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Purchasing Items

Rarity in Star Wars

Some items are naturally more difficult to purchase than others based on where a character finds himself at the time. After all, the galaxy is a big place and the vagaries and intricacies of galactic trade mean that some items that are easy to find in certain locations are very difficult to find in others. Of course, some items are rare no matter where one goes and, likewise, some items are always common and inexpensive.

Rarity in Edge of the Empire is a simple way of measuring how difficult an item can be to find on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being the easiest to track down and 10 being the hardest. Of course, whether or not an item is available for purchase should never solely be a matter of rolling dice.

Instead, the needs of the plot make it at least partially the Game Master’s decision. However, for simple items, rarity provides an easy way for the GM to determine whether something is available and let the players easily track items down. Finding an item on a world requires a Negotiate check (although the GM may allow the character to use an appropriate Knowledge skill check instead).

Simple (no dice)Glow Rod
Long-range comlink
Easy (one dice)Medpac
Scanner Goggles
Average (two dice)Blaster Pistol
Blaster Rifle
Hard (three dice)Cybernetic Limb
Daunting (four dice)Thermal Detonator
Personal Stealth Field
10Formidable (five dice)Package of Lesai
+1Upgrade Dice
Table on Item Rarity checks
Rarity ModifierCircumstances
-2Primary Core world such as Coruscant, Duro or Corellia
-1Other Core World
-1World on primary trade route
-1Sector capital
-1Item exported by planet
-1Company major branch on planet
+0Colony or Inner Rim World
+0Civilized world (not really going to be applied)
+1Mid Rim world
+1Recently settled world, out of the way world
+1Item not listed as one of their brands, but they sell similar items
+2Outer Rim world
+2Frontier world
+2Item imported by planet
+2Item not listed as one of their brands and they don’t sell those sort of items normally.
+3Wild Space world
+4Uncivilised world
Table on Item Rarity Modifiers

The Black Market

Not all goods are available on all planets. A city might outlaw weapons within its limits, and most planetary authorities forbid thermal detonators. Selling illegal goods is dangerous but lucrative for those with nerve. Finding them means dealing with greedy thugs and criminals.

Exactly what is illegal on each world is up to the Game Master or may be specified in that world’s description. Finding an illegal item typically requires a Streetwise check. The difficulty generally depends on the rarity of the item but the difficulty can increase based on the world’s law enforcement capabilities (as determined by the GM).

Selling illegal goods also requires a Streetwise check with the same difficulty as above. If three or more Threats (Disadvantage) or a Despair are rolled, something has gone wrong; the buyer tries to rob the characters or the local police arrive to arrest these brazen criminals, for example.

Black market items always require a Streetwise check to find, and may cost far more than the list price depending on their scarcity on a particular world. This varies from place to place, so the Game Master must determine if an item is restricted or not, to what degree, and what the difficulty is to track it down. Some items are marked with an (R) in their price, which means they are restricted and always count as black market items.

Most black marketeers have established patterns, customers, and habits that allow them to stay in business. The Player Characters might not have these connections, and may even be selling to a criminal who plans on turning around and reselling the goods again. For that reason, PCs selling illegal items net one-quarter of the listed price with a successful Streetwise check, one-half with two Successes, and three-quarters with three successes or higher.

Truly exotic and illegal items, like rare animals or exotic pets, can be sold for higher values, but these are set based on the story and the difficulty it took to find them. The rules above present the general rules for buying and selling most illegal items.

Selling and Trading

Selling legal items follows similar guidelines to selling illegal ones. Player Characters can generally sell an item for one quarter of its cost on a successful Negotiation check, increasing that to one-half with two successes, and three-quarters with three successes or more.

There are some cases in which the PCs might wish to engage in trade; buying multiple items at one location, then selling them at another location where they are rarer. These actions can be handled narratively, but if the CM wishes to use some mechanical guidelines for this process, here are some basic rules covering trading.

Rarity IncreaseCost Increase
-1 or lowerx.9 (reduce price by .1 for each point lower)
+4 or higherx4 and gain attention for rare item
Table for Increased costs when buying and selling

Trade works the same whether with black market (Restricted) items or with legal items. Selling the items follows the rules for selling items listed above; whether the items are black market or legal. However, when determining the sell price based on the success of the Negotiation check, first multiply the cost of the item based on the difference in the item’s rarity between where the item was bought and where it’s sold. Then take the new, increased cost and determine the sell price by the results of the Negotiation check.

Of course, these rules do not account for all sorts of details, such as buying in bulk, marketing and advertising, and myriad other factors that may affect prices and costs. This is why the rules for buying, selling, and trading are all modifiable by the GM, and subject to his judgement. It is also important to note that these rules only apply when engaging in commercial trade. If the PCs sell a cargo load of blasters on a world using these rules, then later one of them buys a blaster on that world, he would pay the listed cost, without any increases. Remember, these rules are recommended for engaging in trade only.

