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Here I am going to reference and go into details about adversaries introduced by me and by supplements that I am using in my campaigns.

The following is a list of adversaries the GM can use in his adventures. These adversaries are divided into several groups, depending on their affiliations and motives. Each adversary’s profile is also broken down into several discrete sections.

  • Name: The adversary’s name or type, plus whether it is a minion, rival, or nemesis.
  • Description: A section describing the adversary.
  • Characteristics: The rating of the adversary’s six basic characteristics.
  • Skills: Skills (if any) possessed by the adversary. If the adversary is a minion, these skills only apply in a group.
  • Talents: Talents (if any) possessed by the adversary.
  • Soak/Defense and Thresholds: These are the adversary’s soak, his defense (listed in both melee and ranged values), and his wound and strain thresholds. Only nemeses have listed strain thresholds. If a CM wishes to give a rival a strain threshold, it should have the same value as the listed wound threshold.
  • Abilities: These are special abilities that are not skills or talents.
  • Equipment: This is the adversary’s equipment. The entry only lists important equipment such as weapons, armor, and vital pieces of gear. Items such as clothing, comlinks, spare change, glow-rods, and so forth are not listed but are still present if it makes sense (and at the GM’s discretion). Any bonuses from equipment are already added to the profile.

It is important to note that adversaries do not always follow the same rules that player characters do. These profiles are generated for simplicity and ease of use, so non-essential information can be omitted. For example, the Barabel enforcer has a soak higher than his Brawn, even though he does not wear armor. This is due to the Barabels’ notoriously thick hide – however this is not indicated by a unique rule. The higher soak value is sufficient

Apprentice Hunter (m), Aqualish Thug (m), Arms Dealer (r), Arrogant Heir (r), Ashur Sungazer (r)

Barabel Enforcer (r), Black Sun Vigo (n)

Captive Rancor (n), Comm Operator (r), Corrupt Bureaucrat (r), CSA (SECURITY (Captain (r), Police (m)), Viceprex (n)), Customs Inspector (r)

Defel Assassin (n)

Emperor’s Hand (n)

Forger (r), Forsaken Jedi (n)

Gamorrean Thug (r), Gundark (r)

Hutt Crime Lord (n)

IMPERIAL (Intelligence Agent (r), Moff (n). NAVAL (Officer (r), Trooper (m)), STORMTOOPER (Cavetroopers (m), Stormtrooper (m). Stormtrooper Sergeant (r))), Infochant (r), Ironarm (n), Ithorian Storyteller (r)

Journeyman Hunter (r)

Kidorn Jammer (n)

Loan Shark (n)

Mid-Sized Dianoga (r), Military Starfighter Pilot (m), Mon Calamari Mechanic (r), Mynock (m)

Phemis Canyon Charger (r), Philanthropic Senator (r), PIRATE (Captain (n), Crew (m)), PLANETARY (Defence Force Trooper (m), Governor (n))

Rebel Alliance Liaison (r), RODIAN (Jora (r)) Rubat Spinner (r)

Sector Ranger (r), Shipjacker (r), Slaver (r), Slicer (r), SMUGGLER (Smuggler (r), Smuggler Baron (n)), SPACEPORT (Administrator (n), SECURITY (Detail (m), Officer (r)), Urchin (m)), Street Tough (m), Sullustan Pilot-For-Hire (r), Swoop Ganger (r)

TUSKAN RAIDER (Reaver (m), Snipers (m)), TWI-LEK (Black Marketeer (r), Dancer (m))

Wealthy Noble (r), Wookiee Gladiator (r)

Yarkora Treasure Hunter (r)

(m) – Minion, (n) – Nemesis, (r) – Rival


Bounty Hunters

Bounty hunters are feared by criminals and ne’er-do-wells throughout the galaxy. While they have the same authority to enforce legal penalties, they are not bound by the same code of conduct that planetary, system, and sector agencies frequently operate under. Instead, bounty hunters have a well-deserved reputation for violence and ruthless tactics. Many local branches of law enforcement are reluctant to bring in bounty hunters and may even choose not to cooperate with them at all because of their reputation for causing collateral damage when pursuing a criminal. System-wide and sector-wide agencies sometimes contract with bounty hunter guilds as a cost-effective way of extending their reach.

Not all bounty hunters belong to guilds, of course. There are a great many hunters who eschew the companionship of others, instead taking up the solitary life of a predator. These statistics can reflect independent hunters, Imperially-sponsored hunters, or even unlicensed hunters just as well as guild hunters.

