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Star Wars – Character Builds

FFG – Bounty Hunter – Skip Tracer / Big Game Hunter

Here is a series of articles walking through the character creation process of Characters in the Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) Star Wars system. It will contain notes about why certain choices were made for the campaign it was built for as well as a complete stat block that can be used to run the character in a game session.

Step 1 – Background

For this character the selected background elements were Middle-Class Struggles where the family capture and train animals as mounts and were offworld when the clan was exiled from Mandalore.

The other aspect was Thrill of the Hunt and they want to help their family by learning how to hunt and track anything.

  • Attribute – Background – Middle Class Struggles
    • Codemane – Samekh, Zayin, Heth, Teth and Yodh
    • Starting Credits +1,000
    • Starting Obligation +5 to Family
    • Storyline Hook – Your relation to the clan is solid, your family survived the purge and exodis and landed on their feet. When they heard the call, it was hard to pull away from your new life and join the rest of the clans, but you did, though you know many who did not.
  • Attribute – Background – Thrill of the Hunt
    • Increase Oath by 5 (gaining 5 XP)
    • Storyhook – You live for the chance to prove yourself, and being a hunter and honing your skills was the best opportunity you needed.

Note: Normally additional obligation and experience is not gained in this step, as part of the narrative for the storyline, characters have gained these optional boosts with the backstory.

Step 2 – Obligation

All characters start with two base obligations for their characters. This is setting the scene and tone for the campaign.

  • Attribute – Obligations
    • Family (starts at 5) Your working to keep the clan alive, what ever money you make you intend to put back into the clan who shelter and keep you alive.
    • Oath (starts at 5) You oath of service to the clan has brought you much in the way of chances. It has lead to you becoming a trusted member of the clan, as long as you keep to the oath.

Step 3 – Species

All orignial characters are part of the Mandalorian race.

  • Attributes – Racial – Mandalorian Human
    • Brawn – 2
    • Agility – 2
    • Intellect – 2
    • Cunning – 2
    • Willpower – 2
    • Presence – 2
    • Wound Threshold – 11 + Brawn
    • Strain Threshold – 10 + Willpower
    • Starting Experience – 105 XP
    • Starting options – One rank in a combat skill of their choice or two ranks in knowledge skills of their choice. Starting characters cannot have skills higher than rank 2. Gunnery (A)

This was limited for story reasons having the group being formed from those who show promise in the clan, but are not their best and brightest.

Step 4 – Career

For this storyline, the orignial characters are all bounty hunters.

  • Attributes – Career – Bounty Hunter
    • Career SkillsAthletics (B), Brawl (B), Perception (C), Piloting – Planetary (A), Piloting – Space (A), Ranged – Heavy (A), Streetwise (C), Vigilance (W)
    • Starting Characer gains one rank in four career skills of thier choice.
    • Starting Character chooses one of the following specialisations for free: Assassin, Gadgeteer, Martial Artist, Operator, Skip Tracer, Survivalist

Bounty Hunter Story to be selected as part of session 2

Step 5 – Specialisation

  • Attributes – Specialisation – Skip Tracer
    • Career Skills – Cool (P), Knowledge (I) – Underworld, Negotiation (P), Skulduggery (C)
    • Starting Characer gains one rank in two career skills of thier choice.

Step 6 – Attributes

Normally for this step characters would invest in Attributes, Skills, Talents and the Force. But as part of the storyline about not been the best and brightest, I am having them start with being the Best in one attribute and Stronger than most in another.

  • Atrtibute – Starting XP – Best in Willpower
    • Starting Willpower is 4
  • Attribute – Starting XP – Strong in Prescence
    • Starting Prescence is 3

Step 7 – Derived Attributes

  • Attribute – Wound Threshold
    • 11+ Starting brawn + talents
  • Attribute – Strain Threshold
    • 10+ Starting willpower + talents
  • Attribute – Defence
    • Ranged Defence 0
    • Melee Defence 0
  • Attribute – Soak Value
    • Brawn + Talant + Gear

Step 8 – Motivations

Each of the characters has one motivation to choose and gains an additional motivation as a campaign motivation. Motivations are sorted out at the end of each part of a story chapter. This could be 1 to 5 sessions.

