Pathfinder 2: TRAP Campaign

Pathfinder 2

TRAP – Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path

Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP): is an adventure path based on a combination of storylines set in the nation of Varisia. This storyline spans ten years in game, with level progression every six months and each character has a home, a family, and a secret to keep. They will also be interacting the Pathfinder Society as members.

Campaign Setting

Pathfinder Map

A majority of the campaign is set to run in Varisia (2020-04-21).

Campaign InformationAdventures (2020-09-07) Personalities (2020-04-21), Challenges (2020-05-11), TRAP Design

Varisian ReligionsAbadar (2020-08-08), Calsitria (2020-08-09), Cayden Cailean (2020-08-10), Desna (2020-08-11), Erastil (2020-08-12), Gorzreh (2020-08-13), Lamashtu (2020-08-14), Norgorber (2020-08-15), Pharamsa (2020-08-16), Urgathoa (2020-08-17), Zon-Kuthon (2020-08-18)

Ancient Gods of ThassiloniaRunelords (2020-10-01), Greater God of the Sehidron, God of Envy, God of Gluttony, God of Greed, Runelord of Lust (2021-10-27), Runelord of Pride (2021-02-27), God of Sloth, Runelord of Wrath (2021-02-27)

Artefacts of ThassiloniaShard of Pride (2020-12-02)

Pantheons – Dwarven Pantheon (pf2-lo-gm-92), Elven Pantheon (pf2-lo-gm-93), The Godclaw (pf2-lo-gm-93), Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye (pf2-lo-gm-94), God Calling (pf2-log-m-95), Green Faith (pf2-lo-gm-97), Laws of Mortality (pf2-lo-gm-97), Prophecies of Kalistrade (pf2-lo-gm-98), Sangpostshi (pf2-lo-gm-99), Shoanti Animism (pf2-lo-gm-100), Atheists and Free Agents (pf2-lo-gm-101)

Other Major Religions – Asmodeus (pf2-lo-gm-14), Gorum (pf2-lo-gm-24), Iomedae (pf2-lo-gm-28), Iori (pf2-lo-gm-30), Nethys (pf2-lo-gm-34), Rovagug (pf2-lo-gm-40), Sarenrae (pf2-lo-gm-42), Shelyn (pf2-lo-gm-44), Torag (pf2-lo-gm-46)

Other Religions – Achaekek (pf2-lo-gm-52), Alseta (pf2-lo-gm-53), Arazni (pf2-lo-gm-54), Besmara (pf2-lo-gm-55), Brigh (pf2-lo-gm-56), Casandalee (pf2-lo-gm-57), Chaldira (pf2-lo-gm-58), Ghlaunder (pf2-lo-gm-59), Grandmother Spider (pf2-lo-gm-60), Groetus (pf2-lo-gm-61), Gruhastha (pf2-lo-gm-62), Hei Feng (pf2-lo-gm-63), Kazutal (pf2-lo-gm-64), Kurgess (pf2-lo-gm-65), Milani (pf2-lo-gm-66), Nivi Rhombodazzle (pf2-lo-gm-67), Nocticula (pf2-lo-gm-68), Sivanah (pf2-lo-gm-69), Shizuru (pf2-lo-gm-70), Tsukiyo (pf2-logm-71)

Other Planar Powers – Archdevils (pf2-lo-gm-74), Demon Lords (pf2-lo-gm-76), Queens of the Night (pf2-lo-gm-74), The Eldest (pf2-lo-gm-78), Elemental Lords (pf2-lo-gm-80), Empyreal Lords (pf2-lo-gm-82), The Horsemen (pf2-lo-gm-86), Monitor Demigods (pf2-lo-gm-88), Outer Gods (pf2-lo-gm-90), Great Old Ones (pf2-lo-gm-90)

Character Information

  • Location Feats (2020-04-22) – Rules on how the Location Feats work
  • Social Feats (Rise of the Runelords) (2020-07-20) – Characters have gained a free social feat from the campaign based on their backgrounds.
  • Social Feats (Jade Regent) (2020-07-01) – Conversion of Jade Regent campaign traits