Core Worlders

The glittering and wealthy Core Worlds stand apart from the rest of the galaxy. Those who live there seem to believe that the Core Worlds are the entire galaxy, or at least the only part of the galaxy that matters. Core Worlders seldom leave the Core Worlds, and those from poorer planets may spend their whole lives dreaming of someday visiting the Core.

Forces of Law and Order

The forces of law and order will never stop in their campaign to enforce a boring and banal (or in other words, honest) lifestyle upon the independent-minded citizens of the galaxy. Sooner or later, the rogues and renegades who live on the galaxy’s fringe all wind up on the wrong side of the law.

Fringe Dwellers

There is no end to the variety of races and individuals that can be found if one travels far enough from home throughout the various sectors of the Galactic Empire and beyond. Although cataloging all of the potential allies and enemies that an adventurer might encounter is impossible, a few of the more exotic varieties can be found below.

Galactic Underworld

The galaxy is a vast and luminous place, but for every light there lurks a shadow. The mere existence of civilization and galactic government gives rise to those who eschew its values and laws, and instead seek to profit from activities that are prohibited by those who sit in power. On some planets, the criminal underworld is cautious, moving silently and congregating only in the most secret of places. On other worlds, however, it operates brazenly and in the open, wielding its power and influence like a blunt instrument and daring the forces of law and order to oppose it.

Patrons & Clients – Few pilots, smugglers, or mercenaries make a living independently, without the need for someone to offer them credits in exchange for the quality of their trade. Indeed, all these sorts of ne’er-do-wells require a patron or client in order to make their way successfully in the galaxy. The kind of clients that hire an individual says a great deal about that being’s character and skills and the greater the skill, the greater the reward.

Imperial Forces

Rebel Alliance

Spaceport Personnel

Spaceports are a common haunt for galactic travelers and adventurers of all sorts. Anyone who makes part of his life or livelihood aboard a starship will spend a significant amount of time in spaceports on one planet or another. Whether they are located in the desert, on a glacier, in a grand city, or hovering above the planet on a space station, there are certain commonalities that most spaceports share, and personnel is one of the most significant.

Creatures of the Galaxy

Content Updates

  • 2021-11-30 – Added in the Kidron Jammer conversion from WEG source material.
  • 2021-06-28 – Completed all the adversaries from Edge of the Empire, not counting the adventure in the book.
  • 2021-06-25 – Almost completed all the Adversaries from Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook with 20 more to list. Current total of adversaries is 50.
  • 2021-06-15 – Added Antiquated Battle Droid for tonight’s game, then moved to Droid Dara File where it belonged.
  • 2020-12-20 – Layout cleanup.
SW Adversary

Academics: Dancer, (Twi’lek), Researchers (Ashur Sungazer), Storyteller (Ithorian)

Bounty Hunters: Hunter (Apprentice, Journeyman, Master)

Core Worlders: Arrogant Heir, Philanthropic Senator, Wealthy Noble

Fringe: Gladiator (Wookiee), Jedi (Forsaken), Treasure Hunter (Yarkora), Tuskan Raider (Reaver, Sniper)

Imperial Forces: Emperor’s Hand, Imperial (Intelligence Agent, Moff, Naval (Officer, Trooper), Stormtroopers (Cavetrooper, Commander (Ironarm), Sergeant))

Law & Order: Corrupt Bureaucrat, CSA (Security (Captain, Police), Viceprex), Military Starfighter Pilot, Planetary (Defence Force Trooper, Governor), Sector Ranger

Rebel Alliance: Liaison

Spaceport: Administrator, Comm Operator, Customs Inspector, Mechanic (Mon Calamari), Security (Detail, Officer), Urchin

Underworld: Arms Dealer, Assassin (Defel), Black Marketeer (Twi-lek), Black Sun Vigo, Enforcer (Barabel), Forger, Hutt (Agent Jora, Crime Lord), Infochant, Loan Shark, Pilot-For-Hire (Sullustan), Pirate (Captain, Crew), Shipjacker, Slaver, Slicer, Smuggler (Baron), Street Tough, Swoop Ganger, Thug (Aqualish, Gamorrean)

Creatures: Dianoga (Mid-Sized), Gundark, Kidron Jammer, Mynock, Phemis Canyon Charger, Rancor (Captive), Rubat Spinner

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