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PF2 Reference Background Feats

Pathfinder 2 – Reference

Campaign – Background Feats

This is for the background feats in the rules and where to find them.

All Backgrounds

  • Acolyte (pf2-cr-60
  • Acrobat (pf2-cr-60)
  • Alkenstar Tinker (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Animal Whisperer (pf2-cr-60)
  • Artisan (pf2-cr-60)
  • Artist (pf2-cr-60)
  • Aspiring Free Captain (U pf2-lowg-70)
  • Aspiring River Monarch (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Atteran Rancher (U pf2-lowg-106)
  • Barkeep (pf2-cr-60)
  • Barrister (pf2-cr-60)
  • Bekyar Restorer (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Belkzen Slayer (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Bellflower Agent (pf2-lowg-106)
  • Black Market Smuggler (pf2-lowg-58)
  • Bonuwat Wavetouched (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Bounty Hunter (pf2-cr-61)
  • Bright Lion (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Budding Osirionologist [M2100] p3
  • Charlatan (pf2-cr-61)
  • Chelish Rebel (U pf2-lowg-106)
  • Child of the Puddles (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Child of Westcrown (U pf2-lowg-106)
  • Criminal (pf2-cr-61)
  • Cursed Family (pf2-lowg-46)
  • Desert Tracker (pf2-lowg-58)
  • Detective (pf2-cr-61)
  • Diobel Pearl Diver (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Dragon Scholar [AP145-150-PG] p4
  • Emancipated [AP145-150-PG] p4
  • Emissary (pf2-cr-61)
  • Entertainer (pf2-cr-61)
  • Esoteric Scion [M2100] p3
  • Family Friend [M2100] p3
  • Farmhand (pf2-cr-62)
  • Field Medic (pf2-cr-62)
  • Final Blade Survivor (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Fortune Teller (pf2-cr-62)
  • Freed Slave of Absalom (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Gambler (pf2-cr-62)
  • Geb Crusader (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Gladiator (pf2-cr-62)
  • Goblin Renegade [M2100] p3
  • Goblinblood Orphan (U pf2-lowg-106)
  • Grand Council Bureaucrat (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Guard (pf2-cr-62)
  • Haunting Vision [AP145-150-PG] p4
  • Hellknight Historian [AP145-150-PG] p5
  • Herbalist (pf2-cr-62)
  • Hermean Expatriate (pf2-lowg-70)
  • Hermit (pf2-cr-62)
  • Hunter (pf2-cr-62)
  • Inlander (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Issian Partisan (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Kalistrade Follower (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Kyonin Emissary (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Labourer (pf2-cr-62)
  • Lastwall Survivor (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Local Scion [AP145-150-PG] p5
  • Lumber Consortium Labourer (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Magaambya Academic (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Mammoth Speaker (U pf2-lowg-118)
  • Mana Wastes Refuge (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Mantis Scion (pf2-lowg-70)
  • Martial Disciple (pf2-cr-63)
  • Menagerie Dung Sweeper (U pd2-lowg-22)
  • Merabite Prodigy (U pf2-lowg-58)
  • Merchant (pf2-cr-63)
  • Mind Quake Survivor [M2100] p3
  • Miner (pf2-cr-63)
  • Molthuni Mercenary (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Nexian Mystic (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Nirmathi Guerrilla (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Noble (pf2-cr-63)
  • Nomad (pf2-cr-63)
  • Oenopion Ooze-Tender (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Onyx Trader (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Out-Of-Towner [AP145-150-PG] p5
  • Osirionologist (U pf2-lowg-58)
  • Pathfinder Hopeful [M2100] p3
  • Pathfinder Hopeful (pf2-lowg-22)
  • Perfection Seeker (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Press-Ganged (pf2-lowg-70)
  • Prisoner (pf2-cr-63)
  • Purveyor of the Bizarre (U pf2-lowg-58)
  • Quick (U pf2-lowg-82)
  • Raised by Belief (pf2-logm-9)
  • Razmiran Faithful (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Reputation Seeker [AP145-150-PG] p5
  • Returning Descendant [AP145-150-PG] p5
  • Rivethun Adherent (pf2-lowg-130)
  • Rostland Partisan (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Sailor (pf2-cr-63)
  • Sarkorian Reclaimer (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Sarkorian Survivor (U pf2-lowg-34)
  • Scholar (pf2-cr-63)
  • Scholar of the Ancients (pf2-lowg-70)
  • Scout (pf2-cr-64)
  • Secular Medic (U pf2-lowg-58)
  • Senghor Sailor (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Shadow Haunted – lo p106
  • Shoanti Name-Bearer (pf2-lowg-118)
  • Shorky Seeker (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Sodden Scavenger (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Storm Survivor (pf2-lowg-70)
  • Street Urchin (pf2-cr-64)
  • Taldan Schemer (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Thassilonian Traveller (U pf2-lowg-118)
  • Thrune Loyalist (U pf2-lowg-106)
  • Thuvian Unifier (U pf2-lowg-58)
  • Tinkerer (pf2-cr-64)
  • Trade Consortium Underling (U pf2-lowg-22)
  • Truth Seeker [AP145-150-PG] p6
  • Ulfen Raider (U pf2-lowg-118)
  • Undersea Enthusiast (U pf2-lowg-70)
  • Ustakavic Academic (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Vidrian Reformer (U pf2-lowg-94)
  • Varisian Wanderer (pf2-lowg-118)
  • Warrior (pf2-cr-64)
  • Whispering Way Scion (U pf2-lowg-46)
  • Wildwood Local (U pf2-lowg-130)
  • Winter’s Child (U pf2-lowg-118)
  • Witch Wary (pf2-lowg-118)
  • Wonder Taster (U (pf2-lowg-34)

Underline available for game, UnderItalic not for TRAP campaign

Pathfinder Hopeful
Background Feat

Source: PF2 Lost Omens World Guide (pf2-lowg-22) and M2100] p3

Note: This feat is a free feat for all TRAP characters who have become trainee pathfinders with discussion and approval from GM.

You’ve long wanted to join the adventurous Pathfinder Society. You have taken up the dangerous life of an adventurer in hopes of earning a spot among the Pathfinders.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.

You’re trained in the Society skill and the Pathfinder Society Lore skill. You gain the Additional Lore skill feat.

Content Updates

  • Moved from Feat Page to its own Post.
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