Main SettlementsAbsalom (2020-06-26), Korvosa (2020-06-04), Magnimar (2020-06-01), Riddleport (2020-06-03)

Other SettlementsAbken (2020-09-29), Baslwief (2020-08-30), Biston (2020-09-31), Galduria (2020-08-24), Harse (2020-09-01), Ilsurian (2020-05-02), Janderhoff (2020-08-21), Kaer Maga (2020-05-23), Melfesh (2020-09-02), Nybor (2020-08-25), Palin’s Cove (2020-08-23), Ravenmoor (2020-10-06), Roderic’s Cove (2020-08-22), Sandpoint (2020-07-22), Sirathu (2020-09-03), Turtleback Ferry (2020-08-26), Urglin (2020-08-19), Velderain (2020-09-04), Wartle (2020-08-27), Whistledown (2020-09-26), Windsong Abbey (2020-10-07), Wolf’s Ear (2020-08-28)

Other LocationsAshwood (2020-07-21), Bloodsworn Vale (2020-08-20), Brinewall (2020-07-23), Calphiak Mountains (2020-07-24), Celwynvian (2020-07-25), Chorak’s Tomb (2020-07-26), Churlwood (2020-07-27), Cinderlands (2020-07-28), Crystalrock (2020-07-29), Crystilan (2020-07-30), Cuchain Hills (2020-07-31), Ember Lake (2020-08-01), Fenwall Mountains (2020-08-02), Fogscar Mountains (2020-09-05), Gnashers (2020-09-06), Gruankus (2020-09-07), Guiltspur (2020-09-08), Hollow Mountain (2020-09-09), Hook Mountain (2020-09-10), Iron Peaks (2020-09-11), Kodar Mountains (2020-09-12), Lady’s Light (2020-09-13), Lurkwood (2020-09-17), Malgorian Mountains (2020-09-18), Mierani Forest (2020-09-19), Minderhal’s Anvil (2020-09-20), Mindspin Mountains (2020-09-21), Mobhad Leigh (2020-09-22), Mundatei (2020-09-23), Mushfens (2020-09-24), Nolands (2020-09-26), Red Mountains (2020-10-06), Rift of Niltak (2020-10-06), Rimeskull (2020-10-06), Sanos Forest (2020-10-06), Shimmerglens (2020-10-06), Skotha Lake (2020-09-14), Skull’s Crossing (2020-10-06), Spindlehorn (2020-10-06), Spire of Lemriss (2020-10-06), Stony Mountains (2020-10-06), Stormunder Lake (2020-09-15), Storval Deep (2020-10-07), Storval Plateau (2020-10-07), Storval Stairs (2020-10-07), Sunken Queen (2020-10-07), Syrantula Lake (2020-09-16), Varisian Gulf (2020-10-07), Velashu River (2020-10-19), Velashu Uplands (2020-10-07), Viperwall (2020-10-07), Wormwood Hall (2020-10-07), Wyvern Mountains (2020-10-07), Yondabakari River (2020-10-19)

Organisations in Campaign

  • The Hellknights (2020-10-07): This is a new entry into Varisian history as the Hellknight orders begin arriving across the nation.
  • The Pathfinder Society (2020-06-05): This is the core of the campaign, who provide the characters with funding and quests.

