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Converting Magical Items from Pathfinder 1 to 2

Here I am showcasing items I have updated or changed for 2nd edition.

When looking at converting items across I have created a page called Item Creation (2020-01-01) which you can see under the list of items converted. This goes into detail about all the different rules in the Core Rules as well as the Gamesmastery Guide on how to create items in the new game.

The source of the first lot of items I am creating is the Jade Regent Adventure Path which I am running on Tuesday fortnightly. I want to make sure I can convert over the items that they have found and can potentially find.

Next I have rebuilt those items in such a way that I can have lesser and greater versions of some of those items to make them more useful at different power levels without destabilising the game. As I have two low levels games that have time for items from Varisia to be created.

Items from: Jade Regent books 1, 2 and 3.
Items to create from: Jade Regent books 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Item Types – Magical Items

Magical Items are varied in type and power. Here are some conversion examples I have done for my campaign. These items were converted from the Jade Regent Adventure Path. It also includes any items that have been update as part of the latest errata’s so these versions of the items over rule what is in the Core Rules.

(U) Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

Held Item
Specific Armours
Specific Weapons
Worn Items

Item Types – Alchemical Items

Alchemical Items are non-magical items that still work in anti-magic zones. These items were converted from the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

Alchemical Fireworks (2019-12-20)

  • Desnan Candle
  • Skyrocket
  • Starfountain

Item Types – Artefacts

Artefacts: Artefacts cannot travel through astral space, and will not go through gates or any form of teleport teleportation (including fey step), remaining behind when the holder of the item uses such movement. Any exceptions are up to the god who provides the divine spark for the item. These items will be updated as more capabilities and history come to light in the games.

Item Types – New Armours

Armours are not all detailed in the core rules. Here are some conversion examples I have done for my campaign. These items were converted for the Jade Regent Adventure Path:

New Heavy Armour:

Item Types – New Weapons

Weapons are not all detailed in the core rules. Here are some conversion examples I have done for my campaign. These items were converted from the Jade Regent Adventure Path.

New Uncommon Martial Weapons:

New Uncommon Advanced Weapons:

Note: this is a work in progress site, and changes will happen regularly to meet updates due to socialising my work and playtesting at my table.

Content Updates

  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
Magical Items

Magical Items: Item Creation, Reference List

Consumable Items: Dispelling Sliver, Fugitive’s Grenade, Halflight Charm

Held Items: Terra-Cotta Talismans, Trail Map of the Region

Runes: Poison Rune

Specific Armour: Armour of the Armadillo, Ghost Mirror Armour, Shozoku of the Night Wind

Specific Weapons: Dancing Wasp, Deadly Kiss, Earthfire Shuriken, Nine-Fold Spirit Sword, Oathtaker, Suishen, Whispering Shrike

Worn items: Claws of the Ice Bear, Sashimono of Comfort

Alchemical Items

Alchemical Fireworks: Desnan Candle, Skyrocket, Starfountain


Artefacts: Amatatsu Seal, Shard of Greed, Shard of Pride, Suishen, Warding Box


New Heavy Armour: O’Yoroi


New Uncommon Martial Weapons: Wakizashi

New Uncommon Advanced Weapons: Kusarigama, Tetsubo

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