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Running a Character Creation Session

This is the start of a campaign that I proposed to my players that we would play through the published adventures provided by Fantasy Flight Games due to my poor health so I could concentrate more on running the game than writing all the scenarios and running the game.

1 Session 14th October 2016.

I had a bunch of players create there characters for this campaign. The premise of the campaign is as follows.

  • Each rules set will have two main characters
  • Each adventure will focus on a rules set
  • When a rules set is focused on, the characters of that set become the main characters of that storyline, with the other characters being support characters
  • Main characters can override support characters on what needs to be done for the storyline
  • Every adventure swaps between rule sets of Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, then Force & Destiny with it restarting with Edge next.
  • Character can only use the Core Rules from their ruleset for their character creation, experience and equipment, no splat books to be used by an characters
  • This would be the ongoing storyline for the characters to pay attention to.

Concluding Thoughts

More than once I have had to talk to players about characters using abilities, equipment and rules from expansion books not in play. Also to allow the main characters of the adventure to have a chance as we have a group of mainly leaders with a few happy to be lead. These also serve as a record for my players of who they met and what they did.

I also had one player create a character here, then bring in a completely different one the following week breaking the base principle of the idea of 2 characters per rule set as he decided to  be a “force user” between this creation session and the start of the campaign. So I adapted and changed one of the other characters that I had prepared for just in case I had missing players. I also became the preparer of characters for more than half the party who did not want to spend time building, updating and maintaining their characters. So those players got a 5 minute XP expenditure when I had time picking what looked cool with a focus on talents as skills cap early.

The idea of having a rotating storyline work well mostly expect for one player who did not want to be a supporting character in everyone else’s story. So they were the drama queen of the game and since this have not been invited back to play with my group due to the poor sportsmanship.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-01 – Updating the links, structure and menu, and extra content.
  • 2020-04-27 – Structure and content.
  • 2019-08-23 – Split off the different rules sets to their own posts.
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