Wrath of the Immortals Gods

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Mystara Gods – The Immortals

Mystara does not have actual gods like other settings, clerics venerate the Immortals instead. Immortals were once great adventurers that have epic quests and petitioning to past Immortals transcended their mortal form to take their place forever in the Outer Planes.

Each Immortal serves one of the five Spheres of Power, each Sphere represents one of the distinct components of the Multiverse. Clerics of Mystara can venerate a specific Immortal, and entire pantheon or just a Sphere of Power.

The Immortals hold each other in balance, none may actively interfere with the world without rebuke from others. Instead the Immortals secretly take mortal guise to walk the world unnoticed. While their power is greatly reduced when they do this, they are still creatures of immense power in their guise.

The primary role of the Immortals is to keep balance among the Spheres. Each Sphere must be kept in harmony with the others for the Multiverse to continue. An imbalance between the Spheres can have catastrophic results. The Sphere of Entropy stands apart from the others, trying to cause the end of the Multiverse so they can recreate the next world in their image.


Paths of Immortality

The other purpose for Immortals is to sponsor mortals that wish to join them. It is not an easy task, for more perish than ever succeed. One cannot become an Immortal without the help of a sponsor, and there is no guarantee a mortal will ever gain a sponsor. Once a mortal has obtained a sponsor, they must partake of a task to prove the mortal is indeed worthy. Once they start a task they become a Quester.

  • The Path of the Dynast is for the Sphere of Time. The hero must prove themselves worthy by building a dynasty worthy of an Immortal. This task requires the hero to establish a long-lasting rule by the hero and descendants. The hero must populate the realm with enough people and build a capitol for the new realm. The other challenge of the Dynast is they must travel in time to help their descendants retain the realm built by the hero. The hero must quest for an artefact to accomplish this, then they are worthy of immortality.
  • The Path of the Epic Hero is for the Sphere of Thought, must undergo a series of quests, first to find a powerful artefact of Thought. Then to destroy an artefact of Entropy. Then the Epic Hero must create a great weapon, train a worthy successor and finally complete an epic quest taking no less than five years to accomplish.
  • The Path of the Paragon is for the Sphere of Energy, a test of creation and conquest. The hero must find an artefact of Thought, then create an entirely unique magical item that requires at least one impossible component. Once those are finished the Paragon must train no fewer than half a dozen apprentices and see them rise in power. Finally, the Paragon must challenge and defeat all wizards with 1,000 miles before they are eligible.
  • The Path of the Polymath is for the Sphere of Matter demands its candidate partake a quest for an artefact that will force the hero to quest for it several times. Each time the hero attains the artefact, the artefact resets the hero back to 1st level of a different class with no memories of the past lives. The hero must then find the artefact again with a party with at least four different classes, until the fourth time when all memories and levels are returned. Then the candidate must build a monument of their achievement.
  • The Path of the Conqueror for the Sphere of Entropy. (See GAZ10)

Note: This is meant to be discovered only once a character reaches 16th level or above, only then is how it applies to a campaign discussed.

The Spheres of Power

There are five spheres of power, they are not good, nor evil. How the power is used marks the alignment. If any one sphere becomes dominant over the others then the world falls out of balance and major events come into play to correct that imbalance. This is the premise of the campaign, and is corrected is needed

  • Sphere of Energy – The principle of Energy is associated with activity and chaos, as well as the magical schools of Abjuration, Evocation (Fire/Radiant), Conjuration (Fire/Celestials/Constructs) and the element of fire.
    • Energy dominates Matter by making it unstable, opposes Thought’s categorisation, and is subject to Time’s organisation. Fire burns earth and is in turn quenched by water.
    • Energy type of fire and radiant, colour of red, desires activity and chaos.
    • If you worship an energy Immortal, you gain the protected by energy class feature.
  • Sphere of Matter – The principle of Matter is associated with stasis and stability, as well as the magical schools of Evocation (Acid/Poison), Conjuration (Earth/Creatures of the Land), Transmutation and the element of earth.
    • Matter dominates Thought by forcing it to be logical, opposes Time’s attempts to change things, and is subject to Energy’s introduction of chaos. Earth chokes air and is in turn burned by fire.
    • Energy type of acid and poison, colour of green, desires stasis and stability.
    • If you worship a matter Immortal, you gain the protected by matter class feature.
  • Sphere of Thought – The principle of Thought is associated with perception and categorisation of things, as well as the magical schools of Evocation (Lightning/Thunder), Conjuration (Air/Creatures of Flights), Enchantment, Illusion and the element of air.
    • Thought dominates Time by enforcing free will, opposes Energy’s chaos, and is subject to Matter’s restriction. Wind dries water and is in turn blocked by earth.
    • Energy types of thunder and electricity, colour of white, desires perception and categorisation.
    • If you worship a thought Immortal, you gain the protected by thought class feature.
  • Sphere of Time – The principle of Time is associated with steady change, as well as the magical schools of Evocation (Cold/Force), Conjuration (Water/Creatures of the Water), Divination and the element of water.
    • Time dominates Energy’s chaos by organising its change, opposes Matter’s stability, and is subject to Thought’s imposition of free will. Water quenches fire and is in turn dried by wind.
    • Energy type of cold and force, colour of blue, desires steady change.
    • If you worship a time immortal, you gain the protected by time class feature.
  • Sphere of Entropy – The principle of Entropy is associated with death and destruction, as well as the magic schools of Evocation (Necrotic/Psychic), Conjuration (Fiends/Undead), Necromancy and the element of darkness.
    • Entropy is in opposition to all the other principles. Entropy seeks to Destroy Matter, dissipate Energy, stagnate Time, and Stifle Thought.
    • Energy type of necrotic and psychic, colour of black, desires death and destruction.
    • If you worship an entropy immortal, you gain the protected by entropy class feature.

Ranks of the Immortals

In this setting the gods of the pantheon are all immortal of various ranks. Here are the gods I have available to my players and NPCs in my Wrath of the Immortals campaign.

There is another level called The Old Ones, but only the gods know anything about that one. The number in the brackets after the god represents their power level. The higher the number, the more powerful the god.

The overview of the gods details all the different names that I have for each of the gods that have been written up here, including what they are patrons of and what artefacts are relating to the setting.

There are seven tiers of the gods:

  • Hierarch or Rulers: These are the the ruling deities, they set the rules for which all other gods of a lower level must follow. Only the most daring Immortals dare to take the final step into Rulership of their sphere. A Ruler takes on responsibility for all immortals of their Sphere and the management of their sphere in all Immortals councils.
  • Eternal or Leaders: These are the greater deities. Very few Immortals dare to take the next step into leadership of their sphere. A leader takes on a group of lesser immortals as part of their duty.
  • Empyreal or Transcendent: These are the intermediate deities, who effects are most felt. Few Immortals dare to take the step into Transcendence. Transcendent beings give up the last vestiges of their mortality, becoming fully aligned with the gods. When they act in the mortal or Immortal worlds, they do so without warning or fear of the political consequences. A transcendent being may act as a patron to a group of lesser Immortals, although such arrangements are relatively rare.
  • Celestial or Immortal: There are the lesser deities, they are the core of the pantheons, providing most of the maintenance with the worshippers. Those rare few possessing the courage to essay their third great challenge may become true Immortals, beings of tremendous power and prestige. Immortals always wield considerable influence in the politics of their kind, even if they choose to ignore it completely. Their vast array of gifts and abilities makes them dangerous adversaries, while their relationships with the gods mean they are almost untouchable by lesser beings.
  • Temporal or Illuminated: These are the the Demi-Gods, beings who while remembering once being mortal are well used to their power. By surviving his second great challenge a wielder becomes one of the illuminated. Most Immortals reach this step and stop; the risks of proceeding become so great only the most dedicated and daring have the courage to attempt them. Illuminated Immortals wield a wide variety of powers. Their Aura is strong enough to sway all but the strongest mortals and even aspirants have difficulty resisting their will. Illuminated beings possess sufficient power to act as a patron to a group of mortal heroes, further expanding their ability to project power.
  • Initiate or Wielder: They are the Hero Deities, Immortals who were recently mortal or remember what it is like to be mortal. A wielder has passed his first great challenge. That challenge causes godhead’s fires to burn brightly in his spirit. His aura becomes strong enough to directly affect mortal creatures, while his array of gifts is sufficient to give him options in the ever-evolving intrigues occupying Immortal life.
  • Quester or Aspirant: An aspirant has just begun his journey. His first challenge awakens the spark of immortality within his soul. This makes him slightly more than mortal, with abilities even the greatest sorcerers might envy. It also places him in an extremely vulnerable position: he has awakened to the world of Immortal politics but lacks the power and influence to protect himself from its machinations. His Aura is relatively weak, preventing him from empowering servants or creating extensive sanctums from which to mount his own defence.

All of the Gods and Release Dates

Energy 31 / Entropy 35 / Matter 34 / Thought 36 / Time 34 / (Total of 168)

Listed A (18) B (11) C (10) D (6) E (2) F (7) G (8) H (9) I (7) J (2) K (11) L (8) M (13) N (7) O (7) P (12) Q (1) R (9) S (12) T (19) U (4) V (3) W (3) Y (3) Z (4) – Total 198 (Max 180)
Todo A (7) B (1) C (1) D (1) G (3) H (3) I (1) J (1) K (1) L (1) M (1) N (1) P (1) S (2) T (1) Y (1) Z (1) – Total 28