Always remember when engaging in intergalactic trade that the GM has final say as to how much an item is worth, which can also be based on narrative factors. For example, if the PCs collect some E-l 1 blaster rifles off dead stormtroopers, they may try to sell them. However, though a blaster rifle is not (R), it’s still obviously an Imperial weapon. Some shopkeepers may refuse to purchase them, others may offer a criminally low price for these goods, no matter how well the PCs roll on their Negotiation check. Finally, some may offer to buy the goods at a reasonable price, then turn around and sell the PCs out to the Empire

GM Notes

This will be combined with information from Age of Rebellion and Force & Destiny at a later time. I have added in a few more modifiers for planets based on the import and export and if it is a sector capital or not.

Content Updates

SW Equipment

Armour: Adverse Environment Gear (1), Clothing (Armoured (6), Heavy (0)), Heavy Battle (R7), Laminate (3), Padded (1), Personal Deflector Shield (8)

Armour Modifications: Cortosis Weave (8), Enhanced Optics Suite (3), Heating System (3), Optical Camouflage System (6), Strength Enhancing System (4), Superior Armour Customisation (6), Thermal Shielding System (3), Vacuum Sealed (3)


Communications: Comlink (Handheld (0), Long-range (1)), Holo Messenger (4)

Cybernetics: Brain Implant (6), Cyberarm (Mod V (6), Mod VI (6)), Cyberleg (Mod II (6), Mod III (6)), Cyberscanner Limb (7), Eyes (6), Immune Implant (6), Implant Armour (6), Prosthetic Replacement (Limb (4), Organ (4)), Weapon (7)

Detection Devices: Electrobinoculars (1), General Purpose Scanner (3), Hand Scanner (2), Macrobinoculars (2), Scanner Goggles (3), Surveillance Tagger (R4)

Medical: Bacta (1), Bacta Tank (1), Emergency Medpac (1), Medpac (2), Stimpack (1), Synthskin (1)

Poison: Synthetic Anesthetic (4), Synthetic Neuroparaytic (R6), Synthetic Neurotoxin (R6)

Recreation: Chance Cube (0), Dejarik Table (4), Sabacc (0)

Security: Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit (R7), Binders (0), BlackOps Data Breaker (R6), Comm Jammer (3), Comm Scrambler (R5), Disguise Kit (4), Electronic Lock Breaker (R5), Personal Stealth Field (9), Restraining Bolt (0), Slicer Gear (4)

Spice: Avabush (dose (R6), crate (R7)), Booster Blue (dose (R5), crate (R6)), Death Sticks (dose (R1), crate (R2)), Glitterstim (dose (R7), crate (R8)), Lesai (dose (R9), crate (R10)), Yarrock (dose (R8), crate (R9))

Survival: Breath Mask (1), Crash Survival Kit (2), Ration Pack (0), Space Suit (1), Tent (1), Thermal Cloak (1)

Tools: Backpack (0), Climbing Gear (2), Datapad (1), Emergency Repair Patch (1), Extra Reload (1), Fusion Cutter (2), Fusion Lantern (2), Glowrod (0), Jet Pack (7), Load-Bearing Gear (3), Military Field Manual (4), Tool Kit (2), Utility Belt (0)

Unique Illegal: Data Breaker (R6), Flesh Camouflage Set (R7), Personal Stealth Field (R9)


Blaster: Bowcaster (7), Carbine (5), Disruptor (Pistol (R6), Rifle (R6)), Heavy Pistol (6), Heavy Repeating (R8), Heavy Rifle (6), Holdout (4), Ionization (3), Light Pistol (4), Light Repeating (R7), Pistol (4), Rifle (5)

Explosive+: Flame Projector (6), Grenades (Armour Piercing (6), Frag (5), Stun (4)), Mine (Anti-Personnel (6), Anti-Vehicle (6)), Missile Tube (R8), Thermal Detonator (R8)

Brawling: Brass Knuckles (0), Shock Gloves (2)

Melee: Combat Knife (1), Force Pike (4), Gaffi Stick (2), Truncheon (1), Vibro-Ax (5), Vibroknife (3), Vibrosword (5)

Slugthrower: Pistol (3), Rifle (3)

Thrown: Bola (2), Net (2)

Modifications: Augmented Spin Barrel (4), Balanced Hilt (5), Blaster Actuating Module (4), Bipod Mount (1), Bowcaster Accelerator Enhancement (4), Bowcaster Automatic Re-Cocker (3), Filed Front Sight (0), Forearm Grip (1), Marksman Barrel (4), Mono-Molecular Edge (5), Multi-Optic Sight (3), Serrated Edge (1), Shortened Barrel (4), Spread Barrel (4), Superior Weapon Customisation (6), Telescopic Optical Sight (1), Tripod Mount (3), Under-Barrel (Flame Projector (R5), Grenade Launcher (R5)), Weapon Harness (2), Weapon Sling (0), Weighted Head (3)


Lightsaber: Lightsaber (R10)

Modifications: Rubat Crystals (R10)

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