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Pathfinder 2 – Campaign


Thassilonian Resurgence

Source: Bestiary (pf2-rb-b1)

Here are all the challenges faced by my groups in the campaign, this allows them to keep track of creatures they have faced, or heard about from the other team.



  • Naga, Guardian (CR 10)
  • Sinspawn (CR 2)


  • Beetle, Fire (CR-1)
  • Bunyip (CR 3)
  • Cat, Firepelt Cougar (CR 2)
  • Crocodile (CR 2)
  • Dog, Goblin (CR 1)
  • Lizard, Bearded Dragon (CR 1)
  • Rat, Dire (CR -1)
  • Spider, Giant (CR 1)


  • Centaur (CR 3)
  • Sphinx (CR 8)


  • Golem, Flesh (CR 8)


  • Blindheim (CR 1)
  • Goblin, Commando (CR 1)
  • Goblin, Pyro (CR 1)
  • Goblin, Warrior (CR -1)
  • Kobold, Warrior (CR -1)
  • Skulk (CR 1)


  • Demon, Quasit (CR 1)


  • Amoeba, Giant (CR 1)


  • Skeleton, Guard (CR -1)
  • Zombie, Shambler (CR -1)


  • Vargouille (CR 2)
Bestiary – Aberrations

CR 2

  • Sinspawn (Bestiary p296) Burnt Offerings (3W)

CR 10

  • Naga, Guardian (Bestiary p244) The City of Strangers (1F)
Bestiary – Animals

CR -1

  • Beetle, Fire – Using Flash Beetle (Bestiary p42) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)
  • Rat, Dire – Using Giant Rat (Bestiary p277) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)

CR 1

  • Dog, Goblin (Bestiary p182) Burnt Offerings (10F)
  • Lizard, Bearded Dragon – Using Giant Monitor Lizard (Bestiary p230) Murder’s Mark (1W)
  • Spider, Giant – Using Hunting Spider (Bestiary p307) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)

CR 2

  • Bunyip (Bestiary p49) Burnt Offerings (1F)
  • Cat, Firepelt Cougar – Using Leopard (Bestiary p52) Burnt Offerings (1F)
Bestiary – Beasts

CR 2

  • Crocodile (Bestiary p68) – Aspirant Pathfinders (1)

CR 3

  • Centaur (Bestiary p60) Aspirant Pathfinders (1F)

CR 8

  • Sphinx (Bestiary p306) Murder’s Mark (1W)
Bestiary – Constructs

CR 8

  • Golem, Flesh (Bestiary p185) The City of Strangers (1F)
Bestiary – Fiends

CR 1

  • Demon, Qasit (Bestiary p77) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)
Bestiary – Humanoid

CR -1

  • Goblin Warrior (Bestiary p181) The Lost Star (1W), The City of Strangers (1F), Burn Offerings (47F)
  • Kobold, Warrior (Bestiary 213) Aspirant Pathfinders (1), The City of Strangers (1F)

CR 1

  • Blindheim – Using Boggard (Bestiary p45) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)
  • Goblin, Commando (Bestiary 181) The Lost Star (1W), Burnt Offerings (1F)
  • Goblin, Pyro (Bestiary 182) The Lost Star (1W), The City of Strangers (1F), Burnt Offerings (1F)
  • Skulk – Using Doppleganger with -2 levels (Bestiary p104) Murder’s Mark (1W)
Bestiary – Ooze

CR 1

  • Amoeba, Giant – Using Sewer Ooze (Bestiary p255) Aspirant Pathfinders (1)
Bestiary – Undead

CR -1

  • Skeleton, Guard (Bestiary p299) Aspirant Pathfinders (1), The Lost Star (1W), Burnt Offerings (2F)
  • Zombie, Shamber (Bestiary p340) Burnt Offerings (11F)
Bestiary – Unknown

CR 2

  • Vargouille (no known PF2 reference) Burnt Offerings (1F)


Curses of Pharasma

  • Doom of Pharasma

Halflight Path Curses

  • First Casting
  • Second Casting
  • Third Casting


  • Blue Runes (Zed) – Abjuration and Sin of Envy.
  • Black Runes (Cangacerio) – Necromancy and Sin of Gluttony.
  • Brown Runes – Transmutation and Sin of Greed.
  • Green Runes – Conjuration and Sin of Sloth.
  • Red Runes – Evocation and Sin of Wrath.
  • Yellow Runes – Enchantment and Sin of Lust.
  • Grey Runes – Illusion and Sin of Pride.
Curses of Pharasma

Doom of Pharasma – A character is doomed 1 for each of these curses, which can only be lifted by service to the curch and a blessing of one of its high priests.

Halflight Path Curses

These curses are from the casting of spells or using of magical abilities while traversing the halfligh path at Kaer Maga.

  • First Casting – You radiate dim light for 40 ft and attackers have advantage on you until you start the dying condition.
  • Second Casting – You radiate bright light for 40 ft and increase by 5 ft per level. Monster chance tables use advantage for appearance chance, and for what appears. This lasts until after you take a long rest. The effects of first casting also affect all non hostile creatures within your light radius.
  • Third Casting – You gain doomed 3 and cannot take a short or long rest while within the Halflight path, neither can you use an exploration activity and have the exhaustion effect until you leave. Any round you end your turn less than 40 ft from where you started an encounter is automatically triggered.
Runecursed Curses

Those unlucky individuals who have been cursed by the runes of Thassilonian are walking timebombs that eventually go off. Each curse is different. Here are the witnesses effects of those who have been recorded by the Pathfinders.

  • Blue Runes – Caused by choosing to access the charged dream station gaining a flash in time connecting you to events outside your understanding. Known as the Abjuration Runecurse. Side effects
    • Stage 1 – Compelled to action and always feeling the threat of violence following you where ever you travel.
  • Black Runes – Caused by touching the runes found inside the Godsmouth Ossuary. Known as the Necromancy Runecurse. Side effects
    • Stage 1 – seeing vampires and falling deeper into a sycosis where you believed everyone was against you. You gain access to hidden lore associated with the inner workings of the vaults of sin and can navigate them without thought.
    • Stage 2 – You becomes attuned to undead such that affects treat you as also undead as well as your normal type. You begin to act out against those who you once trusted, with lethal repercussions. Undead will no longer see you as a threat.




  • (F) Burnt Offerings – Part One – Festival and Fire
  • (F) Burnt Offerings – Part Two – Local Heroes
  • (F) Burnt Offerings – Part Three – Glass and Wrath – Glassworks only
  • (F) Shadow in the Sky – Part One – Cheat the Devil, Take his Gold
  • (F) Shadow in the Sky – Part Two – On the Job
  • (F) Shadow in the Sky – Side Quest – St Caspieran’s Salvation


  • (W) Burnt Offerings – Part Three – Glass and Wrath – Catacombs of Wrath only
  • (F) Burnt Offerings – Part Four – Thistletop

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  • 2021-07-16 – Adding in Second Darkness details.
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