Wrath of the Immortals Backgrounds

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mystara Backgrounds in Wrath of the Immortals

Here are the Backgrounds I have available to my players in my Wrath of the Immortals campaign. As with all backgrounds, where they fit and if they are appropriate in the campaign depends on a discussion with the Games Master.

New Backgrounds
(beyond Players Handbook)

Advanced Backgrounds (*) Academic (ghcg72), Aristocrats (ghcp77), Clan Member (ghpg103), Clergy (ghcg81), Common Folk (ghcg86), Criminal (fhcg90), Militarist (ghcg94), Outlander (ghcg99), Pauper (ghpg100), Seafarer (ghcg102)

* Academic (Advanced ghcg72), Acolyte (ph128, Alt gos29), Alchymyst (llb66), Amazon of Perunalia (mhh98), Ancient Explorer (pcc27), Anthropologist (toa191), Antiquarian (*Academic ghcg72),Arbonesse Exile (mhh99), Archaeologist (toa192), Archivist (*Academic ghcg73), * Aristocrat (Advanced ghcp77), Ashari (tcs107), Athlete (mot31), Azorius Functionary (ggr33)

Barroom Talespinner (pcc27), Beast Hunter (*Outlander ghcg99), Beggar (see Urchin, *Pauper ghpg100), Bemmean Scholar (mhh100), Blood Sister (mhh102), Boatfolk (llb66), Boros Legionnaire (ggr40), Buccaneer’s Blood (pcc27), Burglar (*Criminal ghcg92)

Capitoler (llb66), Celebrity Adventurer’s Scion (ai48), Charlatan (ph129, Alt gos29, *Criminal ghcg90), Charmwell (llb67), Churchguard (see Soldier), City Watch (scag145), Clan Crafter (scag145), * Clan Member (Advanced ghpg103), Clasp Member (tcs105), * Clergy (Advanced ghcg81), Cloistered Scholar (scag146), * Common Folk (Advanced ghcg86), Courtier (scag146, *Aristocrats ghcg77), * Criminal (ph 130, Alt gos29, Variant Spy, Advanced fhcg90), Crooked (llb66), Cultist (llb66), Cutthroat (*Criminal ghcg91)

Dancing Bear Guide (mhh103), Dhampir of Morgau (mhh105), Dimir Operative (ggr46), Dock Worker (*Seafarer ghcg104), Dockside Brawler (pcc27)

Emissary (br203), Entertainer (ph131, Alt gos29, Variant Gladiator, *Common Folk ghcg87)), Envoy (*Aristocrats ghcg78), Exile of the Black City (mhh106), Explorer (*Outlander ghcg101), Eye for Plunder (pcc29)

Faction Agent (scag147), Failed Merchant (ai49), Far Traveler (scag148), Fate-Touched (tcs108), Fey-Blessed (ghpg99), Feylost (wbw9), Fisher (gos29), Folk Hero (ph 132, Alt gos30), Forsaken (llb67), Free Sword (*Militarist), Friar (see Hermit)

Gambler (ai49), Ghost Knight (mhh107), Gladiator (see Entertainer), Gnoll Caravan Raider (mhh108), Golgari Agent (ggr53), Grinner (egw200), Gruul Anarch (ggr60), Guard (*Militarist ghcg95), Guild Artisan (ph133, Alt gos30, mhh124, Variant Guild Merchant, Tinker), Guild Merchant (see Guild Artisan)

Haunted One (cos209, vrgr34), Haunted Villager (mhh109), Hermit (ph135, Alt gos31, br204, Variant Friar), Hooligan (llb67), House Agent (erlw53)

Inheritor (scag150), Inquisitor (*Clergy ghcg81), Investigator (vrgr35), Izzet Engineer (ggr66)

Knight (see Noble), Knight of the Order (scag151), Krakovan Rebel (mhh111)

Lapsed Inquisitor (ghpg98), Loreholf Student (scc31), Lyceum Student (tcs106), Lyme-Blessed (llb67)

