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Campaign – Timeline

This is time for the Mandalorian ongoing campaign. Players can provide more input into what is recorded here. This will be notations for reminder with the full sessions available via YouTube (assuming the records are viewable)

Before Campaign – Timeline

Campaign – Timeline

Day 1 – Planet Coyn, Elrood Sector

Bounty hunter clan members board a shuttle to work out of Elrood, capital of the Elrood section and start to bring in money for the clan to help repay for the investment they made in getting them a licence.

Day 3 – Planet Elrood, Elrood Sector

Arrive on planet and approach the Elrood Bounty Hunter Guild head office or EBH for short where they were informed that to join the guild they have to collect 10 bounties as assigned by the guild to be officially recognised.

Team accepts Bounty on Vanis Vanna, capture him in a waste recycling centre and return him to the bounty hunter guild with Kyaana being declared leader of the team due to being the one putting the bounty in.

Group rents poor facilities near the guild office for the night. ## END SESSION 1 ##

Day 4 – Planet Elrood, Elrood Sector

Clan Captain shows up and tells the team he will return in seven days to see how well they have started their new work.

Team receives a new contract without consulting with the whole team Kyaana selects the one which interests part of the team and they go for the bounty with the catchy name. Finding out it is a sector celebrity, (not popular on Coyn) but likes to stand up for equal rights and love to play non-human music on his show.

They meet up with a Derovian Mr Devro.

Season Two

Day 1The Rangers – Death of Politician, Leaving of Officer Fabio and Death of Computer data wiz. Attempted murder on fellow party member. End Session 12

Day 2The Sector Ranger – Dealing with the poor character choices leading to character being stripped of their right to call themselves mandalorian End Session 13

Day 3The Ceremony – Art exhibit showcase from Admiral Thrawn, showing off research he had done into the clan he has sponsored to become the new Sector Rangers of the Elrood Sector.

Day 4The Book – Dealing with some of the repercussions of the ceremony and exhibition. End Session 14 End Session 15

Day 5The Plan – Briefing from Lt Sandemo regarding where to put their attention next. Meeting with Captain Dom Diesel from the Clan and accepting a booking to work with the governor on a PR trip to the planet Kidron.

Day 6The PR Trip – Boarding early morning the travel to Kidron and meet with the local Bounty Hunter legend known as Grea who has a reputation of bringing in all her hunts. Though she chooses what she takes on. – End Session 16

Day 7 – The Hunt is on – Meeting with the council and interacting with the local Wookiee population they travel to the hunting location in preparation for a dangerous hunt. – End Session 17

Content Updates

  • 2021-11-04 – Updated the timeline for season two, with links to the sessions it related to.
  • 2021-11-02 – Added in Season Two content, still need to go back and finish season 1, but have put that one on the todo list.
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