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Investigations in Star Wars

Note – This is a work in progress ruleset to allow for my Sector Ranger Mandalorian Campaign.

The various things you need to know when investigating something in Star Wars (or any game) is :

  • What is it you’re investigating? If you don’t know what your investigating then getting access to identify what your to investigate can be crucial.
  • Who are you investigating for? If you don’t know the target audience for your information you won’t be able to tailor it for its purpose.
  • Why are you investigating? If you don’t know the reason for the investigation, how are you going to know what is the information you are looking for.

What are the challenge levels

  • Simple – No dice – Case would not hold up to challenge
  • Easy – One dice – Very simple case, that a charismatic person might avoid
  • Average – Two dice – Standard case brought by competent investigators
  • Hard – Three dice – Advanced case, requiring skilled investigation
  • Daunting – Four dice – Major case, requiring lots of work and cross linking
  • Formidable – Five dice – Regional Case, with lots of aspects

Information relating to a topic

Trying to find details about a topic can range from, you make a check at the level you wish to make the case for. Additional Boost and Setback dice based on the events and environment of the game.

  • Astrogation (Int) check if it relates to hyperspace routes
  • Core Worlds (Int) check if it relates to planet
  • Computers (Int) check if related to slicing
  • Education (Int) check if it relates to bureaucracy or science
  • Lore (Int) check if it relates to history
  • Mechanics (Int) check if it relates to machinery
  • Medicine (Int) check if it relates to health
  • Outer Rim (Int) check if it relates to resources
  • Skulduggery (Cun) check if it relates to criminal activity
  • Survival (Cun) check if it relates to nature or the environment
  • Underworld (Int) check if it relates to the criminal activity
  • Xenology (Int) check to determine species specific information
  • Warfare (Int) check if it relates to combat

Gathering the Information

A character sets the difficulty of the case to represent the difficulty of it being held up to investigation. The same difficulty needs to be used for all the checks while gathering information. Additional Boost and Setback dice based on the events and environment of the game.

Succeeding on the check gains an upgrade to making the case, failing makes it an upgrade to the difficulty. Two Advantages provide a Boost (Blue) dice to preparing the case. Two Disadvantage (Threat) provide a Setback (Black) dice to preparing. A Triumph (or three successes) makes a upgrade to the check to make the case. A Disadvantage (or two failures) makes a upgrade to the difficulty to make the case.

  • Charm (Pre) checks to gain the information form a subject
  • Coercion (Wil) check to force the information from a subject
  • Computers (Int) check to check a computer system for the information
  • Deception (Cun) check to trick the information from a subject
  • Negotiation (Pre) check to trade for the information from the subject
  • Perception (Cun) check to notice information you might have missed
  • Resilience (Bra) check to last longer and gather more information for the check
  • Stealth (Agi) check to not be noticed while gathering the information
  • Streetwise (Cun) check to know how to approach criminal elements for information

Using the Information

Now that you have the information you think you need to make your case, you need to put it all together with a Computer (Int) check to put the case together with the check made during the gather information stage building the dice pool for the check.

If the check is a success, you have made your case and the authorities would then side with you. Such as for a sector ranger, it would mean you now have an arrest warrant.

A Triumph (or three Advantages) would require a upgrade to the difficulty to fight against the case, where as a Dispear (or three Disadvantage or Threat) would upgrade the check. Each additional success provides a Setback (Black) dice to fight against the case while each additional failure provides a Boost (Blue) dice.

When fighting against the case, a character makes a Education (Int) check using bureaucracy to find the flaws.

Example Investigation

  • Sector Ranger Criminal Case
    • What – Making a case of a subject committing a crime
    • Who – For the Empire
    • Why – Investigating for the purpose of prosecution
    • Education (Int) or Underworld (Int) check to see what crime has been committed
    • Gathering data with interviews Charm (Pre), Coercion (Wil) and Negotiation (Pre)
    • Gathering data from systems or sensors with Computers (Int)
    • Gathering data from shadowing with Stealth (Int)
    • Gathering data with perseverance with Resilience (Bra)

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