  • Aegit (TBA) – Thought
  • Ahmanni (16 – 2020-08-04) – Time
  • Air Elemaster (33 – 2021-01-23) – Thought
  • Al-Kalim (3 – 2021-01-25) – Time
  • Alphaks (20 – 2021-01-27) – Entropy
  • Alphatia (16 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Amset (TBA) Thought
  • Apesh (TBA) Entropy
  • Apshai (TBA) Entropy
  • Aracne Prime (6 – 2021-01-27) – Entropy
  • Arik (18 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Arnelee (8 – 2021-01-23) – Thought
  • Asterius (28 – 2020-07-25) – Thought
  • Atruaghin (32 – 2020-07-28) – Matter
  • Atzanteotl (31 – 2020-04-05) – Entropy
  • Audhumia (TBA) – Old One
  • Aura (TBA) Time
  • Avalanche (TBA) – Matter
  • Bachraeus (19 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Bagni (24- 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Baldur (TBA) – Thought
  • Bartziluth (24 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Bastet (22 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Bemarris (3 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Benekander (1 – 2020-05-27) – Energy
  • Branden (11 – 2020-08-11) – Energy
  • Brindorhin (14 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Brissard (10 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Buglore (9 – 2021-01-20) – Matter
  • Calitha (18 – 2020-08-29) – Time
  • Carnelian (11 – 2020-08-28) – Time
  • Chardastes (24 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Cheiron (TBA) – Energy
  • Chiron (6 – 2020-08-19) – Matter
  • Clebard (2 – 2021-01-23) Thought
  • Coberham (10 – 2020-09-05) – Energy
  • Cochere (12 – 2020-08-25) – Thought
  • Crakkak (10 – 2021-01-21) – Time
  • Cretia (16 – 2020-09-04) – Thought
  • Danel (14 – 2020-08-06) – Entropy
  • Demogorgon (29 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Diamond (21 – 2020-08-09) – Matter
  • Diulanna (18 – 2021-01-23) – Thought
  • Djaea (34 – 2020-08-22) – Matter
  • Drekk (TBA) – Entropy
  • Faunus (11 – 2020-08-20) – Matter
  • Finidel (6 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Fire Elemaster (33 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Forsetta (7 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Frey (13 – 2021-01-23) – Thought)
  • Freyja (13 – 2021-01-23) – Thought
  • Fugit (30 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Garl (13 – 2020-08-12) – Matter
  • Goram (TBA) – Matter
  • Gorm (22 – 2021-01-18) – Thought
  • Gorrziok (25 – 2021-01-21) – Time
  • Great Mother (TBA) – Entropy
  • Ground (19 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Guidarezzo (15 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Gzemnid (TBA) – Entropy
  • Halav (17 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Harrow (11 – 2021-01-24) – Entropy
  • Hattani (15 – 2020-07-29) – Matter
  • Heimdal (30 – 2021-09-27) – Energy
  • Hel (36 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Hircismus (12 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Hodor (TBA) Old One
  • Horus-Re (TBA) – Energy
  • Hymir (13 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Idraote (TBA) ?
  • Idris (15 – 2020-08-10) – Entropy
  • Iliric (8 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Ilmarinen (20 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Ilsundal (34 – 2020-04-17) – Energy
  • Infaust (16 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Ixion (36 – 2020-04-19) – Energy
  • Jammudaru (5 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Jormungandr (TBA) Old Ones
  • Ka (35 – 2020-07-30) – Matter
  • Kagyar (28 – 2020-05-28 – Matter
  • Kaladan (TBA) Entropy
  • Kallala (24 – 2021-01-26) – Entropy
  • Karaash (5 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Kersy (21 – 2021-01-21) – Thought
  • Khoronus (36 – 2020-09-02) – Time
  • Kiranjo (7 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Korotiku (32 – 2020-05-26) – Thought
  • Koryis (10 – 2021-01-024) – Thought
  • Kythria (2 – 2021-01-18) – Entropy
  • Land (27 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Leo Varantia (TBA) Thought
  • Liena (1 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Lokena (2 – 2021-01-21) – Matter
  • Loki (30 – 2021-01-28) – Entropy
  • Lornasen (10 – 2020-08-15) – Matter
  • Loup (9 – 2021-01-24) – Entropy
  • Luca (12 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Maat (30 – 2021-01-22) – Matter
  • Macroblan (27 – 2021-01-22) – Entropy
  • Madarua (26 – 2021-01-18) – Energy
  • Mahmatti (14 – 2020-07-25) – Energy
  • Malafor (15 – 2021-01-22) – Time
  • Malinois (15 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Marwdyn (4 – 2021-01-18) – Entropy
  • Masauwu (28 – 2020-05-31) – Entropy
  • Matin (19 – 2020-08-03) – Energy
  • Mazikeen (27 – 2020-06-16) – Energy
  • Mealiden (23 – 2020-08-13) – Energy
  • Minroth (13 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Mrikitat (TBA) – Thought
  • N’grath (29 – 2021-01-22) – Matter
  • Nephthys (TBA) Thought
  • Ninfangle (26 – 2020-08-02) – Thought
  • Ninsun (35 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Nob Nar (5 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Noumena (34 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Nyx (33 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Odin (36 – 2020-08-23) – Thought
  • Oleyan (6 – 2021-01-26) – Time
  • Opal (18 – 2020-08-08) – Matter
  • Orcus (26 – 2020-08-05) – Entropy
  • Ordana (31 – 2020-08-31) – Time
  • Orisis (19 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Ouranos (34 – 2021-01-22) – Entropy
  • Paarkum (8 – 2021-01-22) – Matter
  • Palartarkan (11 – 2021-01-19) – Thought
  • Palson (4 – 2021-01-24) – Thought
  • Patura (10 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Pax (35 – 2021-01-25) – Thought
  • Pearl (12 – 2020-08-07) – Matter
  • Petra (17 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Pflarr (25 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Pharamond (32 – 2021-01-19) – Entropy
  • Polunius (25 – 2021-01-22) – Matter
  • Prometheus (TBA) Time
  • Protius (29 – 2020-05-30) – Time
  • Qywattz (21 – 2021-01-25) – Entropy
  • Rad (22 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Rafiel (21 – 2020-08-18) – Energy
  • Raith (12 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Ralon (9 – 2020-08-27) – Thought
  • Ranivorus (16 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Rathanos (28 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Raven (21 – 2021-01-25) – Time
  • Razud (31 – 2021-01-19) – Energy
  • Ruaidhri (3 – 2020-08-26) – Entropy
  • Saasskas (23 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Saturnius (16 – 2021-01-20) – Energy
  • Secubi (TBA) Entropy
  • Set (TBA) Entropy
  • Sharpcrest (19 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Simurgh (19 – 2020-08-30) – Time
  • Sinbad (25 – 2021-01-25) – Thought
  • Skuld (34 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Slizzark (17 – 2021-01-20) – Entropy
  • Soubrette (24 – 2021-01-25) – Thought
  • Ssu-Ma (23 2020-08-24) – Thought
  • Stodos (6 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Urd (32 – 2021-01-22) – Time
  • Urtson (7 – 2021-01-23) – Thought
  • Usamigaras (27 – 2021-01-20) – Energy
  • Utnapishtim (20 – 2021-01-23) – Matter
  • Valerias (31 – 2021-01-23) – Matter
  • Vanya (23 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Vethandi (35 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Yagrai (13 – 2021-01-29) – Entropy
  • Yav (20 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Ymir (TBA) Time
  • Zalaj (27 – 2021-01-27) – Time
  • Zirchev (17 – 2020-08-16) – Energy
  • Zugzul (32 – 2021-01-20) – Energy
  • Zurda (TBA) Energy

Gods by Sphere

Gods of Energy (Fire) – 31

Domains: Energy -> Light – Fire – War -> Arcana – Hunting – Travel

Gods of Entropy (Darkness) – 35

Domains: Entropy -> Darkness – Death – Grave -> Corruption – Lust – Tyranny -> Apocalypse – Blood – Madness – Void

Gods of Matter (Earth) – 34

Domains: Matter -> Earth – Forge – Nature -> Beer- Dragon – Moon – Mountain -> Creation – Hunt

Gods of Thought (Air) – 36

Domains: Thought -> Air – Knowledge –Trickery -> Balance – Beauty – Justice – Tempest -> Labyrinth

Gods of Time (Water) – 33

Domains: Time -> Life – Speed – Water -> Ocean – Repose – Time-> Clockwork – Prophecy

Other Details of the Gods

  • Names of the Gods: A list of all the discovered names of the gods in the setting.
  • Patronage of the Gods: Looking for a god, here are what these gods represent in the world.
  • Artefacts of the Gods: The list of all the known artefacts in the setting.
Statistics from my list of gods (Immortals)
  • 166 total number of Gods – updated to 168 (seems I missed a few of them)
  • 42 Gods are from the Energy Sphere – updated to 42
  • 41 Gods are from the Matter Sphere – updated to 41 (83 total)
  • 33 Gods are from the Thought Sphere – updated to 35 (118 total)
  • 25 Gods are from the Time Sphere – same in the end (143 total)
  • 25 Gods are from the Entropy Sphere – same in the end (168)
  • 575 total names for all the Gods – updated to 634
  • 261 different types of patronage for Warlocks and Bards – updated to 439
  • 187 Base Artefacts – updated to 216
  • 43 Different Clerical Domains
  • 40 Different Pantheons
Names of the Gods (712)

A (34 Names starting with A) Aasla (see Alphatia), Aegir (see Hymir), Agundji (see The Great One), Ahmanni (Thought), Ahti (see Protius), Air Elemaster (Thought), Aksyri (see Ixion), Al-Kalim (Time), Aline (see Liena), Alphaks (Entropy), Alphatia (Energy), Amon (see Odin), An-Ying Zhu Hou (see Aracne Prime), Angrboda (see Demogorgon), Aphrodite (see Kythria), Apollo (see Palson), Apophis (see Bachraeus), Aravjuk (see Harrow), Arduinna (see Diulanna), Ares (see Bemarris), Arik (Entropy), Arna E Tapu (see Gorrziok), Arnelee (Thought), Ashanti (see Valerias), Asharya (see Aracne Prime), Astallah (see Air Elemaster) Asterius (Thought), Athena (see Lokena), Atruaghin (Matter), Atruatzin (see Atruaghin), Atzanteotl (Entropy), Atziann (see Atzanteotl), Ayazi (see Ixion), Ayodhya (see Ilsundal)

B (23 Names starting with B) Ba Pian-Shu (see Brissard), Ba-Steh (see Bastet), Bachraeus (Entropy), Bagni (Entropy), Barramundje (see Calitha), Bartziluth (Energy), Bastet (Time), Belbion (see Vanya), Belnos (see Asterius), Belsamas (see Kagyar), Bemarris (Energy), Benekander (Energy), Bergelmir (see Zalaj), Bia-Hun Xi-Ai (see Valerias), Bozdogan (see Loki), Brage (see Guidarezzo), Branden (Matter), Breig (see Ordana), Brian (see Frey), Brianna (see Freyja), Brindorhin (Time), Brissard (Entropy), Buglore (Matter)

C (15 Names starting with C) Calitha (Time), Carnelian (Time), Cay (see Terra), Cernuinn (see Faunus), Chardastes (Time), Cheimos (see Noumena), Chiron (Matter), Clebard (Thought), Coberham (Energy), Cochere (Thought), Corona (see Zugzul), Crakkak (Matter), Cretia (Thought), Cryonax (see Studos), Cymorrak (see Asterius)

D (16 Names starting with D) Dain (see Ilsundal), Dallbard (see Tiresias), Danel (Entropy), Darga (see Thanatos), Dazbog (see Ixion), Demogorgon (Entropy), Diamond (Matter), Diulanna (Thought), Djaea (Matter), Donar (see Thor), Donegal (see Thor), Doregar (see The Twelves Watches), Dottor Infaustus (see Infaust), Dugong (see Thor), Dun (see Terra), Durblaga (see The Shaper)

E (5 Names starting with E) Earth Elemaster (Matter), Eiryndul (Energy), Enebaan (see Masauwu), Erel (see Hel), Eyris (see Eiryndul)

F (17 Names starting with F) Falcho (see Raven), Fana (see Vanya), Farbautides (see Loki), Faunus (Matter), Felidae (see Calitha), Finidel (Time), Fire Elemaster (Energy), Forsetta (Matter), Fredar (see Frey), Fredara (see Freyja), Frey (Thought), Freyja (Thought), Frigg (see Terra), Fu Han Qing (see Faunus), Fu Shi Liu (see Khoronus), Fugit (Time), Fukyuu Diashou (see The Eternal General)

