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Campaign Creation Part 5 – Force Storyline

Notation from my Force Campaign.

Lost Knowledge

(Session 3)

Episode 1: Arrival at the Resort


  • Hotel Security
  • Wild Felid Hunter


  • Outer Rim Territories, Loro Babis System, Athiss – The Far Orbit Resort and Lodge
Episode 2: The Hunting Expedition


  • Deranged Expedition Guide
  • Expedition Hunter


  • Passenger Landspeeder
Episode 3: The Ancient Ruins


  • Twisted Beast
  • Mad Hermit (male Human)
  • Twisted Beast Alpha
  • Sith Lord Spirit – Killed


  • Athiss Cave Crystal – lightsaber crystal

Lessons from the Past

(Session 6)

Episode 1: A Wealth of Knowledge


  • Ashur Sungazer (male Human) scholar
  • Psyrel Capanus (male Human) scholar
  • Campus Security Guard
  • Eren Garai (male Human) ISB Agent
  • Armed Security Guard


  • Outer Rim Territories, Seswenna Sector, Eriadu – Archives
  • Core Worlds, Fedalle – Industrial
  • Core Worlds, Rendill – Industrial known for star drives
  • Deep Core, Koler – Red supergiant system
  • Duro
  • The Colonies, Exodeen – Imperial Planet
  • Core Worlds, Coruscant
  • Deep Core, Khomm
  • Mauphin
  • Outer Rim Territories, Mandalore
  • Churr – farming world
  • Core World, Basilisk – enviro damaged world
  • Outer Rim Territories, Gefthaine – primitive forest world
  • Commenor
  • Empress Teta
  • Lamman


  • “Sanctuary” – Lost Support Ship – Hammerhead-class cruiser


  • The Ilum Talisman – property of Val Isa, Jedi Master
Episode 2: The Wreck of the Sanctuary


  • Damaged Basilisk
  • Tactical Assassin Droid
  • Eren Garai (male Human) ISB Agent – Killed


  • Deep Core, Koler – Red supergiant system


  • “Sanctuary” – Lost Support Ship – Hammerhead-class cruiser


  • Holocron of Val Isa
    • Discipline and Medicine are class skills while using the holocron
    • Provides three ranks to checks from Knowledge (Lore) about the Jedi
    • Basic Jedi instruction

Hidden Depths

(Session 12)

Episode 1: History of Phemis


  • Viper Probe Droid
  • Imperial Stormtroopers “Cavetroopers”


  • Core Worlds, Corellian Sector, Phemis system, Phemis
Episode 2: Exploring the Canyons


  • Phemis Canyon Charger
  • Rubat Spinner 
Episode 3: Rubat at Last


  • Rubat Crystal (Lightsaber crystal) Orange in colour
Episode 4: A Final Complication


  • “Ironarm” Stormtrooper Commander – Killed

Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

(Session 25 to 30+)

Episode 1: 

(Session 25 to 27)


  • The Gatekeeper (male Human)
  • Bearsloth
  • Tarvix
  • Quolas Guard
  • Quolas Guard Captain
  • Pathran Helshar
  • Quolas Citizen
  • Quolas Elder
  • Koh Helshar
  • Odir Tumris
  • Jyl Rorlis
  • Gel Marcolf (male force user)


  • Outer Rim Territories, Arboo Sector, Arboo system, Arbooine


  • Diiro – Arbooinian Melee Weapon
Episode 2: 

(Session 27 to 29)


  • Duke Erron Irbian (male human) – not met
  • Dalan Oberos
  • Neimoidian Citizen
  • Kreenhawk Ganger
  • Lor Keln (female Neimoidian)
  • Tor Haido
  • Zel N’Got
  • Stormtrooper Captain TH-313
  • Onrein Hasar
  • BX Commando Droid
  • Droideka – Destroyer Droid


  • Colonies Region, Cato Neimoidia system, Cato Neimoidia


  • Mobquet Flare-V Swoop Bike
Episode 3: 

(Session 29 to 30+)


  • Outer Rim Region, Horuset system, Moraband

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