  • Attribute – Motivations
    • Team Player – So seek to expand your skills to complement those naturally gifted in your team strenthening you ability to work together.
      • A Character earns +5 XP if their skills in their best attribute are lower than those who are average in that skill
      • A Character earns +5 XP if their average attribute based skills are higher rank than those who are strong or best in those attributes.
    • Players choice.

Step 9 – Gear and Appearance

  • Credits 1,500
  • Spent – 1,450
    • 500 Padded Armour
    • 400 Blaster Pistol, 75 Datapad, 25 Comlink = 500
    • 25 Binders, 45 Rations x9, 25 Breath Mask, 30 Synthskin x3, 25 Utility Belt, 50 Biinders 2x = 150
    • 250 slugthrower rifle, 50 Backpack = 300
  • Weight – (11/13 if carrying armour) Fraction Items for every 10 items it adds an additional 1 encumbrance
    • Fraction Items (18) Backpack, Binders (3), Comlink, Rations (9), Synthskin (2), Utility Belt
    • Enc 1 (5) Blaster Pistol, Breath Mask, Datapad, Extra Reload (2)
    • Enc 5 (1) Slugthrower Rifle
    • Note: Padded Armour adds 2 Enc if carred but not if worn
  • TaggeCo – Backpack Encumbrance: -, Price: 50 credits, Rarity: 0
    • Backpacks increase the character’s encumbrance threshold by 4.
  • SE-14C – Blaster Pistol Skill: Ranged – Light, Damage: 6, Crit: 3, Range: Medium, Encumbrance: 1, Hard Points: 3, Price: 400 credits, Rarity: 4, Special Qualities: Stun Setting
  • Bind-1 – Binders Encumbrance: -, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 0
    • Breaking free of binders is often a matter of either sheer brawn or impressive agility and flexibility. The difficulty of each restraint is different depending on make and model, but the most common restraints require a Daunting (♦♦♦♦) Athletics or Coordination check to escape.
  • Roamer-6 – Breath Mask Encumbrance: 1, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 1
  • TaggeCo – Comlink – Handheld Encumbrance: -, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 0
  • TaggeCo – Datapad Encumbrance: 1, Price: 75 credits, Rarity: 1
  • BlasTech – Extra Reload Encumbrance: 1, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 1
    • Extra reloads allow characters to ignore an “out of ammo” Despair result with a ranged weapon. By spending a maneuver, they may reload their weapons and get back in the fight.
  • Protector X – Padded Armour Defence: 0, Soak: 2, Encumbrance: 2 (or 0 if worn), Hard Points: 0, Price: 500 credits, Rarity: 1
  • Imperial Army – Ration Pack Encumbrance: -, Price: 5 credits, Rarity: 0
  • 6-2Aug2 – Slugthrower Rifle Skill: Ranged – Heavy, Damage: 7, Crit: 5, Range: Medium, Encumbrance: 5, Hard Points: 1, Price: 250 credits, Rarity: 3, Special Quality: Cumbersome 2
  • BioTech – Synthskin Encumbrance: -, Price: 10 credits, Rarity: 1
  • TaggeCo – Utility Belt Encumbrance: -, Price: 25 credits, Rarity: 0
    • Utility belts increase the character’s encumbrance threshold by 1.

Session Updates

Session 2 – Skip Tracer

Choose reason for accepting the bounty hunter Lifestyle.

