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PF2 Build Quest Bard Goblin

Pathfinder2 – Class Build

Quest Goblin Bard

This is how a new character to the Wednesday night game is being built and brought into the campaign.

Character Creation

Step 1 – Create a Concept

As this campaign was based at the start of the Pathfinder era including a lot of the original concept was building characters using the core book, which were viable in the timeline.

Mechanical Concept

The player wanted to build a caravaner travelling goblin.

Team Concept

Character is part of the Pathfinder Society.

Religious Concept

The character worships a God TBA.

Step 2 – Ability Scores

A starting character has 10 in all their ability scores, noting for Fighter the key ability score is Strength. (Note, no longer using numbers, only the modifier to represent ability scores.

Str +0 – Dex +0 – Con +0 – Int +0 – Wis +0 – Cha +0

Step 3 – Ancestry

The characters base ancestry is Goblin.

Step 4 – Pick a Background

Characters in the game get the standard background, plus a few extra options including a location as their home from before the pathfinder society and gaining a pathfinder society feat.

Chosen to have: Background – Out of Towner (Age of Ashes players guide) and Pathfinder Hopeful (lo-wg-22), Location – Roderic’s Cove

Step 5 – Choose a Class

Player has chosen to play a Bard.

Step 6 – Determine Ability Scores

  • Level 1 Ability Scores
    • Background – Out of Towner (Int, Cha) Pathfinder Hopeful (Con, Str)
    • Ancestry – Con, Dex, Cha, Int – Flaw (Str, Wis)
    • Class – Cha
    • Level 1 Advancement – Dex, Wis, Int, Cha

Str +0 – Dex +2 – Con +2 – Int +3 – Wis +0 – Cha +4

Step 7 – Record Class Details

  • Total Hit Points – Race + Class + Con

Step 8 – Buy Equipment

Characters start with 15 gp worth of equipment. 10 items of a weight not listed count as a Light bulk (items bought in bulk lots as per the table count as 1 towards this and not automatically become light bulk)

Bulk Total = 6 with 7 Light Bulk

  • Basic Weapons and Armor
  • Basic Equipment
  • Currency (started 15gp)
    • Starting Amount –
    • Current Amount –

Step 9 – Calculate Modifiers

Character is level 1, so all trained abilities add an extra +3 and all expert abilities add an extra +5. Any skill that does not have a T or and E just add the ability modifier.

Step 10 – Finishing Details

  • Alignment – In this game, players only get to choose from Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic. Their actions in game will determine whether they are evil or good.
  • Deity
  • Age
  • Gender and Pronoun – Male
  • Bulk ? of ? (Max Bulk ?)

Level Advancement

Level 1 Starting Character

PF2 Races – Goblins – Base Race

  • Hit Points 6
  • Size Small
  • Speed 25 ft
  • Ability Boosts: Dexterity, Charisma, Free
  • Ability Flaw: Wisdom
  • Age: 7, with a life expectancy of 50
  • Languages: Common, Goblin
  • Bonus Languages: Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if positive). You can choose from the following languages: Goblin, Jotun, Orcish, Terran or Undercommon (and any other regional language you have access to).
  • Traits: Goblin, Humanoid.
  • Darkvision Vision: You can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light, though your vision in darkness is in black and white.

Goblin tribes of Varisia:

  • Birdcruncher: Found near Magnimar
  • Breakbag: South of Magnimar
  • Darkwrap: Found near Riddleport
  • Firewalker: Found near Riddleport
  • Gaptooth: Found near Riddleport
  • Ghostmask: South of Korvosa
  • Houndgutter: On the coast between Magnimar and Korvosa
  • Licktoad: Found near Magnimar
  • Mosswood: Found near Magnimar
  • Seven Tooth: Found near Magnimar
  • Sharpbumps: Found near Riddleport
  • Thistletop: Found near Magnimar
  • Wart Tongue: Found near Riddleport
  • Wind Whisper: On the coast between Magnimar and Korvosa

