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Abken Overview

The town of Abken was founded on a belief: that given the right blend of people, a town might work as a single family, with no individual better than any other. Originally composed of just a few families from the Korvosian underclass, this simple farming commune grew slowly, with new members admitted only through marriage or majority vote. Although friendly to strangers, the now-sizeable village remains insular and tight-lipped about its internal processes, and the large log palisade around the primary compound protects its privacy. Outsiders causing trouble can expect to be subdued in short order, as every man, woman, and child is quick to raise arms in defense of his or her “family.”

It is located on the banks of the upper Yondabakari River (before it flows into Lake Syrantula), about 45 miles northeast of Melfesh. The town is surrounded by a wooden palisade, and is fiercely protected by its inhabitants.

  • Nation Varisia
  • Size Small Town
  • Population 298
  • Demographics ?
  • Government ?
  • Alignment ?
  • Leader ?

One of the newest settlements in Varisia, the village of Abken was founded as a commune by peace-loving lower-class Korvosans in 4668 AR.  The inner workings of the town are kept secret from outsiders, but it is known that Abken’s citizens see each other as one large “family” and entrance into their fold is only permitted by a vote or through marriage.

Abken Government

The inner workings of the town are kept secret from outsiders, but it is known that Abken’s citizens see each other as one large family. Entrance into their fold is only permitted by a vote or through marriage. Troublesome or overly inquisitive outsiders are quickly dealt with, as everyone in the small town (even the children) is trained in armed combat.

Abken Relations with Outsiders


Even though the Korvosan government considers the town one of its holdings, it is also a persistent annoyance, as it only occasionally pays taxes. When the Korvosans get annoyed enough to remind the village’s elders, Abken settles its debts in the form of foodstuffs and even some illicit drugs such as cabble-weed and flayleaf.

Kaer Maga

Abken (along with the other local farming towns in the area) is one of the main suppliers of foodstuffs and other consumables for the nearby city of Kaer Maga. Farmers and ranchers find it easier and more economical to haul their wares to the bottom of the Halflight Path rather than ship it all the way downriver to Lake Syrantula and beyond.

Trouble with Shoanti

The Sklar-Quah tribe of the Shoanti occasionally travels off the Storval Rise to launch attacks against the smaller farming communities of the Yondabakari River valley, including Abken.

Campaign Events as Reported to the People

  • AR 4668
    • founded Abken by a commune by peace-loving lower-class Korvosans.
  • AR 4708-03-10
    • (W17) Arrive at Abken, treated with generosity by the locals who say they look forward to their return, Pimwinkle fails to use the kitchen overnight and produces a piles of soggy fruit pastries.

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