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PF2 Reference NPCs

Pathfinder 2 – Reference

Campaign – NPCs

This is for the known personalities in the storyline, and what characters might know about them.

  • pf2-rb-gmg – Gamemastery Guide
  • pf2-lo-cg – Lost Omens Character Guide
pf2-rb-gmg PG2 Gamemastery Guide
pf2-rb-gmg Gamemastery Guide pzo2103-se

All NPCs by CR

Creature -1

  • Adept (pf2-gg-228)
  • Apothecary (pf2-gg-220)
  • Apprentice (pf2-gg-244)
  • Barrister (pf2-gg-232)
  • Beggar (pft-gg-214)
  • Commoner (pf2-gg-214)
  • Harrow Reader (pf2-gg-228)
  • Judge (pf2-gg-224)
  • Librarian (pf2-gg-240)
  • Merchant (pf2-gg-244)
  • Physician (pf2-gg-220)
  • Servant (pf2-gg-222)
  • Server (pf2-gg-238)
  • Tax Collector (pf2-gg-224)
  • Teacher (pf2-gg-240)
  • Urchin (pf2-gg-215)

Creature 0

  • Dockhand (pf2-gg-222)
  • Farmer (pf2-gg-222)
  • Miner (pf2-gg-223)
  • Torchbearer (pf2-gg-216)

Creature 1

  • Acolyte of Nethys (pf2-gg-212)
  • Barkeep (pf2-gg-238)
  • Bodyguard (pf2-gg-226)
  • Cultist (pf2-gg-228)
  • Dancer (pf2-gg-236)
  • Grave Digger (pf2-gg-223)
  • Grave Robber (pf2-gg-208)
  • Guard (pf2-gg-232)
  • Innkeeper (pf2-gg-239)
  • Prisoner (pf2-gg-215)

Creature 2

  • Acrobat (pf2-gg-236)
  • Archer Sentry (pf2-gg-233)
  • Astronomer (pf2-gg-241)
  • Bandit (pf2-gg-208)
  • Drunkard (pf2-gg-239)
  • Navigator (pf2-gg-242)
  • Pirate (pf2-gg-242)
  • Poacher (Forester)
  • Prophet (pf2-gg-212)
  • Ruffian (Criminal)
  • Saboteur (pf2-gg-246)
  • Surgeon (pf2-gg-221)

Creature 3

  • Bosun (pf2-gg-243)
  • Charlatan (Criminal)
  • Chronicler (pf2-gg-216)
  • Harbour Master (pf2-gg-225)
  • Jailer (pf2-gg-233)
  • Mage for Hire (pf2-gg-226)
  • Noble (pf2-gg-206)
  • Smith (pf2-gg-245)
  • Tracker (pf2-gg-218)
  • Troubadour (pf2-gg-237)
  • Watch Officer (Officer)

Creature 4

  • Beast Tamer (pf2-gg-237)
  • Bounty Hunter (f2-gg-226)
  • Burglar (pf2-gg-210)
  • Changeling Hellknight (pf2-locg-131)
  • Charming Scoundrel (pf2-locg-118)
  • False Priest (pf2-gg-229)
  • Guide (pf2-gg-216)
  • Hellknight Armiger (pf2-locg-120)
  • Mastermind (pf2-gg-246)
  • Palace Guard (pf2-gg-206)
  • Pathfinder Field Agent (pf2-locg-126)
  • Rain-Scribe (pf2-locg-124)
  • Virtuous Defender (pf2-locg-122)
  • Zealot of Asmodeus (pf2-gg-213)

Creature 5

  • Advisor (pf2-gg-207)
  • Antipaladin (Villain)
  • Despot (pf2-gg-248)
  • Fence (pf2-gg-210)
  • Necromancer (pf2-gg-230)
  • Plague Doctor (pf2-gg-221)
  • Tomb Raider (pf2-gg-217)

Creature 6

  • Captain of the Guard (pf2-gg-234)
  • Executioner (pf2-gg-235)
  • Monster Hunter (pf2-gg-227)
  • Priest of Pharasma (pf2-gg-213)
  • Reckless Scientist (pf2-gg-248)
  • Sage (pf2-gg-241)
  • Ship Captain (pf2-gg-243)
  • Spy (pf2-gg-207)
  • Warden (pf2-gg-225)

Creature 7

  • Cult Leader (pf2-gg-230)
  • Demonologist (pf2-gg-231)
  • Gang Leader (pf2-gg-249)
  • Hunter (pf2-gg-219)

Creature 8

  • Assassin (pf2-gg-11)
  • Guildmaster (pf2-gg-245)

Creature 11

  • Hellknight Paravicar (pf2-locg-121)
  • Pathfinder Venture-Captain (pf2-locg-127)
  • Privateer Captain (pf2-locg-119)
  • Tempest Sun Mage (pf2-locg-125)
  • Veteran Reclaimer (pf2-locg-123)