PF2 ClassBard – Level 01

  • Ability Boost – Charisma
  • Hit Points – 8+Con Mod
  • Proficiencies
    • Perception (E)
    • Saving Throws – Fortitude (T), Reflex (T), Will (E)
    • Skills – Occultism (T), Performance (T), 4 plus Int mod
    • Attacks – Simple Weapon (T), Unarmed Attack (T), Longsword (T), Rapier (T), Sap (T), Shortbow (T), Shortsword (T), Whip (T)
    • Defenses – Light Armour (T), Unarmoured Defense (T)
    • Class DC Bard (T)
    • Spells
      • Occult Spell Attack (T)
      • Occult Spell DC (T)
      • Spells Per Day – Cantrips (5), 1st Level (2)
  • Occult Spellcasting
  • Spell Repertoire – Cantrips (5) 1st Level Spells (2)
  • Composition Spells – Inspire Courage
  • Muse – Enigma, Maestro or Polymath
  • Ancestry Feat
  • Background Feat
  • Player Choices
    • Racial Options – Boosts (Con, Dex, Cha, Int – Flaw (Str, Wis)), Languages (Common, Goblin, int 3 – Orish, Shoanti, Varisian), Ancestry (Bouncy Goblin – Skill Acrobatics), Heritage (Unbreakable)
    • Background
      • Out of Towner – Boosts (Int, Cha), Skills (Diplomacy, Lore – Goblin), Feats (Hobknobler)
      • Location – Korvosa – Skill (Lore – Korvosa)
    • Class Options – Skills (Occultism (T), Performance (T), 4 plus 3 – Lore -Law, Deception, Religion, Athletics, Stealth, Survival, Craft)
      • Muse – Enigma (feat bardic lore, spell truetrike)
      • Spells 5 cantrip (Daze, forbidding ward, guidance, read aura, message), 2 spells (fear, magic missile)
    • Level 1 Boosts – Dex, Wis, Int, Cha
Level 1 Mid Level Bonus
  • Story Bonus – Level 1
    • Language – Jontun (T Speak)
    • BackgroundPathfinder Hopeful – Boosts (Con, Str), Skills (Society, Lore – Pathfinder Society) Feats (Additional Lore as Lore – Musical)
Level 2 Advancement

PF2 ClassBard – Level 02

  • Bard Feat – Choice of Bard Class Feat you meet the requirements for up to 2nd level. A dedication feat can be taken in its place, but also has a faction point cost.
  • Skill Feat – Choice of Skill Feat you meet the requirements for up to 2nd level. A dedication skill feat can be taken in its place, but also has a faction point cost.
  • Spell Repertoire – 1st Level (+1)
  • Player Choices – Level 2
    • Bard Feat – Multivarious Muse (selecting Maestro with feat Lingering Composition
    • Skill Feat – Virtuosic performer
    • Extra Spell (1st level) – Sooth
Level 2 Mid Level Bonus
  • Story Bonus – Level 2
    • Feat Pathfinder Dedication
      • Skills – Nature (T), Crafting (E), Lore – Pathfinder Society (E)
    • Language – Jontun (E)
Level 3 Advancement

PF2 ClassBard – Level 03

  • General Feat – Choice of General Feat you meet the requirements for up to 3rd level. A dedication general feat can be taken in its place, but also has a faction point cost.
  • Lightning Reflexes – Proficiency in Reflex upgraded to Expert
  • Signature Spells – 1st Level Spell (one spell), 2nd Level Spell (one spell)
  • Skill Increase
  • Spell Repertoire – 2nd Level (+2)
  • Player Choices – Level 3
    • General Feat – Adopted Ancestry
    • Skill Increase – Performance (E)
    • Extra Spell (2x 2nd level) Blistering invective, comprehend language
    • Signature Spell – (1) Sooth (2) Comprehend Languages
Level 3 Mid Level Bonus
  • Story Bonus – Level 3
    • Language – Chelaxian (E)
Level 4 Advancement

PF2 ClassBard – Level 04

  • Bard Feat – Choice of Bard Feat you meet the requirements for up to 4th level. A dedication feat can be taken in its place, but also has a faction point cost.
  • Skill Feat – Choice of Skill Feat you meet the requirements for up to 4th level. A dedication skill feat can be taken in its place, but also has a faction point cost.
  • Spell Repertoire – 2nd Level (+2)
  • Player Choices – Level 4
    • Skill Feat – TBA FEAT
    • Ranger Feat – Melodious Spell
Level 4 Mid Level Bonus
  • Story Bonus – Level 4
    • Pathfinder Advancement TBA FEAT
    • Other faction expenditure

