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Prosthetic Replacement Organ

sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire

Cybernetic Enhancements and Replacements – Technology is an integral part of life on almost every world in the galaxy, and for some it is an integral part of their very bodies. Some cybernetic enhancements are visible, either because the wearer cares little for what others might think of his mechanical prosthesis or because he cannot afford better. Others are near-perfect duplicates of lost limbs or are hidden within the body; in either case few could tell the difference without the use of scanning devices.

Cybernetic enhancements and replacements generally increase skills or characteristics, providing raw bonuses to characters’ abilities. The combination of XP-purchased increases and the increases provided by cybernetics can improve a character’s skill or characteristic one step above the normal maximum (seven for characteristics, six for skills).

Each character may purchase and install a number of cybernetic enhancements and replacements equal to his Brawn rating, but no more.

The cybernetic enhancements listed here are obviously mechanical in nature. The exceptions are the BioTech Industries Repli-Limb Prosthetics. These do not enhance the user as the other cybernetic devices do. However, they are designed to function identically to the original limb and to be covered with synthflesh, so that they look virtually indistinguishable from that which they replace.

One drawback of cybernetic enhancements and replacements is that they can be affected by weaponry designed to disable technology, such as ion blasters or ion cannons. If hit by weapons that normally affect droids only, the cybernetic enhancement temporarily stops working for the remainder of the encounter or until it is repaired. The consequences of this depend on the enhancement in question and are left up to the GM, but they should make sense (for example, a character with two malfunctioning cybernetic legs would not only lose any bonuses from the legs, but would also be unable to walk).

Given the often violent nature of the galaxy and the dangerous weapons used to settle many disagreements, many losers (and winners) of such conflicts often wind up with fewer fingers, arms, or legs than when they started. Others might have internal organs destroyed or ruined eyes. While cloning technology and flesh regenerators can be used to repair such losses, few use this option, as it is expensive and often highly illegal. Instead, many opt for mechanical replacements.

Limbs and major organs (including sensory organs such as eyes and ears, as well as heart, lungs, livers, and more) can all be replaced with a Repli-Limb option. They do not provide any bonuses or enhancements to the character, but restore him to normality. There are two general cost entries for Repli-Limb Prosthetics; the first is for limbs, the second for organs. However, the GM should feel free to increase or decrease the costs depending on the specific circumstances.

From Age of Rebellion

For those seeking quality, unobtrusive replacements for lost limbs, prosthetic replacements are among the more popular options. These cybernetics are designed to provide functionality identical to that of the original limb or organ, and are installed with a synth-flesh covering, making them almost indistinguishable from the organic component they replace.

From Edge of the Empire

BioTech Industries’ Repli-Limb Prosthetic Replacements are some of the more popular options. These cybernetics are designed to provide identical functionality to the original limb or organ, and are installed with a synth-flesh covering, making them almost indistinguishable from the organic component they replace.

Fantasy Flight Rules – Prosthetic Replacement Organ

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  • 2022-03-24 – Updated with content from Age of Rebellion.
  • 2021-12-30 – Added in Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook link.
SW Equipment

Armour: Adverse Environment Gear (1), Clothing (Armoured (6), Heavy (0)), Heavy Battle (R7), Laminate (3), Padded (1), Personal Deflector Shield (8)

Armour Modifications: Cortosis Weave (8), Enhanced Optics Suite (3), Heating System (3), Optical Camouflage System (6), Strength Enhancing System (4), Superior Armour Customisation (6), Thermal Shielding System (3), Vacuum Sealed (3)


Communications: Comlink (Handheld (0), Long-range (1)), Holo Messenger (4)

Cybernetics: Brain Implant (6), Cyberarm (Mod V (6), Mod VI (6)), Cyberleg (Mod II (6), Mod III (6)), Cyberscanner Limb (7), Eyes (6), Immune Implant (6), Implant Armour (6), Prosthetic Replacement (Limb (4), Organ (4)), Weapon (7)

Detection Devices: Electrobinoculars (1), General Purpose Scanner (3), Hand Scanner (2), Macrobinoculars (2), Scanner Goggles (3), Surveillance Tagger (R4)

Medical: Bacta (1), Bacta Tank (1), Emergency Medpac (1), Medpac (2), Stimpack (1), Synthskin (1)

Poison: Synthetic Anesthetic (4), Synthetic Neuroparaytic (R6), Synthetic Neurotoxin (R6)

Recreation: Chance Cube (0), Dejarik Table (4), Sabacc (0)

Security: Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit (R7), Binders (0), BlackOps Data Breaker (R6), Comm Jammer (3), Comm Scrambler (R5), Disguise Kit (4), Electronic Lock Breaker (R5), Personal Stealth Field (9), Restraining Bolt (0), Slicer Gear (4)

Spice: Avabush (dose (R6), crate (R7)), Booster Blue (dose (R5), crate (R6)), Death Sticks (dose (R1), crate (R2)), Glitterstim (dose (R7), crate (R8)), Lesai (dose (R9), crate (R10)), Yarrock (dose (R8), crate (R9))

Survival: Breath Mask (1), Crash Survival Kit (2), Ration Pack (0), Space Suit (1), Tent (1), Thermal Cloak (1)

Tools: Backpack (0), Climbing Gear (2), Datapad (1), Emergency Repair Patch (1), Extra Reload (1), Fusion Cutter (2), Fusion Lantern (2), Glowrod (0), Jet Pack (7), Load-Bearing Gear (3), Military Field Manual (4), Tool Kit (2), Utility Belt (0)

Unique Illegal: Data Breaker (R6), Flesh Camouflage Set (R7), Personal Stealth Field (R9)


Blaster: Bowcaster (7), Carbine (5), Disruptor (Pistol (R6), Rifle (R6)), Heavy Pistol (6), Heavy Repeating (R8), Heavy Rifle (6), Holdout (4), Ionization (3), Light Pistol (4), Light Repeating (R7), Pistol (4), Rifle (5)

Explosive+: Flame Projector (6), Grenades (Armour Piercing (6), Frag (5), Stun (4)), Mine (Anti-Personnel (6), Anti-Vehicle (6)), Missile Tube (R8), Thermal Detonator (R8)

Brawling: Brass Knuckles (0), Shock Gloves (2)

Melee: Combat Knife (1), Force Pike (4), Gaffi Stick (2), Truncheon (1), Vibro-Ax (5), Vibroknife (3), Vibrosword (5)

Slugthrower: Pistol (3), Rifle (3)

Thrown: Bola (2), Net (2)

Modifications: Augmented Spin Barrel (4), Balanced Hilt (5), Blaster Actuating Module (4), Bipod Mount (1), Bowcaster Accelerator Enhancement (4), Bowcaster Automatic Re-Cocker (3), Filed Front Sight (0), Forearm Grip (1), Marksman Barrel (4), Mono-Molecular Edge (5), Multi-Optic Sight (3), Serrated Edge (1), Shortened Barrel (4), Spread Barrel (4), Superior Weapon Customisation (6), Telescopic Optical Sight (1), Tripod Mount (3), Under-Barrel (Flame Projector (R5), Grenade Launcher (R5)), Weapon Harness (2), Weapon Sling (0), Weighted Head (3)


Lightsaber: Lightsaber (R10)

Modifications: Rubat Crystals (R10)

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