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Missile Tube

Restricted Item

An (R) next to the price means the item is restricted and cannot be bought on the open market, in which case the price listed is the closest average black market price.

sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire

Explosives and Ordnance – While a blaster is the answer to most problems encountered on the battlefield, not even the ubiquitous E-11 can handle every tactical situation. There are cases when heavier, more destructive firepower is needed, as when dealing with a heavily entrenched enemy or a platoon of armored walkers. For situations such as these, most military and paramilitary forces issue a variety of heavy support weapons and hand grenades to their troopers so as to better deal with the constantly shifting tactical realities of the battlefield.

From Age of Rebellion

Missile tubes are shoulder-fired, portable launchers capable of firing a variety of small and deadly rocket-assisted warheads. Equipped with microrepulsors and sophisticated targeting systems, missile tubes grant an infantry squad or group of freedom fighters anti-armor, anti-airspeeder, and anti-materiel capabilities in one small, easy to use package. The warheads available for use in these launchers range from anti-tank missiles that can pierce even the strongest vehicle armor to miniaturized guided anti-aircraft proton missiles that can chase their flying targets for hundreds of kilometers.

The most common models of missile tube feature three firing modes – infrared, grav-seeking, and line-of-sight – depending on the current warhead loaded. Infrared warheads home in on a vehicle’s heat signature, which makes them especially useful against wheeled or tracked vehicles and walkers. Grav seekers detect the gravity-repelling effect of a vehicle’s repulsor engines, and perform remarkably well against fast airspeeders. Line-of-sight, or direct-fire warheads, are typically used against slow-moving targets or fixed emplacements such as buildings, bunkers, or other fortifications. Infrared and grav-seeking warheads can be easily spoofed through the use of flares, smoke, repulsor decoys, or chaff dispensers, and use the Guided weapon quality in their attacks. Line-of-sight warheads are unguided. They lose the Guided quality but they cannot be spoofed by anti-missile countermeasures.

From Edge of the Empire

Missile tubes are heavy, portable devices that launch rocket-powered projectiles. Most fire proton-charged warheads designed to destroy small transports, but other types of ammunition can occasionally be found.

Missile tubes are elaborate affairs, equipped with micro-repulsorlifts that make them easier for infantry soldiers to carry, as well as advanced tracking screens to detect a target’s speed, range, and energy signature. The latter is particularly important because missile tubes can be fired in one of three modes. The first is infrared, which homes in on a craft’s heat signature. The second is gravity-activated mode, which means it tracks a target’s repulsorlift. Both of these modes can be spoofed, either by dropping burning flares to distract heat sensors or small repulsorlift pods as chaff. See the Guided weapon quality to handle these two modes of attack.

The third firing method is direct-fire. This requires more skill but sends the projectile in a straight line that cannot be spoofed by chaff or flares (and loses the Guided quality). Of course, if another target happens to get in the way, or if the attacker’s aim is off, the missile will hit whatever is in its path without discrimination.

Additional ammo for the missile tube costs 500 credits per rack of six.

Fantasy Flight Rules – Missile Tube
  • Source: Age of Rebellion – Core Rulebook (sw-ffg-ar-cr-178), Edge of the Empire – Core Rulebook (sw-ffg-ee-cr-165), Beta Rules (sw-ffg-ee-bcr-217)
  • Missile Tube Skill: Gunnery, Damage: 20, Crit: 4, Range: Extreme, Encumbrance: 7, Hard Points: 4, Price: 7,500 credits (R), Rarity: 8, Special Qualities: Blast 10, Breach 1, Cumbersome 3, Guided 3, Prepare 1, Limited Ammo 6
    • Missile tubes require one preparation maneuver before firing.
    • Blast (Active) The weapon has a large spread, an explosive blast, or similar area of effect, like the detonation of a grenade or a warhead fired from a missile launcher. If the attack is successful and Blast activates, each character (friend or foe) Engaged with the original target suffers wounds equal to the weapon’s Blast rating (plus an additional wound per Success as usual).
      • In a relatively small and enclosed area, the Game Master might decide that everyone in the room suffers damage.
      • If the Blast quality doesn’t activate, the ordnance still detonates, but bad luck or poor aim on the part of the firer (or quick reactions on the part of the victims) means the explosion may not catch anyone else in its radius. However, the user may also trigger Blast if the attack misses, by spending (three advantages). In this case, the original target and every target engaged with the original target suffers damage equal to the Blast rating of the weapon.
    • Breach (Passive) Weapons with Breach burn through the toughest armor, and are often heavy weapons or starship weapons.
      • Breach weapons ignore one point of Armor for every rating of Breach (meaning they also ignore 10 points of soak for every rating of Breach).
    • Cumbersome (Passive) A Cumbersome weapon is large, unwieldy, awkward, or heavy. To wield a Cumbersome weapon properly, the character needs a Brawn characteristic equal to or greater than the weapon’s Cumbersome rating. For each point of Brawn the character is deficient, he must increase the difficulty of all checks made while using the weapon by one.
    • Guided (Active) Certain types of projectiles may benefit from course alterations after being fired – such as guided missiles. If a character misses while firing a Guided weapon and if Guided activates, he may make an attack check at the end of the round. The difficulty of the check is calculated by comparing the weapon’s silhouette of 0 to the silhouette of the target (see page 235), and the check’s Ability dice equal the weapon’s Guided rating. If the test is successful, the weapon strikes the target
      and damage is dealt normally.
      • Guided requires (three advantages) to activate, unless otherwise specified in the weapon’s description. Remember, the Guided effect can activate on its subsequent attacks, representing the projectile continuing to track the target.
      • “Spoofing” is a countermeasure designed to work against the particular projectile – such as flares designed to draw off an infrared missile. Spoofing directly increases the defense of the target against attacks with the Guided quality.
    • Limited Ammo (Passive) Some weapons fire particularly large or complex projectiles that cost significant amounts of credits, or are themselves a complete weapon that once launched is expended. A weapon with the Limited Ammo quality may be used to make a number of attacks equal to its Limited Ammo rating before it must be reloaded with a maneuver. In addition, each shot expends one of a limited number of rounds of ammo, which must be purchased or otherwise obtained before the weapon can be used. This also applies to grenades and other “one use” weapons which have the Limited Ammo 1 quality (here, the user is not “reloading” the grenade, but drawing another to use – but mechanically they are equivalent).
    • Prepare (Passive) Weapons with this quality require time to set up before being used. The user must perform a number of preparation maneuvers equal to the weapon’s Prepare rating before making attacks with that weapon.

