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PF2 TRD Part 12 Location Feat

Pathfinder 2 – TRAP Design

Part 12 – Location Feat in the TRAP Campaign


As part of character creation, all players have access to gaining a location feat with a runegate as their one Uncommon character option from building the character.

An example of uncommon character options are taking character build options from something other than the Core Book. Not everything outside the Core Rulebook is uncommon, but if that mechanic is necessary to build a character then fast travel is not one of their ongoing options.

Note: If there is no appropriate ruins in your home, then this feature will not be easily available to your character. As for getting the GM to agree to options against his wishes, you can still get the runegate in your location, you just might need to work for it.

Location Feat

What is a location feat, in this campaign it is where you have a connection to the ancient ruin that contains a runegate. If you DO NOT have another uncommon aspect to your character, you gain the following location feat.

Common Locations: Korvosa, Magnimar (Pathfinder Society), Riddleport

Uncommon Locations: Crying Leaf (Rare if not elf), Galduria, Janderhoff (Rare if not dwarf), Palin’s Cove, Roderic’s Cove, Sandpoint, Sipplerose (Rare if not Gnome), Urglin (Rare if not Orc or Shoanti)

Rare Locations: Kaer Maga, Shoanti Tribe

PF2 Location Feat – Home in <location>

  • Requirement: A race that is accepted as part of the community. You have a family holding in the location that has an ancient runegate as part of the structure.
  • Once you become a Pathfinder and gain access to the Home runegate option, you gain the “Activate Teleportation to <Location>” ritual and are trained in the appropriate skill for the ritual based on the location.
  • You gain Lore – <Location> as you grew up here.
  • Note: You know the location of a portal that can be activated in <Location> under your families control. Character cannot access it until they have more levels than uncommon elements in their character build, rare elements are treated as two elements for this purpose.
  • And the new rituals learned by characters with purchase from the Tien Lantern Lodge faction of the Pathfinder Society.

New Rituals

Open Portal or Runtegate <Location> Ritual

Conjuration, Teleportation

  • Casting: 1 hour per ritual level
  • Proficiency: trained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism or Religion.
  • Range: Touch.
  • Targets: One runegate.
  • Duration: Up to one round, closes when you step through.

You can open a portal from your location to that of linked portal or runegate. You need to have first established a linked runegate, and something that can link to runegates (such as a bonded wayfinder). DC for opening the gate is variable, and not understood without further research.

  • Success: The portal opens.
  • Critical Success: The portal stays open until you shut it down as an action.
  • Failure: The portal does not open.
  • Critical Failure: The portal will not open for another week, even for other people.
  • Heightened (+1): For each level the ritual is heightened, you can keep the portal open an additional round.
  • Heightened (2nd): Return to the last location that you opened to your <Location>. This works only until the next full moon from the last time you used it, unless you open a gate to a new location.
  • Heightened (3rd): You can activate the portal without needing a runegate as a source. This requires 500 gp worth of material components which are expend creating a temporary runegate.
  • Heightened (4th): Return to the last location that connected to <Location>. This works for up to one year.

Conjuration, Teleportation

  • Casting: 1 hour (personal link) 8 hrs (network link or activation)
  • Proficiency: trained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism or Religion.
  • Range: Touch.
  • Targets: One runegate.
  • Duration: instantaneous.

This ritual requires a runegate bonded item (such as a wayfinder). Once a runegate has been activated (and it is on your network), it is then available for others to use. Activation (or linking to your network) cost 200 gp for a private runegate, or 1,000 gp for a public runegate. The activation and link cost can be done at the same time as this does not increase the cost. This then makes the runegate connect to the network your bonded item belongs to.

Note: The Lantern Lodge provides this material component for activating your home runegate and connecting it to the Pathfinders gate network.

  • Success: The runegate is linked.
  • Critical Success: The runegate provides a secondary link.
  • Failure: The runegate fails to link.
  • Critical Failure: The runegate will not link to anything else for at least a week.
  • Heightened (2nd): Link to known public runegate within a city.
  • Heightened (3rd): Identify and learn the runes of the last location to connect to this portal that has a permanent runegate.
  • Heightened (3rd): Designate a private portal to be Enabled or Disabled.
  • Heightened (5th): Link a portal to a city where you don’t know the public runegate (must have an active public runegate).
  • Heightened (5th): Designate a public portal to be Enabled or Disabled.
  • Heightened (7th): Create a Public Runegate (Casting time and Material components TBA)
  • Heightened (7th): Link a portal to a city where you don’t know any runegates (if there is an active gate there, you connect).
  • Heightened (9th): Create a Private Runegate (Casting time and Material components TBA).

Content Updates

  • 2022-04-08 – Updated for level 4 character progression.
  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the layout.
  • 2020-06-15 – Cleaned up working on the Location feat.
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