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  • sw-ffg-b-fa Force Awakend

Elrood Sector

See Elrood Sector

Elrood Sector Map

The Elrood sector was a sector located along the Rimma Trade Route in the Metharian Nebula Territories. It contained the Degan Gas Clouds and the Kuras Drift which surrounded many planetary systems.

This sector is accessible only via Tantra (M19) 13.6 19.9 from the Coyn Route.

Elrood Sector Locations:

  • Galaxy SegmentsM19, M20
  • Bodrin – M19 – 13.5 19.9
  • Coyn System, Coyn – M19 – 13.5 19.9 – PDF – 2021-03-05
  • Derilyn – M19 – 13.5 19.9
  • Elrood System, Elrood – M20 – 13.5 20.0 – PDF – 2021-05-04 (Moon Lodos, Sharene)
  • Kidron – M20 – 13.5 20.0
  • Korad – M19 – 13.5 19.9
  • Merisee – M19 – 13.5 19.9
  • Torina – M19 – 13.5 19.9

Coyn (OR NS)

  • System – Coyn
  • Star name – Coynek (orange star)
  • Orbital Bodies
    • D’Skar (Searing Rock)
    • Coyn (Terrestrial Forest, 1 moon)
    • Sat’Skar (Barren Rock)
    • Ba’Har (Gas Giant, 5 moons)
    • Tro’Har (Ice Ball)

Coyn is a planet in the Coyn system and the homeworld of the Coynites. It is located in Elrood sector, where the Coyn Route met the Elrood-Derilyn Run. The capital is the city of En’Tra’Tal, or “King-City”. Forests, marshes, and plains broken by simple mountain ranges covered this beautiful planet. Coyn is defended by their space fleet, Coyn’Skraj’Ha.

Coyn to Tantra

PDF – Coyn

  • Hyperlane minor Coyn Route (not shown)
  • Coordinates 13.5 20.0 to 13.6 19.9
  • Map M20 (OR NS) to M19 (OR NS)
  • Distance 0.2
  • Time 9 hrs 36 min
  • Check Hard – Upgrade (5) Setback (4)
Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route
Bodrin to Coyn (2 jumps)
  • Planetary Data FileCoyn
  • Hyperlane Sector Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route
  • Coordinates M19, M20 (OR)
  • Map Elrood Sector, 3 Transfer Points (TP)
  • Distance 2 Parsecs
    • .5 Parsec Bodrin to TP A
    • 1.5 Parsecs TP A to Coyn
  • Time 2 hrs
    • 30 min Bodrin to TP A
    • 1 hr 30 min TP A to Coyn
  • Check Average – Upgrade (2) Setback (4) for each jump. Can increase the difficulty to bypass transfer points by 1 per point.
Elrood Sector Map
System Datafile – Coyn

Coyn system, star: Coynek, orange star. Five planets in system – second planet, Coyn, in inhabited. Coyn is a major trade crossroads system in Elrood Sector.

From the Coyn Bureau of Tourism:

You are approaching the planet Coyn, Gateway of Elrood Sector, and homeworld of the proud and noble Coynite people.

Coyn is famous for its weaponry and is also home to the Mercenary Guild of Coyn, which boasts the mightest warriors of this world. Our mercenary activities are famous throughout the galaxy.

As out guest, you are expected to honour and obey the En’Tra’Sol, the King-Law. it is a legal system that has provided for our needs for thousands of years, and it is the standard of conduct by which all are judged.

As you approach our world, keep in mind the following things:

  • We are a warrior culture and value honour, valor, and loyalty. Cowardice and weakness are despised.
  • A weapon drawn must be used for a warrior to retain honour.
  • Warriors who have shown bravery in combat are respected, kindred spirits.
  • Never touch a Coynite with your bare hands unless that person has granted permission. This is a punishable crime.
  • Hollow threats, failure to defend oneself, falsely preparing one’s weapon for combat, deception, thievery and dishonesty are punishable crimes. one who displays these traits or acts in such a manner is branded af’harl, or “cowardly deceiver.” af’harl are “unseeable” in the eyes of teh Coynites, and have no legal rights. They may be enslaved, beaten, murdered or dealt with in any way that a Coynite citisen sees fit. al’harl who have been enslaved are property of that Coynite’s estate and thus are protected by and aswereable to that Coynite. Coynites are responsible for the actions of their al’harl.
  • Allowing an opponent to surrender in combat is only permissible if that opponent swears tracc’sorr, or fealty.

Enjoy your Stay

Elrood (OR)

Elrood is a major Outer Rim commerce and manufacturing centre.

Elrood is a planet located between the Halbara and Kidron systems on the Elrood-Derilyn Run. It functions as capital of the Elrood sector and as its major trade and manufacturing hub. Elrood headquartered Radell Mining Corporation, the largest company in the sector. It had two moons, Sharene and Lodos. The planet was named after Senator Elrood, who secured funding for its colonization.

Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route
Elrood to Kidron (2 jumps)
  • Planetary Data FilesElrood
  • Hyperlane Sector Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route
  • Sector Coordinates M19, M20 (OR)
  • Map Elrood Sector, 1 Transfer Point (TP)
  • Distance 3 Parsecs total
    • 1.5 Parsecs Elrood to TP A
    • 1.5 Parsecs TP A to Kidrom
  • Time 3 hrs
    • 1.5 hrs Elrood to TP A
    • 1.5 hrs TP A to Kidron
  • Check Average – Upgrade (2) Setback (4) for each jump. Can increase the difficulty to bypass transfer points by 1 per point.
Elrood Sector Map
System Datafile – Elrood

Elrood System, star: Elrad, yellow sun. Six planets in system – third planet, Elrood, can support life. Others can support artificial colonies. Elrood is the main system planet.

Elrood is the capital of Elrood Sector. Heavy ship traffic ahead. Please turn ship’s comm to channel XTX984, local planetary spaceport control channel, for landing instructions.

Attention Travellers – This is Elrood Space Central. Welcome to Elrood. Please turn to channel XTX984 for instructions.

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Sector: Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route

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