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Here I am going to reference and go into details about equipment introduced by me and by supplements that I am using in my campaigns.

Different Vehicle Types:

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R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)


In this mechanized age, where whole worlds are urbanized and massive starships ply the darkness between the galaxy’s countless stars, ground-based vehicles are ubiquitous and as essential to daily life as food, water, and a reliable sidearm. From the simplest, most utilitarian landspeeders to lumbering groundcars to high-performance airspeeders like the Talon-I Cloud Car, planetary vehicles are found on most, if not all, inhabited worlds. Planetary vehicles in the Star Wars galaxy fall in to four broad categories which encompass a dizzying array of walkers, groundcars, and speeders of every stripe.


As ubiquitous as their land-based cousins, airspeeders are found on nearly every civilized world in the galaxy. They are, in general, small-to-medium-sized atmospheric craft with aerodynamic hulls propelled by repulsorlift technology. The repulsorlift engines are commonly coupled with powerful ion drives that allow them to reach incredible altitudes and even enter low orbit if necessary. In their multitude, they fill a number of civilian and military roles not suited to either the common landspeeder or the high-tech and high-maintenance starfighter.


Cloud Cars:

  • New manufacturers are added to Civilian Airspeeder.

The personal, commercial, and military vehicle of choice for most sentients, landspeeders are produced in countless millions by hundreds of manufacturers such as SoroSuub and Incom. Landspeeders use low output repulsor engines to keep the vehicles hovering a constant one to two meters off the ground. Turbofan engines provide forward and reverse thrust. They typically have a maximum altitude of less than one hundred meters, can carry passengers or various amounts of cargo, and are cheap, efficient, and reliable. Running the gamut from speeder bikes and small, two-person runabouts to massive transports, civilian landspeeders make up the bulk of production from the major speeder manufacturers. Military and law enforcement landspeeders have decidedly heavier armor and weapons.

Speeders ignore hazards and the effects of terrain lower than their operational altitude.


Speeder Bike:

Speeder Truck:


Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles

Perhaps the oldest extant mechanized transportation technology in the galaxy, vehicles propelled by multiple wheels or articulated tread or tracks, colloquially known as groundcars or ground vehicles, are typically found on backwater, less civilized worlds. Cheaper than either speeders or walkers, they also tend to be more reliable and easier to maintain than more advanced forms of transport. Despite their limitations and primitive nature, some military vehicles still utilize treads and wheels due to their inherent reliability and all-terrain capabilities.

Wheeled vehicles suffer the effects of terrain as discussed in Ground Vehicles and Terrain, ee-cr page 253, while tracked vehicles treat all terrain as if it were one step lower difficulty.


Mobile Refinery:

  • New W&T vehicles companies are added to Personnel Carrier.

Considered a compromise between rugged, sorely United groundcars and versatile yet high-maintenance repulsorlift vehicles, walkers are a relatively common site in the galaxy. Using two or more multi-jointed legs and sophisticated gyro-stabilized drive systems, these vehicles walk in the manner of animals or people. Used in a number of civilian and military applications, walkers are well suited to the rugged terrain of the uncivilized or lightly populated worlds typical in the Outer Rim, and are considered very capable all-terrain vehicles. Walkers ignore the handicaps of most kinds of rough ground, making easy work of traversing terrain that would strand even the most capable ground car or tracked vehicle.

Similar to repulsorlift vehicles, walkers ignore penalties from light terrain, and ignore penalties from difficult terrain composed of any hazard lower than half the vehicle’s height.



Starships come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from tiny, dangerous starfighters to lumbering bulk transports. There is very little standardization among the various ships built by the numerous species of the galaxy. Most alien ships defy description or classification, and even many human-built ships using tried and tested ship-building techniques are hard to classify. In general, however, starships fall into three broad categories: Starfighters and patrol boats, freighters and transports, and capital ships.

Starfighters and Patrol Boats

Starfighters and patrol boats are the smallest hyperspace-capable starships found in the galaxy. These tiny, powerful ships have faithfully served galactic governments, planetary defense forces, pirate clans, and even Jedi for millennia. While they share some overlapping missions, starfighters and patrol boats are generally quite different in their construction, load-out, and usage.

