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Here I am going to reference and go into details about equipment introduced by me and by supplements that I am using in my campaigns.

Different Equipment Types:

Rarity 0

Rarity 1

Rarity 2

Rarity 3

Rarity 4

Rarity 5

Rarity 6

Rarity 7

Rarity 8

Rarity 9

Rarity 10

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)


Few heroes and villains of the galaxy wear armor because most weapons can penetrate it. But it’s no guarantee, and having laminated armor or even a thick leather coat offers some protection against glancing blaster bolts or the rusty weapons of some backwater world’s inhabitants.

Some, like Imperial stormtroopers, also wear armor as a uniform. Their full-body suits not only protect them from area-effect weapons like frag grenades, but also dehumanize them to some extent, presenting a united face to the worlds the Empire attempts to bring under their rule.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)
IDMR – Imperial Department of Military Research

  • Add new armour manufactures to Heavy Clothing, Superior Armour Customisation and Vacuum Sealed
Modifications for Armour

Armor, like personal weapons, has a number of customization hard points and can be just as easily modified as a blaster or slugthrower. By design, armor attachments are more defensive in nature, leaning towards special coatings or environmental sealants, as well as enhanced optics and built-in communications. As with weapons, a fair amount of common sense on the part of the players and Game Master is required when modifying armor. Most suits of armor can only hold one environmental system, such as cold or heat resistance, or one type of optical enhancement in the helmet.

See here for information on Modifications and Item Qualities.

IDMR – Imperial Department of Military Research


Weapon – Blasters

The most common type of weapons in the galaxy are blasters. They come in a seemingly infinite array of shapes and sizes, from small “holdout” pieces to heavy repeaters. All use a gas chamber filled with some sort of combustible vapor (such as Tibanna gas from Bespin) as their propellant. When the weapon is fired, the gas is pushed through a second chamber that “excites” the gas. The next compartment converts the gas into particles, which are then focused through a crystal of some sort. The end result is a particle stream that can tear through everything from flesh to light metal.

Blaster technology is ubiquitous and easy for those with even a little skill with devices to manufacture, mod, and repair.

Most blasters can be set to Stun, overloading the victim’s nervous system so that he is essentially paralyzed (see the Stun Damage weapon quality, ee-cr page 157). Blasters with this ability have it noted in their special qualities, listed as “Stun Setting.” Stun beams may only be used at short range, no matter what the weapon’s normal range is. Switching between “Stun” and “Kill” on such a weapon is relatively simple, and requires an incidental.

A person might also purchase a blaster that can only fire on Stun. These are sometimes called “stingbeams” or simply “stun blasters.” The late Senator Bail Prestor Organa of Alderaan carried such a weapon, as do the rare pacifists or bounty hunters who like to bring their prey back alive with no accidents. Blaster carbines and all pistols (except heavy blasters) can be purchased as stun blasters, with a cost equal to half the usual amount for the regular version.

  • Add new weapon manufacturers to Superior Weapon Customisation.
  • Add new ranged weapon manufacturers to Extra Reload.
  • Add pistol weapon manufacturers to Filed Front Sight.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Weapon – Brawl Weapons

Weapons designed to fit directly over the fists fit into this category. Brass knuckles and shock gloves are fairly common among the rough-and-tumble outlaws of the galaxy.

When using a Brawl weapon, users add their Brawn characteristic to the damage dealt, unless the weapon description indicates otherwise (the plus symbol next to the listed damage indicates that users add their Brawn to damage dealt).

  • Add new weapon manufacturers to Superior Weapon Customisation.
  • Add Brawl or melee bludgeoning weapon manufactures to Wighted Head.
  • Add Brass Knuckles to weapon manufactions.
Weapon – Explosives and Other Weapons

Although blasters are the most common weapons in the galaxy, many individuals use other, more esoteric weapons as well. Explosive devices, flame projectors, and other weapons may not be as ubiquitous as blasters, but they’re no less deadly.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

  • Add new weapon manufacturers to Superior Weapon Customisation.
  • Add new ranged weapon manufacturers to Extra Reload.
  • Add new Ranged – Heavy weapon manufacturers to Weapon Sling.
Weapon – Lightsaber

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Weapon – Melee Weapons

In a galaxy full of blasters, bowcasters, and thermal detonators, melee weapons are surprisingly common. Some wielders prefer a blade to a blaster, as they know the blade is far more reliable and just as deadly in the right hands. Others know that a deadly polearm or vicious vibro-ax gives a scoundrel the confidence and intimidation factor he needs to walk into a den of thieves and murderers and come out on top.

