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FFG – Bounty Hunter – Operator / Propagandist

Here is a series of articles walking through the character creation process of Characters in the Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Star Wars system. It will contain notes about why certain choices were made for the campaign it was built for as well as a complete stat block that can be used to run the character in a game session.

Character Creation

Step 1 – Background

For this character the selected background elements were Down and Out and she watched her family die together while flying out with a family friend, the gadgeteer.

The other aspect was A Failure of Character as their family had lost so much face, with loose all but one member of the family lead her to rely on Alcohol addiction and cost the clan greatly as her lack of care cause the remaining family armour to be lost.

  • Attribute – Background – The Down and Out
    • Codenane – Kaph, Lamedh, Mem, Nun, Ayin, Sade, Qoph
    • Starting XP +5
    • Starting Obligation +5 to Oath
    • Storyline Hook – The purge and exodus was hard on your family. Many members were lost, or lost their way. The call to rejoin was the best thing that happened to you. Most of the clan is at this level, and your standing in the clan is in jeopardy. You have had to make certain promises to the clan for them to accept you. What are they?
  • Attribute – Background – A Failure of Character
    • Gain a third obligation of your choice from Addiction, Obsession or Betrayal at 5 (gaining 5 XP)
    • Storyhook – You are seen as on your last chance with the Clan with this as the turning point as a do or die scenario.

Note: Normally additional obligation and experience is not gained in this step, as part of the narrative for the storyline, characters have gained these optional boosts with the backstory.

Step 2 – Obligation

All characters start with two base obligations for their characters. This is setting the scene and tone for the campaign.

  • Attribute – Obligations
    • Family (starts at 5) Your working to keep the clan alive, what ever money you make you intend to put back into the clan who shelter and keep you alive.
    • Oath (starts at 5) You oath of service to the clan has brought you much in the way of chances. It has lead to you becoming a trusted member of the clan, as long as you keep to the oath.
Step 3 – Species

All original characters are part of the Mandalorian race.

RacialMandalorian Human
  • Brawn – 2
  • Agility – 2
  • Intellect – 2
  • Cunning – 2
  • Willpower – 2
  • Presence – 2
  • Wound Threshold – 11 + Brawn
  • Strain Threshold – 10 + Willpower
  • Starting Experience – 105 XP
  • Starting options – One rank in a combat skill of their choice or two ranks in knowledge skills of their choice. Starting characters cannot have skills higher than rank 2.
  • Selected Skill – Melee (Ag)

This was limited for story reasons having the group being formed from those who show promise in the clan, but are not their best and brightest.

Step 4 – Career

For this storyline, the orignial characters are all bounty hunters.

CareerBounty Hunter
  • Career Skills -Athletics (Br), Brawl (Br), Perception (Cun), Piloting – Planetary (Ag), Piloting – Space (Ag), Ranged – Heavy (Ag), Streetwise (Cun), Vigilance (Will)
  • Starting Character gains one rank in four career skills of their choice.
  • Starting Character chooses one of the following specialisations for free: Assassin, Gadgeteer, Martial Artist, Operator, Skip Tracer, Survivalist
  • Bounty Hunter Career Skills SelectAthletics (Br), Brawl (Br), Perception (Cun), Streetwise (Cun)

Bounty Hunter Story to be selected as part of session 2

Step 5 – Specialisation
  • Operator Career Skills SelectedAstrogation (I), Gunnery (A),
SpecialisationOperator (Vehicles)

Edge of the Empire – No Disintegrations (sw-ffg-ee-nd-29)

(A) Active Talent (P) Passive Talent (R) Ranked Talent

SpecialisationPropagandist (Social)

Based on Star Wars Are of Rebellion – Despirate Allies – Diplomat – Propagandist p 79.

(A) Active Talent (P) Passive Talent (R) Ranked Talent

Note: Due to the build of the characters, this player taking Atrogation and Gunnery has cut the teams potential XP by 1/3.

  • Selected skills changed to Brawl and Vigilance from main career to fit with the theme of the build being not the best or brightest. This then falls in line with the build parameters of the campaign.
Step 6 – Attributes

Normally for this step characters would invest in Attributes, Skills, Talents and the Force. But as part of the storyline about not been the best and brightest, I am having them start with being the Best in one attribute and Stronger than most in another.