Faction of the Pathfinder Society: 4708 AR

Regional Historic Timeline

  • 4407 AR
    • The founding of Korvosa
  • 4423 AR
    • Janderhoff – sent a delegation to Korvosa
  • 4472 AR
    • Janderhoff – Signed Treaty of Crystalrock with Korvosa
  • 4485 AR
    • Palin’s Cover has served as a naval garrison and it became an official settlement
  • 4507 AR
    • Korvosa – 100 years since settlement
  • 4536 AR
    • The village of Harse founded in by Sarwin Harse
  • 4558 AR
    • The settlement of Riddleport founded by Captain Cabriem Maskyr
  • 4563 AR
    • The mining village of Baslwief was founded
  • 4569 AR
    • Baslweif attacked by red dragon Glarataxusin
    • The village of Melfesh was founded by Jorsh Melfesh
  • 4571 AR
    • Palin’s Cove – the red dragon Glarataxus, first attacks this town.
  • 4574 AR
    • The town of Biston was founded in by Jhenni Biston
  • 4585 AR
    • Palin’s Cover – 100 years since settlement
  • 4606 AR # Elven Child basic knowledge – Elven DC History Check reduce DC one level if you were present #
    • Death of Aroden
  • 4607 AR
    • Korvosa – 200 years since settlement
  • 4608 AR
    • Magnimar Founded by Korvosan dissadents
  • 4611 AR
    • Wartle came under Magnimarian control.
  • 4636 AR
    • Harse – 100 years since settlement
  • 4658 AR # Dwarven & Gnome Child basic knowledge – Dwarf and Gnome DC History Check reduce DC one level if you were present #
    • Biston, Jhenni’s grandson, Randas Biston, led a group of separatists in a revolt to cede the town from Korvosan control, leading to martial law.
    • Riddleport – 100 years since settlement
  • 4663 AR
    • Baslwief – 100 years since settlement
    • Sirathu – the Treaty of Sirathu ceded the town from Kaer Maga to Korvosa
  • 4668 AR
    • The village of Abken was founded as a commune by peace-loving lower-class Korvosan.
  • 4669 AR
    • Melfesh – 100 years since settlement
  • 4674 AR
    • Baslweif attacked by red dragon Glarataxusin
    • Biston – 100 years since settlement
  • 4679 AR
    • Magnimar, Sabriyya Kalmeralm Inherited position of Protector of the Markets with the disappearance of her father.
  • 4682 AR
    • Korvosa – Queen Domina of Korvosa courts the Hellknight faction of Cheliax, gain service of the Order of the Nail.
  • 4685 AR
    • Palin’s Cover – 200 years since settlement
    • Valderaine – chain used on to prevent attack by pirates from Riddleport
  • 4690 AR # Halfling Child basic knowledge – Halfling DC History Check reduce DC one level if you were present #
    • Biston, martial law was maintained until lifted by the King of Korvosa
  • 4698 AR
    • Absalom, a terrible earthquake rocks the city.
  • 4700 AR # Human Child basic knowledge – Human DC History Check reduce DC one level if you were present #
    • Magnimar, Haldmeer Grobaras elected Mayor
    • Varisia – The runes and monuments all over the region start to activate, the Pathfinder Society starts to investigate the area
  • 4702 AR # Goblin Child basic knowledgeGoblin DC History Check reduce DC one level if you were present #
    • Sandpoint – Gifted artist Jervis Stoot murders 25 men, women and children.
  • 4705 AR # Start of Campaign #
    • Varisia – You have been accepted as an aspirant (trainee) into the Pathfinder Society in Absalom and left the Varisian region behind you to spend three years learning to be a Pathfinder.
  • 4707 AR
    • Korvosa – 300 years since settlement
    • Sirathu – a local girl was found unconscious on the edge of the fountain, blessed by Pharasma to produce clean water for the first time
    • Starfall – 10,000 years since the world was broken
    • Turtleback Ferry attacked in the failed giant invasion of the Varisian lowlands
  • 4708 AR
    • Magnimar – 100 years since settlement
    • Age of Settlements: Abken (40), Baslwief (145), Biston (134), Harse (172), Korvosa (301), Magnimar (100), Melfesh (139), Palin’s Cove (223), Riddleport (150)

