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There are many storylines going through the game, here are a few that I wanted to highlight as worth paying attention to and I will add to them over time. These are by no means the most important or relevant, but what I have time to enter between games. Feel free to suggest other side stories you want further information on, and links to where it fits in the overall story arc.

Admiral Thrawn

The Man Himself

  • Appeared in season one on screen talking to Farthin Montcurl
  • Put on a Gala where he had aspects of all the characters but one with their history and personal story on show
  • Mastered the two sabre style of mandalorian fighting as demonstrated to the PC who challenged him after seeing her mother’s sabre on the wall in the gala

Rughar (name to be checked)

  • Unidentified race
  • Works with Admiral Thrawn

Recruitment Campaign

  • Piper the recruitment pinup (Success)
  • Piper the ad for recruitment with Chad Hardwick and the Wookiee slave backup dancers (Failure + Despair + 3 Advantage)

Animal Handling

Big Game Hunter

  • Pello Thog is the Elrood Sector star Big Game Hunter
  • Most of the head’s decorating the Governor Montcurl’s office and starship were collected by Pello.

Bounty Hunter Grea the Orfite

  • Introduced working with Governor Montcurl
  • An up and rising hunter who has yet to fail to bring in her quarry
  • Has promised to catch up with Theyanna

Truestryker’s Animal Trapping & Animal Transportation (T AT-AT)

  • Bringing live cargo into the Elrood sector, have issues clearing Coyn and need help of Theya-nae

Governor Montcurl

The Governator

  • Son of their mentor, Farthin Montcurl who has brought them into the Sector Rangers
  • Is rarely seen in public without his aid
  • Does not talk directly to people in any footage.

The Governor’s Falleen Aide

  • Does all of the administration and organisation of resources for the governor
  • Is behind most of the posting at the Elrood Bounty Hunters Guild
  • Hired as a liaison for trade and commerce.

The Dead Governor’s Human Aid

  • Is the major voice of supporting the poor, homeless and orphans of the sector.
  • Was brutally murdered in a staged suicide by Piper
  • Was appointed to Elrood by Senator Organa from Alderaan as a liaison for health and wellbeing.

Missing Clan Armour

Karlid’s Clan Forge

  • Did not make it off Mandalore with the clans leaving
  • Has turned up in the possession of Imperial Admiral Thrawn 11 years after it was lost.
  • The forge is integral to the development and maintenance of the armour using beskar.
  • Information about pieces of the forge were on a ship bound for the Elrood Sector, but the ship never reached the destination.

Grandfathers Breastplate

  • Did not leave Mandalore with the family
  • Was in a smugglers display
  • Had been bought on the black market out of Eriadu from Piper’s brother.
  • Was in the display of Thrawn and given as a gift after the gala.

Sucbren’s Unaffiliated Consortium of Knowledge & Secrets (SUCKS)

  • One of the family ships has been traced to the Elrood sector, they ask Cadkia to follow up.

Sector Ranger Duties

Casefile – The El Capitano Bombing

  • Over 100 interviews conducted by Lt Sandemo. Conclusions redacted by order of Admiral Thrawn.
  • Smugglers ship that dropped the Mining equipment on Elrood was paid for by a Twi’lek.
  • Dump of Imperial investigations, interviews and collected data with no analysis.
  • Investigations (Daunting – 4 dice)
    • First Aspect of Investigation – Interviews of the Suspects – (Medical/Interview/Perception) Two Check Upgrade
    • Second Aspect of Investigation – Review of Forensics – (Vigilance/Computers/Perception) 1 Check Upgrade, 1 Test Upgrade, 1 Boost Dice
    • Third Aspect of Investigation
    • Furth Aspect of Investigation
  • Final Report (3x Check Upgrade, 2x Test Upgrade, 1x Boost dice)

Casefile – The Crocked Aid

  • Governor Montcurl (Judia) hired two aid’s. One representing trade and commerce and one representing health and wellbeing as their core duties.
  • Various criminal dealings have hints that point to the governors aid, a near human Falleen male.
  • The Falleen aid has raised multiple jobs with the Elroodian Hunters Guild as noted down by the Rangers. This information was also obtained from the Imperial records sent across by Lt Sandemo.
  • None of the evidence so far makes a clear case as to a crime being committed.
  • Dump of Imperial investigations, interviews and collected data with no analysis.
  • Investigation (Hard – 3 dice)
    • Frist Aspect of Investigation – Shadowing the Aide (Resilience/Stealth/Perception)
    • Second Aspect of Investigation –
    • Third Aspect of Investigation –
  • Final Report ()

Casefile – The Escaped Smuggler

  • Hernandez Harfleflit (Sullustan) left planet Elrood on Ithorian Starship Leaf on the Wind
  • Flight path for Leaf on the Wind had it heading to Korad System from Elrood System.
  • Dropped off a shipment of Algae and Moss for selling as substitute protein supplements.
  • Leaf on the Wind had landed in the mountains enroute to Elroodian due to the Algae clogging up the engines and required an overhaul at the starport with the Captain logged as an Ithorian and the Co-Pilot as a Sullustan.
  • Dump of Imperial investigations, interviews and collected data with no analysis.

Casefile – The Governors Aid Murder

  • Governor Montcurl (Judia) hired two aide’s. One representing trade and commerce and one representing health and wellbeing as their core duties.
  • Aid recently joined the governors office from Alderaan, as an outreach project to help the less fortunate regions of the galaxy.
  • Details put someone matching Piper’s description following the aid into the homeless shelter, with various shots of them following them around food kitchens and shelters over the course of the day.
  • Questions have been raised regarding whether this is also going to include the Falleen Aid as well.
  • Dump of Imperial investigations, interviews and collected data with no analysis.

Warren the Wookiee

Officer Fabio

  • Officer of the law, using social media, and drives a sporty police car.
  • Sideline of Airspeeder racing
  • Investigating “Warren the Wookiee” former slave companion of Piper

Warren the Wookiee

  • Not her real name
  • Name ss one of the A, B, C’s of learning the alphabet for children, and can be taken as an insult for most wookiee’s
  • Was wearing a slave collar in Piper’s pictures, was also a female juvenile wookiee.

Content Updates

  • 2022-02-22 – Update for the 21st game session
  • 2022-02-08 – Update for the 20th game session
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