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This is the Non Player Characters or NPCs for the Mandalorian ongoing campaign.

All NPCs

Adair Koryunt, Adre, Afren Hul, Akal Zed, AGENT (Tolamyn Cayble), Alistar Dadefra, Andal (Villis). Argdran (Mikos)

Borf (Velgar), BOSS (Kaggle)

CAPTAIN (Akal Zed, Alistar Dadefra, Dongal Tezrin, Kortho Hatanga), Cartagia (Milinius), Cayble (Tolamyn), Chaz (Travis), Chud (Lud), Crix Griff

D’Ink (Dineas), Dadefra (Alistar), Darvis Tret, Del (Shondra), Devro (Mr), Devron Zal, Diesel (Dom), Dineas D’Ink, Dom Diesel, Dongal Tezrin, Dorok Zalaster, Dunston Karell

El Capitano (Savin)

Fabio, Fathin Montcurl, Fight Officer Kalif, Fharn (Melodia), Fortuna (Kep)

GENERAL (Afren Hul), Grakkata, Grea the Orfite, Griff (Crix)

Harfleflit (Hernandez), Hatanga (Kortho), Hernandez Harfleflit, Hul (Afren)


Jameth Todkal

Kader Tentrata, Kaggle, Kalif, Karell (Dunston), Kep Fortuna, Khamp (Melvor), Kortho Hatanga, Koryunt (Adair), Kt’Aya (Zal Afreg)

LIEUTENANT (Darvis Tret, Kader Tentrata, Sandemo, Velgar Borf)

Melodia Fharn, Melvor Khamp, Mikos Argdran, Milinius Cartagia, Montcurl (Fathin)), Mr Devero

Officer Fabio, Oro Otel, Otel (Oro)

Parek, Pelleo Thog, Pol (Tamaron)

Sandemo, Saul Vandanna, Savin El Capitana, SECTOR MOFF (Villis Andal), Shondra Del, Sythor, Staarn

Tamaron Pol, Tentrata (Kader), Tezrin (Dongal), Th’Thrar (Zal Tuag), Thog (Pelleo), Thriftbane (Xarbin), Travis Chaz, Tret (Darvis), Todkal (Jameth), Tolamyn Cayble

Valera, Vandanna (Saul), Vanis Vanna, Vanna (Vanis), Velgar Borf, Villis Andal

Xarbin Thriftbane, Xegen Zal

Zal (Devron, Xegen), Zal Afreg Kt’Aya, Zal Tuag Th’Trar, Zalaster (Dorok), Zed (Akal)

Clan Members

Adre (Mandalorian)

Clan Captain Adre – Clan Star Wing representative who visits them for updates on Elrood once per week. Not a great supporter of the clan, not in favour with the current ruling family.

  • Session 01 – Sets bounty hunter group on Elrood and leaves them to sort out the details on their own.
  • Session 02 – Collected payments to clan from group.
Dom Diesel (Mandalorian)

Clan Captain Dom Diesel – Clan Star Wing representative who visits them for updates on Elrood once per week. All about family.

  • Session 16 – Provided group leader with further instructions regarding the treatment of Piper.

Elrood Sector Government

Fathin Montcurl (Human)

Head of the Sector Ranger Academy in Elroodan, Elrood.

  • Session 02 – Bounty for 300 credits for live capture, no lasting harm. Wanted for delusional; attacks on government officials on farm estate outside of town.
  • Session 03 – Fathin is the father or the current elected sector and planetary governor. Has shot down a starfighter, is the most awarded marksman in the sector, is a weapons designer and trains the security forces. Fought in the clone wars and has former clone troopers for assistants.
  • Session 07 – Fathin had been poisoned by contaminated food with his security system on high alert for two weeks. Droids had kept him alive, but unable to fix the issue due to medic being away. Team assist him back to health and return him to guild office as instructed.
  • Session 08 – Fathin offers them to a chance to obtain qualifications to become a Sector Ranger and earn a steady income bringing criminals to justice in the sector.
  • Session 12 – Used the 10 questions assigned to each character to determine their worth as Rangers or who should be Sector Ranger for the group.
  • Session 13 – Assigned Kyanna sector ranger status.
  • Session 14 – Met them at gala awarding Kyanna with the Sector Ranger job.
Kep Fortuna (Twi’lek)