All NPCs by Name

  • Acolyte of Nethys (C1 pf2-gg-212)
  • Acrobat (C2 pf2-gg-236)
  • Adept (C-1 pf2-gg-228)
  • Advisor (C5 pf2-gg-207)
  • Akenja, Lyrie (C3 Charlatan)
  • Antipaladin (C5 Villain)
  • Apothecary (C-1 pf2-gg-220)
  • Apprentice (C-1 pf2-gg-244)
  • Archer Sentry (C2 pf2-gg-233)
  • Assassin (C8 pf2-gg-11)
  • Astronomer (C2 pf2-gg-241)
  • Bandit (C2 pf2-gg-208)
  • Barkeep (C1 pf2-gg-238)
  • Barrister (C-1 pf2-gg-232)
  • Beast Tamer (C4 pf2-gg-237)
  • Beggar (C-1 pft-gg-214)
  • Bodyguard (C1 pf2-gg-226)
  • Bosun (C3 pf2-gg-243)
  • Bounty Hunter (C4 pf2-gg-226)
  • Bruthazmus (C2 Poacher)
  • Burglar (C4 pf2-gg-210)
  • Captain of the Guard (C6 pf2-gg-234)
  • Changeling Hellknight (C4 pf2-locg-131)
  • Charlatan (C3 Criminal)
  • Charming Scoundrel (C4 pf2-locg-118)
  • Commoner (C-1 pf2-gg-214)
  • Chronicler (C3 pf2-gg-216)
  • Cult Leader (C7 pf2-gg-230)
  • Cultist (C1 pf2-gg-228)
  • Dancer (C1 pf2-gg-236)
  • Demonologist (C7 pf2-gg-231)
  • Despot (C5 pf2-gg-248)
  • Dockhand (C0 pf2-gg-222)
  • Drunkard (C2 pf2-gg-239)
  • Executioner (C6 pf2-gg-235)
  • False Priest (C4 pf2-gg-229)
  • Farmer (C0 pf2-gg-222)
  • Fence (C5 pf2-gg-210)
  • Gang Leader (C7 pf2-gg-249)
  • Grave Digger (C1 pf2-gg-223)
  • Grave Robber (C1 pf2-gg-208)
  • Guard (C1 pf2-gg-232)
  • Guide (C4 pf2-gg-216)
  • Guildmaster (C8 pf2-gg-245)
  • Harbour Master (C3 pf2-gg-225)
  • Harrow Reader (C-1 pf2-gg-228)
  • Hellknight Armiger (C4 pf2-locg-120)
  • Hellknight Paravicar (C11 pf2-locg-121)
  • Hunter (C7 pf2-gg-219)
  • Innkeeper (C1 pf2-gg-239)
  • Jailer (C3 pf2-gg-233)
  • Judge (C-1 pf2-gg-224)
  • Mage for Hire (C3 pf2-gg-226)
  • Mastermind (C4 pf2-gg-246)
  • Merchant (C-1 pf2-gg-244)
  • Miner (C0 pf2-gg-223)
  • Monster Hunter (C6 pf2-gg-227)
  • Navigator (C2 pf2-gg-242)
  • Necromancer (C5 pf2-gg-230)
  • Noble (C3 pf2-gg-206)
  • Nualia (C5 Antipaladin)
  • Palace Guard (C4 pf2-gg-206)
  • Pathfinder Field Agent (C4 pf2-locg-126)
  • Pathfinder Venture-Captain (C11 pf2-locg-127)
  • Physician (C-1 pf2-gg-220)
  • Pirate (C2 pf2-gg-242)
  • Plague Doctor (C5 pf2-gg-221)
  • Poacher (C2 Forester)
  • Priest of Pharasma (C6 pf2-gg-213)
  • Prisoner (C1 pf2-gg-215)
  • Privateer Captain (C11 pf2-locg-119)
  • Prophet (C2 pf2-gg-212)
  • Rain-Scribe (C4 pf2-locg-124)
  • Reckless Scientist (C6 pf2-gg-248)
  • Ruffian (C2 Criminal)
  • Saboteur (C2 pf2-gg-246)
  • Sage (C6 pf2-gg-241)
  • Servant (C-1 pf2-gg-222)
  • Server (C-1 pf2-gg-238)
  • Ship Captain (C6 pf2-gg-243)
  • Smith (C3 pf2-gg-245)
  • Spy (C6 pf2-gg-207)
  • Surgeon (C2 pf2-gg-221)
  • Tax Collector (C-1 pf2-gg-224)
  • Teacher (C-1 pf2-gg-240)
  • Tempest Sun Mage (C11 pf2-locg-125)
  • Tomb Raider (C5 pf2-gg-217)
  • Torchbearer (C0 pf2-gg-216)
  • Tracker (C3 pf2-gg-218)
  • Troubadour (C3 pf2-gg-237)
  • Tsuto Kaijitsu (Ruffian)
  • Urchin (C-1 pf2-gg-215)
  • Vancaskerkin, Orik (C3 Watch Officer)
  • Veteran Reclaimer (C11 pf2-locg-123)
  • Virtuous Defender (C4 pf2-locg-122)
  • Zealot of Asmodeus (C4 pf2-gg-213)

All NPCs by Type

  • Criminal
    • Charlatan (C3 pft-rb-gmg 209) – 2021-06-18
    • Ruffian (C2 pf2-rb-gmg-209) – 2021-06-18
  • Forester
    • Poacher (C2 pf2-rb-gmg-218) – 2021-06-18


  • Aldori Swordlords (pf2-locg-128)
  • Aspis Consortium (pf2-locg-128)
  • Bellflower Network (pf2-locg-128)
  • Eagle Knight (pf2-locg-128)
  • Firebrands (pf2-locg-129)
  • Hellnights (pf2-locg-129)
  • Houses of Perfection (pf2-locg-129)
  • Knights of Lastwall (pf2-locg-129)
  • Lion Blades (pf2-locg-129)
  • Magaambya (pf2-locg-130)
  • Pathfinder Society (pf2-locg-130)
  • Red Mantis Assassins (pf2-locg-130)
  • Whispering Way (pf2-locg-130)

Content Updates

  • 2021-06-18 – Adding in adventuring party opposing Friday TRAP characters.
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