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4708 – Year of Awakening

Level 1 (Winter & Spring)
  • Aspirant Pathfinders (Part 1) – (pf1-pso-intro-fs1) 2020-04-28 – Characters have just finished three to five years of training to become Pathfinders, chosen for their connections to Varisia, they start the first of three tests.
  • Aspirant Pathfinders (Part 2) – (pf1-pso-intro-fs2) 2020-04-28 – Characters who have completed the first tests and not been expelled from the order, begin the second test.
  • Aspirant Pathfinders (Part 3) – (pf1-pso-intro-fs3) 2020-04-28 – Characters who have completed the first two tests and not been expelled from the order, begin the final test with the goal to become trainee pathfinders.
  • The Lost Star – (pf2-mod-dd) 2020-05-10 – The group teleported to Magnimar from the Pathfinder Society are asked to look into thefts of the noble houses of Magnimar. Using the Doomsday Dawn as inspiration.
  • Ilsurian Carnival (pf1-mod-mm) On the way from magnimar to Kaer Maga the group was brought in to investigate deaths in Ilsurian. Using Murder’s Mark module as base storyline for a side quest adventure.
  • Welcome to Kaer Maga (pf1-pso-s01-51) First assignment is to investigate why the society has not heard from a friend in Kaer Maga. Involving ship travel and an overland journey from Korvosa. Using The City of Strangers – The Shadow Gambit as inspiration.
  • Pharamsa’s Quest (pf1-mod-gh) Due to an unfortunate mistake, a party member has been cursed by Pharasma and offered a chance at redemption. All they have to do is travel to Kaer Maga and figure out why priests of the temple have been murdered. Using The Godsmouth Heresy as inspiration.
Level 2 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Sandpoint Festival (pf1-rotr-ae) Quested to take the Lost Star od Desna to the Sandpoint Winter Festival and return, the group is caught up in a Goblin uprising. Using Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition, Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings coving Part 1 Festival and Fire, Part 2 Local Heroes and Part 3 Glass and Wrath.
  • Shard of Pride (pf1-ss-b1) The group is asked to track down a informer for the Pathfinder Society who has gone missing in Magnimar. Using Shatter Star Book 1 – Part 1 A Game Afoot in Magnimar, Part 2 – The Seeker’s Shard, Part 3 In the Crow’s Nest and Part 4 A Legacy of Wrath.
  • Welcome to Korvosa (pf1-cotct-ae) The group is sent to Korvisa to set up a home of operations from that city. Using Curse of the Crimson Throne Anniversary Edition – Chapter 1 Edge of Anarchy – Part 1 Haunted Fortunes
  • Welcome to Riddleport (3e-pzo-sd-b1) The group is sent to Riddleport as a last chance to work with the Pathfinder Society. Using Second Darkness – Shadow in the Sky – Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold
  • Background Events – Goblins of Brinestump Marsh, Terror at Whistledown, The Twofold Demise

4709 – Year of Expansion

Level 3 (Winter & Spring)
  • Korvisa Gone Mad (pf1-cotct-ae) returning to Korvosa to deal with the events relating to the dying king. Using Curse of the Crimson Throne – Edge of Anarchy – Part 2 A City Gone Mad and Part 3 Blood and Bones
  • The Rescue of Ameiko (pf1-rotr-ae) Shalalu has requested assistance in recovering Ameiko from Thistletop and needs the help of goblin to make it happen, which is her chosen special enemy. Using Rise of the Runelords – Chapter 1 – Burnt Offerings – Part 4 Thistletop
  • Missing people in Sandpoint (pf1-rotr-ae) Alerted to missing friends, the group is asked to come to Sandpoint to find them. Using rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition – Chapter 1 Burnt Offerings – Part 3 Glass and Wrath
  • Shard of Greed (pf1-ss-b1) Gaining some new members the group is sent to recover the second shard of the artefact, but told now to touch it. Using The Shattered Star Book 1 Shards of Sin – Part 4 A Legacy of Wrath
  • Welcome to Roderic’s Cove (pf1-rr-b1) Returning home to sort out some trouble facing the settlement the group is drawn into the troubles of the founder now a ghost. Using Return of the Runelords Book 1 Secrets of Roderic’s Cove – Part 1 Bubbling Tensions, Part 2 – Roderic’s Wreck, Part 3 Into the Churlwood, Part 4 Humbling Pride and Part 5 Calming Wrath.
  • Edge of Anarchy – Blood and Bones (cotctae)
  • Shadow in the Sky – Hidden Enemies and Unexpected Allies (sd-b1)
  • Feast of Ravenmoor
Level 4 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Burnt Offerings – Thistletop (rotrae)
  • The Brinewall Legacy – Fires over Brinestump (pf1-jr-b1)
  • The Brinewall Legacy – The Legacy’s Lure (jr-b1)
  • The Brinewall Legacy – Ruins of Brinewall (jr-b1)
  • Shadow in the Sky – St. Caspieran’s Salvation (sd-b1)
  • Shadow in the Sky – Under the Gold Goblin (sd-b1)
  • Secret’s of Roderic’s Cove – Into the Churlwood (rr-b1)
  • Secret’s of Roderic’s Cove – Humbling Pride (rr-b1)
  • Secret’s of Roderic’s Cove – Calming Wrath (rr-b1)
  • Doomsday Dawn – In Pale Mountain’s Shadow (pf2-dd)

