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PF2 Adv 4708 P1 The Lost Star

Pathfinder 2 – Adventures

Doomsday Dawn – The Lost Star

Thassilonian Resurgence
4708 P1 (Level 1)


The premise of this adventure is that the group of Pathfinders have to find a missing item from one of the sponsors of the Varisian lodge.

They are to treat her with respect and not fall fowl of any city laws or draw attention to their actions as members of the Pathfinder society.

This is Part 1 of the Doomsday Dawn storyline. The rest of this may or maynot make it into the campaign, but this adventure was well suited as an introduction to Magnimar as well as the lodge there.

How did I modify it to my TRAP campaign?

This adventure was modified only as starting in Absalom and being brought to Varisia by the two heads of the Pathfinder lodge found there.

Adventure and Purchase Items

All Items will have ID codes to represent when and where you found them. Giving it a unique id means that you can then refer to the item at a later time, write up more world lore, or incorporate it into a future storyline.

  • Quest Items – #[module][number] represents and item found in a set adventure.
  • Purchase Items – [session number]-[number] this covers items not planned that were claimed in session by players.

After Graduation, and two weeks downtime for a job well done, you were greeted by your new boss Sheila Heidmarch who runs the Varisian branch of the Pathfinder Society. With her husband Canayven, they used the Tien Teleportation Network to move you to their holdings in moments. There you were told to meet with Keleri Deverin and recover her lost item to help benefit the society.


  • Introduction (Absalom)
  • Interrogation
  • Ashen Ossuary


  • Ashen Ossuary
  • City of Magnimar
  • Varisian Lodge


  • Falling Rock Trap
  • Mindfog Fungus
  • Poisoned Lock
  • Sands of the Boneyard


  • Dire Rat
  • Giant Centipede
  • Goblin Commando
  • Goblin Pyro
  • Goblin Warrior
  • Quasit
  • Sewer Ooze
  • Skeleton Guard
  • Canayven Heidmarch
  • Drakus the Taker (slain by party)
  • Keleri Deverin
  • Sheila Heidmarch
  • Talga of the Mudchewer tribe
Treasure Items
  • A1 – Tarnished Silver Ring – 5 gp (#B1)
  • A1 – Minor Healing Potion (#B2)
  • A1 – Owlbear Claw (#B3)
  • A7 – (2) Flasks of Alchemist Fire (#B4 – #B5)
  • A7 – Smokestick (#B6)
  • A7 – 10 cp – Varisian (#B7)
  • A8 – Scroll – Shocking Grasp (#B8)
  • A8 – Wayfinder of Viroun Tamith (#B9)
  • A8 – 4 sp, 31 cp – Absalom (#B10)
  • A10 – Expert quality longsword (#B11)
  • A10 – Master key – Ashen Ossuary (#B12)
  • A10 – (2) Minor Healing Potion (#B13-B14)
  • A10 – Silver Religious Symbol of Pharasma (#B15)
  • A10 – Expert Quality Studded Leather (#B16)
  • A11 – Book – The Bones Land in a Spiral – 14 gp (#B17)
  • A11 – Silver Bowl (#B18)
  • A11 – Dagger +1 Ghost Touch (#B19)
  • A12 – Purse – 2 sp, 7 cp – Varisian (#B20)
  • A12 – Change of clothes (#B21)
  • A12 – Expert Quality Crossbow (#B22)
  • A12 – Feather Token (bird) (#B23)
  • A12 – Arrows of Light (#B24)
  • A12 – Scroll – Bless (#B25)
  • A12 – Scroll – Magic Weapon (#B26)
  • A12 – Wand – Produce Flame (#B27)
  • A12 – Oil of Mending (#B28)
  • A12 – Rare inks and powders – 8 gp (#B29)
  • A12 – Related esoteric books – 10 gp (#B30)
  • A12 – Bag of Gemstones – 80 gp (#B31)
  • A12 – Small Sack – 5 gp, 74 sp, 183 cp – Varisian (#B32)
  • A12 – Notes of the Theorem (#B33)
  • A12 – Star of Desna (#B34)

Faction Renown Awards

  • No Faction awards for this adventure as not all adventures will have them.

Adventure Complete Sins Check

At the end of the adventure each character has to justify which sin or virtue they portrayed the most of the course of the adventure:

  • ENVY: Complaining loudly or frequently about another party member’s good fortune, skill, or luck. CHARITY: Spending significant time tending the wounded, free of charge. Base colour of white with gold highlights.
  • GLUTTONY: Getting drunk multiple times during the game session. TEMPERANCE: Spending a game session without drinking at a tavern when at least two other PCs engage in such acts during the session. Base colour of black with copper highlights.
  • GREED: Robbing another PC, or hiding a significant amount of treasure for yourself. GENEROSITY: Turning life savings over to a Mayor. Base colour of brown with platinum highlights.
  • LUST: Eagerly accepting solicitations. LOVE: Giving a PC or NPC a romantic gift worth at least 1,000 gp per level your character possesses. Base colour of yellow with silver highlights.
  • PRIDE: Bragging about how nothing was scary. HUMILITY: Refusing to accept an NPC’s reward for a mission, or giving all credit to others. Base colour of grey with brass highlights.
  • SLOTH: Encouraging the party to stop and rest for a day after only having one or two significant encounters in that day. ZEAL: Encouraging the party to continue adventuring after the group has already dealt with at least five significant encounters that day. Base colour of green with different types of highlights.
  • WRATH: Eagerly torturing a prisoner. KINDNESS: Releasing an enemy that has surrendered and healing its wounds so it has a better chance at surviving. Base colour of red with copper highlights.

How my players fared

The group that did this was able recover the lost item and return with it to the sponsor and gain +1 prestige with the Pathfinder Society for the completion of an adventure. They returned all the items found and received level three items in return.

One of the characters tried to cleanse the temple rolled a natural 1 getting a new condition I called The Curse of Pharasma, with the effect that the character is Doomed 1 until they have atoned with the church as receive a blessing for his efforts.

Total time to complete

  • Group A (Wednesday) – 4 sessions

Concluding Thoughts

Upon completion of this side quest, the group will be sent out on a mission as ambassadors of Magnimar.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the layout and menu.
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