Wrath of the Immortals Backgrounds

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mystara Backgrounds in Wrath of the Immortals

Here are the Backgrounds I have available to my players in my Wrath of the Immortals campaign. As with all backgrounds, where they fit and if they are appropriate in the campaign depends on a discussion with the Games Master.

New Backgrounds
(beyond Players Handbook)

  • Acolyte
    • Alt (gos29)
  • Amazon of Perunalia (mhh98)
  • Arbonesse Exile (mhh99)
  • Bemmean Scholar (mhh100)
  • Blood Sister (mhh102)
  • Charlatan
    • Alt (gos29)
  • City Watch (scag145)
  • Clan Crafter (scag145)
  • Cloistered Scholar (scag146)
  • Courtier (scag146)
  • Criminal
    • Alt (gos29)
  • Dancing Bear Guide (mhh103)
  • Dhampir of Morgau (mhh105)
  • Emissary (br203)
  • Entertainer
    • Alt (gos29)
  • Exile of the Black City (mhh106)
  • Faction Agent (scag147)
  • Far Traveler (scag148)
  • Fisher (gos29)
  • Folk Hero
    • Alt (gos30)
  • Ghost Knight (mhh107)
  • Gnoll Varavan Raider (mhh108)
  • Guild Artisan
    • Alt (gos30)
    • Tinker (mhh124)
  • Haunted One (cos209)
  • Haunted Villager (mhh109)
  • Hermit
    • Alt (gos31)
    • Friar (br204)
  • Inheritor (scag150)
  • Marine (gos31)
  • Mercenary Veteran (scag152)
  • Mharoti Emissary (mhh112)
  • Miner (mhh113)
  • Mountain Witness (mhh115)
  • Mystic of Baba Yaga (mhh116)
  • Neimheim Gnome (mhh118)
  • Noble
    • Alt (gos32)
  • Northlands Reaver (mhh119)
  • Nurian Theurge (mhh120)
  • Outlander
    • Alt (gos32)
  • Reborn (br203)
  • Sage
    • Alt (gos32)
  • Sailor
    • Alt (gos33)
  • Seer (mhh123)
  • Shipwright (gos33)
  • Smuggler (gos34)
  • Soldier
    • Alt (gos35)
    • Churchguard (br205)
  • Urban Bounty Hunter (scag153)
  • Urchin
    • Alt (gos35)
    • Beggar (mhh125)
  • Uthgardt Tribe Member (scag153)
  • Waterdhavian Noble (scag154)



City Watch

Cloistered Scholar





Far Traveller


Folk Hero


Knight of the Order


Mercenary Veteran





Urban Bounty Hunter


Content Updates

  • 2021-03-25 – Detailed sailor and sage backgrounds and creating their own posts.
  • 2021-03-20 – Linking backgrounds to locations.
  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
Mystara Backgrounds

Hermit, Knight of the Order, Pirate, Sage, Sailor, Soldier

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