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SW GM Campaign Part 4 Rebel Storyline

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Campaign Creation Part 4 – Rebel Storyline

Notation from my Rebel Campaign.

Operation: Shell Game

(Session 2)

Episode 1: Welcome to Titan Base


  • Lt. Shara (female) Logistics Officer
  • Captain Aleene (female Bothan) Second in Command
  • Commander Elemack (male Mon Calamari) In Charge
  • Captain Jannis (male Human) Intelligence Officer (not interacted with)
  • Squadron Commandert Jayce Terril – Nightmare Squadron (not interacted with)
  • Sorren (Sullustan) Chief Engineer (not interacted with)
  • Krudar (male Duros) (not interacted with)
  • Lt. B’wek (female Twi’Lek) (not interacted with)


  • Corva Sector, Titan Base
  • Corva Sector, “The Hammer” imperial space station


  • Imperial Transport IM-873X Star Galleon
  • “The Emperor’s Vision” ISV-7X8 – Imperial Lambda-class shuttle

Imperial Projects:

  • Project: Shell-cracker
Episode 2: Lay the Hammer Down


  • R2-M5 “Em-fives”
  • Nattus Breely (male)
  • Wettan Garn (female Human)
  • Llek Huron (male near-Human)
  • Yotuu (male Gotal)
  • Ty Breely (male) force sensitive
  • Imperial Technician
  • Tie Pilot
  • Imperial Security Detail
  • Imperial Navy Trooper
  • Imperial Navy Engineer


  • Corva Sector, Corva System
  • Corva Sector, “The Hammer” imperial space station HM7-R – Firestar-class Orbital Defence Station


  • Imperial Transport IM-873X Star Galleon
  • “The Emperor’s Vision” ISV-7X8 – Imperial Lambda-class shuttle

Imperial Projects:

  • Project: Shell-cracker
Episode 3: The Battle for Corva Sector


  • TIE Fighter Pilot
  • Alliance Starfighter Pilot


  • Corva Sector, “The Hammer” imperial space station HM7-R – Firestar-class Orbital Defence Station


  • Shell Cracker Prototype – Imperial R&D
  • TIE/LN Starfighter – Hammer Squadron Alpha
  • T-65B “X-Wing” Multi-role starfighter – Nightmare Squadron

Perlemian Haul

(Session 5)

Episode 1: Martle Station


  • Lt. Commander Jilan Noor (male Human) captain of M226
  • Passk (male Trandoshan) Info broker
  • Varla Prule (female Human) governor of Rembuba system
  • Raf (male Zabrak) work gang leader
  • IT-0 Interrogation Droid
  • Martle station dockhands
  • Imperial Navy Trooper


  • Perlemian Trade Route, Remduba system, Martle Station


  • Freighter M226 Temple-class heavy freighters
  • “Party” 201-7 Lambda Shuttle
  • Star Galleon Armed Transport

Imperial Projects:

  • Perlemian Haul
Episode 2: Stern to Stem


  • Tera Wen (female Human) Petty Officer – Killed
  • M226 Navy Troopers
  • M226 Navy Crewmen
  • Tik, Ranat Leader (not interacted with)
  • Ranat Stalker
  • M226 Crew Chief (not interacted with)
  • M226 Navy Crewman
  • NR-5 Maintenance Droid
  • Ranat Scout
  • Mark IV Patrol Droid


  • Aratech “Shiphand” Cargo Skiff
Episode 3: The Prize


  • Lt. Commander Jilan Noor (male Human) captain of M226 (not interacted with)
  • Lt. Hyzhan Troo (female Human) (not interacted with)
  • M226 Bridge Crew

Dead in the Water

(Sessions 8 to 11)

Episode 1: Blue Milk Run

(Session 8)


  • Brahtikka (female Wookiee) – pilot of Spinster’s Loom
  • “Lelu” LE-LU979 (repair droid) – Ship copilot
  • Tay Coomsay (male Bosph) – Shadow Raptor navigator
  • Captain Hylo Sortuli (female Mirialan) – of Shadow Raptor
  • General Airen Cracken (male Human) – Head of Rebel Intelligence
  • Captain Shyndi Oglerk (female Human) – of Contispex Crusader
  • Roowarra (male Wookiee)
  • Roowarra’s Crew
  • Kog (male Human) first mate on Contispex Crusader – Killed