When using a Melee weapon, users add their Brawn characteristic to the damage dealt, unless the weapon description indicates otherwise (the plus symbol next to the listed damage indicates that users add their Brawn to damage dealt).

  • Add new weapon manufacturers to Superior Weapon Customisation and Bola.
  • Add melee weapon manufacturers to Balanced Hilt and Truncheon.
  • Add melee cutting weapon manufacturers to Mono-Molecular Edge and Serrated Edge.
  • Add Brawl or melee bludgeoning weapon manufactures to Wighted Head.
Weapon – Slugthrowers

Considered the weapons of “backwater” worlds, slugthrowers are nonetheless easy to make, manufacture, and repair in places with little infrastructure or technology. The basic premise is simple – some kind of propellant is encapsulated within a sealed cartridge. When the accelerant is detonated, it propels a slug of some sort – usually metal – through the weapon’s barrel. The size of the slug and the power with which it’s propelled determines its stopping power, while the length of the barrel and whether or not it’s rifled (which spins the slug) directly impacts the projectile’s range and accuracy.

Despite the bias most have against these “antiquated” weapons, snipers and assassins often use slugthrowers. While the slugthrower is loud and most emit smoke at the point of origin, they are still far more difficult to trace in darkness than the bright blazing bolts of blaster fire.

  • Add new weapon manufacturers to Superior Weapon Customisation and Bola.
  • Add new ranged weapon manufacturers to Extra Reload.
  • Add pistol weapon manufacturers to Filed Front Sight.
Weapon – Thrown
Modifications for Weapon

The longer the average fringer lives with a weapon, the more likely it is that he will modify it in some way to increase its performance or otherwise better suit his tastes and needs. The following is a selection of common attachments and modifications that can be installed on personal weapons. Due to the very personal nature of customization, it is nearly impossible to catalog every possible modification a fringer could make to his equipment, and the following list, while detailed, is far from comprehensive.

It should be noted that, even with taking a weapon’s customization hard points into account, there is limited space on even the largest weapon, and only a few spots where attachments can be mounted. For example, under-barrel attachments such as bipods and auxiliary weapons can only be mounted to long arms like blaster rifles or slugthrower rifles. In addition, using under-barrel attachments as an example, rifle-sized weapons can only mount one under-barrel attachment due to space limitations. Players and Game Masters should use common sense when choosing attachments, and are advised to pay close attention to the attachment descriptions that note where attachments can be mounted and what weapons they can be mounted to.

See here for information on Modifications and Item Qualities.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Modifications for Lightsaber

See here for information on Modifications and Item Qualities.

Lightsaber Crystals:


It might not be as exciting as a blaster or snubfighter, but basic equipment is often the foundation for a successful attack or business venture, especially when these are one and the same. Reliable communications, survival on inhospitable worlds, repair for recalcitrant droids, even keeping allies alive after things have gone horribly wrong are all impossible if insufficient attention was paid to outfitting personnel beforehand. After all, even a good blaster won’t do much if its power pack fails.

Gear – Communications

Given the scale at which many operations are conducted, solid communications are of vital importance. There is a wide range of devices for such purposes to create reliable and even secure messaging between individuals or groups. Not all are simply a matter of ranges; some requirements can call for quiet and subtle comms for surreptitious actions, or ultra-tight comlinks to evade others attempting to listen in.

  • All new droid manufacturers are also added to Hol Messenger
Gear – Cybernetic Enhancements or Replacements

Technology is an integral part of life on almost every world in the galaxy, and for some it is an integral part of their very bodies. Some cybernetic enhancements are visible, either because the wearer cares little about what others might think of his mechanical prosthesis or because he cannot afford better. Others are near-perfect duplicates of lost limbs or are hidden within the body, and few could tell the difference without scanning devices.

Cybernetic enhancements and replacements generally increase skills or characteristics, providing raw bonuses to characters’ abilities. The combination of purchased increases and the increases provided by cybernetics can increase a character’s skill or characteristic one step above the normal maximum (seven for characteristics, six for skills).

Each character may only purchase and install a number of cybernetic enhancements and replacements equal to his Brawn rating.

The cybernetic enhancements listed here are obviously mechanical in nature. The exceptions are the BioTech Industries Repli-Limb Prosthetics. These do not enhance the user as the other cybernetic devices do. However, they are designed to function identically to the original limb, and to be covered with synthflesh so that they look virtually indistinguishable to that which they replace.

One drawback of cybernetic enhancements and replacements is that they can be affected by weaponry designed to disable technology, such as ionization blasters or ion cannons. If hit by weapons that normally would only affect droids, the cybernetic enhancement temporarily stops working for the remainder of the scene or until repaired. The consequences of this depend on the enhancement in question and are left up to the GM, but should make sense (for example, a character with two malfunctioning cybernetic legs would not only lose any bonuses from the legs, but would also be unable to walk).