G (23 names starting with G) Ganetra (see Ssu-Ma), Garal (see Garl), Gareth (see Benekander), Garl (Matter), Genjoo (see Ka), Ghorek (see Earth Elemaster), Glinmir (see Carnelian), Glittergold (see Garl), Glitterloda (see Garl), Glitterlode (see Garl), Gna (see Arnelee), Gorm (Energy), Goron (see Demogorgon), Gorrziok (Matter), Grammaton (see Odin), Ground (Matter), Guan Zi-You (see Korotiku), Guidarezzo (Energy), Gullveig (see Demogorgon), Gullymaw (see Bagni), Guthbrand (see The Eternal General), Guy d’Aret (see Guidarezzo), Gylgarid (see Kiranjo)

H (20 Names starting with H) Hala (see Hel), Halav (Thought), Han Li (see Arnelee), Harrow (Thought), Hathor (see Valerias), Hattani (Matter), Heimdall (Energy), Hel (Entropy), Heng Shang (see The Eternal General), Hera (see Patura), Hermes (see Turmis), Hermod (see Asterius), Hiisi (see Hel), Himayeti (see Ixion), Hircismus (Entropy), Hong Tzu (see Karaash), Horon (see Ixion), Hrggek (see Bartziluth), Hul Da Zhi (see Alphaks), Hymir (Time)

I (13 Names starting with I) Idris (Entropy), Idu (see Ixion), Iliric (Energy), Ilmarinen (Matter), Ilnerval (see Karaash), Ilsundal (Energy), Infaust (Matter), Innuus (see Faunus), Isiris (see Valerias), Ivaldi (see Atzanteotl), Ixingaltrix (see Fire Elemaster), Ixion (Energy), Ixitxachitl (see Saasskas)

J (4 Names starting with J) Jammudaru (Entropy), Jarilo (see Frey), Johannes Silberstein (see Infaust), Jumal (see Odin)

K (21 Names starting with K) Ka (Matter), Ka’ar (see Ka), Ka-Gar (see Kagyar), Kagyar (Matter), Kala (see Hel), Kalaktatla (see Ka), Kallala (Time), Karaash (Thought), Karandas (see Pharamond), Karr (see Thanatos), Keengror (see Mazikeen), Kepher (see Noumena or Orisis), Kersy (Matter), Khoronus (Time), Kiranjo (Entropy), Korotiku (Thought), Koryis (Thought), Kudesha (see Asterius), Kurtulmak (see The Shining One), Kutul (see The Shining One), Kythria (Energy)

L (15 Names starting with L) Lada (see Freyja), Laksman (see Ilsundal), Land (Matter), Lemminkainen (see Ilmarinen), Leptar (see Hircismus), Leug (see Zirchev), Liena (Time), Lokar (see Loki), Lokena (Matter), Loki (Entropy), Lornasen (Energy), Loup (Thought), Luca (Time), Lupercus (see Faunus), Luup (see Loup)

M (35 Names starting with M) Maat (Matter), Macroblan (Matter), Madarua (Energy), Maderakka (see Terra), Maglubiyer (see Wogar), Magna Mater (see Terra), Magni (see Bemarris), Mahes (see Ninfangle), Mahmatti (Energy), Malafor (Matter), Maleen (see Malinois), Malinois (Thought), Manadyn (see Protius), Manwara (see Protius), Marau-Ixui (see Terra), Marwdyn (Energy), Marzanna (see Hel), Masauwu (Entropy), Matera (see Vanya), Matin (Thought), Maziburg (see Mazikeen), Mazikeen (Energy), Mazikeena (see Mazikeen), Mealiden (Energy), Menlil (see Atzanteotl), Milan (see Mealiden), Mimir (see Noumena), Minroth (Energy), Mitra (see Maat), Modi (see Bartziluth), Modsognir (see Kagyar), Mokosz (see Terra), Monomachos (see Patura), Murtijai (see Asterius), Mut (see Terra)

N (15 Names starting with N) N’grath (Matter), Na al (see Nyx), Naabu (see Khoronus), Negyavim (see Iliric), News (see Noumena), Nian-Mia Si-Xiang (see Noumena), Nin Fang Le (see Ninfangle), Nin-Agar (see Kagyar), Nin-Hurabi (see Nyx), Ninfangle (Matter), Ninsun (Energy), Nob Nar (Thought), Noumena (Thought), Nyt (see Hel), Nyx (Entropy)

O (11 Names starting with O) Odin (Thought), Oleyan (Time), Oloron (see Odin), Opal (Matter), Orcus (Entropy), Ordana (Time), Orisis (Thought), Oruguz (see Orcus), Osiris (see Ixion), Otzitiotl (see Ixion), Ouranos (Matter)

P (21 Names starting with P) Paarkum (Matter), Palartarkan (Energy), Palson (Thought), Pangloss (see Ssu-Ma), Panzuriel (see Saasskas), Pater (see Kagyar), Patura (Energy), Pausania (see Patura), Pax (Thought), Pax Bellancia (see Tarastia), Pearl (Matter), Perun (see Odin), Petra (Time), Pflarr (Energy), Pharamond (Energy), Polunius (Matter), Porewit (see Forsetta), Protius (Time), Ptahr (see Kagyar), Pyrak (see Ixion), Pyro (see Ixion)

Q (2 Names starting with Q) Quetzalcoatl (see Atruaghin), Qywattz (Thought)

R (13 Names starting with R) Ra (see Rathanos), Rad (Energy), Rafiel (Energy), Raith (Energy), Rakhnee (see Aracne Prime), Ralon (Thought), Ranivorus (Entropy), Rathanos (Energy), Raven (Thought), Razud (Energy), Rheddrian (see Benekander), Ruaidhri (Thought), Ruthin (see Forsetta)

S (26 Names starting with S) Saasskas (Entropy), Saliandla (see Water Elemaster), Sata (see Ilsundal), Saturnius (Energy), Seker (see Minroth), Shaibuth (see Eiryndul), Sharpcrest (Time), Shaya (see Valerias), Sif (see Madarua), Sigbertsdatter (see Liena), Silenus (see Faunus), Simurgh (Time), Sinbad (Thought), Sjofn (see Valerias), Skorpios (see Atzanteotl), Skuld (Entropy), Slizzark (Energy), Snotra (see Maat), Solarios (see Ixion), Soubrette (Thought), Ssu-Ma (Thought), Stodos (Entropy), Stripicore (see Mazikeen), Sumag (see Terra), Surt (see Zugzul), Svetoid (see Halav)

T (25 Names starting with T) Ta Lai Si-Fa (see Tarastia), Tabak (see Ixion), Tahkati (Energy), Talitha (Entropy), Tallivai (see Calitha), Tallivai the Rootmaker (see Calitha), Tapio (see Ilsundal), Taranos (see Odin), Tarastia (Energy), Taroyas (Time), Terra (Matter), Tha-to (see Thanatos), Thalia (Energy), Thanatos (Entropy), Thendara (see Ordana), Thor (Energy), Tiresias (Thought), Tiuz (see Ilsundal), Tourlain (Thought), Tuatis (see Thor), Tubak the Lawgiver (see Ixion), Turlock (see Chiron), Turmis (Thought), Tyche (Thought), Tyr (see Ixion)

U (6 Names starting with U) Uatuma (see Zirchev), Ui (see Ordana), Urd (Matter), Urtson (Matter), Usamigaras (Energy), Utnapishtim (Matter)

V (13 Names starting with V) Vainamoinen (see Ilmarinen), Valerias (Matter), Vali (See Gorm), Vanu (see Valerias), Vanya (Time), Vaprak (see Jammudaru), Var (see Tarastia), Varellya (see Vanya), Veles (see Loki), Vethandi (Time), Vidar (see Halav), Viuden (see Odin), Volund (see Wayland)

W (6 Names starting with W) Warrutam (see Ixion), Water Elemaster (Time), Wayland (Matter), Wogar (Matter), Wong Ah (see Wogar), Wotan (see Odin)

X (1 Name starting with X) Xi-Yang (see Ixion)

Y (8 Names starting with Y) Yagrai (Entropy), Yamag (see Terra), Yamuga the Yurt Dweller (see Terra), Yeenoghu (see Ranivorus), Yehm (see Korotiku), Yao-Lan Zi (see Alphatia), Yarella (see Madarua), Yav (Time)

Z (7 Names starting with Z) Zalaj (Time), Zargos (see Nyx), Zephyr (see Asterius), Zeus (see Taroyas), Zirchev (Energy), Zoldignag (see Zalaj), Zugzul (Energy)

Roles (62 Immortal Roles) BANES OF (Alphatia (see Alphaks), Humanoids (see Halav), Lycanthropes (see Ruaidhri), of Souls (see Demogorgon), Hawkbane (see Ruaidhri)), CARETAKERS OF (Dragonkind and Lizardfolk (see The Great One), the Elves (as Mealiden), Jawwag-Uf (see Qywattz), the Sea Races (see Calitha), Verdant Caretaker (see The Korrigans)), CHAMPIONS (Fiery Champion (see The Korrigans)), CREATOR OF THE (Earthshaker (see Branden)), DEFENDERS OF (Mortals (see Benekander), the Weak (see The Shaper)), GUARDIANS OF (the Elemental Plane of Earth (see Land), of Portals (see Heimdall), the Living and the Dead (see Pflarr), Order (see Liena), the Sylvan Races (see Chiron), Fallowguard (see Raven)), HEROINES OF (Thyatis (see Liena)), KEEPERS OF (the Dead (see Loup), History and Order (see Ssu-Ma), Life and Culture (see Ka), Lothbarth (see Lornasen), the Molten Tower (see Fire Elemaster), the Netherworlds (see Hel), the Flow of Time (see Simurgh), the Future (see Skuld), the Gates of Time (see Khoronus), Souls (see Freyja), the Sylvan Races (see Faunus)), PROTECTORS OF (Cyndicea (see Gorm), the Elves (see The Korrigans), Evil Dragonkind (see Idris), the Five Shires (See Brindorhin, Coberham, Nob Nar), Governors (see Taroyas), Humanoids (see Idris), the Living Species (see Utnapishtim), Lovers (see Valerias), Lupins (see Matin), Marine Fauna (see Protius), Marine Hunters (see Sharpcrest), Milenia (see Halav), Miners (see Kagyar), Murderers (see Talitha), Nomads (see Ninfangle), Norwold (see Bemarris), Pirates (see Saturnius), Plants and Insects (see Buglore), Predators (see Crakkak), Prophets and Seers (see Yav), the Sylvan Races (see Zirchev), Thieves and Adventures (see Turmis), Tortles (see Matin), the Unlucky and Losers (see Tourlain)), SAVIOURS OF THE (Azcan (see Atruaghin)), SHIELD OF (Worlds (see Djaea)), TACTICIAN (Odin’s Tactician (see Frey)), WARDEN OF (Traladara (see Petra))

