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This is the Non Player Characters or NPCs for the Mandalorian ongoing campaign.

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Star Wars RPG
Star Wars RPG

All NPCs

Clan Members

Clan Captain – details to be provided from players.

Elrood Sector Government

Fathin Montcurl (Human)
  • Session 2 – Bounty for 300 credits for live capture, no lasting harm. Wanted for delusional; attacks on government officials on farm estate outside of town.
  • Session 3 – Fathin is the father or the current elected sector and planetary governor. Has shot down a starfighter, is the most awarded marksman in the sector, is a weapons designer and trains the security forces. Fought in the clone wars and has former clone troopers for assistants.
  • Session 7 – Fathin had been poisoned by contaminated food with his security system on high alert for two weeks. Droids had kept him alive, but unable to fix the issue due to medic being away. Team assist him back to health and return him to guild office as instructed.
  • Session 8 – Fathin offers them to a chance to obtain qualifications to become a Sector Ranger and earn a steady income bringing criminals to justice in the sector.

Elrood Sector Underworld

Elrood Sector Other

Hernandez Harfleflit (Unknown) – Wanted
  • Session 2 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture, impounding of ship and its contents. Wanted for failing to follow flight plan, engangering citizens.
  • Session 5 – Pilot of Z-95 Headhunter that crashed onto the training academy of Fathin Montcurl.
Milinius Cartagia (Human) – Deceased
  • Session 2 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture and return of stolen vehicle in good working condition.
  • Session 5 – Reports of death while being assaulted when taking a swoop bike on a test ride in the city. Resulting in the destruction of the swoop.
Mr Devro (Devaronian) – Media
  • Session 2 – Media contact with information relating to El Capitano and only survivor of the destruction of a media building via terrorist bombing. High ranking media administrator who has El Capitano as one of his media assets. Enjoys expensive 10,000 cr meal with members of the team.
Saul Vandanna (Unknown) – Wanted
  • Session 2 – Bounty of 300 credits for information providing proof of crimes against the empire. Further details are unknown at this stage.
Savin El Capitano (Human) – Media
  • Session 2 – Bounty of 300 credits for capture alive. Wanted for questioning imperial authority. A champion for the people, speaks out about workers and fair rights for all, playing music from non-human cultures and
Vanis Vanna (Human) – Training
  • Session 1 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture. Wanted for shooting an imperial stormtrooper and escaping arrest. Known to hang out in bars all over the capital city of Elrood, Elrooden. Captured in recycling centre after killing two of the non-human workers. Taken into bounty office.
  • Session 2 – Report on the news of Vanis has been sentenced to serve in the imperial forces until his debt to society has been paid in full and is currently undergoing stormtrooper training.
Xarbin Thriftbane (Unknown) – Wanted
  • Session 2 – Bounty of 300 credits for capture alive. Wanted for disturbing the peace, failed to attend court and bail jumping.

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