Timeline in Campaign

4708 – Year One / Level One
Month #1
  • AR 4708-01-01
  • AR 4708-01-02
  • AR 4708-01-03
  • AR 4708-01-04
    • (F3) Absalom – Rewards from Part 1
  • AR 4708-01-08
    • (W4) Wed Begins Aspirant Pathfinders (Part 2) – Absalom
  • AR 4708-01-09
  • AR 4708-01-10
    • (W7) Absalom – End Session 07
    • (F3) Absalom – Aspirant Pathfinder Part 2 (8 faction awards possible)
  • AR 4708-01-11
  • AR 4708-01-16
  • AR 4708-01-17
    • (F7) Absalom – Aspirant Pathfinders Part 3 –
  • AR 4708-01-18
  • AR 4708-01-20
  • AR 4708-01-23
    • (W9) arrive and depart Pier’s End, North of Absalom – End Session 09
  • AR 4708-01-24
    • (W10) arrive at Escadar on the Isle of Erran
    • (F9) North of Absalom, about a day to leave the snowline – End Session 09
  • AR 4708-01-25
    • (W10) arrive at Pathfinder Lodge, Absalom
  • AR 4708-01-26
    • (W10) Pathfinder Lodge, Absalom – accepted as Trainee Pathfinders – End AdventureEnd Session 10
  • AR 4708-01-27
Month #2
  • AR 4708-02-10
    • (F11) Arrive at Pier’s End
  • AR 4708-02-11
    • (F11) Arrival at Escadar (evening) teleportation to pathfinder Grand Lodge, Absalom – End Session 11
  • AR 4708-02-12
    • (F12) Pathfinder Lodge, Ablasom – accepted as Trainee Pathfinders – End Adventure – Concludes Aspirant Pathfinders and Begins The City of Strangers (Part 1)
  • AR 4708-02-14
    • (W11) – Portal to Magnimar – Doomsday Dawn – The Lost StarEnd Session 11End Session 12
      • Goblins vandalism in the Sewers of Magnimar, stopped by Pathfinders
      • Valuable manuscript left with Sage to be deciphered
      • The Lost Star recovered – End Adventure
  • AR 4708-02-15
    • (W13) Magnimar – Murder’s Mark – Joining of Pimwinkles hidden runegate to Tien Network successful – End Session 13
Month #3
4708 – Year One / Level Two
Month #7
  • AR 4708-07-01
  • AR 4708-07-02
  • AR 4708-07-03
  • AR 4708-07-04
    • (W33) Depart Magnimar for Korvosa 450 miles, sailing ship 40 ft, 32 miles per day takes 15 days to travel
    • (F19) Sandpoint – festival underway, with goblin attack – End Session 19End Session 20
  • AR 4708-07-05
  • AR 4708-07-14
  • AR 4708-07-15
    • (F25) Magnimar – See Shilalu helping Lord from festival, discussion with lodge over failure at Sandpoint. Send to Riddleport for 2 to 5 months as last chance with society. Ride by Hellknight vessel to Riddleport.
  • AR 4708-07-16
    • (F25) Sandpoint – Collect party who did not travel to Magnimar.
  • AR 4708-07-18
  • AR 4708-07-25
  • AR 4708-07-26
    • (F28) Riddleport – death of staff due to failure to return at Gold Goblin costs party prestige in city.
Month #8
  • AR 4708-08-01
    • (W33) Arrive at Korvosa, night at Axan’s house – End Session 33
  • AR 4708-08-02
    • (W34) Korvosa, Axan’s House, take possion of Nexa’s new house – End Session 34
  • AR 4708-08-03
    • (W35) Kovosa, Nexa’s House, Pimwinkle gains a house, and wives.
  • AR 4708-08-04
    • (W35) Korvosa, Houses, Connecting Neax’s portal to the Pathfinder network. Group travel via portal in Pimwinkles house in Korvosa to Pimwinkles mothers place in Magnimar – End Session 35
  • AR 4708-08-08
    • (F28) Riddleport – making up for past failure and woking hard for two weeks gained some leave – End Session 28
Month #9
  • AR 4708-09-06
    • (F29) Riddleport – another four weeks in and more time for investigations after completing some pathfinder training – End Session 29
  • AR 4708-09-07
    • (F30) Riddleport – Planning a new competition – End Session 30