Noble Titles (83 Immortal Noble Titles) CALIPHA (of the Bright Wind (see Air Elemaster)), EMIR (of the Chill Fire (see Zugzul), of the Molten Tower (see Fire Elemaster)), HOLY PROPHET (of the Eternal Truth (see Al-Kalim)), KHAN (of the Onyx Depths (see Earth Elemaster)), LADY (of Charity (see Valerias), of Chromatic Dragonkind (see Pearl), of Darkness (see Demogorgon), of Harmony (see Thalia), of Luck (see Tyche), of the Oceans (see Calitha), of Passion (see Kythria), of Peace (see Alphatia), of the Sea (see Ahmanni), of Vengeance and Spite (see Idris)), KING (of Olympus (see Taroyas)) LORD (of the Air (see Palartarkan), of All Dragonkind (see The Great One), of Battle and Honour (see Thor), of Cannibalism (see Bagni), of Cruelty (see Kiranjo), of Demons and Undeath (see Orcus), of Fire (see Rathanos), of Gemstone Dragonkind (see Opal), of Hoarding (see Machoblan), of Illusions (see Harrow), of Just Vengeance (see Malinois), of Light and Energy (see Ixion), of Madness (see Ranivorus), of Madness and Nightmares (see Arik), of Metallic Dragonkind (see Diamond), of Negotiations (see Koryis), of Oppression (see Alphaks), of Pain (see Hircismus), of Propulsion (see Branden), of Radiance (see Rad), of Sky and Winds (see Odin), of Snakes and Poisons (see Bachraeus), of Spiders (see Korotiku), of Storms (see Gorm), of Trouble and Chaos (see Cretia), of War (see Bartziluth), of the Waves, Storms and Typhoons (see Gorrziok), of Wolves and Predators (see Wogar)), MASTER (of Alchemy (see Hymir), of Ambushes (see Slizzark), of Arts (see Chiron), of Betrayals (see Pharamond), of Bravery and Guile (see Turmis), of Charity (see The Shaper), of the Dead (see Orcus), of Enigmas and Arcane Mysteries (see Noumena), of the Fortress (see Matin), of Guile (see Raven), of the Icy Waste (see Stodos), of Intrigue (see Masauwu), of Mind and Matter (see Infaust), of Necromancy (see Marwdyn), of Poetic Inspiration (see Tiresias), of Tactics (see Palson)), MISTRESS (of Seidh (see Freyja), of Truth and Order (see Tarastia)), OUR LADY (of Darkness (see Nyx)), PASHA (of the Pearl Fane (see Water Elemaster)), PRINCE (of Corruption (see Atzanteotl), of Halflings (see Usamigaras), of Kobolds (see The Shining One), of Lies and Deceit (see Loki), of Nightmares (see Jammudaru)), QUEEN (of Ice and Shadow (see Hel), of Spring (see Lornasen), of Treachery and Vice (see Talitha), Spider Queen (see Aracne Prime)), RULER (of All Dragonkind (see The Great One)), SAIMPT (Clebard (see Clebard), Loup (see Loup), Malinois (see Malinois), Ralon (see Ralon), Renard (see Korotiku)), SOVEREIGN (of Air (see Air Elemaster), of Earth (see Earth Elemaster), of Fire (see Fire Elemaster), of the Oceans and Water (see Protius), of Water (see Water Elemaster))

Descriptors (47 Immortals Descriptors) ACTION (Dreaming Seer (see The Korrigans), Earthshaker (see Branden), Eternal Wanderer (see The Korrigans), First Master (see Coberham), High Hero (see Brindorhin), Immortal of Love (see Valerias), Merciful Healer (see The Korrigans), Rainbow Singer (see The Korrigans), Running Elk (see Mahmatti), Silent Hunter (see The Korrigans), Silver Carver (see The Korrigans), Starwatcher (see Mealiden), Storm-Tamer (see Tahkati), Turtlerider (see Ahmanni)), APPEARANCE (Flasheyes (see Kagyar), Old Man of the Sea (see Protius), Old Nick (see Thanatos), Shadowglint (see Coberham), Spring Maiden (see The Korrigans), Starbrow (see Calitha), Stoneclaw (see Hattani), Tigerstripes (see Danel), White Claw (see Ninfangle)), BROTHER (Feather (see Raven), Shell (see Matin)), FATHER (of the Clans (see Atruaghin), of Demons (see Thanatos), Earth (see Ka), Ocean (see Protius), Sky (see Odin), Sun (see Ixion), Time (see Khoronus), of Written Knowledge (see Ssu-Ma)), FRIEND (Dolphins’ Friend (see Malafor)), HE WHO (Always Rises (see Yagrai), Watches (see Odin)), MOTHER (Earth (see Terra), of the Elves (see Ordana), Forest (see Ordana), Nature (see Djaea), Ocean (see Calitha), Nameless Mother (see Cochere)), SISTER (Cat (see Bastet), Grain (see Ralon)), SPIRIT (Moon Spirit (see Pearl), Star Spirit (see Diamond), Sun Spirit (see Opal))

Title (134 Immortal Titles) The Adventurer (see Eiryndul), The Advisor (see Yav), The Alchemist (see Hymir), The Ambassador (see Masauwu), The Amber Serpent (see Ka), The Artisan (see Kagyar), The Artist (see Thalia), The Avenger (see Malinois), The Avenging Angel (see Raith), The Avian (see Cochere), The Bear Lord (see Hattani), The Betrayer (see Pharamond), The Black (see Loup), The Black Prince (see Orcus), The Bugbear (see Bartziluth), The Carven Oak (see Oleyan), The Celestial Architect (see Polunius), The Celestial Traveller (see Sinbad), The Cheat (see Korotiku), The Corruptor (see Atzanteotl), The Craftsman (see Ilmarinen), The Dark Fire (see Zugzul), The Dark Lady (see Demogorgon), The Dead God (see Ouranos), The Deceiver (see Loki), The Designer (see Polunius), The Destroyer (see Saasskas), The Dolphin-Friend (see Malafor), The Dragonslayer (see Bemarris), The Earthshaker (see Branden), The Ego (Iliric), The Embodiment of Good and Light (see Pax), The Empress (see Patura), The Eternal General (Matter), The Eternal One (see Thanatos), The Feathered Viper (see Atzanteotl), The Faun (see Faunus), The Fortress (see Matin), The General (see Thor), The Giant (see Ouranos), The Girder-On of Weapons (see Valerias), The Goat (see Orcus), The Gods’ Smith (see Wayland), The Granite Tree (see Razud), The Great Devourer (see Bagni), The Great Devourer of Dreams (see Qywattz), The Great One (Matter), The Grey Lady (see Vanya), The Grim Reaper (see Thanatos), The Ground (see Ground), The Guardian (see Mealiden and Liena), The Guide (see Ilsundal), The Guildmaster (see Tourlain), The Hag (see Skuld), The Hanged Man (see Marwdyn), The Horde (see N’grath), The Horse Lord (see Tahkati), The Huntsman (see Zirchev), The Inquisitor (see Vanya), The Insect (see Buglore), The Investigator (see Arnelee), The Jackal-Head (see Pflarr), The Judge (see Tarastia), The Justicar (see Maat), The King-Priest (see Chardastes), The Korrigans (Energy), The Land (see Land), The Last Universal Common Ancestor (see Luca), The Lawbringer (see Forsetta), The Lawyer (see Paarkum), The Lightning Bolt (see Taroyas), The Lizard King (see Demogorgon), The Libertarian (see Saturnius), The Lofty One (see Palartarkan), The Lost Mother (see Bastet), The Lupin (see Clebard), The Lurker (see Slizzark), The Machetos (see Carnelian), The Maiden (see Urd), The Mediator (see Urtson), The Merchant (see Asterius), The Mind Over Matter (see Infaust), The Minotaur (see Kiranjo), The Moon Dragon (see Pearl), The Mother (see Vethandi), The Negotiator (see Brissard), The Night (see Nyx), The Night Spider (see Aracne Prime), The Nine Saviours (see The Korrigans), The Old and the Young (see Benekander), The One Hundred Eyes (see Arik), The One Who Waits in Ambush (see Slizzark), The Orc Lord (see Karaash), The Peacemaker (see Al-Kalim), The Performer (see Soubrette), The Pharaoh (see Orisis), The Preserver (see Ka), The Rainbow Path (see Ninsun), The Rainbow Serpent (see The Great One), The Red Arrow (see Mealiden), The Redhair (see Halav), The Rootmaker (see Calitha), The Serpentform (see Mazikeen), The Settler (see Petra), The Seven Veils (see Kallala), The Shapechanger (see Korotiku), The Shaper (Energy), The Sharp Tooth (see Crakkak), The Shining God (see Heimdall), The Shining One (Energy), The Silver Hunter (see Ruaidhri), The Spider (see Korotiku), The Spuming Nooga (see Protius), The Squid Slayer (see Sharpcrest), The Star Dragon (see Diamond), The Sun Dragon (see Opal), The Sun Prince (see Ixion), The Supreme Spider (see Korotiku), The Supreme Tactician (see Garl), The Strategist (see Lokena), The Swindler (see Macroblan), The Tactician (see Frey), The Temporal Prime (see Fugit), The Thunderer (see Thor), The Trickster (see Korotiku), The Troublestarter (see Cretia), The Twelve Watches (Matter), The Unending (see Finidel), The Wave Lord (see Gorrziok), The Wereslayer (see Malinois), The Wise One (see Ilsundal), The Wolf Lord (see Wogar), The Wolfrider (see Wogar), The Zephyr (see Odin)

Patronage of the Gods (440)
Civilisation Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon. They are also associated with the sphere of time and the organisation of The Wave.

Ambition (2), Anarchy (1), Authority (3), Books (1), Circumvention (1), Cities (1), Communication (1), Culture (1), Defence (1), Diplomacy (4), Discipline (2), Domination (3), Education (1), Equality (1), Government (2)

Energy ImmortalsIliric (Ambition), Razud (Authority),
Entropy ImmortalsPharamond (Ambition),
Thought ImmortalsOdin (Authority), Ssu-Ma (Books), Taroyas (Authority),
Time ImmortalsTourlain (Anarchy),

Elements Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Spheres pantheon. They group is not associated with any specific sphere or organisation.

Air (3), Balance (4), Chaos (2), Cold (2), Creation (6), Darkness (4), Destruction (10), Earth (4), Energy (2), Entropy (1), Fire (7), Good (3), Gravity (1), Sovereign (5)

Energy ImmortalsIxion (Balance),
Matter ImmortalsAtruaghin (Balance), Djaea (Balance),
Thought ImmortalsAir Elemaster (Air), Odin (Air), Palartarkan (Air),
Time ImmortalsVethandi (Balance),

Inspiration Group Patrons

This group is link to the Land Guilds pantheon. They are associated with the sphere of thought.

