeep – Dungeon of the Mad Mage,

Plane Shift (5e-wiz)

Plane Shift (5e-wiz): psaAmonkhet, pszZendikar

5E D&D 3rd Party Publishers (5e)
En Publishing (5e-enp)

Enchanted Trinkets Series: – et1Enchanted Trinkets I (PDF Only), et2Enchanted Trinkets II (PDF Only), etaaET Arcane Apparel (PDF Only), etawET Apprentice Wizardry & Side Hustles (PDF Only), etrhET Rogues in the House (PDF Only), etrlaET Relics of a Lost Age (PDF Only),

Frog God Games (5e-fgg)

The Lost World SeriesblsBook of Lost Spells, bpBorderland Provinces, bpaBorderland Provinces Adventures, fefFifth Edition Foes, raRappan Athuk, wllraThe World of the Lost Lands 5th Edition Rules Addendum,

Goodman Games (5e-gmg)

Original Adventures Reincarnated D&D 5E: oar1Into the Borderlands, oar2The Isle of Dread, oar3Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, oar4The Lost City, oar5Castle Amber, oar6 – Temple of Elemental Evil

Kobold Press (5e-kob)

Midgard Setting (5e-kob) – coc – City of Cats, mhhMidgard Heroes Handbook, mwbMidgard Worldbook, spg – Southlands Players Guide, sw – Southlands Worldbook,

Adventurescoc – City of Cats, sc – Scarlet Citadel, tbs – Tales Beneath the Sands,

Monster Books (5e-kob) – ccCreature Codex, tobTome of Beasts, tob-pawnTome of Beasts – Pawns (PDF Only), tob2Tome of Beasts 2, tob2-lairTome of Beasts 2 – Lairs, tob2-pawnTome of Beasts 2 – Pawns

Deep Magic Web Series (5e-kob) – dmDeep Magic, dm01Clockwork (PDF Only), dm02 Rune Magic (PDF Only), dm03Void Magic (PDF Only), dm04Illumination Magic (PDF Only), dm05Ley Lines (PDF Only), dm06 Angelic Wards (PDF Only), dm07 Chaos Magic (PDF Only), dm08Battle Magic (PDF Only), dm09Ring Magic (PDF Only), dm10Shadow Magic (PDF Only), dm11High Elven Magic (PDF Only), dm12 Blood & Doom (PDF Only), dm13 Dragon Magic (PDF Only), dm14Elemental Magic (PDF Only), dm15Hieroglyph Magic (PDF Only), dm16Time Magic (PDF Only), dm17 Mythos Magic (PDF Only), dm18 Combat Divination (PDF Only), dm19 Winter Magic (PDF Only), dm20 Alkemancy (PDF Only)

Legendary Games (5e-leg)

SourcebooksfkccForest Kingdom Campaign Compendium, pccPirate Campaign Compendium, ukUltimate Kingdoms

Various Publishers (5e-aw)

Arcanum Worlds (5e-aw) – ootd – Odyssy of the Dragonlords
Green Ronin (5e-grr) – brThe Book of the Righteous, tcsTal’Dorei Campaign Setting
Rite Publishing (5e-rip) – SourcebookscodIn The Company of Dragons 5E

5E Web Resources

Web Resourcesweb-dWikiD&D Wiki, 5e-web-mphMystara Players Handbook, web-vopVaults of Pandius


Dresden FilesFATE Accelerated

Dresden Files (fate-df)

Dresden Files: v1Volume One – Your Story, v2Volume Two – Our World, v3Volume Three – The Paranet Papers

FATE Accelerated (fae)

FATE Accelerated: fcbFATE Core Build, dfaDresden Files Accelerated

Genesys (gen)

Genesys (gen)

Core Rulesbas-crGenesys Core Rulebook, bas-epg – Genesys Expanded Players Guide

Setting Booksan-sb – Android – Shadows of the Beanstalk, an-wa – Android – The Worlds of Android, key-sc – Keyforge – Secrets of the Crucible, ter-rt – Terrinoth – Realms of Terrinoth

Robotech (rt)

Robotech (rt)

Robotech by Palladium Books has the following (rt-pg) – mass – The Macross Saga Sourcebook, mss – The Masters Saga Sourcebook, sc – The Shadow Chronicles

Robotech by Strange Machine Games has the following: (rt-smg) – msThe Macross Saga

Superhero Rules

Mutant and Masterminds (sh-mm)

Mutants and Mastermindsaep – Atlas of Earth Prime, dgg – Deluxe Gamemaster’s Guide, dhh – Deluxe Hero’s handbook, fc – Freedom City (3rd), rg – Rogues Gallery, sh – Superteam Handbook

Sentinel Comics (sh-sc)

Sentinel ComicscrCore Rulebook, skStarter Kit

Shadowrun (sr)

1st Edition4th Edition5th Edition

Shadowrun – 1E (sr-1e)

Rulebooks (rb) sr – Shadowrun 1st Edition (71000)

Adventures (ad) dc – Dreamchipper, dna – DNA/DOA, me – Mercurial, sa – Silver Angel

Sourcebooks (sr) ss – Seattle Sourcebook

Shadowrun – 2E (sr-2e)

Core Rules (rb) – sr – Core Rulebook (SR 7901)

Shadowrun – 3E (sr-3e)

Core Rules (rb) – sr – Core Rulebook (SR 7001)

Shadowrun – 4E (sr-4e)

Core RulescrCore Rulebook (SR 26000), crr20th Anniversary Core Rules (SR 26000A)

Campaign Booksauc (Year 3) – Artefacts Unbound Campaign (SR 26450), cdc (Year 5) – The Clutch of Dragons Campaign (SR 26211), ec (Year 1) – Emergence Campaign (SR 26011), gcc (Year 2) – Ghost Cartels Campaign (SR 26302), jsc (Year 6) – Jet Set Campaign (SR 26452), thc (Year 4) – Twilight Horizon Campaign (SR 26453)

Shadowrun – 5E (sr-5e)

cr5th Edition Core Rules (27000), ldLockdown (27300), ssStolen Souls (27200), swSprawl Wilds (27480)


Thank you for the following work I enjoy

  • Adams, David – en-etrla
  • Allston, Aaron – gaz1, hw-dms, wi-b1, X12
  • Baker, Rachard – pota
  • Baur, Wolfgang – hdq, mw, tod
  • Bourne, Stephan – X11
  • Carr, Mike – B1
  • Connors, William W. – gaz14
  • Crawford, Jeremy – dmg, mtf, ph, xge
  • Daigle, Adam – rotrae-pg
  • Dillon, Dan – dm14, mhh
  • Doyle, Chris – gg1
  • Engelbrite, Andrew – en-etaa
  • Evjen, Eric – en-et1
  • Green, Richard – mhh, mw
  • Greenwood, Ed – gaz8
  • Grubb, Jeff – B1-9
  • Harris, Chris – mhh
  • Heard, Bruce – gaz3
  • Kenson, Steve – scag
  • Lashley, Robert – en-et2
  • Loeb, Aaron – br
  • Mechor, Alejandro – mgp1008
  • Mercer, Matthew – tcs
  • Merls, Mike – dmg, mtf, ph, typ, vgm, xge
  • Mohan, Kim – typ
  • Perkins, Christopher – wdmm
  • Rippee, Chris – en-etaw
  • Schneider, F. Wesley – rotr-pg
  • Stoddard, Brandes – en-etrh
  • Sutter, James L. – rotrae-pg
  • Wadzinski, Tim – gg1
  • Winter, Alexander – trot
  • Winter, Steven – bls, hdq, trot

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