  • Atrtibute – Starting XP – Best in Agility
    • Starting Agility is 4
  • Attribute – Starting XP – Strong in Intelligence
    • Starting Intelligence is 3
Step 7 – Derived Attributes
  • Attribute – Wound Threshold
    • 11+ Starting brawn + talents
  • Attribute – Strain Threshold
    • 10+ Starting willpower + talents
  • Attribute – Defence
    • Ranged Defence 0
    • Melee Defence 0
  • Attribute – Soak Value
    • Brawn + Talant + Gear
Step 8 – Motivations

Each of the characters has one motivation to choose and gains an additional motivation as a campaign motivation. Motivations are sorted out at the end of each part of a story chapter. This could be 1 to 5 sessions.

  • Attribute – Motivations
    • Team Player – So seek to expand your skills to complement those naturally gifted in your team strengthening you ability to work together.
      • A Character earns +5 XP if their skills in their best attribute are lower than those who are average in that skill
      • A Character earns +5 XP if their average attribute based skills are higher rank than those who are strong or best in those attributes.
    • Players choice.
Step 9 – Gear and Appearance
  • Credits 500
  • Spent – 500 – all spent
    • 50 Binders x2, 25 Combat Knife, 10 glowrod, 15 Ration Packs x3 = 100
    • 100 Slugthrower Pistol, 100 Space Suit =200
    • 150 Scanner Goggles, 25 utility belt, 20 Bola, 5 Ration pack = 200
  • Weight – (8) Fraction Items for every 10 items it adds an additional 1 encumbrance
    • Fraction Items (8) Backpack, Binders (2), Ration Packs (4), Scanner Goggles
    • Enc 1 (4) Bola, Combat Knife, Glowrod, Slugthrower Pistol
    • Enc 4 (1) Space Suit
  • Bind-1 – Binders Encumbrance: -, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 0
    • Breaking free of binders is often a matter of either sheer brawn or impressive agility and flexibility. The difficulty of each restraint is different depending on make and model, but the most common restraints require a Daunting (♦♦♦♦) Athletics or Coordination check to escape.
  • Merr-Sonn – Bola Skill: Ranged – Light, Damage: 2, Crit: -, Range: Short, Encumbrance: 1, Hard Points: 2, Price: 20 credits, Rarity: 2, Special Qualities: Ensnare 3, Knockdown, Limited Ammo 1
  • Merr-Sonn – Combat Knife Skill: Melee, Damage: +1, Crit: 3, Range: Engaged, Encumbrance: 3, Hard Points: 0, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 1
  • TaggeCo – Glowrod Encumbrance: 1, Price: 10 credits, Rarity: 0
  • Imperial Army – Ration Pack Encumbrance: -, Price: 5 credits, Rarity: 0
  • Luminator – Scanner Goggles Encumbrance: -, Price: 150 credits, Rarity: 3
  • Striker – Slugthrower Pistol Skill: Ranged – Light, Damage: 4, Crit: 5, Range: Short, Encumbrance: 1, Hard Points: 0, Price: 100 credits, Rarity: 3
  • Standard X – Space Suit Encumbrance: 4, Price: 100 credits, Rarity: 1
  • TaggeCo – Utility Belt Encumbrance: -, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 0
    • Utility belts increase the character’s encumbrance threshold by 1.

Session Updates

Session 2 – Operator

Choose reason for accepting the bounty hunter Lifestyle.

  • Aggression – There are those in the galaxy who just need to hit people, or do something both active and dangerous. Marching in ranks and following orders doesn’t suit them but beating someone into unconsciousness before handing them over for a paycheck certainly does. Such a Hunter may have washed out of Military Service, or decided to run from assault charges (or worse) and this seemed like a good fallback plan.
  • Disgrace – Utter failure or a terrible tragedy might well drive him to seek a career that takes him away from his former life. Tracking criminals across the galaxy, he can build a completely different life and reputation for himself, hopefully leaving his past behind him. However, he may not be so lucky.
  • Honour – Some people find that the law they serve is being trod upon by the very people for whom they work. Others watch corruption and tyranny crush everyone around them, and they come to decide they’ve had enough. Such a Bounty Hunter may have been a law enforcement agent, or perhaps just someone who decided enough was enough. he’s decided to defend justice and the law in his own way, perhaps even against those he once served.
  • Legacy – Perhaps his father – and his father’s father – was a bounty hunter, and he’s chosen to follow the family tradition. It could be that he is from a culture that reveres those who track transgressors, or that an honoured friend wanted to pass his skills along to someone. Whatever the source, such a bounty hunter tends to view the traditions of the trade with great reverence and respect.
  • Revenge – Many bounty hunters get into the business as a means to achieving revenge against someone (or a group) that has otherwise escaped justice. Their initial motives are very personal, usually due to the loss of something or someone precious to them. once justice is achieved, however, a person who has trained and practiced such skills and talents will often discover this is now his path.
  • Remaining Credits from Character Creation – 0
    • GM added utility belt, swapped Net for Bola and added 4 ration packs
  • Credits Earned during mission 50
  • Credits spent?
  • Starting Credits d100 – 85 cr
  • Character Bounty Hunter Story
  • Character Chosen Motivation – see Selecting Motivation
  • Family Codename – Octus Kaph
  • XP Available 25 (+15 xp for storyline)
    • Skills – Perception (C) 2, Streetwise (C) 2
    • Talents – Shortcut (Tier 1)
Session 9 – Operator
  • Gained 15 XP (Total 30)
  • Upgrade Skill – Charm to Rank 1 for 10 XP
Session 12 – Operator
  • Gained 15 XP to Spend (Total 45) – Motivation of Childhood Friend Wookie named Warren? 5 XP, Family Team Member Bonus – 10 XP