  • AR 4708-09-08
    • (F31) Riddleport – Planning the Event and loosing control of it.
  • AR 4708-09-09
    • (F31) Riddleport – Contestants start showing up.
  • AR 4708-09-10
    • (F31) Riddleport – Last of the competitors register. – End Session 31
  • AR 4708-09-11
    • (F32) Riddleport – Quest accepts a job for a Lich with 2335 names on it. – End Session 32
  • AR 4708-09-12
    • (F33) Riddleport – The first day of competition
  • AR 4708-09-13
    • (F33) Riddleport – The second day of competition. – End Session 33
  • AR 4708-09-14
    • (F34) Riddleport – Aftermath, investigations and downtime
  • AR 4708-09-15
    • (F34) Riddleport – Collecting Dwarven Royal Ale from docks, Golden Goblin attacked in the night. – End Session 34
  • AR 4708-09-16
    • (F35) Riddleport – Duzhar’s Dead brother, and a wish for Krol and Parry.
  • AR 4708-09-17
    • (F35) Riddleport – chasing up a lead to a former chuch of Sarenrae with puppy killing a child on the street, very dark. – End Session 35
  • AR 4708-09-18
    • (F36) Riddleport – package arrives with Parry’s pathfinder amulet, he connects his portal to the pathfinder network. Rune on arch over riddleport lights up that symbolises Lust as the second rune to light up over the harbour.
  • AR 4708-09-19
    • (F36) Riddleport – Parry and Willy travel to Magnimar via Parry’s portal, then retrieves the others and returns for training montage taking them into the new year for the next session. – End Session 36
4709 – Year Two / Level Three
Month #1
  • AR 4709-01-01
    • (W36) Korvosa/Magnimar – Celebrations of a new year and the death of the King. Death of Orik and resting in the Korvosian Guards Citadel. – End Session 36End Session 37
    • (F37) Riddleport/Magnimar – Celebrations of a new year and word from Shalalu about Ameiko requesting the help of the goblin team to save her friend.
  • AR 4709-01-02
    • (W38) Magnimar – Travel to the Pathfinder society to update on their current actions and find out about what a message from Sandpoint was about.
  • AR 4709-01-03
    • (W38) Sandpoint – Arrival in sandpoint with the breaking of doors and meeting with Hellknights.
  • AR 4709-01-04
  • AR 4709-01-05
    • (W41) Sandpoint – Loss of Pimwinkle and Cangoceria to the goddess Lamastu.
    • (F37) Thistletop – Encounter with the Bigspear chief and the Skullbasher chief. Make it to Thistletop central and start the goblins to war. Captured by Nualia and her team. – End Session 37End Session 38
  • AR 4709-01-06
    • (W41) Magnimar – Return to lodge and meeting with Lady Heindmarsh.
    • (F39) Thistletop – Escape and murder of their captures, saving thirty prisoners due to be sacrificed the next day. Escaping before return of goblins. – End Session 39
  • AR 4709-01-07
    • Riddleport – Light on the Arch of Riddleport associated with Pride lights up.
    • Thistletop – Demon released with a Lamastu ritual.
    • (W41) Magnimar – exploring the tunnels under the city. – End Session 41End Session 42
  • AR 4709-01-10
    • (F40) Magnimar – Arrive exhausted with the tortured souls of Thistletop.
  • AR 4709-01-11
    • (F40) Riddleport – Another Rune is lit up representing Greed as the fourth rune. End Session 40
  • AR 4709-01-12
    • (F41) Riddleport – Quest has his dedication removed to Lamashtu by gaining a resurrection in the temple, with a cost yet to be determined.
  • AR 4709-01-14
    • (F41) Riddleport – Group leaves for Roderic’s Cove to follow up on what Quest’s family legacy might hold and what is rumoured to be happening there. End Session 41