Finished Example

Level 4 – Quest Goblin Bard
  • Traits: Small, Goblin, Humanoid
  • Goblin Male Bard 4
  • Perception +8 (E Wis)
  • Languages: Common, Chelaxian, Goblin, Jotun, Orcish, Shoanti, Varisian
  • Skills:
    • (Untrainted – lvl+mod) +7 Arcana (Int), +8 Intimidation (Cha), +7 Lore – Other (Int), +4 Medicine (Wis), +2 Thievery (Dex)
    • (Trained – lvl+mod+2) +8* Acrobatics (Dex), +6 Athletics (Str), +9 Crafting (Int), +10 Deception (Cha), +10 Diplomacy (Cha), +9 Lore – Bardic (Int), +9 Lore – Goblin (Int), +9 Lore – Law (Int), +9 Lore – Roderic’s Cove (Int), +6 Nature (Wis), +9 Occultism (Int), +10 Performance (Cha), +6 Religion (Wis), +9 Society (Int), +8 Stealth (Dex), +6 Survival (Wis),
    • (Expert – lvl+mod+4) +11 Crafting (Int), +11 Lore – Pathfinder Society (Int), +11 Lore – Musical (Int),

Str +0 – Dex +2 – Con +2 – Int +3 – Wis +0 – Cha +4

  • AC 18 (unarmoured T), Fort +8 (T Con), Refl +8 (T Dex), Will +8 (E Wis)
  • HP 50 (Race 6 (+4 unbreakable), (Class 8 + Con Mod 2 x level) Class (8+2)*4 = 40)
  • Speed 25 ft
  • Proficiencies – (Trained) Armour (Light, Unarmoured), Simple Weapons, Unamend Attack, Longsword, Rapier, Sap, Shortbow, Shortsword, Whip
  • Class Bard DC Base (T Cha) = 10


  • Bard Occult Spell Attack (T, Cha) +10
  • Bard Occult Class DC (T, Cha) = 20
  • Spells Per Day – Focus Points (2), Cantrips (5), 1st level (3), 2nd Level (2)
    • Spell Repertoire
      • Focus Spells Known (2nd Level Spells) Lingering Composition
      • Cantrips Known (5 as 2nd level spells) Dancing Lights, Electric Arc, Prestidigitation, Tanglefoot, Stabilise – Bonus – Inspire Courage
      • Level 1 Spells Known (3) Fear, Magic Missile, Shocking Grasp – Bonus – True Strike
      • Level 2 Spell Known (3) Blistering Invective, Comprehend Languages,


  • Acrobatics: +2 Bonus to tumble through a foes space due to Bouncy Ancestry.
  • Darkvision Vision: You can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light, though your vision in darkness is in black and white.
  • Falling Damage: Reduce falling damage by half due to Unbreakable heritage.


Bulk Total = 0 with 0 Light Bulk

  • Basic Weapons and Armor (0) [0 bulk, 0 light]
    • Weapons –
    • Armour and Shield –
    • Ammunition and Others –
  • Basic Equipment (0) [0 bulk, 0 light, 0 not listed]
  • Currency (started 15gp)
    • Starting Amount – ;
    • Current Amount – ;


  • Background: Out of Towner and Pathfinder Hopeful
  • Home Location: Roderic’s Cover
  • Archetypes: Pathfinder Agent
  • Story Points
Character Feats

PF2 Background Feats – Out of Towner

  • Source: PF2 Age of Ashes Player’s Guide (pf2-af-aapg p5)
  • You’ve never been to Breachill, nor do you have roots in the town, but as chance has it you find yourself visiting. You might be here traveling with a friend, visiting an old acquaintance, or merely here to see a new part of the world. Before coming to town, though, you spent many years living with an ancestry other than your own, and your diverse childhood has left you with an open mind and a curious nature.
  • You’re excited to meet new people and cultures, and answering the Call for Heroes seems to be an interesting way to do so.
  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You’re trained in the Diplomacy skill and the Lore skill thematically associated with the members of the ancestry you grew up with: Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin or Halfling. You gain the Hobnobber skill feat.

