Wrath of the Immortals Races

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Races of Mystara using the Five Elements

The races are all aligned with the Five Spheres of power that the Immortals (Gods) represent. Each of the subraces will represent different spheres so two different subraces will have different core elements to represent those changes. Each of the core elements are taken from the spheres so are represented as Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire and Water.

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Here is a list of all the races that I have converted to 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons available in my D&D Mystara Wrath of the Immortals Campaign.

Mystara Races Overview (2019-12-23)

Common Selections are:

Uncommon Selections are:

NPC Only Selections are:

If you have selected a common race, you have access to an uncommon subtype as a character option, if you have selected an uncommon race you can only use a common subtype.

Ancient Races:

  • Antalians (Descendants are in the Northern Reaches)
  • Azcan (Descendants are in the Atruaghin Clans)
  • Beastmen (Descendants are humanoid races)
  • Blacklore Elves (elves of Energy)
  • Brute-Men (Descendants are human races)
  • Gentle Folk Elves (elves of Thought)
  • Icevale Elves (elves of Matter)
  • Hutaakans (Dogfolk, still found in Karameikos and Atruaghin Clans)
  • Jennites (Descendants are Enthengar)
  • Kogolor Dwarves (dwarves of matter)
  • Krugel Orcs (orcs of energy)
  • Kubitts (no descendants)
  • Malpheggi Lizard Men (Lizardfolk are descendants from them)
  • The Merry Pirates
  • Milenians (Greek culture)
  • Nithians (Egyptian)
  • Oltecs (Descendants of the Azcan
  • Schattenalfen (dark elves)
  • Tanagoro (tribesmen)
  • Traldar
  • Neathar (Descendants of the Brute-Men)

Racial Age Band for Comparison:

  • Human Child up to twelve years of age (60% of Adult).
  • Human Young Adult from thirteen to nineteen (40% of Adult) – can adventure from here.
  • Human Adult twenty to about a hundred.


Dwarven Overview (2020-07-23)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players


Elven Overview (2020-07-26)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players


Halfling Overview (2020-07-24)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players


Human Overview (2020-07-22)

Ancient Human Races
  • Humans of Fire:

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players

Needs GM Approval Races


Dragonkind Overview (2020-07-27)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players


Gnome Overview (2020-07-28)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players

Planar Races


Genasi Overview: (2020-07-25)

  • Genasi of Air: Airchild (U – 2021-03-16)
  • Genasi of Darkness: Darkchild (U – 2021-03-16)
  • Genasi of Earth: Earthchid (U – 2021-03-16)
  • Genasi of Fire: Firechild (U – 2021-03-16)
  • Genasi of Water: Waterchild (U – 2021-03-16)

(U) Needs GM Approval (N) Not available to players

Items Under Consideration


  • Feats (UA#39)


  • Feats (UA#39)


  • Feats (UA#39)
  • Eladrin (UA#44)
  • Avariel (UA#46)
  • Grugach (UA#46)
  • Sea Elf (UA#46)
  • Shadar-kai (UA#46)


  • Feats (UA#39)


  • Feats (UA#39)


  • Feats (UA#39)


  • Centaur (UA#50)
  • Locodon (UA#53)
  • Minotaur (UA#4, #50)
  • Shifter (UA#1, #52)


  • Simic Hybrid (UA#53)
  • Warforged (UA#1, #52)


  • Changeling (UA#1, UA#52)
  • Viashino (UA#53)


  • Gith (UA#44)
  • Vedalken (UA#53)


  • Kalashtar (UA#52)
  • Revanent (UA#14)


  • Half-Elf Feats (UA#39)
  • Half-Orc Feats (UA#39)
  • Tiefling Variants (UA#11, #45)
  • Tiefling Feats (UA#39)

Content Updates

  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
Mystara Races

The Races Overview

Dragonkind Overview: Air (Crystalborn, Silverborn, Whiteborn), Darkness (Blackborn, Brassborn, Onyxborn), Earth (Copperborn, Emeraldborn, Greenborn), Fire( Amberborn, Goldborn, Redborn, Rubyborn), Water (Blueborn, Bronzeborn, Sapphineborn)

Dwarven Overview: Air (Hillbound), Darkness (Shadowbound), Earth (Stonebound), Fire (Craftbound), Water (Seabound)

Elven Overview: Air (Nomadfey, Skyfey), Darknes (Bloodfey, Shadowfey), Earth (Wildfey, Woodfey), Fire (Spiritfey, Sunfey), Water (Seafey), Elements (Seasonfey)

Genasi Overview: Air (Airchild), Earth (Earthchild), Darkness (Darkchild), Fire (Firechild), Water (Waterchild)

Giantkind Overview:

Gnome Overview: Air (Skykin), Darkness (Shadowkin), Earth (Forestkin), Fire (Tinkerkin), Water (Tradekin)

Halfling Overview: Air (Southshire), Darkness (Eastshire), Earth (Highshire), Fire (Heartshire), Water (Seashire)

Human Overview: Air (Hattian, Heldannic, Kerendan, Thyatian), Darkness (Nuari), Earth (Atruaghin, Ethengarian, Makistani), Fire (Alasiyan, Thothian, Traladaran), Water (Makai)

Inner World

Humans Overview: Fire – Nithian

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