  • AR 4709-01-15
  • AR 4709-01-16
    • (F44) Roderic’s Cover – Choosing to help the Elf and find the solution to putting the ghost of Roderic to rest they go an explore the Churlwood End Session 44 End Session 45
  • AR 4709-01-17
    • (F46) Goblin Cave, Churlwood – They rescue some dwarves and find a Thassilonian ruin. End Session 46
  • AR 4709-01-18
    • (F47) Thassilonian Vault, Churlwood – They meet a dwarven pathfinder and set to work helping to solve a puzzle and gain entry into an ancient vault. End Session 47
  • AR 4709-01-28
    • (F47) After a week of working on the vault they discover the combination and gain entry into it.
Month #2
  • AR 4709-02-02
    • (F47) Roderic’s Cove – Returning to Roderic’s cove with the Dwarves and the artefact from the vault. End Session 48
  • AR 4709-02-05
    • (F48) Roderic’s Cover – Upon learning that to set Sir Roderic’s ghost to rest they need to put an end to three groups plaguing the settlement. The Horned Fangs, The Order of Resplendence and the Roadkeepers they set about learning more about them.
  • AR 4709-02-07
    • (W43) Magnimar, the missing group returns to the Pathfinder lodge after being lost in time under the city. End Session 43
  • AR 4709-02-08
    • (W44) Magnimar, the discovery of a Kraken hiding in the harbour. End Session 44
  • AR 4709-02-09
  • AR 4709-02-10
    • (W48) Magnimar, interactions with demons and the grand opening of the Temple of Lust. End Session 48
    • (F48) Roderic’s Cove – Learning that one of them is located under the Riverside Inn, they send in a scouting party that returns with one of the members of the gang, but almost loose their lives in the process. End Session 49
  • AR 4709-02-11
    • (W49) Magnimar, obtaining the Shard of Greed from below Magnimar and returning with it to the Pathfinder Lodge for further study. Portal to Korvisa and obtain information from the king of Spiders helping stop the ambition of a Cheliax noble undermining Korvosian interests. Gained the “Drake’s Mark” (+2 Diplomacy) and went on a drinking spree End Session 49 End Session 50
    • (F50) Roderic’s Cove – Interrogations not going well, they choose to accuse the Mayor of involvement and the Hellknights arrive. Returning to Magnimar for answers they are offered a chance to gain more answers. End Session 50
  • AR 4709-02-12
    • (F51) Magnimar, Parry takes up the Shard of Greed, and the team set forth to investigate Ravenmoor for the Society under the guise of collecting the last ten years of taxes and a missing tax collector. Arriving in Roderic’s Cove before planning on skirting the Churlwood, resting for the night on the edge of the Churlwood and attacked by a Will’o’whisp. – End Session 51
  • AR 4709-02-13
    • (W51) Korvosa, asked to bring in Trinia, a painter accused of poisoning the king and bring her to Cressida instead of the Queens guard or Hellknights. Sparky offered a position with the Queens guard, but turns it down. The kings assassin was announced captured with their fellow conspirators. – End Session 51
  • AR 4609-02-14
    • (F52) Northern Edge, Churlwood Forest – Party make it to Ravenmoor by nightfall. – End Session 52
  • AR 4609-02-15
  • AR 4609-02-17
    • (W52) Korvosa, Cressida ask for help finding the body of the grandson of 1,000 Bones, a shaman of note for the regional Shoanti and stop a war by heading into the Dead Warrens of the Korvisian grave district. – End Session 52End Session 53
Wed Group
Fri Group