Adventure (8), Audacity (1), Beauty (7), Boldness (2), Books (1), Bravery (5), Cleverness (9), Completeness (1), Cooperation (1), Courage (6), Defiance (1), Discovery (1), Dreams (2), Enigmas (1), Epic Deeds (1), Experience (1), Explorers (2), Femininity (2), Freedom (4), Fun (4), Harmony (5)

Energy ImmortalsAlphatia (Beauty), Bartziluth (Bravery), Mealiden (Adventure), Saturnius (Adventure), Thalia (Beauty),
Entropy ImmortalsKythria (Beauty),
Matter ImmortalsLornasen (Beauty), Valerias (Beauty),
Thought ImmortalsArnelee (Adventure), Eiryndul (Adventure), Frey (Bravery), Freyja (Beauty), Ninfangle (Adventure, Bravery), Nob Nar (Adventure, Audacity), Sinbad (Adventure, Boldness), Ssu-Ma (Books), Thor (Bravery), Turmis (Adventure, Boldness, Bravery),
Time ImmortalsAhmanni (Beauty),

Living Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Forest pantheon. They are also associated with the sphere of matter and the Organisation known as The Growth.

Abundance (2), Agriculture (4), Animals/Beasts Group, Lifecycle Group, Fertility (11), Health (2),

Living – Animals/Beasts Group

The Animals subgroup is linked to the Atruaghin pantheon, They are associated with matter.

Animals (2), Cats (1), Dolphins (1)

Living – Life Cycle Group

Note – Lifecycle consists of from Birth to Death of a persons life.

Birth (6), Children (1), Death (11), Family (7)

Energy ImmortalsMadarua (Birth), Ninsun (Agriculture), Zirchev (Animals),
Matter ImmortalsFaunus (Animals), Terra (Agriculture, Birth), Urd (Birth),
Thought ImmortalsFrey (Agriculture), Freyja (Abundance), Ralon (Agriculture),
Time ImmoralsBrindorhin (Abundance), Chardastes (Birth), Simurgh (Birth), Vanya (Birth)

Living Science Group Patrons

This group is when patrons fall into both the Living and the Science Groups. They are also associated with the sphere of matter and thought and the organisation known as The Sand.

Agriculture (4),

Energy ImmortalsNinsun (Agriculture),
Matter Immortals – Terra (Agriculture),
Thought ImmortalsFrey (Agriculture), Ralon (Agriculture),

Magical Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Radiance pantheon. They are also associated with the sphere of energy. They are also associated with the sphere of Energy and the organisation known as The Flame.

Alchemy (1), Astrology (2), Bards (1), the Blackflame (1), Charms (1), Divination (2), Druids (2)

Energy ImmortalCoberham (the Blackflame)
Thought ImmortalsPalartarkan (Astrology)
Time ImmortalHymir (Alchemy), Tiresias (Astrology, Bards),

Magical Science Group Patrons

This group is when patrons fall into both the Magical and the Science Groups. They are also associated with the sphere of energy and thought and the organisation known as The Fog.

Alchemy (1),

Time Immortal – Hymir (Alchemy)

Racial Group Patrons

This group is not linked to any pantheon. They are also not associated with any specific sphere or organisation.

Aerial Races Group, Aquatic Races Group, Dragonkind (5), Earth Races Group, Fey Races Group, Forest Races Group, Genasi Races Group, Humanoid Races Group, Monstrous Races Group, Planar Races Group,

Racial – Aerial Races Group

The Aerial Races group is linked to the Sky pantheon.

Aerial Races (2), Avianfolk (2),

Racial – Animalistic Races Group

The Animalistic Races group liked to the Atruaghin pantheon.

Catfolk (2), Cats (1), Lizardfolk (2)

Racial – Aquatic Races Group

The Aquatic Races group is linked to the Ocean pantheon.

Aquatic Races (1), Devilfish (1)

Racial – Demihuman Races Group

The Demihuman Races group is not linked to a pantheon.

Dwarves (2), Elven (12), Gnomes (3)

Racial – Earth Races Group

The Earth Races group is linked to the Forest pantheon.

Earth Races (4)

Racial – Fey Races Group

The Fey Races group is not linked to a pantheon.

Fey Races (1)

Racial – Forest Races Group

The Forest Races group is linked to the Forest pantheon.

Forest Races (7)

Racial – Genasi Races Group

The Genasi racial subgroup is linked to the Alphatian Empire pantheon.

Air (3), Darkness (4), Earth (4), Fire (7)

Racial – Humanoid Races Group

The Humanoid Races group is linked to the Outcast pantheon.

Bugbears (1), Giants (7), Gnolls (1), Goblins (1)

Racial – Monstrous Races Group

The Monstrous Races group is linked to the Outcast pantheon.

Aranea (2), Centaurs (1),

Racial – Planar Races Group

The Planar Races group is lined to the Alphatian Empire pantheon.

Beholders (1), Diaboli (1), Formians (1), Genie (5)

Energy ImmortalsBartziluth (Bugbears), Guidarezzo (Avianfolk),
Entropy ImmortalsAracne Prime (Aranea), Arik (Beholders),
Thought ImmortalsAir Elemaster (Aerial Races, Air), Cochere (Avianfolk), Korotiku (Aranea), Odin (Air), Palartarkan (Air),
Time ImmortalsCalitha (Aquatic Races), Simurgh (Aerial Races),

Science Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Dwarven and Gnome, and Myoshima pantheons. They are also associated with the sphere of thought, and the organisation known as The Wind.

Agriculture (4), Alchemy (1), Architecture (1), Astronomy (1), Books (1), Engineering (1), Flight (2), History (5),

Energy ImmortalsNinsun (Agriculture),
Matter ImmortalsPolunius (Architecture), Terra (Agriculture),
Thought ImmortalsFrey (Agriculture), Palartarkan (Astronomy), Ralon (Agriculture), Ssu-Ma (Books),
Time ImmortalHymir (Alchemy)

Warfare Group Patrons

This group is linked to the Thyatian Empire pantheon. They are also associated with the sphere of energy and the organisation of The Flame.

Amazons (1), Battle (9), Berserkers (3), Cavalry (1), Conquest (7), Ferocity (2), Fortresses (1), Guardians (3)

Energy ImmortalsBartziluth (Battle, Berserkers), Bemarris (Battle), Madarua (Amazons),
Entropy ImmortalsKiranjo (Berserkers),
Matter ImmortalsHattani (Battle), Tahkati (Battle), The Eternal General (Battle),
Thought ImmortalsKaraash (Battle), Ninfangle (Battle), Thor (Battle, Berserkers),
Time ImmortalsCrakkak (Battle),

