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The mechanics of Obligation are in the Edge of the Empire rules, the mechanics for Duty are in the Age of Rebellion rules and the mechanics of Force Awareness are a house rule based on the other two mechanics and fluff in Force and Destiny. Morality is the mechanic that is separate to the others but unique to Force and Destiny meant for force sensitive characters only.

sw-ffg-ar-cr Core AoR
sw-ffg-ar-cr Core Age of Rebellion

Base Duty

Duty is a reward mechanic for the party. Duty is gained and lost via NPC interaction in the storyline usually related to a quest.

  • Duty is a threshold for level of trust and respect.
  • At character creation it can gain you additional starting XP or credits.
  • A character can have more than one duty.
  • A character can remove an duty completely, losing the ability to advance it in the future.

Party Duty

A percentile is rolled against party duty to see if it effects the adventure. The duty is stacked from the highest to the lowest. If party duty is rolled, the character in question increase their wound threshold by 2 and the rest of the party by 1. This is doubled if the dice rolled double digits. Once they reach 100 party duty then they gain a contribution rank, and the party duty is reset to zero with the individual scores banked for personal ranks.

House Rule Changes

Incorporating rules from Age of Rebellion I have built levels into the duty to expand the existing concepts. So as part of the house rules the following applies.

  • When the party duty is reset to zero, the individual scores are banked for personal ranks
  • Every 100 points of group duty creates a Resupply rank before resetting.
  • Every 100 points a character gains a Personal Advancement.

When the part reaches 100 points or more of group duty, all the Duty is transferred to a Banked Personal Pool of Duty. Unlike obligation all of it is transferred. Once this is done, then the team gains a Team Duty Level rank and receives a Resupply the next time they stop in an appropriate place to receive assistance from their rebel contacts.

If your characters banked personal pool of duty has just equaled or exceeded one of the Thresholds of 100, then they also gain personal advancement in the Rebellion.

Team Duty Level

This is a reminder of how much your team has managed to assist the growing rebellion. Each rank in your team duty level and has the following effects:

  • Cost of goods purchased through the rebellion is reduced by 5% for each rank
  • Social checks against other rebellion members who know your reputation provide you with a boost dice per rank
  • Social checks against Imperials have a setback dice per rank
Banked Personal Pool of Duty

This represents how much of your Duty you have managed to achieve for your character. For every 100 points in your bank, you treat it as having 1 rank and has the following effects:

  • A personal pool of Credits is made available to your character of 1,000 credits per rank (or increased by)
  • Associates relating to your duty comment on your success and discuss aspects of your duty and advancement
  • Rivals in the empire continue to put together data on your exploits to try and catch you.

Note: You have one Banked Personal Pool of Duty for each duty your character has.


Every time the group equals or exceed the threshold of 100 points of group duty and gains a rank of Team Duty level, each character with duty has a resupply event for the team where they get access to equipment and goods equal to 1,000 credits for rank of Team and Personal Duty they have achieved. Any unspent credits gets added to your personal credit account with the rebellion. They can also get one of the following:

  • The party can gain a piece of equipment for free at rarity 3 plus the team duty level.
  • The party can gain a vehicle at rarity 3 plus the team duty level.
  • The party can gain access to a strategic asset
Personal Advancement

Every 100 points a character banks in a duty provides them a advancement event where they have an awards ceremony and possibly a promotion. They also get 1,000 credits per rank an new equipment, upgrades or just credits added to their budget.

  • Your personal credit account with the rebellion increases by 1,000 credits per personal and team rank
  • If you loose duty for any reason, it is removed from your Banked Personal pool of Duty instead of your current duty. If it drops you below a threshold see below on demotion.
  • Your rank in the duty represents your rank within the rebellion,

If you reduce your duty below the thresholds at each 100 points, you lose face in the rebellion gaining a setback dice for all social checks for each reduction your character receives. Your also asked to return to the rebellion the credits awarded for your rank. This setback dice is also added to the social checks against Imperials as good and bad publicity work against you there.

Rank Recognition Table
  • Rank 0 – Known only to your superiors and friends.
  • Rank 1 – Known to your systems rebel cells, activities logged in Imperial Archives but not attributed.
  • Rank 2 – Known to your sectors rebel cells, activities in Imperial Archives now attributed.
  • Rank 3 – Known to your regions rebel cells, activities in Imperial Archives flagged for investigation.
  • Rank 4 – Known to the galaxy’s rebel cells, activities flagged for Imperial intervention.
  • Rank 5 – Known to imperials and on a locate and detail or destroy order.

Design Decisions

The idea behind the changes here was to make the Duty mechanic more of a roleplaying opportunity, as well as connect it to how I have also modified Obligation and created Force Awareness for the setting.

What this allows for is awarding characters who contribute more to the duty of the rebellion than those who just skim by relying on the others to carry their weight.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-15 – Updates to layout and menu.
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