City manage of Refuge on Kidron, Elrood Sector. Responsible for overseeing funding for the laws and programs instituted by the City High Council. He has veto power over any laws or programs passed. A distant relative of Bib Fortuna who works for Jabba the Hutt. He is a sneaky, ambitious fellow who is always looking for ways to turn adversity to advantage.

Officer Fabio (Human)

Officer of planetary security stationed in Elroodan, Elrood. An avid racer and speed enthusiast known for taking selfies and posting to social media showing his day to day work on the streets of Elroodan.

  • Session 08 – Dinner with Piper and talk of racing.
  • Session 12 – Heading off planet to investigate Wookiee slavery.
  • Using CSA Security Police (Minion) as Edge stats

Elrood Sector Underworld

Adair Koryunt (Human) – Bomber – Wanted

Human Criminal. Appearance and actual race or sex unknown.

  • Source – Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 8)
Dorok Zalaster (Human) – Pirate – Wanted

Human Criminal. A 1.75 m tall human male. Has a bald head covered with Tattoos. A Huge scar runs from the top of his head, down the left side of his face, ending at his chin. A known criminal since he was a young pickpocket in the Corellian System, Dorak has since moved to the Elrood Sector with his band of pirates.

  • Known vessels – The Last Thing (344 Light Cruiser) and five smaller ships (Redthorn scout ship)
  • SourcePlanets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p116)
Grakkata (Wookiee) – Pirate – Wanted

Wookiee Criminal. She is a 2.5 m tall Wookiee with gray shaggy hair. She keeps her equipment and bowcaster stored on a hardness crisscrossing her chest. Her eyes are a soft green colour.

  • Pilot of Treespirit (Ghtroc 720 Freighter)
  • SourcePlanets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p113)
Hernandez Harfleflit (Sullustan) – Wanted

Sullustan Wanted Criminal.

  • Session 02 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture, impounding of ship and its contents. Wanted for failing to follow flight plan, engangering citizens.
  • Session 05 – Pilot of Z-95 Headhunter that crashed onto the training academy of Fathin Montcurl.
  • Session 10 – Helped off planet by team while scouting for something else.
Kaggle (Unknown) – Crime Boss

Starting out as a petty thief, he used the combination of his intelligence and bought muscle to rise in the criminal underworld. Boss Kaggle makes his home on Lanthrym, where he has a palatial home and am impressive force of bodyguards. He is a scrawny, hairless, one metre tall creature with spindly limbs. He has big, black saucer eyes, vestigial horns on his upper forehead, and a thin reedy voice. Known to have a distaste for violence, and an ability to talk his way out of situations. Has a rivalry with Lud Chud.

Lud Chud (Unknown) – Crime Boss

Lud is assumed to be a human male. It has always had a talent for crime, and has settle on Torina as the premier crime boss. Lud hs influence, property, and henchmen throughout Elrood sector, but it concentrates its activities on Torina, Lanthrym and Elrood. At these sites, it engages in loansharking, protection rackets, black marketeering, forgery, smuggling and other unsavory activities. Boss Kaggle is Lud’s biggest rival.

Milinius Cartagia (Human) – Deceased

Deceased Criminal.

  • Session 02 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture and return of stolen vehicle in good working condition.
  • Session 05 – Reports of death while being assaulted when taking a swoop bike on a test ride in the city. Resulting in the destruction of the swoop.
Saul Vandanna (Unknown)

Wanted Criminal, bounty not collected and withdrawn.