Concept Patron

  • Abundance (Brindorhin, Freyja)
  • Adventure (Arnelee, Eiryndul, Mealiden, Ninfangle, Nob Nar, Saturnius, Sinbad, Turmis)
  • Agriculture (Frey, Ninsun, Ralon)
  • Ambition (Iliric, Pharamond)
  • Anarchy (Tourlain)
  • Astrology (Palartarkan, Tiresias)
  • Astronomy (Palartarkan)
  • Audacity (Nob Nar)
  • Authority (Odin, Razud, Taroyas)
  • Avidity (Talitha)
  • Balance (Atruaghin, Djaea, Ixion, Vethandi)
  • Beauty (Ahmanni, Alphatia, Freyja, Kythria, Lornasen, Thalia, Valerias)
  • Betrayal (Bachreaus, Loki)
  • Birth (Simurgh, Terra, Urd, Vanya)
  • Boldness (Sinbad, Turmis)
  • Books (Ssu-Ma)
  • Bravery (Bartziluth, Frey, Ninfangle, Thor, Turmis)
  • Cannabalism (Bagni, Orcus)
  • Chance (Tyche)
  • Charity (The Shaper, Valerias)
  • Charms (Kersy)
  • Cheating (Korotiku)
  • Children (Patura)
  • Circumvention (Brissard)
  • Cities (Petra)
  • Cleverness (Arnelee, Asterius, Eiryndul, Korotiku, Loki, Lokena, Pharamond, Tourlain)
  • Cold (Hel, Studos)
  • Communication (Asterius)
  • Completeness (Infaust)
  • Cooperation (Urtson)
  • Corruption (Aztanteotl, Demogorgon, Hel, Masauwu, Slizzark)
  • Courage (Diulanna, Hattani, Madarua, Malinois, Razud)
  • Cruelty (Kiranjo, Wogar)
  • Culture (Ka)
  • Cunning (Noumena, Odin)
  • Darkness (Aracne Prime, Hel, Nyx, Zugzul)
  • Death (Hel, Loup, Marwdyn, Osiris, Saasskas, Simurgh, Skuld, Thantos, Yagrai)
  • Decadence (Thantatos)
  • Deceit (Aracne Prime, Atzanteotl, Harrow, Loki, Masauwu, Pharamond, Qywattz, Ranivorus)
  • Defence (Petra)
  • Defiance (Turmis)
  • Destiny (Tyche)
  • Desire (Kythria, Valerias)
  • Destruction (Atzanteotl, Demogorgon, Gorriok, Hircismus, Jammudaru, Orcus, Ranivorus, Saasskas, Thanatos, Zugzul)
  • Diplomacy (Atruaghin, Khoronus, Urtson)
  • Discipline (Liena, The Eternal General)
  • Discovery (Sinbad)
  • Disease (Demogorgon)
  • Dishonestry (Pharamond)
  • Domination (Brissard, Idris, Koryis, Slizzark)
  • Dreams (Harrow, Tiresias)
  • Drunkeness (Faunus)
  • Education (Ssu-Ma)
  • Egotism (Iliric, Kersy, Talitha)
  • Enigmas (Noumena)
  • Envy (Talitha)
  • Epic Deeds (Ninfangle)
  • Equility (The Shaper)
  • Experience (Fugit)
  • Explorers (Mealiden, Sinbad)
  • Faithfulness (Patura)
  • Family (Ahmanni, Brindorhin, Clebard, Cochere, Finidel, Freyja, Patura)
  • Fast Talking (Masauwu)
  • Fate (Skuld, Tyche, Urd, Vethandi)
  • Fear (Jammudaru)
  • Femininity (Kallala, Vanya)
  • Ferocity (Loup)
  • Fertility (Bastet, Calitha, Frey, Greyja, Lornasen, Madarua, Ninsun, Ordana, Ralon, Terra, Valerias)
  • Fidelity (Clebard, Paarkum)
  • Fierceness (Tahkati)
  • Flight (Palartarkan, Simurgh)
  • Forgiveness (Pax)
  • Friendship (Frey)
  • Freedom (Benekander, Minroth, Razud, The Korrigans)
  • Fun (Faunus, Korotiku, Raven)
  • Future (Skuld)
  • Games (Noumena, Raven)
  • Good (Al-Kalim, Atruaghin, Pax)
  • Government (Khoronus, Taroyas)
  • Grace (Lornasen)
  • Gravity (Ground)
  • Greed (Iliric, Kiranjo, Macroblan, Pearl)
  • Guardians (Matin, Mealiden)
  • Guile (Korotiku, Raven, The Shining One, Turmis, Usamigaras)
  • Harmony (Alphatia, Guidarezzo, Infaust, Pax, Thalia)
  • Hatred (Alphaks, Bachraeus)
  • Health (Chardastes, Simurgh)
  • Hearth (Patura)
  • Hedonism (Faunus)
  • Heroism (Bemarris, Ixion, Nob Nar)
  • History (Fugit, Khoronus, Liena, Ssu-Ma, Urd)
  • Honestry (Al-Kalim, Maat)
  • Honour (Al-Kalim, Maat, Raith, Thor, Vayna)
  • Hope (Finidel, Minroth, Utnapishtim)
  • Hordes (N’grath)
  • Hunting (Crakkak, Duilanna, Malinois, Ninfangle, Pearl, Ruadhri, Sharpcrest, Zirchev)
  • Ice (Studos)
  • Immortality (Talitha)
  • Independence (Razud, Saturnius)
  • Independent Women (Arnelee)
  • Integrity (Maat)
  • Intelligence (Lokena)
  • Instinct (Bastet, Faunus, Pearl)
  • Intrigue (Idris, Masauwu)
  • Investigation (Noumea)
  • Jokes (Cretia, Korotiku, Raven)
  • Joy (Ralon)
  • Justice (Al-Kalim, Diamond, Finidel, Forsetta, Gorm, Maat, Paarkum, Tarastia, The Great One, The Shaper, Untampishtim)
  • Kingship (Taroyas)
  • Knowledge (Chardastes, Chiron, Coberham, Fugit, Iliric, Ixion, Ka, Kagyar, Ninsun, Nourmena, Odin, Pflarr, Qywattz, Rad, The Great One, Vethandi, Zalaj)
  • Law (Al-Kalim, Forsetta, Paarkum, Tarastia)
  • Legends (Tiresias, Turmis)
  • Liberty (Arnelee, Cochere, Diulanna, Korotiku, Saturnius)
  • Lies (Loki)
  • Life (Bastet, Chardastes, Djaea, Ka, Kersy, Luca, Madarua, Simurgh, Terra)
  • Light (Ixion, Pax)
  • Logic (Noumena)
  • Losers (Tourlain)
  • Love (Freyja, Pax, Valerias)
  • Loyalty (Arnelee, Clebard, Forsetta, Frey, Hattani, Loup, Maat, Mealiden, Paarkum, The Eternal General)
  • Luck (Bastet, Calitha, Raven, Tourlain, Tyche)
  • Lust (Kythria)
  • Madness (Arik, Ranivorus)
  • Malice (Kallala)
  • Martyrdom (Matin)
  • Massacres (Alphaks, Arik, Kiranjo)
  • Medicine (Chardastes)
  • Meditation (Urtson)
  • Memory (Fugit, Noumena, Ssu-Ma, Urd)
  • Men (Rathanos)
  • Mischief (Eiryndul, Korotiku, Loki)
  • Money (Asterius, Macroblan)
  • Motherhood (Patura)
  • Murder (Talitha)
  • Mysteries (Coberham, Noumena)
  • Night (Loup, Nyx)
  • Nightmares (Arik, Harrow, Jammudaru)
  • Nobility (Carnelian, Clebard, Odin, Taroyas)
  • Nonconformism (Korotiku)
  • Obedience (Forsetta)
  • Obsession (Yagrai)
  • Obstinancy (Yagrai)
  • Oppression (Aracne Prime, Brissard)
  • Order (Alphatia, Buglore, Carnelian, Clebard, Diamond, Guidarezzo, Land, Liena, Maat, Paarkum, Rad, Ssu-Ma, Tarastia, Taroyas, Urtson)
  • Outcasts (Zirchev)
  • Pacifism (Alphatia)
  • Pain (Danel, Hircismus)
  • Paradox (Fugit)
  • Passion (Kythia, Palson, Valerias)
  • Past (Urd)
  • Patience (Khoronus)
  • Patriotism (Brindorhin, Carnelian, Clebard, Finidel, Minroth, Petra)
  • Peace (Alphatia, Ilsundal, Koryis, Pax, Urtson)
  • Perfection (Infaust, Lornasen)
  • Persuasion (Khoronus, Soubrette)
  • Piety (Koryis)
  • Plants (Lornasen, Buglore)
  • Plots (Raith)
  • Poison (Bachreaus)
  • Politics (Masauwu)
  • Power (Ixion, N’grath, Oleyan, Pearl, Pharamond, Qywattz, Rathanos, Slizzark, Taroyas, Zugzul)
  • Pragmatism (The Eternal General)
  • Pranks (Raven)
  • Predators (Crakkak, Wogar)
  • Present (Vethandi)
  • Preservation (Ouranos, Vethandi)
  • Preserverance (Diulanna, Tourlain)
  • Pride (Vanya)
  • Profit (Asterius)
  • Progress (Branden, Clebard)
  • Prophecy (Tiresias, Yav)
  • Prosperity (Al-Kalim, Bastet, Brindorhin, Ka, Koryis, Macroblan, Malafor, Minroth, Ninsun, Oleyan, Sharpcrest, Terra)
  • Protection (Buglore, Ground, Malafor, Matin, Mealiden, Terra, Untapishtim, Valerias)
  • Purity (Chardastes, Maat, Pax)
  • Puzzles (Noumena)
  • Rebirth (Orisis)
  • Redemption (Maat)
  • Reincarnation (Hel)
  • Resistance (Petra)
  • Resurrection (Orisis)
  • Revelry (Faunus, Hymir, Nob Nar)
  • Revenge (Danel, Raith, Ruaidhri, Tahkati, Tarastia)
  • Romance (Valerias)
  • Rulership (Odin)
  • Sacrifice (Ahmanni, Halav, Matin, Tourlain)
  • Sadism (Orcus)
  • Safety (Brindorhin)
  • Secrets (Nyx, Orisis, Tiresias)
  • Security (Matin)
  • Seduction (Kallala, Kythria)
  • Self-Determination (Razud)
  • Self-Gratification (Talitha)
  • Self-Sufficient (Razud)
  • Sensuality (Valerias)
  • Serenity (Ilsundal)
  • Settlements (Petra)
  • Sexuality (Faunus, Kyhtia)
  • Shadow (Hel, Nyx)
  • Sincerity (Arnelee, Paarkum)
  • Slavery (Brissard)
  • Slyness (N’grath)
  • Spring (Lornasen)
  • Stealth (Cretia, Korotiku)
  • Storms (Gorm, Odin)
  • Strategy (Halav, Noumena)
  • Strength (Bartziluth, Bemarris, Crakkak, Frey, Halav, Land, N’grath, Ouranos, Vanya, Zalaj)
  • Strife (Talitha)
  • Subterfuge (Masauwu, The Shining One)
  • Suffering (Danel)
  • the Sun (Ixion)
  • Survival (Cochere, Djaea, Utnapishtim, Zirchev)
  • Temptation (Masauwu)
  • Tenacity (Yagrai)
  • Tolerance (Diamond, Koryis, Pax, The Shaper, Zirchev)
  • Torture (Hircismus,Jammudaru)
  • Traditions (Carnelian, Ilsundal, Polunius)
  • Traps (The Shining One)
  • Travel (Arnelee, Asterius, Calitha, Ninfangle, Protius, Simurgh, Sinbad, Usamigaras, Utmapishtim)
  • Treachery (Atzanteotl, Loki, Talitha)
  • Truth (Atruaghin, Benekander, Forsetta, Raith, Tarastia)
  • Unpredictability (Marwdyn, Protius)
  • Vendetta (Alphaks)
  • Vengeance (Atzanteotl, Baxhreaus, Idris, Jammudaru, Malinois, Opal, Tarastia)
  • Victory (The Eternal General, Vanya)
  • Violence (Bachraeus, Bagni, Hircismus, Kiranjo, Orcus)
  • Virility (Frey)
  • Virtue (Maat, Paarkum, Petra)
  • Visions (Skuld, Tiresias)
  • Weak (The Shaper)
  • Wealth (Brindorhin, Macroblan, Minroth, Ralon)
  • Willpower (Diulanna, Halav, Opal, Ouranos, Razud)
  • Wind (Odin)
  • Wisdom (Al-Kalim, Arnelee, Atruaghin, Chiron, Diamond, Hymir, Ilsundal, Ka, Khoronus, Korotiku, Mahmatti, Ninsun, Odin, Simurgh, Ssu-Ma, Urd)
  • Winter (Loup)
  • Women (Patura)
  • Writing (Ssu-Ma)
  • Youth (Thalia)

Creation Patron

  • Architecture (Polunius)
  • Armourers (Halav, Wayland)
  • Arts (Alphatia, Chiron, Garl, Guidarezzo, Kagyar, Palson, Polunius, Soubrette, Thalia, The Twelves Watches, Valerias)
  • Building (Ouranos, Wayland)
  • Crafts (Garl, Kagyar, Oleyan, Polunius, The Twelve Watches)
  • Creation (Idris, Gorrziok, Pflarr, Polunius, Terra, The Great One)
  • Engineering (Wayland)
  • Invention (Branden, Garl, Ilmarinen)
  • Mechanics (Garl)
  • Metallurgy (Kagyar, Wayland)
  • Music (Cochere, Faunus, Guidarezzo, Palson, Tiresias)
  • Philosophy (Khoronus)
  • Poetry (Faunus, Tiresias)
  • Science (Garl, Rafiel)
  • Sculpture (Kagyar, Polonius)
  • Song (Cochere)
  • Talent (Palson, Soubrette)
  • Weaponsmiths (Halav, Malinois)

Creature Patron

  • Animals (Faunus, Zirchev)
  • Cats (Bastet)
  • Dolphins (Malafor)
  • Felines (Bastet)
  • Horses (Tahkari)
  • Insects (Buglore)
  • Magical Constructs (Mazikeen)
  • Marine Creatures (Protius)
  • Mortals (Benekander)
  • Proteans (Luca)
  • Reptiles (Demogorgon)
  • Sharks (Crakkak)
  • Snakes (Bachreaus)
  • Spiders (Aracne Prime, Korotiku)
  • Wolves (Wogar)
  • Wyvern (Idris)

Elemental Patron

  • Air (Air Elemaster, Odin, Palartarkan)
  • Chaos (Arik, Cretia)
  • Earth (Earth Elemaster, Ground, Land, Terra)
  • Energy (Ixion, Rathanos)
  • Entropy (Thanatos)
  • Fire (Branden, Fire Elemaster, Ixion, Loki, Rathanos, The Shining One, Zugzul)
  • Radience (Rad, Rafiel)
  • Thought (Garl, Korotiku)
  • Time (Fugit, Khoronus. Vethandi)
  • Water (Humir, Protius, Water Elemaster)