Questions and Answers as the Start of the session.

  1. Who are you – Interrogator, well known pilot.
  2. What do you want – Free her family, and best friend.
  3. Whom do your serve – Family.
  4. Where do your loyalties lie – Family and boy toy.
  5. What was your last bounty – collected Solo that granted you the right to become a member of the Elrood Bounty Hunters Guild – Poe-poke from Tatooine, jawa, ship removal parts from trade ship. Ten person jawa crew. All taken in alive.
  6. What was your defining moment is the last six months away from your clan – Admitting she has an addiction, and working towards stopping it. Obligation to Addiction -5. (removed)
  7. What Upgrades have you selected – Gunnery Rank 1 (5XP), Cool Rank 1 (10XP), Piloting – Planetary Rank 1 (5 XP), Piloting – Space Rank 1 (5 XP)
  8. What are you Accredited for with the Empire? .
  9. Do you keep your Bounty Hunter licence – Bounty Hunting, Gunnery, Vehicles and Spacecraft.
  10. How much money do you send to your family – 90% Kept, 450 cr gained and Obligation to family reduced by 1.
Session 20 – Operator / Propagandist
  • For the 8th February 2022
  • Gained 15 XP (Total 60) – Character Gains at least 10 XP + 5 XP (warren the wookiee)
    • Spent on Talents Galaxy Mapper (5 xp), Grit (5 xp), and Overwhelm Defenses (5 xp)
  • Credits 100
  • Free Propagandist Specialisation added to character from backstory elements and Cutting Question talent. (+25 xp) – Total 85
Session 24 – Operator / Propagandist
  • Changes of Obligation based on playstyle.
    • Family 4 (Promise to work with the clan for support and protection.)
    • Tier 1 – Debt 110 (Promises to the clan to help keep them together, and keep the role of Piper in the Imperial eyes to a minimum.)
    • Oath 10 (To serve and support the clan, keeping its secrets)
    • Crime 60 (A committed unsanctioned murder is coming back to haunt them relating to an Alderaanian and the governor, Improper Take off procedure)
  • Gift of Imperial Operations Manual for two Activities of his choice – Adds +1 Boost (Blue) Dice to checks for the activity.
    • Note – One choice made concerning Imperial Take Off Procedures
  • Starship licence disqualified for six months due to improper take off on Elroodan spaceport.
  • Upgrades Skills – Gunnery to Rank 1 (5 xp), Cool to Rank 1 (10 xp), Piloting – Planetary to Rnak 1 (5 xp), Planetary – Space to rank 1 (5 xp)
Session 32 – Operator / Propagandist
  • Character XP 40 (Total 125)
    • Universal Specialistation – Recruit – 20 xp
    • Recruit – All Tier 1 Talents – 20 xp

Current Build

Jed – Owned by Stumpy
aka Piper – Pipe d Rekrick – Octus Kaph
Recruit (T1)
Wanted by the Empire for Murder 500 cr
Mark [PC]
  • Mandalorian Female Bounty Hunter / Tier 1 Operator (O) / Propagandist (P) / Recruit Tier 1 (R)
  • Background – Down and Out – A Failure of Character
  • Motivation – Friendship – Warren the Wookiee
  • Obligation (Level 1 Obligation due to stress of family in captivity)
    • Family (Clan) 4
      Debt (Captivity) 100
    • Oath 10
    • Criminal 50
  • XP Total – 240 (Total) – Starting (115) – Spent (115) – Remaining (10)
    • Starting (115), Session 2 (15), Session 9 (15), Session 12 (15), Session 20 (40), Session 32 (40)

Description: Were Down and Out and she watched her family die together while flying out with a family friend, the gadgeteer. She also has A Failure of Character as their family had lost so much face, with loose all but one member of the family lead her to rely on Alcohol addiction and cost the clan greatly as her lack of care cause the remaining family armour to be lost.

