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Campaign Creation Part 3 – Fringer Storyline

Notation from my Fringer Campaign.

Crates of Krayts

(Session 1)

Episode 1: Vapor Station


  • Sinasu the Hutt
  • Jora (male Rodian) Big Game Hunter works for Sinasu
  • Tusken Raider Snipers
  • Tusken Raider Reaver
  • Lanni (female Mon Calamari) dockmaster for Sinasu at Greentop (not interacted with)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Tatooine, Vapor Station
  • Nar Shaddaa, Greentop

36 hours travel time to Nar Shaddaa

Episode 2: Nar Shaddaa


  • Impact (male Twi’lek) works for Rowo
  • Sinasu the Hutt
  • Naoko the Hutt in turf war with Sinasu (not interacted with)
  • Pon (male Rodian) Lieutenant of Sinasu (rumored to be working for Naoko) (not interacted with)
  • Lanni (female Mon Calamari) dockmaster for Sinasu at Greentop (not interacted with)


  • Nar Shaddaa, Greentop
  • Nar Shaddaa, Rowo’s Landing
  • Nar Shaddaa, BactaMax medical centre
  • Nar Shaddaa, TechTank
Episode 3: TechTank


  • Sinasu the Hutt
  • Tennon
  • TT-3PO (Protocal droid) metallic blue
  • Pon (male Rodian) (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Tor Cordol – Master Bounty Hunter (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Cordol’s Chain Apprentices
  • Cordol’s Chain Journeyman
  • Young Krayt Dragon


  • Nar Shaddaa, TechTank


  • Missile Launcher


  • Incom T-16M Skyhopper
  • Cloakshape Starfighter

Trouble Brewing

(Session 4)

Episode 1: Introduction


  • Bandin Dobah – Pirate
  • Moruth Doole – Administrator of Kessel (not interacted with)
  • Rii Jenks (male Bith) cantina owner (not interacted with)
  • Fia Mund (sullustan) (not interacted with)
  • Mama Nobah (female Human)
  • Jok Nobah (male Human) 
  • Vreebo Gango (male Rodian)
  • Lei Muoroy (male Human) (not interacted with)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Formos (Juncture of Pabol Sleheyron, Triellus Trade Route and Kessel Run)
Episode 2: Becoming Embroiled


  • J9-B8 (Protocol Droid) – free droid – taken by party
  • R4-W9 (astromech) – free droid – taken by party
  • Bandin Dobah (male Aqualish) – Pirate / Crime Boss (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Moruth Doole – Administrator of Kessel (not interacted with)
  • Thakba Besadii Diori (Hutt) from Sleheyron (not interacted with)
  • Zukata Netakka (female Rodian) (not interacted with)
  • Daro Blunt (male Human) – member Bandin Dobah’s band (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Spir Fraxis (male Human) – member of Bandin Dobah’s band (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Gut-Guro (male Weequay) – member of Bandin Dobah’s band (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Godon Netakka (male Rodian) (not interacted with) – Killed
  • Zalg (male Toydarian) – spy for Bandin Dobah (not interacted with)
  • Sentry Droid
  • Mate – Slow witted tought (male Human) (not interacted with) – Killed


  • Outer Rim Territories, Asteroid Belt 20 hr from Formos


  • Sentry Droid Starship
  • Z-TIE
  • “Vagrant” – YV-666 Medium Freighter

Game Master’s Kit

(Session 7)

Episode 1: Debts to Pay


  • Bargos the Hutt
  • Thakba Besadii Dori (Hutt) (not interacted with)
  • C3-P9 (Protocol Droid) – works for Bargos
  • Genko (male Toydarian) – works for Bargos
  • Bargos Gamorreans


  • Outer Rim Territories, Tatooine
Episode 2: Oridium Mining


  • EV-8D3 (Supervisor Droid) – killed
  • R2-B7 (Astromech) – killed
  • FX-769 (Medical Droid) – killed
  • Peekay 4 & 7 (Worker Droid) – reprogrammed by Party
  • 2D4, 2D5, 3D1, 3D4, 3D7 and 9B2 (B1 Battledroids)
  • Lookout (2050 Exploration Droid)
  • BLL1 & BLL2 (Load Lifters)
  • Chef (IA COO Cook Droid)
  • 3D-4K (Administrative Droid)
  • Oridelve Miner
  • Marv Moray (not interacted with)
  • Bonda (not interacted with)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Gavos


  • Storm IV Cloud Car
  • Class 5 simple interstellar transport

Beyond the Rim

(Session 13 to 17)

Episode 1:The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

(Session 13)


  • Reom (male Twi’lek) president of IsoTech
  • Ceoloe (male Human) bartender
  • Waroon Dak (male Human) Infochant
  • Sonou (female Twi’lek) clothing merchant (not interacted with)
  • Jilaa San (female Sullustan) mechanic (not interacted with)
  • Nols (male Human) gear seller
  • Jokol (male Duros) bookie (not interacted with)
  • Hal Lars (male Human) Parts seller (not interacted with)
  • Brun Brux (male Human) cafe owner (not interacted with)
  • ISB Agent
  • Cal Alsen (male Human) ISB Supervisor (not interacted with)
  • Wed Treadwell Repair Droid
  • Yab Yiyar (male Rodian) – killed
  • “Too Low” Talo (male Sullustan) – killed
  • Yiyar Clan Members – killed
  • “Eyetee-Three” IT-3PO (Protocol Droid)


  • Mid Rim Region, Besh Gorgon System, The Wheel


  • Nightflyer – YT-2400 Freighter
  • V5 Medium Cargo Floater
Episode 2: Welcome to the Jungle

(Session 14 to 16)


  • Green Bug Swarm
  • Arboreal Octopus
  • Bark Rat
  • Nexu
  • Cybernetic Enhanced Nexu
  • Reevos
  • Captain Rel Harsol (male Human)
  • Cratala (female Arkanian)
  • Survivors of Sal Nalaor
  • B1 Series Battle Droiud
  • Deep Dark Scout Trooper
  • Arak-Series Probe Droid


  • Outer Rim Region, Chol System, Cholganna


  • The Deep Dark- Skywatcher-Class Scout Ship
  • Scout trooper speeder bikes
Episode 3: Toxic Motherload

(Session 17)


  • Imperial Navy Pilot
  • Norta (male Rodian)
  • Trandoshan Mercenary
  • Yiyar Salvage Tech
  • Captain Shorwarr (male Wookiee) – no met


  • Outer Rim Region, Tion Hegemony, Raxus System, Raxus Prime (not reached)


  • Tie/LN Starfighter
  • Jawa Salvage Skiff – Cargo Floater 3z
  • Blockage Bandit – CR90 Corellian Corvette
  • Imperial Systems Patrol Craft – IPV-1
  • Iso-One – BFF-1 Series Bulk Freighter

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