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Campaign Personalities

Jade Regent

This is for my players to keep track of all the NPC’s they have encountered and add to it for those who I have missed.

List of All Personalities

  • Andosana, Shalelu (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Batsaikhar (see Ordu-Aganhei)
  • Chua (see Ordu-Aganhei)
  • Gormundr, Ulf (see Kalsgard)
  • Gutwad, Rendwattle (see Sandpoint)
  • Haggerly, Lute (see Kalsgard)
  • Helgarval (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Hemlock, Belor (see Sandpoint)
  • Izume, Okimoto (see Ordu-Aganhei)
  • Kaijitsu
    • Ameiko (see Travelling Caravan)
    • Rokuro (dead grandfather of Ameiko)
  • Kjaerulff (see Top of the World)
  • Mistivir (see Top of the World)
  • Miyaro (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Mvashti, Koya (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Nalvanaq (see Top of the World)
  • Oxgutter, Kelda (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Proudstump, Walthus (see Sandpoint)
  • Sarai (see Top of the World)
  • Skygni (see Top of the World)
  • Snaevald, Fynn (see Kalsgard)
  • Sonavut (see Top of the World)
  • Spivey (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Suishen (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Uksahkka (see Kalsgard)
  • Vhiski, Sandru (see Travelling Caravan)
  • Wodes (see Kalsgard)
Travelling Caravan
  • Ameiko Kaijitsu (Female Tien Bard) Owner: Rust Dragon (Bar)
  • Helgarval (Cassisian Angel)
  • Kelda Oxgutter (Female Ulfin Barbarian) Currently in Male body.
  • Koya Mvashti (Female Varisian Cleric of Desna)
  • Muyaro (Female Tien)
  • Sandru Vhiski (Male Varisian Rogue)
  • Shalelu Andosana (Female Elf Ranger)
  • Spivey (Female Lyrakien Cleric of Desna)
  • Suishen (Intelligent Sword)
  • Batsaikhar (Male Human Fighter 13) Title: Prince
  • Chua (Male Human Expert 8) Title: Royal Advisor
  • Okimoto Izume (Female Human Samurai 11) Title: Royal Bodyguard
Top of the World
  • Kjaerulff (Male Frost Giant Sorcerer) – Senile giant with Winter Wolf Guide.
  • Mistivir (Male Winter Wolf) – Guide to giant.
  • Nalvanaq (Female Human Barbarian 5) Title: Chief of Iqaliat
  • Sarai (Female Elf Witch 8) Title: Elder
  • Skygni (Male Winter Wolf) – Freed from captivity.
  • Sonavut (Female Human Bard 6) Title: Heathmistress)
  • Fynn Snaevald (Male Ulfin Expert 8) Lover of Tien culture.
  • Lute Haggersly (Male Human)
  • Ulf Gormundr (Male Ulfen Ranger 5)
  • Uksahkka (Female Varki Ranger 3)
  • Wodes (Awakened Raven Druid 5) Title: The Blood-Feather Raven
  • Belor Hemlock (Male Human) Title: Sheriff
  • Rendwattle Gutwad (Male Goblin) Title: Chief of Licktoads
  • Walthus Proudstrump (Male Halfling Ranger) – Hinterlands.

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  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the layout and menu.
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