  • Aggression – There are those in the galaxy who just need to hit people, or do something both active and dangerous. Marching in ranks and following orders doesn’t suit them but beating some one into unconciousness before handing them over for a paycheck certainly does. Such a Hunter may have washed out of Military Service, or decided to run from assault charges (or worse) and this seemed like a good fallback plan.
  • Disgrace – Utter failure or a terrible tragedy might well drive him to seek a career that takes him away from his former life. Tracking criminals across the galaxy, he can build a completely different life and reputation for himself, hoepfully leaving his past behind him. However, he may not be so lucky.
  • Honour – Some people find that the law they serve is being trod upon by the very people for whom they work. Others watch corruption and tyranny crush everyone around them, and they come to decide they’ve had enough. Such a Bounty Hunter may have been a law enforcement agent, or perhaps just someone who decided enough was enough. he’s decided to defend justice and the law in his own way, perhaps even against those he once served.
  • Legacy – Perhaps his father – and his father’s father – was a bounty hunter, and he’s chosen to follow the family tradition. It could be that he is from a culture that reveres those who track transgressors, or that an honoured friend wanted to pass his skills along to someone. Whatever the source, such a bounty hunter tends to view the traditions of the trade with great reverence and respect.
  • Revenge – Many bounty hunters get into the business as a means to achieving revenge against someone (or a group) that has otherwise escaped justice. Their initial motives are very personal, usually due to the loss of something or someone precious to them. once justice is achieved, however, a person who has trained and practiced such skills and talents will often discover this is now his path.
  • Remaining Credits from Character Creation – 350
    • GM Added Slughthrower Rifle, Backpack and two extra sets of binders
  • Credits Earned during mission 50
  • Credits spent?
  • Starting Credits d100 – 130 cr
  • Character Bounty Hunter Story
  • Character Chosen Motivation – see Selecting Motivation
  • Family Codename – Octus Zayin
  • XP Available 20
    • Skills – Perception (C) 1, Ranged (A) – Heavy 2
    • Talents – Bypass Security (Tier 1)
Session 9 – Skip Tracer
  • Piloting Planetary Rank 1 5 XP, Piloting Space Rank 1 5 XP
Session 12 – Skip Tracer
  • 10 XP to Spend
  • Motivation of Quiet Professional? 5 XP
  • Family Team Member Bonus – 10 XP

Questions and Answers as the Start of the session.

  1. Who are you – A mandalorian who belongs to the Star Wing Clan.
  2. What do you want – To restore the family name and status, eventually owning beska and excel at being a bounty hunter.
  3. Whom do your serve – The Family and Clan.
  4. Where do your loyalties lie – The Clan.
  5. What was your last bounty – collected Solo that granted you the right to become a member of the Elrood Bounty Hunters Guild – Defeated a local gang leader extorting from business in the area, restoring order. Leaf Skullblight.
  6. What was your defining moment is the last six months away from your clan – Defeating a game by herself.
  7. What Upgrades have you selected – Skullduggery Rank 2 (10 XP), Ranged – Light Rank 1 (10 XP), Negotiation Rank 1 (5 XP)
  8. What are you Accredited for with the Empire? . Bounty Hunting, Brawl, Heavy Ranged Weapons, Light Ranged Weapons, Vehicles, Starships
  9. Do you keep your Bounty Hunter licence – Yes.
  10. How much money do you send to your family – 100% given to family, gains no money but clears up the family debt. Remove Family obligation.
Session 18 – Skip Tracer
  • Equipment Added to Character –
Session 20 – Skip Tracer / Big Game Hunter
  • For the 8th February 2022
  • Character Gains at least 10 XP +5 XP (Quiet Professional)
    • Bought Talents – Good Cop, Hard-Boiled, Rapid Recovery
  • Credits 500
  • Free Big Game Hunter Specialisation added to character from backstory elements and the Stalker talent.
Session 24 – Skip Tracer / Big Game Hunter
  • Changes of Obligation based on playstyle.
    • Oath 5 (Links to clan and having to serve the clan.) Note – Important to keep
    • Dutybound 5 (With being a better bounty hunter.)
  • Gift of Imperial Operations Manual for two Activities of his choice – Adds +1 Boost (Blue) Dice to checks for the activity.

Current Build

Thayanae Truestryker – Octus Zayin

Ariadna [PC]

  • Mandalorian Female Bounty Hunter / Tier 1 Skip Tracer (ST) / Big Game Hunter (BGH)
  • Background – Middle-Class Struggle – Thrill of the Hunt
  • Motivation – Quiet Professional
  • Obligation
    • Oath 10
  • XP Total – 185
    • Starting (110), Session 9 (10), Session 12 (25), Session 20 (40)

Description: Middle-Class Struggles where the family capture and train animals as mounts and were offworld when the clan was exiled from Mandalore. Also Thrill of the Hunt and they want to help their family by learning how to hunt and track anything.

