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SW ADF-N Captive Rancor

Star Wars – Adversary Data File

Nemesis – Captive Ranor

Creature of the Galaxy

Rancors are terrifying predators, found on worlds throughout the galaxy. Complete carnivores, an adult rancor can grow to be up to 10 meters tall. They often walk with a hunched, simian gait using their arms and hands as well as their legs. Their hands and wicked claws can be used for grasping and holding prey. Combined with their prodigious strength, a rancor can become an apex predator on most worlds it lives in. Their fearsome combat ability makes rancors popular amongst crime lords as gladiatorial opponents or “pets.” The infamous gangster Jabba the Hutt is known to keep a rancor in a cavern below his palace, and those who displease the crime lord all too often become the rancor’s next meal.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules – Captive Rancor [Nemesis]

Source: Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr p.415)

Captive Rancor [Nemesis]

Brawn 6 – Agility 2 – Intellect 1 – Cunning 3 – Willpower 3 – Presence 1
Soak Value 12 – Wound Threshold 40 – Strain Threshold 15 – Melee/Ranged Defence 0/0

  • Skills: Brawl 2, Perception 2, Survival 3, Vigilance 2
  • Talents: None.
  • Abilities:
    • Silhouette 3
    • Sweep Attack – The rancor can spend a Triumph on a successful Brawl check to hit the target as well as anyone engaged with the target.
  • Equipment:
    • Massive Rending Claws (Brawl, Damage 15, Critical 3, Range Short, Knockdown, Sunder)

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