(Br)awn 2 – (Ag)ility 4 – (Int)ellect 3 –
(Cun)ning 2 – (Will)power 2 – (Pr)esence 2

  • Soak Value – 2
  • Wound Threshold – 13 (11 +Starting Br 2)
  • Strain Threshold – 12 (10 +Starting Will 2)
  • Ranged Defence – 0 / Melee Defence – 0
  • Skills
    • General – (Br) Athletics 1, (Pr) Cool 1, (Cun) Perception 2, Piloting – Planetary 1 (Ag), Piloting – Space 1 (Ag), (Cun) Streetwise 2, (Will) Vigilance 1
    • Social – (Pr) Charm 1,
    • Combat – (Br) Brawl 2, (Br) Melee 1, (Ag) Gunnery 1
    • Knowledge (I) –
  • Talents (5) – (O) Operator, (P) Propogandist, (R) Recruit
    • Tier 1 (P – 9) Basic Combat Training (R), Cutting Question (P), Galaxy Mapper (O), Grit (O/P), Outdoorsman (R), Overrun Defenses (O), Second Wind (R), Shortcut (O), Tactical Combat Training (R)
    • Tier 2 (O/R)
  • Abilities (#) –
    • Force Sensitive – Corruption (15)
Equipment (#)
– Carry Capacity of 8 (Base of 5 +2 Brawn +1 utility belt)
  • Weight – (8) Fraction Items for every 10 items it adds an additional 1 encumbrance
    • Fraction Items (8) Backpack, Binders (2), Ration Packs (4), Scanner Goggles
    • Enc 1 (4) Bola, Combat Knife, Glowrod, Slugthrower Pistol
    • Enc 4 (1) Space Suit
Notes #
  • Career Skills (Bounty Hunter, Operator, Propagandist, Recruit) – Astrogation (Int), Athletics (Br), Brawl (Br), Charm (Pr), Deception (Cun), Discipline (Will), Gunnery (Ag), Knowledge – Warfare (Int), Melee (Br), Perception (Cun), Piloting – Planetary (Ag), Piloting – Space (Ag), Ranged – Heavy (Ag), Ranged – Light (Ag), Survival (Cun), Streetwise (Cun), Vigilance (Will)
  • Chapter 1 – 50 credits / 450 credits
  • Chapter 2 – 100 credits
  • Chapter 3 – NA credits (Monthly allowances +100 recruit)
  • Licence – Imperial ID, Bounty Hunting, Gunnery, Vehicles and Spacecraft
Talents (Tier 1 (6))
  • Basic Combat Training (Tier 1 – Passive) Gain Brawl and Ranged – Light as career skills.
  • Cutting Question (Tier 1 – Passive) Once per encounter when making a Coercion skill check, the character may use Deception skill instead
  • Galaxy Mapper (Tier 1 – Rank 1 – Passive) Remove a Setback (Black) dice per tier. Astrogation checks take half normal time.
  • Grit (Tier 1 – Ranked) – Add 1 to your Strain Threshold for each tier in Grit
  • Outdoorsman (Tier 1 – Rank 1 – Passive) Overland travel times reduced 50%. Remove Setback (Black) dice from terrain and environmental effects.
  • Overwhelm Defenses (Tier 1 – Rank 1 – Active – Incidental) On unsuccessful attack with Starship or Vehicle weapon, may spend two advantages per tier to reduce the defense zone targeted by the attack for the remainder of the encounter by 1 for each pair of advantages spent.
  • Second Wind (Tier 1 – Active – Incidental) Once per encounter, the character may use a Second Wind incidental to recover an amount of strain equal to his ranks in Second Wind.
  • Shortcut (Tier 1 – Rank 1 – Passive) During a chase, add a Boost (Blue) due per tier in shortcut to any checks made to escape an opponent.
  • Tactical Combat Training (Tier 1 – Passive) Gain Melee and Ranged – Heavy as career skills.
  • ee-cr – Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr)

Content Updates

  • 2022-08-25 – Updated after session 32 and cleaned up the xp spending.
  • 2022-04-05 – Updated for Session 24
  • 2022-02-08 – Updated for the game in session 20.
  • 2022-01-30 – Updated for session 20.
  • 2021-09-22 – Updated after the session with results.
  • 2021-09-21 – Update for End of Season One, Session 12.
  • 2021-04-23 – Added in some information for characters to complete before session 3.
  • 2021-04-19 – Updating the character in preparation for session 2.
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