(Br)awn 2 – (Ag)ility 2 – (Int)ellect 2 –
(Cun)ning 2 – (Will)power 4 – (Pr)esence 3

  • Soak Value – 4 (Brawn 2 + 2 from Padded Armour)
  • Wound Threshold – 13 (11+starting Br 2)
  • Strain Threshold – 14 (10+starting Will 4)
  • Ranged Defence – 0 / Melee Defence – 0
  • Skills
    • General – Athletics 1 (Br), Perception 1 (Cun), Piloting – Planetary 1 (Ag), Piloting – Space 1 (Ag), Skulduggery 2 (Cun), Streetwise 1 (Cun),
    • Social – Negotiation 1 (Pr),
    • Combat – Brawl 1 (Br), Gunnery 1 (Ag), Ranged – Heavy 2 (Ag), Ranged – Light 1 (Ag)
    • Knowledge – Underworld 1 (Int)
  • Talents (5) –
    • Tier 1 (5) – Bypass Security (ST), Good Cop (ST), Hard-Boiled (ST), Rapid Recovery (ST), Stalker (BGH)
  • Abilities (#) –

Equipment (#) – Capacity 12 (+4 Backpack, +1 Utility Belt)

  • Weight – (11/13 if carrying armour) Fraction Items for every 10 items it adds an additional 1 encumbrance
    • Fraction Items (18) Backpack, Binders (3), Comlink, Rations (9), Synthskin (2), Utility Belt
    • Enc 1 (5) Blaster Pistol, Breath Mask, Datapad, Extra Reload (2)
    • Enc 5 (1) Slugthrower Rifle
    • Note: Padded Armour adds 2 Enc if carried but not if worn
    • New Items to add – Gaffi Stick, 2x Ion Grenade, Light Blaster, Long Range scanner, Restraining Bolt, 10x Glowrods, Stimpack, Portable emergence medpack
    • With Vehicle – Medpack, Weapons toolkit, Armour, Tent
  • Notes (#)
    • Career Skills (Bounty Hunter, Skip Tracer, Big Game Hunter) – Athletics (Br), Brawl (Br), Cool (Pr), Knowledge – Underworld (Int), Knowledge – Xenology (Int), Negotiation (Pr), Perception (Cun), Piloting – Planetary (Ag), Piloting – Space (Ag), Ranged – Heavy (Ag), Skulduggery (Cun), Stealth (Ag), Streetwise (Cun), Survival (Cun), Vigilance (Will)
    • Chapter 1 – 50 credits / 0 credits
    • Chapter 2 – 500 cr (20)
    • Licences – Imperial ID, Bounty Hunter ID, Ranger ID, Brawl, Heavy Ranged Weapons, Light Ranged Weapons, Vehicles, Starships
  • TALENTS (Tier 1 (5))
  • Bypass Security (Tier 1 – Ranked) Remove on Setback (Black) Dice to check to disable devices or open locked doors per Tiers in this talent.
  • Good Cop (Tier 1 – Ranked) May spent 2 Advantages from a Charm or Negotiation check to upgrade a singles ally’s next social interaction check against the same target as many times as you have Tier’s in this talent.
  • Hard-Boiled (Tier 1 – Ranked) When recovering strain after an encounter, may spend up to Tier in this talent of Advantages to recover 1 wound per advantage spent.
  • Rapid Recovery (Tier 1 – Ranked) When recovering strain after an encounter, recover your tier in this talent as well.
  • Stalker (Tier 1 – Ranked) Add one Boost (Blue) Dice to Coordination and Stealth checks per Tier in this talent.


  • ee-cr – Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr)
  • Stun Damage/Setting (Passive) Some weapons deal Stun damage instead of regular damage. In this case, the weapon deals damage as strain instead of wounds. This damage is still reduced by a target’s soak.
    • A variant of this is a Stun setting. As a free action, the wielder can choose to switch the setting of his weapon to “Stun.” In this case, it does stun damage as described above. When weapons with a stun setting are used to deal stun damage, their range changes to short and cannot be increased.

Content Updates

  • 2022-04-05 – Updated for Session 24
  • 2022-01-30 – Updated for session 20.
  • 2021-09-22 – Updated after the session with results.
  • 2021-09-21 – Update for End of Season One, Session 12.
  • 2021-04-23 – Added in some information for characters to complete before session 3.
  • 2021-04-18 – Updated the equipment and the Session 2 information.
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