Marine (gos31), Mercenary Veteran (scag152), Merchant (*Common Folk ghcg88), Mharoti Emissary (mhh112), * Militarist (Advanced ghcg94), Miner (mhh113, urc149), Mountain Witness (mhh115), Mystic of Baba Yaga (mhh116)

Neimheim Gnome (mhh118), Noble (ph136, Alt gos32, Variant Knight, *Aristocrats ghcg79), Northlands Reaver (mhh119), Nurian Theurge (mhh120)

One of the Taken (ghpg96), Orzhov Representative (ggr72), * Outlander (ph136, Alt gos32, Advanced ghcg99),

* Pauper (Advanced ghpg100), Peg Leg (pcc29), Physician (*Academic ghcg75), Pioneer (*Outlander ghcg100), Pirate (see Sailor), Pirate Queen’s Blessing (pcc30), Pit Fighter (*Pauper gmph102), Plaintiff (ai50), Port Native (pcc30), Pox-Touched (ghpg97), Preacher (*Clergy ghcg83), Priest (*Clergy ghcg84), Prismari Student (scc32), Prophet (mmh122)

Quandrix Student (scc33)

Raider (*Clan Member ghpg103), Rakdos Cultist (ggr79), Reborn (br203), Recovered Cultist (tcs107), Revolutionary (llb67), Rival Intern (ai51)

Sage (ph138, Alt gos32), Sailor (ph140, Alt gos33, Variant Pirate, *Seafarer ghcg102), Salt-o’-the-Earth (llb67), Savage (llb68, Sea Gatherer (*Seafarer ghcg105), * Seafarer (Advanced ghcg102), Seer (mhh123), Selesnya Initiate (ggr86), Shaman (*Clan Member ghpg105), Ship’s Surgeon (pcc31), Shipwright (gos33), Silverquill Student (scc35), Simic Scientist (ggr93), Smuggler (gos34), Soldier (ph141, Alt gos35, br205, Variant Churchguard, *Militarist ghch96), Sprawl Mason (llb68), Spy (see Criminal)

Thanatologist (llb68), Tinker (see Guild Artisan), Toiler (llb68), Touched by the Sea (pcc31), Traveller (llb68), Tribesperson (*Clan Member ghpg105)

Urban Bounty Hunter (scag153), Urchin (ph142, Alt gos35, mhh125, Variant Beggar), Uthgardt Tribe Member (scag153)

Vagabond (*Pauper ghpg101), Vigilante (llb68), Villager (*Common Folk ghcg86), Volstrucker Agent (egw202)

Waterdhavian Noble (scag154), Witchlight Hand (wbw11), Witherbloom Student (scc36)

Optional Features – Cult of the Dragon Infiltrator (tod176), Deep Delver (oota), Dagon Scholar (tod176), Underdark Experience (oota)

Sourcebooks: Acquisitions Incorporated (ai), Book of the Righteous (br), Curse of Strahd (cos), Explorer’s Guide to Wildermont (egw), Eberron Rising from the Law War (erlw), Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica (ggr), Grim Hollow Campaign Guide (ghcg), Grim Hollow Players Guide (ghpg), Ghost’s of Saltmarsh (gos), Lost Lands – Blight (llb), Midgard Heroes Handbook (mhh), Mythic Odysseys of Theros (mot), Out of the Abyss (oota), Pirate Campaign Compendium (pcc), Player’s Handbook (ph), Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (scag), Strixhaven A Curriculum of Chaos (scc), Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting (tcs), Tome of Annihilation (toa), Tyranny of Dragons (tod), Underworld Races & Classes (urc), Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft (vrgr), The Wild Beyond the Witchlight (wbw)



City Watch

Cloistered Scholar





  • Found: Ierendi
  • Variant – Gladiator

Far Traveler


Folk Hero



Mercenary Veteran





Urban Bounty Hunter


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Mystara Backgrounds

Hermit, Knight of the Order, Pirate, Sage, Sailor, Soldier

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