Starfighters are small, short-range, one- or two-person spacecraft used by military and paramilitary forces as force projection and escort craft. Powered by small reactors with multiple ion engines and backup repulsorlift engines for atmospheric work, they are quite fast and agile, typically lightly armored, carry minimal shields, and have limited or no hyperspace capabilities. Depending on their role (space superiority, interception/pursuit, bombing/anti-capital ship, etc.), starfighters are armed with a diverse mix of weapons. Due to their small size, and short range starfighters are typically deployed from planetary airbases or carried into battle by larger, sturdier ships.

Patrol boats are larger and sturdier vessels. Typically between a starfighter and a light freighter in size, patrol boats are designed for intra-system patrols, interdiction, law and customs enforcement, and long-range reconnaissance. They typically carry a crew of between two and six and are equipped with hyperdrives, navicomputers, and, on some models, sophisticated communications and sensor suites. While patrol boats are usually slightly slower than starfighters, they are more heavily armed, shielded, and armored.

Below are a selection of starfighters and patrol boats commonly found operating in the Outer Rim.

Patrol Boat:



R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Freighters and Transports

The life blood of intergalactic commerce, transports and freighters are the ships that carry the agricultural, industrial, and commercial bounty of the galaxy to all of its people. Used by militaries, governments, and private concerns, these are spacious, generally slow vessels with multi-person crews designed to move goods from production to market as quickly and safely as possible. Most major ship builders make at least one or two models of freighters or transports. Other companies (Corellian Engineering Corporation for example) have made their names and fortunes producing nothing but high quality commercial vessels.

Freighters are small, comparatively fast vessels designed to carry smaller cargoes. These ships are crewed by between two and six crewmen, and typically have accommodations for passengers as well as capacious cargo holds. Most freighters are designed and built with an eye towards ease of modification, and are commonly found in the hands of small, independent shipping concerns or single owner/operators.

Transports are huge, lumbering ships designed to carry bulk cargo on long-haul trips throughout the galaxy. Slow and ponderous with little or nothing in the way of armor, weapons, or shields, transports must rely on armed escorts to protect themselves from the predation of pirates and raiders. They are most likely to be found in the fleets of massive corporate entities, powerful shipping magnates, and the logistics corps of large navies.

The following list is a collection of some of the more common freighters and transports in use in the galaxy.




R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Capital Ships

This broad category includes immense military vessels that bear enormous martial might. Capital ships are usually armed with the heaviest shields and the most powerful ship-board weaponry in the galaxy. Manned by crews in the hundreds, if not thousands, these stellar behemoths often house entire fighter squadrons and even smaller capital ships within their cavernous hangar bays.



R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Starship and Vehicle Modifications

For those special individuals who make their living in the spacelanes, a starship is as much their home as it is a simple means of transport or a company asset. As they live aboard it and get to know a ship’s various attributes, both positive and negative, it is not uncommon for the crew to make various modifications to the ship to better tailor it to their needs. By tinkering with existing systems, or through the purchase of new parts and modification packages, a skilled and dedicated crew can improve a ship’s general comfort and performance beyond what her designers initially imagined. More powerful sublight engines, faster hyperdrives, better sensors, and other, more esoteric modifications are commonplace among the professional spacefarers, hot-rodders, and inveterate tinkerers that operate in the Outer Rim.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

  • Add Enhanced Carbon-Durasteel Armour to all vehicle and starship manufacturers.

Content Updates

SW Vehicles


Airspeeders: Civilian, T-16 Skyhopper, T-47 Airspeeder

Cloud Car: Storm IV

Groundcar: Personnel Carrier

Landspeeders: X-34

Mobile Refinery: Digger Crawler

Speeder Bike: 74-Z Military

Speeder Truck: A-A5

Swoop: Flare-S

Walkers: AT-EST, AT-PT


Corvette: CR90, Marauder

Freighters: Citadel, Starwind, Wayfarer, YT-1300, YT-2400

Frigates: DP20 Gunship, Nebulon-B

Patrol Boats: Firespray, JumpMaster, Skipray Blastboat

Shuttles: Lambda

Starfighters: BTL-A4 Y-Wing, BTL-S3 Y-Wing, CloakShape, TIE/LN, Z-95-AF4 Headhunter

Transports: Action VI, GR-75, Space Master, Star Galleon

Yacht: Luxury 3000

Modifications: Advanced Targeting Array, Electronic Countermeasures Suite, Enhances Carbon-Durasteel Armour, High-Output Ion Turbine, Hydraulic Control Circuits, Hyperdrive Generator, Hyperdrive Sled, Reinforced Shield Generator, Retrofitted Hanger Bay, Smuggling Compartments, Stabilizer Conversion Kit

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