Profession Patron

  • Bards (Tiresias)
  • Con-men (Masauwu)
  • Craftsmen (Kagyar, Wayland)
  • Druids (Djaea)
  • Farmers (Terra)
  • Hunters (Ruaidhri)
  • Mercenaries (The Eternal General)
  • Merchants (Asterius)
  • Messengers (Arnelee, Usamigaras)
  • Miners (Kagyar)
  • Nomads (Loup)
  • Pirates (Saturnius)
  • Sages (Ssu-Ma)
  • Sailors (Protius)
  • Scholarship (Ilsundal)
  • Scribes (Ssu-Ma)
  • Seers (Tiresias, Yav)
  • Shepherds (Terra)
  • Smith (Wayland)
  • Soldiers (The Eternal General)
  • Spies (Masauwu)
  • Spokesmen (Masauwu)
  • Travellers (Simurgh, Sinbad)
  • Thieves (Asterius, Masauwu, Turmis, Talitha, Usamigaras)
  • Trade (Asterius, Macroblan, Ralon, Sharpcrest)
  • Wanderers (Nob Nar)
  • Warriors (Petra, Thor)

Magic Patron

  • Alchemy (Hymir)
  • Blackflame (Coberham)
  • Divination (Yav)
  • Healing (Asterius, Chardastes, Chiron, Ka, Ralon, Usamigaras)
  • Illusions (Harrow, Masauwu, Soubrette)
  • Magic (Coberhman, Idris, Iliric, Ilsundal, Ka, Kersy, Lokena, Mahmatti, Marwdyn, Mazikeen, Ninsun, Noumena, Nyx, Palartarkan, Pflarr, Pharamond, Polunius, Rad, Ssu-Ma, The Great One, The Korrigans, Usamigaras, Zalaj, Zirchev)
  • Magical Research (Mazikeen, Palartarkan, Pflarr, Rafiel)
  • Necromancy (Demogorgon, Marwdyn, Nyx, Saasskas, Yagrai, Zugzul)
  • Technomancy (Branden)
  • Witchcraft (Domogorgon, Kersy)

Racial Patron

  • Animalistic Patrons
    • Avianfolk (Cochere)
    • Centaurs (Chiron)
    • Hutaaka (Pflarr)
    • Lizardfolk (Demogorgon, Ka, Opal, Pearl, The Great One)
    • Lupins (Clebard, Korotiku, Loup, Malinois, Matin, Ralon)
    • Minotaur (Kiranjo)
    • Scorpionfolk (Bagni, Ranivorus, Thanatos, Yagrai)
  • Aquatic Races (Calitha)
  • Aranea (Aracne Prime, Korotiku)
  • Azcans (Atruaghin, Atzanteotl)
  • Beholders (Arik)
  • Brute-men (Kagyar)
  • Cayma (The Shining One)
  • Children of Atruaghin (Ahmatti, Atruaghin, Hattani, Mahmatti, Tahkati)
    • Clan of the Bear (Hattani)
    • Clan of the Elk (Mahmatti)
    • Clan of the Horse (Tahkati)
    • Clan of the Tiger (Danel)
    • Clan of the Turtle (Ahmanni)
  • Devilfish (Saasskas)
  • Diaboli (Harrow)
  • Dragonkind (Diamond, Idris, Opal, Pearl, The Great One)
  • Dwarves (Kagyar, Ruaidhri)
  • Earth Races (Terra)
  • Elves (Calitha, Eiryndul, Idris, Ilsundal, Lornasen, Mealiden, Ordana, Rafiel, Ruaidhri, The Korrigans)
  • Faenare (Cochere, Guidarezzo)
  • Forest Races (Chiron, Djaea, Eiryndul, Faunus, Ordana, The Korrigans, Zirchev)
  • Formians (Buglore)
  • Giantkind (Gorrziok, Hymir, Jammudaru, Ka, Ouranos, Zalaj)
  • Gnomes (Branden, Garl, Ruaidhri)
  • Gremlins (Loki)
  • Halflings (Brindorhin, Coberham, Nob Nar, Raven, Ruaidhri)
  • Humanoids (Bagni, Hircismus, Idris, Karaash, Yagrai)
    • Bugbears (Bartziluth)
    • Gnolls (Ranivorus)
    • Goblins (Wogar)
    • Kobolds (The Shining One)
    • Orcs (Karaaash, Wogar)
  • Kna (Sharpcrest)
  • Kogolor (Frey, Freyja)
  • Korpru (Slizzark)
  • Kubbits (Vanya)
  • Kryst (Urtson)
  • Living Races (Ka)
  • Lycanthropes (Orcus, Wogar)
  • Medusa (Bachreaus)
  • Merrow (Malafor)
  • Naga (Idris)
  • Neh-Thalggu (Qywattz)
  • Nixies (Kallala)
  • Nuari – Pearl Islanders (Korotiku)
  • Ogres (Jammudaru)
  • Rakasta (Bastet, Ninfangle)
  • Renardy (Clebard, Matin, Ralon)
  • Shark-kin (Crakkak)
  • Sylvan Races (Chiron, Djaea, Faunus, Ordana, Zirchev)
  • Tanagogres (Macroblan)
  • Tanagoro (Korotiku)
  • Tortles (Calitha, Ka, Matin)
  • Traldara (Halav)
  • Treants (Ordana)
  • Tritons (Polunius)
  • Trolls (Bagni)
  • Undeath (Nyx, Orcus, Saasskas)
  • Yuan-ti (Bracheaus)

Regional Patron

  • Alfheim (Mealiden)
  • Alphatian Empire (Alphatia, Palartarkan, Razud)
  • Amazons (Madarua)
  • Aquarendi (Calitha)
  • Ar (Palartarkan)
  • Arctic (Studos)
  • Blackheart (Marwdyn)
  • Brasolia (Finidel)
  • Cyndicea (Gorm, Madarua, Usamigaras)
  • Denagoth (Idris)
  • Forest (Ordana)
  • Glantri (Rad)
  • Gyerian (Cochere)
  • Heldannic Knights (Vanya)
  • Hollow World (Ka)
  • Hule (Loki)
  • Ierendi (Kythria)
  • Kendach (Halav)
  • Kerswig (Madarua)
  • Leeha (Usamigaras)
  • Machetos (Carnelian)
  • Meditor (Calitha)
  • Milenia (Petra, Taroyas)
  • Minrothad (Minroth)
  • Nature (Buglore, Djaea, Ilsundal, Lornasen, Mahmatti, Ordana, Terra, Zirchev)
  • Nithia (Chardastes, Pflarr, Rathanos
  • Northlands (Odin)
  • Norwold (Bemarris, Liena)
  • Ocean (Calitha, Gorrziok, Malafor, Protius, Saasskas)
  • Ocensend (Liena)
  • Ochelean (Koryis)
  • Renardy (Ralon)
  • Sea (Ahmanni, Protius)
  • Seidh (Freyja)
  • Sky (Odin)
  • Snartan (Branden)
  • Thyatis (Liena)
  • Traladaran (Petra)
  • Traldara (Petra)
  • Verdier (Oleyan)
  • Vestland (Forsetta)
  • Wendar (The Korrigans)
  • Yavdlom (Yav)
  • Ylaruam (Al-Kalim)

Warfare Patron

  • Battle (Bartziluth, Hattani, Karaash, Ninfangle, The Eternal General, Thor)
  • Cavalry (Tahkati)
  • Conquest (Branden, Karaash, N’grath, Saasskas, Vanya, Wogar, Zugzul)
  • Fighting (Bemarris, Crakkak, Tahkati)
  • Fighting Evil (Atruaghin)
  • Fortresses (Matin)
  • Fury in Battle (Bartziluth, Kiranjo, Thor)
  • Intelligent Warfare (Frey, Freyja)
  • Raiders (Ranivorus)
  • Tactics (Al-Kalim, Cretia, Frey, Halav, Lokena, Karaash, Noumena, Palson, Wogar)
  • War (Al-Kalim, Bartziluth, Cretia, Gorm, Ixion, Liena, Lokena, Malinois, Mealiden, Ranivorus, The Eternal General, The Shining One, Thor, Vanya, Wogar, Zugzul)
  • Warrior Women (Freyja, Madarua)
Artefacts of the Gods (229)

Armour (22)

  1. Black Plate of Ranivorus
  2. Breastplate of Clebard
  3. Bronze Plate of Halav
  4. Chainmail of Matin
  5. Dragon Lord Armour (?)
  6. Dragon Lord Shield (?)
  7. Full Plate of Karaash
  8. Full Plate of Petra
  9. Full Plate of Tarastia
  10. Full Plate of Valerias
  11. Half-Plate of Gozziok
  12. Leather Armour of Loup
  13. Leather Armour of Vanya
  14. Mirror Shield of Benekander
  15. Plate Armour of the Shining One
  16. Plate Mail of Liena
  17. Plate Mail of Odin
  18. Scale Armour of Thor
  19. Scale Mail of Frey
  20. Scale Mail of Freyja
  21. Shield of Alphatia
  22. Shield of Forsetta

Potions (1)

  1. Potion of Lornasen

Rings (2)

  1. Ring of Carnelian
  2. Ring of Cochere

Rods (2)

  1. Golden Sceptre of Forsetta
  2. Rod of Saturnius

Staffs (8)

  1. Green Crysal Staff of Pharamond
  2. Hand of Kindness (The Shaper)
  3. Mazikeen’s StaffMazikeen
  4. Rheddrian’s StaffBenekander
  5. Staff of Chiron
  6. Staff of Rad
  7. Staff of Razud
  8. Staff of Tiresias

Weapons (96)