Gear – Detection Devices

Knowing the foe is only the first step – knowing what he is doing and where he is going is also important. Detection and surveillance gear helps ensure there are no unwanted visitors in the midst of illicit activities or unexpected surprises lurking in deserted areas.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

  • add new Dectection Devices companies to Macrobinoculars.
Gear – Medical

Finishing off a particularly profitable run is worth little if no one lives to enjoy the credits. Having adequate medical gear helps ensure one is always ready for his next deal, no matter how badly the previous one went. Many of these items are designed to augment and enhance (or simply permit the use of) the Medicine skill.

Note: All medical companies are also added to Stimpack and Synthskin.

Gear – Poisons

Poisons have been used to kill or incapacitate for untold centuries, even if they are generally considered devious and unethical. They come in all forms and styles, from skin application to respiratory vector to simple food additives. The average poison simply kills within minutes, leaving clear signs of unnatural death. Higher-quality poisons leave no trace and can be tuned so that the victim dies at a specific time, while poorer versions are unreliable and might only cause severe indigestion or illness. Some poisons do not kill their target, but can cripple them in unpleasant ways.

There are a wide variety of poisons, far more than can be listed here. However, each poison has several rules-based components. Poisons always have a Difficulty listed; this is the Difficulty of the Resilience check the victim must make to avoid the effects. Poisons also always have an effect listed; this is the consequence for failing the Resilience check. Generally this has two parts: the primary effect, and the secondary effects that may be triggered from additional Threat or Despair.

The following are several broad types of poisons. These may go by many names or many different formulations on different worlds, but their broad effects and applications are the same.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Note: All medical companies are also added to Synthetic Posions.

Gear – Recreation or Entertainment

Life need not be endless work from one run to the next; even those who live for the next passage desire a game or other diversions to pass the time between stars. Games of chance and skill, and gambling on their outcomes, are all frequently employed to keep the mind sharp (and the credit chip full if done correctly).

  • Add new entertainment companies to Sabacc
Gear – Security

Security is a two-fold operation. On one side, there is the goal of securing one’s own data, credits, or other valuables. On the other is the goal of penetrating vaults, data storage barriers, and other secured physical or electronic bastions. Such a battle between protection and access can flip back and forth; once a security attack goes well, the next step is usually to secure whatever is taken, lest it become the target of someone else’s attack.

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

  • Add new security and doid companies to Restaining Bolt and Slicer Gear
Gear – Spice and Other Drugs

Smugglers use “spice” as one common term to describe a variety of chemical concoctions as diverse and strange as the planets of the galaxy. Despite their different origins and specific effects, however, many examples of spice share two major qualities: a pleasurable temporary effect followed by negative side effects. Even variants of spice with medicinal or therapeutic qualities have the possibility of addiction. Many varieties of spice provide a simple high followed by a crash, but some drugs, such as the infamous glitterstim produced in the spice mines of Kessel, have more exotic and sometimes unpredictable effects when ingested. For these reasons, although many variants of spice are legal in the galaxy, even those types are heavily regulated on most worlds.

Heavy regulation and illegality alike mean that spice is a popular item of contraband for smugglers across the galaxy. The Empire also enforces bans on many types of spice, but some Imperial soldiers, pilots, and scientists have been known to make use of performance enhancing substances (sometimes at the behest of their superiors and sometimes without their permission). Though running spice may be somewhat safer than trafficking weapons, it is nonetheless a dangerous occupation for a smuggler. The criminal enterprises involved in the production and distribution of drugs such as spice are rarely known for their good nature or patience. Han Solo ran seriously afoul of Jabba the Hutt when he was forced to jettison a hold full of precious glitterstim that he was transporting for the crime lord. The fact that Imperial authorities were in the midst of boarding the Millennium Falcon when Han abandoned his cargo did little to soften Jabba’s heart, and Han’s arguably reasonable choice still ended up earning him a death mark.

  • (R) Avabush Spice – DoseCrate – 2021-06-08
  • (R) Booster Blue – DoseCrate – 2021-06-08
  • (R) Death Sticks – DoseCrate – 2021-06-09
  • (R) Glitterstim – DoseCrate – 2021-06-08
  • (R) Lesai – DoseCrate – 2021-06-08
  • (R) Yarrock – DoseCrate – 2021-06-09

R – Restricted Item (Black Market Only)

Gear – Survival

Merely being ready to face down an enemy blaster means little when faced with no food or water and no means to easily get either. Survival gear comes into play when making long treks across untamed wastelands or desolate badlands, making the journey less hazardous.