  • Session 02 – Bounty of 300 credits for information providing proof of crimes against the empire. Further details are unknown at this stage.
Slythor (Squib) – Crime Boss

Slythor is the Squib Crime Boss of Korad, a place no one wants to go on purpose.

  • Source – Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 27)
Staarn (Bothan) – Crime Boss

Staarn is a bothan crime boss who has spent the last eleven years (as of the gala) on Kidron. Known for his wild parties and can be seen walking the streets of Refuge. Makes his living as a loan shark.

Xarbin Thriftbane (Unknown) – Wanted

Wanted Criminal still at large.

  • Session 02 – Bounty of 300 credits for capture alive. Wanted for disturbing the peace, failed to attend court and bail jumping.
  • Session 10 – Unnoticed helping with repairs on starship.

Elrood Sector Other

Crix Griff (Human) – Socialite

Human of medium build, thinning brown hair. Known to hang out at the Elrooden Starport or the Elrood Bazaar. Suspected to have ties to the Underworld

Dunston Karell (Human) – Scout Pilot

Human Pilot of the scouting group known as The Grey Griffons.

  • Associated Group – The Grey Griffons scout team and Pilot of the Scout Ship Whisper.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p26)
Devron Zal (Human) – Corporation

Member of Randell Mining. Son of Xegan Zal. Very young looking to wear the suit of a corporate officer. Aged around 14 at the time of the Gala.Attractive and well dressed.

Grea (Orfite) – Bounty Hunter

A rising star in the local bounty hunters scene, Grea is known to always catch her mark. Has worked in the region for 11 years by the time of the Gala. She is 1.5 m tall and does not look dangerous, with a Orfite scent mask visible on her body. She was born on Kidron, won a ship off a gambler and worked as a mercenary in the Methall’has Sector.

Known to be ruthless and amral, but pragmatic and honest. Once she is hired to find someone, nothing can shift her focus. While she will consider any task, regardless of the moral implications, she is true to her word and will not lie to a client.

  • Pilot of The Neverquit (custom vessel)
  • Session 17 – Met them on Kidron.
  • Session 18 – Assisted with the Governor’s kill.
  • Source: Planets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p119)
Iych-thae (Ithorian) – Ecologist

Captain of the Ithorian shepherd ship Varnay, is a tall male Ithorian who dresses in a woven cloak and uses a long wooden walking staff. Calls himself “Pilgrim of the Mother Jungle”.

  • Associated ship – Varnay (Ithorian Herdship)
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 20)
Jameth Todkal (Unknown) – Corporation

An executive of Randell Mining, has an officer on the 28th floor of the headquarters in Elroodian, Elrood.

  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p5, 6, 8)
Kortho Hatango (Human) – Merchant Captain

Ore carrier of the Elrood Sector and Captain of the ship Galax Titan, a X46-7 Ore Carrier. He is a fierce-eyed tall human with thinning white hair, and gaunt features.

  • Captain of the Galax Titan ore carrier.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 69)
Melodia Fharn (Human) – Head Nurse

Woman in her 60s with long grey hair that she keeps in a bun. She has soft blue eyes, and a strong sense of companion. Which is useful as the head nurse in the Derilyn Hospital and a longtime friend of Farfin Moncurl having patched him up many times over the years. Has two kids who also has children of their own who were born three year and a year ago at the time of the gala.

Mikos Argdran (Human) – Merchant

A short, pudgy human dressed in a suit of fine clothes. A merchant who believes in the exchange of useful information.

  • Business Card – Mikos Argden. A Friendly Merchant of the Stars. Buy, Sell, Trade. Specialty Goods Welcome.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 54)
Mr Devro (Devaronian) – Media

Head of Elrood Media Corporation and owner of high class Restaurant Delta Green.

  • Session 02 – Media contact with information relating to El Capitano and only survivor of the destruction of a media building via terrorist bombing. High ranking media administrator who has El Capitano as one of his media assets. Enjoys expensive 10,000 cr meal with members of the team.
  • Session 14 – Met them at the Gala celebration.
Oro Otel (Sullustan) – Scout

Sullustan Scout of the scouting group known as The Grey Griffons.