  • Outer Rim Territories, Kwymar Sector, Listehol system, Port Tooga


  • Spinster’s Loom – Rebel Transport
  • Shadow Raptor
  • Contispex Crusader – Gunship
Episode 2: Shadow Raptor Revolt

(Session 9-10)


  • General Airen Cracken (male Human) – Head of Rebel Intelligence
  • Captain Hylo Sortuli (female Mirialan)
  • Chief Moheed (male Mon Calamari) (not interacted with)
  • Saboteur Medical Droid
  • Saboteur Protocol Droid
  • Saboteur Load Lifter
  • Saboteur Astromech
  • TJ-11 (Saboteur Technical Droid) (not interacted with)


  • Shadow Raptor – Nebulon-B Frigate
  • Escape Pod
  • Life Boat
  • 18 X-wings
  • 6 Y-wings
  • 2 shuttles – Kappa-class
  • Shuttle Pod (ISP-6)
Episode 3: Logistical Peril

(Session 11)


  • Roowarra (male Wookiee) (not interacted with)
  • Aymus (male Weequay) (not interacted with)
  • Shoola (Hutt) (not interacted with)
  • Kwiggley (Bimm) Junk dealer (not interacted with)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Kwymar Sector, Listehol system, Port Tooga
  • Outer Rim Territories, Kwymar Sector, Teagan system, Teagan


  • Nubian shuttle

Onslaught at Arda I

(Sessions 18 to 25)

Episode 1: The Battle of the Gauntlet

(Session 18)


  • General Ran Niall (male Human) – Died
  • Senior Advisor Setanna Hase (female Human) – New leader
  • Commander Qurno (male Duros)
  • Var Narek (male Human)
  • Malau Jocaos (male Human)
  • Captain Harl Bess (male Human)
  • Urel Haydon (male Human/Cyber)
  • Major Yalor (male Sullustan)
  • Doran’enok
  • Dr Lorren Morrick (female Human)
  • Click (worker Vermine)
  • Arda I Viper Probe Droid
  • Imperial Vehicle Corps
  • Imperial Sandtrooper
  • Captain Balrekk (male Human)
  • Imperial Sandtrooper Sergeant (male Human)
  • Tam Blackstar (male Human) 
  • Arda I TIE Pilot (male Human)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Gordian Reach Sector, Arda system, Arda I


  • Z-95-AF4 Headhunter
  • Alliance T-47 Sandspeeder
  • AT-ST
  • TIE Hunter
  • TIE/LN Interceptor
  • TIE/LN Starfighter


  • Arda I Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon
  • Arda I Anti-Infantry Laser Cannon
Episode 2: Uncharted Territory

(Session 19 to 23)


  • Evarrian Hunter
  • Evarrian Queen
  • Evarrian Larva
  • Jagomiri Swamp Stalker
  • Bog Spitter
  • Dream Shimmer
  • Azurdactyl
  • Tunneling Garrix
  • Dorrian Vodani (male Dressellian)
  • Isshtharr (male Wookiee)
  • Lt. Masi Qual (female Bothan)
  • Lt. Rik Torrence (male Human)
  • Urtuaa Haaot (male Ithorian)
  • VX-19 Engineer Droid
  • Autoturret Droid


  • Outer Rim Territories, Esstran Sector, Jaga’s Cluster, Jagomir


  • MSP100 Pteropter Hover Pod
  • HM-5000 Jumpmaster Long Range Scout
Episode 3: Rendezvous at Ord Radama

(Session 24 to 25)


  • Spaceport Official
  • Haril Zense, Rebel Spy (male Human)
  • Ellor Orgraal, Imperial Governor (male Human)
  • Ord Randama Security Officer
  • Malau Jocaos, Imperial Intelligence Agent (male Human) – dead
  • Barrows’ Thug
  • Devlikk
  • Narralla (female Devlikk)
  • Imperial Stormtrooper
  • Commander Treaska


  • Outer Rim Territories, Radama Void, Esstran Sector, Ord Randama system, Ord Randama


  • The Eternal Wrath – Interdictor
  • Ord Randama Landspeeder
  • Zephyr-G Swoop
  • AT-ST

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