PF2 Background Feats – Pathfinder Hopeful

  • Source: PF2 Lost Omens World Guide (pf2-lo-wg p22 and M2100] p3)
  • Note: This feat is a free feat for all TRAP characters who have become trainee pathfinders with discussion and approval from GM.
  • You’ve long wanted to join the adventurous Pathfinder Society. You have taken up the dangerous life of an adventurer in hopes of earning a spot among the Pathfinders.
  • Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Intelligence, and one is a free ability boost.
  • You’re trained in the Society skill and the Pathfinder Society Lore skill. You gain the Additional Lore skill feat.

PF2 Faction – Pathfinder Agent – Dedication – Feat 2

  • Source: Lost Omens World Guide (lo-wg-23)
  • Tags: Uncommon, Archetype, Dedication
  • Prerequisite: Member of the Pathfinder Society, trained in Absalom
  • Your pathfinder training has broadened your horizons and made you more flexible at various skills, since you never know when you might need an obscure skill to complete your mission. You become trained on one skill of your choice, expert in a skill of your choice in which you were trained. You also become trained in Pathfinder Lore, or an expert if you were already trained. When using a skill untrained, your proficiency bonus is equal to your level instead of 0. You gain access to wayfinders.
  • Special: You cannot select another dedication feat until you have gained two other feats from Pathfinder agent.

PF2 Location Feat – Home in <location>

  • Requirement: A race that is accepted as part of the community. You have a family holding in the location that has an ancient runegate as part of the structure.
  • Once you become a Pathfinder and gain access to the Home runegate option, you gain the “Activate Teleportation to <Location>” ritual and are trained in the appropriate skill for the ritual based on the location.
  • You gain Lore – <Location> as you grew up here.
  • Note: You know the location of a portal that can be activated in <Location> under your families control. Character cannot access it until they have more levels than uncommon elements in their character build, rare elements are treated as two elements for this purpose.
  • And the new rituals learned by characters with purchase from the Tien Lantern Lodge faction of the Pathfinder Society.

PF2 RacesGoblin – Bouncy Goblin – Ancestry Feat 1

  • Source: Lost Omens – Character Guide (lo-cg-38)
  • Traits: Goblin
  • Requirements: Unbreakable goblin heritage
  • You have a particular elasticity that makes it easy for you to bounce and squish. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Acrobatics (or another skill of your choice, if you were already trained in Acrobatics). You also gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Acrobatics checks to Tumble Through a foe’s space.

PF2 RacesGoblin – Unbreakable Goblin – Heritage Feat 1

  • Source: Core Rulebook (rb-cr-49)
  • Traits: Goblin
  • You’re able to bounce back from injuries easily due to an exceptionally thick skull, cartilaginous bones, or some other mixed blessing. You gain 10 Hit Points from your ancestry instead of 6. When you fall, reduce the falling damage you take as though you had fallen half the distance.

PF2 General or Skill Feats – Additional Lore – General Skill Feat 1

  • Source: Core Rulebook (rb-cr-259)
  • Traits: General, Skill
  • Prerequisites trained in Lore
  • Your knowledge has expanded to encompass a new field. Choose an additional Lore skill subcategory. You become trained in it. At 3rd, 7th, and 15th levels, you gain an additional skill increase you can apply only to the chosen Lore subcategory.
  • Special You can select this feat more than once. Each time you must select a new subcategory of Lore and you gain the additional skill increases to that subcategory for the listed levels.

PF2 General and Skill Feats – Hobnobber – Survival Skill Feat 1

  • Source: Core Rulebook (rb-cr-263)
  • Traits: General, Skill
  • Prerequisite: Trained in Diplomacy
  • You are skilled at learning information through conversation. The Gather Information exploration activity takes you half as long as normal (typically reducing the time to 1 hour). If you’re a master in Diplomacy and you Gather Information at the normal speed, when you attempt to do so and roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead. There is still no guarantee that a rumor you learn with Gather Information is accurate.

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