4710 – Year of the Shadow Lodge

Level 5 (Winter & Spring)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – Murder Most Foul (rotrae)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – The Thing in the Attic (rotrae)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – Walking Scarecrows (rotrae)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – Misgivings (rotrae)
  • Seven Days to the Grave – Infection (cotctae)
Level 6 (Summer & Autumn)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – Chasing the Skinsaw (rotrae)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – The Seven’s Sawmill (rotrae)
  • Seven Days to the Grave – Outbreak (cotctae)
  • Event – Goblins of Brinestump, The Chasm of Screams (pf1-pso-s02-14)

4711 – Year of the Ruby Phoenix

Level 7 (Winter & Spring)
  • The Skinsaw Murders – Shadows of Time (rotrae)
  • Seven Days to the Grave – Epidemic (cotctae)
  • Doomsday Dawn – Affair at Sombrefell Hall (pf2-dd)
Level 8 (Summer & Autumn)
  • The Hook Mountain Massacre – In the Hook’s Shadow (rotrae)
  • The Hook Mountain Massacre – Retaking Rannick (rotrae)
  • Escape from Old Korvosa – Into the Dying City (cotctae)

4712 – Year of the Risen Rune

Level 9 (Winter & Spring)
  • The Hook Mountain Massacre – Down Comes the Rain (rotrae)
  • The Hook Mountain Massacre – The Haunted Heart (rotrae)
  • Escape from Old Korvosa – Emperor of Old Korvosa (cotctae)
  • Escape from Old Korvosa – Wrath of the Arkonas (cotctae)
  • Doomsday Dawn – The Mirrored Moon (pf2-dd)
Level 10 (Summer & Autumn)
  • The Hook Mountain Massacre – Harrowing the Hook (rotrae)
  • A History of Ashes – The Road North (cotctae)

4713 – Year of the Demon

Level 11 (Winter & Spring)
  • Fortress of the Stone Giants – Stones Over Sandpoint (rotrae)
  • A History of Ashes – Trials of Respect (cotctae)
Level 12 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Fortress of the Stone Giants – Journey to Jorgenfist (rotrae)
  • Fortress of the Stone Giants – Into the Valley of the Black Tower (rotrae)
  • Fortress of the Stone Giants – Under Jorgenfist (rotrae)
  • A History of Ashes – Mantis and Maiden (cotctae)
  • Doomsday Dawn – The Heroes of Undarin (pf2-dd)

4714 – Year of the Sky Key

Level 13 (Winter & Spring)
  • Fortress of the Stone Giants – The Ancient Library (rotrae)
  • Skeletons of Scarwall – Approaching Scarwall (cotctae)
Level 14 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Scribbler’s Rhyme (rotrae)
  • Skeletons of Scarwall – Castle Scarwall (cotctae)
  • Doomsday Dawn – Red Flags (pf2-dd)

4715 – Year of the Serpent

Level 15 (Winter & Spring)
  • Sins of the Saviors – Seeking Runeforge (rotrae)
  • Crown of Fangs – Streets of Chaos (cotctae)
Level 16 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Sins of the Saviors – Runeforge and the Abjurant Halls (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Ravenous Crypts (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Vaults of Greed (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Iron Cages of Lust (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Shimmering Veils (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Festering Maze (rotrae)
  • Sins of the Saviors – The Halls of Wrath (rotrae)
  • Crown of Fangs – Assault on the Castle (cotctae)

4716 – Year of the Stolen Storm

Level 17 (Winter & Spring)
  • Sins of the Saviors – Weapons of Power (rotrae)
  • Crown of Fangs – Legacy of Blood (cotctae)
  • Doomsday Dawn – When the Stars Go Dark (pf2-dd)
Level 18 (Summer & Autumn)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – Seeking Xin-Shalast (rotrae)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – Whispers in the Wind (rotrae)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – On the World’s Roof (rotrae)
  • Crown of Fangs – Conclusion (cotctae)

4717 – Year of Factions Favour

Level 19 (Winter & Spring)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – Xin-Shalast (rotrae)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – Scaling Mhar Massif (rotrae)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – Pinnacle of Avarice (rotrae)
  • Spires of Xin-Shalast – The Eye of Avarice (rotrae)
Level 20 (Summer & Autumn)

4718 – Year of the Ten

Level 21 (Winter & Spring)
Level 22 (Summer & Autumn)

Content Updates

  • 2022-01-11 – Finished the update, now games are all linked in and ready to be published leaving out the current storylines that I am running only.
  • 2022-01-10 – Writing up the level 1, 2 and 3 adventure storylines the group has been involved in.
  • 2021-12-21 – Adding in future storyline details.
  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
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