  • Add new survival companies to the Tent.
Gear – Tools

Using tools separates sentients from other life forms, and using tools well often separates successful sentients from the rest. Tools are used to perform specific tasks or to make performing them easier; they can be almost anything from a simple hammer to a fusion power pack and everything in between. As with weapons, in desperate times almost anything can be made into a tool, though its efficiency pales in comparison to the correct item.


  • New Companies get added to Backpack, Comlink, Datapad, Glowrod and Utility Belt.
  • New Droid and Starship companies added to Emergency Repair Patch and Tool Kit
  • Companies with ranged weapons use extra reloads.
Gear – Unique Illegal Equipment

Certain pieces of technology are too powerful, too dangerous, or too subversive for the ruling authorities to allow civilians to use them. For instance, high-powered military-grade weapons are contraband on most worlds where public firefights are seen as a crime and not a form of entertainment. On most planets, one would need to search a black market to find most of the items listed below.

Content Updates

  • 2021-06-05 – Completed Gear and moving onto Black Market Items.
  • 2021-06-04 – Adding in all the base armour from Edge of the Empire.
  • 2021-06-01 – Adding in all the base weapons from the Edge of the Empire core rules.
  • 2021-05-31 – Adding in all the remainder of the starting equipment for the mandalorian campaign that I am running.
  • 2021-04-18 – Adding in Armour, Weapons and Equipment from the new campaign.
  • 2021-02-07 – Added in more weapon modifications.
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SW Equipment

Armour: Adverse Environment Gear, Armoured Clothing, Heavy Battle, Heavy Clothing, Laminate, Padded, Personal Deflector Shield

Armour Modifications: Cortosis Weave, Enhanced Optics Suite, Heating System, Optical Camouflage System, Strength Enhancing System, Superior Armour Customisation, Thermal Shielding System, Vacuum Sealed


Communications: Comlink – Handheld, Comlink – Longrange, Holo Messenger

Cybernetics: Brain Implant, Cyberarm (Mod V, Mod VI), Cyberleg (Mod II, Mod III), Cyberscanner Limb, Eyes, Immune Implant, Implant Armour, Prosthetic Replacement (Limb, Organ) Weapon

Detection Devices: Electrobinoculars, General Purpose Scanner, Hand Scanner, Macrobinoculars, Scanner Goggles, Surveillance Tagger

Medical: Bacta, Bacta Tank, Emergency Medpac, Medpac, Stimpack, Synthskin

Poison: Synthetic Anesthetic, Synthetic Neuroparaytic (R), Synthetic Neurotoxin (R)

Recreation: Chance Cube, Dejarik Table, Sabacc

Security: Binders, Comm Jammer, Comm Scrambler, Disguise Kit, Electronic Lock Breaker, Restraining Bolt, Slicer Gear

Spice: Avabush (dose, crate), Booster Blue (dose, crate), Death Sticks (dose, crate), Glitterstim (dose, crate), Lesai (dose, crate), Yarrock (dose, crate)

Survival: Breath Mask, Crash Survival Kit, Ration Pack, Space Suit, Tent, Thermal Cloak

Tools: Backpack, Climbing Gear, Datapad, Emergency Repair Patch, Extra Reload, Fusion Lantern, Glowrod, Jet Pack, Tool Kit, Utility Belt

Unique Illegal: Data Breaker, Flesh Camouflage Set, Personal Stealth Field


Blaster: Bowcaster, Carbine, Disruptor (Pistol, Rifle), Heavy Pistol, Heavy Repeating, Heavy Rifle, Holdout, Ionization, Light Pistol, Light Repeating, Pistol, Rifle

Explosive+: Flame Projector, Frag Grenade, Missle Tube, Stun Grenade, Thermal Detonator

Brawling: Brass Knuckles, Shock Gloves

Melee: Combat Knife, Force Pike, Gaffi Stick, Truncheon, Vibro-Ax, Vibroknife, Vibrosword

Slugthrower: Pistol, Rifle

Thrown: Bola, Net

Modifications: Augmented Spin Barrel, Balanced Hilt, Blaster Actuating Module, Bipod Mount, Bowcaster Accelerator Enhancement, Bowcaster Automatic Re-Cocker, Filed Front Sight, Forearm Grip, Marksman Barrel, Mono-Molecular Edge, Multi-Optic Sight, Serrated Edge, Shortened Barrel, Spread Barrel, Superior Weapon Customisation, Telescopic Optical Sight, Tripod Mount, Under-Barrel Flame Projector (R), Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher (R), Weapon Harness, Weapon Sling, Weighted Head


Lightsaber: Lightsaber

Modifications: Rubat Crystals

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