Adventures in Campaign

Level 1: Aspirant Pathfinders, The Lost Star, Ilsundal Carnival, Pharasma’s Quest, Welcome to Kaer Maga

Level 2: Sandpoint Festival, Shard of Pride, Welcome to Korvosa, Welcome to Riddleport

Level 3: Korvosa Gone Mad, Missing people in Sandpoint, Rescue of Ameiko, Shard of Greed

Design Changes

Here are a list of changes I have made to the setting and why: (Updating when I remember what changes I have made)

  • Calendar (2021-05-13) Calendar changed from Gorgian set as 4708 = 2008 in the setting to a simplier each month is 28 days and the full moon appears on the 15th of every month like I am doing in my D&D game. this simplifies the calendar greately for historics dates being used.
    • Weeks start on 1st, 8th, 15th and 21st
    • Future dates after this change will reflect this, past dates are kept where possible with a little handwaving involved about which day of the week they fell on.
  • Runelords (start of campaign) Remembered as the Sleeping Gods of Thassilonia, slumbering for 10,000 years.
  • Runescarred (start of campaign) A persion who is covered in moving runes of Thassilonian that cannot be translated by magic and makes no sense to those who can read it. (reading thassilonian is guesswork at this stage of the campign as it is a 10,000 years dead language)
  • Thassilonian Language (Start of Campaign) character who learn this lanauges all know that its an approximation, and most people disagree on what words in the language mean. It is beleived to have two variations, with neither of them able to be translated with magic beyond a vague impression of their meaning as a sentance, over word for word meaning.

Content Updates

  • 2022-01-12 – Layout cleanup and adding in date/events to calendar.
  • 2021-05-13 – Update to the campaign dates, and included design changes to the setting so players are reminded as to what is different in this game.
  • 2021-02-09 – Adding in updated campaign timeline information.
  • 2020-10-07 – Timeline cleanup, links for locations and organisations.
TRAP Campaign

Adventures, Challenges, Personalities, Runelords, Varisia, TRAP Design

Characters: Feats (Location, Social (RotR), Social (JR))

Main Settlements: Absalom, Korvosa, Magnimar, Riddleport

Other Settlements: Abken, Baslwief, Biston, Galduria, Harse, Ilsurian, Janderhoff, Kaer Maga, Melfesh, Nybor, Palin’s Cove, Ravenmoor, Roderic’s Cove, Sandpoint, Sirathu, Turtleback Ferry, Urglin, Velderaine, Wartle, Whistledown, Windsong Abbey, Wolf’s Ear

Other Locations: Ashwood, Bloodsworn Vale, Brinewall, Calphiak Mountains, Celwynvian, Chorak’s Tomb, Churlwood, Cinderlands, Crystalrock, Crystilan, Curchain Hills, Ember Lake, Fenwall Mountains, Fogscar Mountains, Gnashers, Gruankus, Guiltspur, Hollow Mountain, Hook Mountain, Iron Peaks, Kodar Mountains, Lady’s Light, Lurkwood, Malgorian Mountains, Mierani Forest, Minderhal’s Anvil, Mindspin Mountains, Mobhad Leigh, Mundatei, Mushfelns, Nolands, Red Mountains, Rift of Niltak, Rimeskull, Sanos Forest, Shimmerglens, Skotha Lake, Skull’s Crossing, Spindlehorn, Spire of Lemriss, Stormunder Lake, Stony Mountains, Storval Deep, Storval Plateau, Storval Stairs, Sunken Queen, Syrantula Lake, Varisian Gulf, Velashu River, Velashu Uplands, Viperwall, Wormwood Hall, Wyvern Mountains, Yondabakari River

Organisations: Hellknights, Pathfinder Society

PFS Factions: Andoran, Cheliax, Grand Lodge, Lantern Lodge, Osirion, Qadira, Sczarni, Shadow Lodge, Silver Crusade, Taldor


Level 1: Aspirant Pathfinders, The Lost Star, Ilsundal Carnival, Pharasma’s Quest, Welcome to Kaer Maga

Level 2: Sandpoint Festival, Shard of Pride, Welcome to Korvosa, Welcome to Riddleport

Level 3: Korvosa Gone Mad, Missing people in Sandpoint, Rescue of Ameiko, Shard of Greed

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