  • Associated Group – The Grey Griffons scout team and main scout of the Scout Ship Whisper.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p26)
Parak (Unknown) – Corporation

Member of The Grey Griffons, a scouting team working with Randell Mining. Crew member on the Scout vessel Whisper.

  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p5, 6)
Palleo Thog (Human) – Big Game Hunter

He is a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and sportsman who has a fascination with rare creatures, which he collects from across the galaxy. A hobby since childhood, Thog’s collection of pets seemed to grow proportionally as his wealth increased. He has a private zoo in his estate on Torna, Elrood Sector. His hunts feature on local and regional broadcasts.

  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 65)
Savin El Capitano (Human) – Media

Media Celebrity working for Elrood Media Corporation.

  • Session 02 – Bounty of 300 credits for capture alive. Wanted for questioning imperial authority. A champion for the people, speaks out about workers and fair rights for all, playing music from non-human cultures and others.
  • Session 14 – Presenter at the gala awards evening.
Shondra Del (Unknown) – Corporation

Member of The Grey Griffons, a scouting team working with Randell Mining using the ship called Whisper. Captain of the freighter Stars of Elrood.

  • Associated with the scout ship Whisper.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p5, 6, 50, 75)
Tameron Pol (Human) – Socialite

Man in his late teens. He has sandy brown hair with a cowlick, making him look younger. Tamaron was born on Lanthrym, and has settled on Coyn.

Travis Chaz (Human) – Bartender

Man in his Mid 50’s, though he has the health of a man 20 years younger. His hair is white as snow. He has several scars on his arms and face, and walks with a slight limp. He is a no-nonsense, quietly friendly man. His vocabulary is quite extensive, betraying a high degree of intelligence that belies his profession.

  • Day Job – The Pit, Elroodan Spaceport
  • Session 14 – At the Gala celebration.
  • Source: Planets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p127)
Valera (Human) – Scout Computer Specialist

She is a human Scout of the scouting group known as The Grey Griffons.

  • Associated Group – The Grey Griffons scout team and main scout of the Scout Ship Whisper.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe p26)
Xegan Zal (Human) – Corporation

Member of Randell Mining. Middle aged man looking more like a digger than an executive.

  • Session 14 – At the Gala celebration.
  • Using Corrupt Bureaucrat (Rival) as the Edge stats.
Zal Afreg Kt’Aya (Coynite) – Security

He is a 2.8 m tall Coyonite, with soft grey fur and a black and white streaked mane in two ponytails. Despite his soft colour, Afreg is a muscular towering specimen with steel blue eyes. A member of the Kt’Aya clan and see;s himself as a rival for Zal Tuag.

Zal Tuag Th’Trar (Coynite) – Security

He is a 2.7 m tall robust youth of pure white colouring and a deep dark brown mane that he wears in an elaborately braided ponytail down his spine. A member of the Th’rar clan.

Imperial Forces

Agent Tolamyn Cayble (Human) – ISB

Assigned to the Elrood Sector as the head of Imperial Security of the sector.

  • Imperial Security Bureau
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 98)
Captain Akal Zed (Human) – Star Destroyer

Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Stalker based out of Elroodan, Elrood. Has a thick neck, a bulbous nose, hard steel gray eyes, and a permanent scowl.

  • Captain of the Star Destroyer Stalker
  • Session 14 – Present at the Gala event.
  • Source: Planets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p101)
Captain Alistar Dadefra (Human) – Star Destroyer

Assigned to the Elrood Sector as the head of Imperial Security of the sector. Previously was captain of the Victory Star Destroyer Bombard and worked with the Star Destroyer Crusader to wipe out the Eyttyrmin Pirates and earning him the commision of his current role with the Imperial Star Destroyer Brazen three years ago as of the time of the Gala. Currently 44 years old proven a daring and competent tactician has come to the attention of Admiral Thrawn and brought to the Elrood Sector.

  • Captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Brazen.
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 104)
Captain Dongal Tezrin (Human) – Cruiser

Captain of the Bayonet Light Cruiser Rintonne’s Flame based out of Elroodan, Elrood.

Dineas D’Int (Human) – Cadet

Cadet who has joined the Imperial Training Academy being established in Derylin. Earmarked for work with ISB due to background and natural talents.

  • Imperial Cadet
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 83)
Flight Officer Kalif (Human) – Tie Pilot

Red haired pilot for the Imperial Navy. Female human seen in the various bars of the city on a regular basis. Leader of Alpha Wing based out of Elroodan, Elrood.

  • Session 01 – Doing the rounds of Elroodan’s bars providing stories of excitement in serving the empire on a recruitment round.
  • Session 02 – Arranged for Piper to become the poster for recruitment on Elrood.
  • Session 14 – Present at the Gala event.
  • Source: Planets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p104)
General Afren Hul (Human)

He is a man in is early 40s, dresses in a very sharp, spit and polish military style. He is bald, and has bushy eyebrows that are so thick they appear to one solid, unbroken brow. His eyes are steel grey, with a penetrating gaze. He is burl and a firm believe in iron discipline.

Lieutenant Darvis Tret (Human) – Special Investigations

Male Human Imperial Officer, specialising in special investigations. Conducting a report on the Elrood Sector for the empire.

Lieutenant Kader Tentrata (Human) – BlastBoat

Male Human Imperial Officer, and commander of the Skipray Blastboat Greetbos. A sullen officer with a known four temperament who punishes infractions harsher than then offence warrants.

Lieutenant Sandemo (Human) – Criminal Investigations

Male Human Imperial Officer, specialising in criminal investigations.

  • Session 01 – Investigating the theft and destruction of media building belong to Elrood Media Corporation.
  • Session 14 – Present at the Gala event.
  • Session 15 – Provides briefing on the tasks assigned to them by Admiral Thrawn to investigate further.
Lieutenant Velgar Borf (Human) – Customs

Male Human customs inspector. Slightly overweight middle-aged human with unruly black hair. His Imperial Navy Custom Officer uniform is often a bit rumpled or stained. Recently cracked the Red Nalroni smuggling ring earning him the rank of Lieutenant.

Melvor Khamp (Human) – Engineer

A Success story from the Elrood Sector, Born on Derilyn has managed to gain employment as an Imperial Engineer at the Sluis Van Shipyards. Visits home about once a month for a few days.

  • Imperial Engineer
  • Source: Operation: Elrood (sw-weg-2e-oe 84)
Sector Moff Villis Andal (Human)

Male Human from a well connected Atrisian noble family. Noted to have won a pair of local championships in high-gravity sprint running before joining the Imperial Diplomatic Corps.

  • Personal Starship – Andal’s Dream (space yacht)
  • Source: Planets Collection (sw-weg-2e-pc p169)
Vanis Vanna (Human) – Stormtrooper

Street thug who has become one of the first Stormtroopers trained in the Elrood Sector as punishment for his actions.

  • Session 01 – Bounty of 300 credits for live capture. Wanted for shooting an imperial stormtrooper and escaping arrest. Known to hang out in bars all over the capital city of Elrood, Elrooden. Captured in recycling centre after killing two of the non-human workers. Taken into bounty office.
  • Session 02 – Report on the news of Vanis has been sentenced to serve in the imperial forces until his debt to society has been paid in full and is currently undergoing stormtrooper training.
  • Session 16 – One of the two stormtroopers assigned to the Governor’s starship.

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-07 – Added in some details for links to NPC stats using default options from the rulebooks.
  • 2022-01-22 – Adding in Characters specific to the Elrood Sector storyline.
  • 2021-12-14 – Updated from written notes, players still to add further details.
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