  1. Battleaxe of Arnelee
  2. Battleaxe of Kiranjo
  3. Battleaxe of Talitha
  4. Black longsword of Yagrai
  5. Black Scythe of Thanatos
  6. Blue Trident of Protius
  7. Bone Dagger of Tahkati
  8. Bronze Spear of Halav
  9. Bow of Gilgrave (Ixion)
  10. Bow of Lornasen
  11. Broadsword of Paarkum
  12. Club of Ordana
  13. Club of Rathanos
  14. Coral Dagger of Polunius
  15. Crystal Dagger of Cymorrak (Asterius)
  16. Dagger of Kagyar
  17. Dagger of Macroblan
  18. Dagger of Saturnius
  19. Dragon Lord Sword (?)
  20. Four Daggers of Asterius
  21. Four Daggers of Korotiku
  22. Greatsword of AlphaksHaziwarn
  23. Greatsword of Bemarris
  24. Greatsword of MasauwuBlackrazer
  25. Greatsword of Ixion
  26. Greatsword of Karaash
  27. Greatsword of Masauwu
  28. Greatsword of the Eternal General
  29. Hammer of Wayland
  30. Harpoon of Ahmanni
  31. Headman’s Axe of Tarastia
  32. Hofund the Bifrost Sword (Heimdall)
  33. Javalin of Faunus
  34. Khopesh of Maat
  35. Longbow of Ixion
  36. Longbow of Lemminkainen (Ilmarinen)
  37. Longbow of Malinois
  38. Longbow of Mealiden
  39. Longbow of Rauidhri
  40. Longbow of Zirchev
  41. Longsword of Atzanteotl
  42. Longsword of Frey
  43. Longsword of Freyja
  44. Longsword of Malinois
  45. Longsword of Nyx
  46. Longsword of Vainamoinen (Ilmarinen)
  47. Longsword of Vanya
  48. Mace of Matin
  49. Mjollnir (Thor)
  50. Morningstar of Bartziluth
  51. Rapier of Cretia
  52. Rapier of Clebard
  53. Rapier of Nob Nar “Zanna”
  54. Rapier of Noumena
  55. Rapier of the Raith
  56. Rapier of Turmis
  57. Scimitar of Al-Kalim
  58. Scythe of Khoronus
  59. Shortbow of Palson
  60. Shortsword of Danel
  61. Shortsword of Eiryndul
  62. Shortsword of Liena
  63. Shortsword of Light (The Shining One)
  64. Shortsword of Lokena
  65. Shortsword of Madarua
  66. Shortsword of Valerias
  67. Shortsword of Vanya
  68. Sickle of Pflarr
  69. Silver Arrows of Ruaidhri
  70. Silver Dagger of Loup
  71. Silver Dagger of Malinois
  72. Silver Dagger of Usamigaras
  73. Silver Longsword of Ruaidhri
  74. Slivered Mace of Minrothad
  75. Sling of Faunus
  76. Spear of Arnelee
  77. Spear of Destruction (Thanatos)
  78. Spear of Diulanna
  79. Spear of Lokena
  80. Spear of Malafor
  81. Spear of Odin
  82. Spear of Sharpcrest
  83. Throwing Hammer of Kagyar
  84. Tomahawk of Atruaghin
  85. Trident of Calitha
  86. Trident of Crakkak
  87. Trident of Harrow
  88. Trident of ProtiusWave
  89. Twin Flails of Ranivorus
  90. Warhammer of Djaea
  91. Warhammer of Hattani
  92. Warhammer of KagyarWhelm
  93. Warhammer of Petra
  94. Whip of Alphaks
  95. Whip of Brissard
  96. Whip of Orcus

Wondrous Items (98)

  1. Amulet of Zugzul
  2. Bell of Chardastes
  3. Belt of Ilmarinen
  4. Bile of Bagni
  5. Bile of Jammudaru
  6. Bile of Qywattz
  7. Bile of Stodos
  8. Book of the Dead (Orisis)
  9. Cauldron of Kersy
  10. Cloak of Ninfangle
  11. Compass of Sinbad
  12. Crook and Flail of Bachraeus
  13. Crown of AirOpal
  14. Crown of Clebard
  15. Crown of DarknessIdris
  16. Crown of the DragonkingThe Great One
  17. Crown of EarthThe Great One
  18. Crown of FireDiamond
  19. Crown of WaterPearl
  20. Crucible of the Blackflame (Coberham)
  21. Crystal of Fugit
  22. Crystal of Rafiel
  23. Crystal pyramids of the Katapec (Ninsun)
  24. Cubic labyrinth (Mazikeen)
  25. Cup of Koryis
  26. Dice of Tourlain
  27. Dove of Pax
  28. Earthshaker (Branden)
  29. Egg of the Phoenix (Mealiden)
  30. Egg of Wonder (Cocheree)
  31. Elvenstar (The Korrigans)
  32. Eye of Arik
  33. Eye of Humbaba (Ninsun)
  34. Eye of Traldar (Zirchev)
  35. Fang of Saasskas
  36. Feather of Simurgh
  37. Flaming Wheel of Ixion
  38. Floating Ar (Palartarkan)
  39. Floating City of Kron (Saturnius)
  40. Frond of Life (Calitha)
  41. Forge of Power (Kagyar)
  42. Gjallerhorn (Heimdall)
  43. Goblet of Loki
  44. Golden Helmet of Branden
  45. Golden Mace of Finidel
  46. Golden Tiara of Taroyas
  47. Grammarian Phase Ship (Pharamond)
  48. Harp of Guidarezzo
  49. Harp of Tiresias
  50. Haven (Zirchev)
  51. Heart of Energy (Fire Elemaster)
  52. Heart of Kythria
  53. Heart of Matter (Earth Elemaster)
  54. Heart of Slizzark
  55. Heart of Thought (Air Elemaster)
  56. Heart of Time (Water Elemaster)
  57. Helmet of Wogar
  58. Hourglass of Vethandi
  59. Mist Censer of Alphaks
  60. Noose of Marwdyn
  61. Nose of Iliric
  62. Orb of Gorm
  63. Orb of Rad
  64. Orb of Tyche
  65. Orb of Yav
  66. Pearl of Power (Calitha)
  67. Pipe of Brindorhin
  68. Pipe of Mahmatti
  69. Platinum Crown of Oleyan
  70. Rainbow Path (Ninsun)
  71. Rig Veda (Ssu-Ma)
  72. Robe of Terrra
  73. Ruby Broach of Idris
  74. Saddle of the Raven
  75. Scale of Diamond
  76. Scale of Ka
  77. Scale of Opal
  78. Scale of Pearl
  79. Scale of The Great One
  80. Seven Veils of Kallala
  81. Stone Insect of N’grath
  82. Stone of Luca
  83. Stone of Urtson
  84. Tabard of Zalaj
  85. Tablet of Celestial Balance (Ssu-Ma)
  86. Throne of Hel
  87. Tiara of Soubrette
  88. Toolkit of Garl
  89. Toolkit of the Twelve Watches
  90. Torch of Masauwu
  91. Tome of Bastet
  92. Tome of Buglore
  93. Tome of Gambia (Ssu-Ma)
  94. Tome of Ssu-Ma
  95. Tree of Life (Ilsundal)
  96. Web of Aracne Prime
  97. Wineskin of Ralon
  98. Yehm’s DiamondKorotiku

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  • 2021-08-27 – Updated the lost of gods names starting with B. Will be a long way to getting it all sorted out.
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  • 2021-01 – Updated all the names, patrons and artefacts.
  • 2020-10-25 – Cleaned up the Spheres section.
D&D Gods

The Gods: The Immortals Overview, Patrons

GM Section: Immortality Overview, Path Conqueror, Path Dragon, Path Dynast, Path Epic Hero, Path Paragon, Path Polymath, Quest Petition, Quest Meeting

Wellsprings: Fire, Magic

Energy/Fire (31): Alphatia (16), Bartziluth (24), Bemarris (3), Benekander (1), Branden 11), Coberham (18), Fire Elemaster (33), Guidarezzo (15), Heimdall (30), Iliric (8), Ilsundal (34), Ixion (36), Madarua (26), Mazikeen (27), Mahmatti (14), Matin (19), Mealiden (23), Minroth (13), Ninsun (35), Patura (10), Pflarr (25), Rad (22), Rafiel (21), Raith (12), Rathanos (28), Razud (31), Saturnius (20), The Shaper (7), The Shining One (29), Zirchev (17), Zugzul (32)

Entropy/Darkness (35): Alphaks (20), Aracne Prime (6), Arik (18), Atzanteotl (31), Bachraeus (19), Bagni (24), Brissard (10), Danel (14), Demogorgon (29), Harrow (11), Hel (36), Hircismus (12), Idris (15), Jammudaru (5), Kallala (22), Kiranjo (7), Kythria (2), Loki (30), Loup (9), Macroblan (27), Marwdyn (4), Masauwu (28), Nyx (33), Orcus (26), Ouranos (34), Pharamond (32), Qywattz (21), Ranivorus (16), Ruaidhri (3), Saasskas (23), Slizzark (17), Stodos (6), Talitha (25), Thanatos (35), Yagrai (13)

Matter/Earth (34): Atruaghin (32), Buglore (9), Chiron (6), Diamond (21), Djaea (34), Earth Elemaster (33), Faunus (11), Forsetta (7), Garl (13), Ground (19), Hattani (15), Ilmarinen (20), Infaust (16), Ka (35), Kagyar (28), Land (27), Lokena (2), Lornasen (10), Maat (30), N’grath (29), Opal (18), Paarkum (8), Polunius (25), Pearl (12), Tahkati (17), Terra (36), The Eternal General (14), The Great One (26), The Korrigans (24), The Twelve Watches (4), Utnapishtim (23), Valerias (31), Wayland (24), Wogar (5)

Thought/Air (36): Air Elemaster (32), Arnelee (8), Asterius (28), Clebard (2), Cochere (12), Cretia (16), Diulanna (18), Eiryndul (20), Frey (13), Freyja (13), Gorm (22), Halav (17), Karaash (5), Kersy (21), Korotiku (32), Koryis (10), Malinois (15), Ninfangle (27), Nob Nar (5), Noumena (34), Odin (36), Orisis (19), Palartarkan (11), Palson (4), Pax (35), Ralon (9), Sinbad (25), Soubrette (24), Ssu-Ma (23), Tarastia (30), Taroyas (6), Thalia (31), Thor (29), Turmis (1), Urtson (7), Usamigaras (27)

Time/Water (33): Al-Kalim (3), Ahmanni (14), Bastet (22), Brindorhin (14), Calitha (18), Carnelian (11), Chardastes (24), Crakkak (10), Finidel (7), Fugit (30), Gorrziok (25), Hymir (13), Khoronus (36), Liena (1), Luca (12), Malafor (15), Oleyan (6), Ordana (31), Petra (17), Protius (29), Raven (21), Sharpcrest (19), Simurgh (19), Skuld (34), Tiresias (9), Tourlain (8), Tyche (28), Urd (32), Vanya (23), Vethandi (35), Water Elemaster (33), Yav (20), Zalaj (27)

D&D Pantheons

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Cultural Pantheons: Alphatian Empire, Land Guilds, Makai, Norse, Ocean Guilds, Outcast, Thyatian Empire, Ylari

Elemental Pantheons: Air, Darkness, Earth, Fire, Forest, Ocean, Radiance, Shadowlands, Sky, Water

Immortal Pantheons: Celestials, Elemental Rulers, Empyreals, Energy, Entropy, Eternals, Hierarchs, Initiates, Matter, Spheres, Temporals, Thought, Time

Special Pantheons: Ancient Ones, Assembly, Azcan, Davania, Hollow World, Myoshima, Nithian, Norwold, Old Ones, Olympian, Savage Coast

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Class Builds
Artificer – Bombardier (Tinkerkin),
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Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey),
Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Circle of the Tree of Life (Seasonfey),
Fighter – Battlemaster (Seashire), Eldritch Knight (Kerendan), Weapons Master (Lani), Weapons Master (Stonebound),
Monk – Way of the Elements (Tidal),
Paladin – Oath of Radiance (Sunfey), Oath of Vengeance (Firechild),
Sorcerer – Wild Magic (Shadowfey),
Warlock – Celestial (Llewell),
Wizard – Bladesinger (Nerye),
Dragon – White (Calcryx).
Multiclass – Cleric/Wizard (Xhall), Rogue/Cleric (Dracnomir), Rogue/Sorcerer (Yodrey), Wizard/Rogue (Traladaran)


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