Design Details

  • The Beta Rules adventure has a Missile Launcher, Light Concussion Missiles, as an emplacement, with Fire Arc All, Range Short, Damage 6, Critical 3, Breach 4, Blast 2, Guided 3, Limited Ammo 4) as a vehicle weapon. Better to use PLEX launcher here as it will have the same effect.

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-24 – Updated with content from Age of Rebellion.
  • 2021-12-28 – Spelling corrections and Age of Rebellion update.
SW Equipment

Armour: Adverse Environment Gear (1), Clothing (Armoured (6), Heavy (0)), Heavy Battle (R7), Laminate (3), Padded (1), Personal Deflector Shield (8)

Armour Modifications: Cortosis Weave (8), Enhanced Optics Suite (3), Heating System (3), Optical Camouflage System (6), Strength Enhancing System (4), Superior Armour Customisation (6), Thermal Shielding System (3), Vacuum Sealed (3)


Communications: Comlink (Handheld (0), Long-range (1)), Holo Messenger (4)

Cybernetics: Brain Implant (6), Cyberarm (Mod V (6), Mod VI (6)), Cyberleg (Mod II (6), Mod III (6)), Cyberscanner Limb (7), Eyes (6), Immune Implant (6), Implant Armour (6), Prosthetic Replacement (Limb (4), Organ (4)), Weapon (7)

Detection Devices: Electrobinoculars (1), General Purpose Scanner (3), Hand Scanner (2), Macrobinoculars (2), Scanner Goggles (3), Surveillance Tagger (R4)

Medical: Bacta (1), Bacta Tank (1), Emergency Medpac (1), Medpac (2), Stimpack (1), Synthskin (1)

Poison: Synthetic Anesthetic (4), Synthetic Neuroparaytic (R6), Synthetic Neurotoxin (R6)

Recreation: Chance Cube (0), Dejarik Table (4), Sabacc (0)

Security: Advanced Flesh Camouflage Kit (R7), Binders (0), BlackOps Data Breaker (R6), Comm Jammer (3), Comm Scrambler (R5), Disguise Kit (4), Electronic Lock Breaker (R5), Personal Stealth Field (9), Restraining Bolt (0), Slicer Gear (4)

Spice: Avabush (dose (R6), crate (R7)), Booster Blue (dose (R5), crate (R6)), Death Sticks (dose (R1), crate (R2)), Glitterstim (dose (R7), crate (R8)), Lesai (dose (R9), crate (R10)), Yarrock (dose (R8), crate (R9))

Survival: Breath Mask (1), Crash Survival Kit (2), Ration Pack (0), Space Suit (1), Tent (1), Thermal Cloak (1)

Tools: Backpack (0), Climbing Gear (2), Datapad (1), Emergency Repair Patch (1), Extra Reload (1), Fusion Cutter (2), Fusion Lantern (2), Glowrod (0), Jet Pack (7), Load-Bearing Gear (3), Military Field Manual (4), Tool Kit (2), Utility Belt (0)

Unique Illegal: Data Breaker (R6), Flesh Camouflage Set (R7), Personal Stealth Field (R9)


Blaster: Bowcaster (7), Carbine (5), Disruptor (Pistol (R6), Rifle (R6)), Heavy Pistol (6), Heavy Repeating (R8), Heavy Rifle (6), Holdout (4), Ionization (3), Light Pistol (4), Light Repeating (R7), Pistol (4), Rifle (5)

Explosive+: Flame Projector (6), Grenades (Armour Piercing (6), Frag (5), Stun (4)), Mine (Anti-Personnel (6), Anti-Vehicle (6)), Missile Tube (R8), Thermal Detonator (R8)

Brawling: Brass Knuckles (0), Shock Gloves (2)

Melee: Combat Knife (1), Force Pike (4), Gaffi Stick (2), Truncheon (1), Vibro-Ax (5), Vibroknife (3), Vibrosword (5)

Slugthrower: Pistol (3), Rifle (3)

Thrown: Bola (2), Net (2)

Modifications: Augmented Spin Barrel (4), Balanced Hilt (5), Blaster Actuating Module (4), Bipod Mount (1), Bowcaster Accelerator Enhancement (4), Bowcaster Automatic Re-Cocker (3), Filed Front Sight (0), Forearm Grip (1), Marksman Barrel (4), Mono-Molecular Edge (5), Multi-Optic Sight (3), Serrated Edge (1), Shortened Barrel (4), Spread Barrel (4), Superior Weapon Customisation (6), Telescopic Optical Sight (1), Tripod Mount (3), Under-Barrel (Flame Projector (R5), Grenade Launcher (R5)), Weapon Harness (2), Weapon Sling (0), Weighted Head (3)


Lightsaber: Lightsaber (R10)

Modifications: Rubat Crystals (R10)

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