Wrath of the Immortals Downtime

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Downtime for Wrath of the Immortals

Downtime is activities that take more than a short or long rest in the game normally measured in days to weeks.

For what I am doing with downtime for my dungeons and dragons campaigns you can look a the Mystara Downtime Overview (2019-07-23) link.

As everytime a group levels, they advance the timeline until the end of winter taking at the minimum enough time to gain a level. Characters have to meet other requirements to find a willing teacher as well as selling or buying specific items. See the list below for all the available activities for all characters.






Extra Rules created due to downtime:

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Downtime for Mystara

Overview, Downtime Uses

Appease (Immortal, Secret Craft), Arduous Rally, Building Stronghold, Buying and Selling (Finding, New Spell, Selling Magical Item, Selling Other Item, Sharing Spells), Carousing, Crafting (Item Formula, Magical Item, Other Item, Spell Scroll), Crime, Druidic Wild Shape, Gambling, Performing Sacred Rites or Religious Services, Pit Fighting, Practicing Profession, Recuperating & Relaxing, Renown, Research, Research Assistance, Rivals, Running Business, Sowing Rumours, Spellcasters, Wizards School

Teaching: Class, Language or Tool, Secret Craft, Spell, Weapons Mastery, Wild Shape

Training: Class Levels, Extra Wild Shapes, Language or Tool, New or Replacement Spell, Secret Craft, Weapons Mastery

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