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Here I am showcasing what I am doing with Pathfinder 2 Feats.


  • General and Skill Feats (2020-07-16) – References to all the General and Skill feats available in my games.
  • Background Feats (2020-11-11) – Reference to all the Background feats available in my games.
  • Location Feats (2020-04-22) – Reference to all the location feats available in my games.
  • Social Feats
    • Jade Regnet (2020-07-01) – Reference to all the Jade Regent Social feats available in my games.
    • Rise of the Runelords (2020-07-20) Reference to all the Rise of the Runelord Social feats available in my games.
  • Content Updates

Notes about new types of feats

  • Heritage Feat – This is the terminology to refer to the heritage options for races used in my game. They were originally called feats, but that was dropped on release, which I have kept in my home games.
  • Location Feat – This is a new type of feat is available in my game to represent ability to quick travel depending on how many non common items taking during character creation and advancement making quick travel a reward for those who listened.
  • Social Feats – These are a new type of feat based on interactions in set storylines giving characters hooks to the story. Characters can gain one Social feat from each major plot line.

Content Updates

  • 2020-11-11 – Moved Background Feats to their own post.
  • 2020-11-06 – Layout cleanup
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