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Game ExamplesCrates of Crayts – Noako and Sinasu (ee-bcr-212), Trouble Brewing – Thakba Besadi Diori (ee-cr-419),

sw-ffg-ee-cr Core EotE
sw-ffg-ee-cr Core Edge of the Empire

The Galactic Underworld – The Galactic Civil War is a struggle between the Empire and the Alliance to Restore the Republic. In between the two, however, are the dark shadows of the underworld. In these gray areas, criminals find opportunities for profit by selecting one side or another to assist or, more commonly, by playing both sides against one another in an extremely dangerous, if rewarding, game. Many factions within the underworld have suffered significantly at the hands of the ruthless Empire, and as a result are happy to lend their assistance to the Rebellion – although not for free. Desperate for supplies and equipment, the Alliance is happy to make deals with anyone who will assist them, although they draw the line at such horrendous offenses as slaving and trafficking in some forms of spice.

The Empire, on the other hand, typically has little use for criminal elements. There are exceptions, as the Emperor himself has connections with the Black Sun crime syndicate, and individual officers and Moffs may have agendas that lend themselves to cooperation with criminals. For the most part, the Empire does not endorse or support underworld connections. The most notable exceptions are bounty hunters, whose cruelty and ruthlessness have gained them recognition as legal representatives who can count upon the Empire for some of their more lucrative contracts.

From Age of Rebellion

There is no more infamous group of criminals in the galaxy than the Hutt Cartels, any individual member of which is a powerful and dangerous force to be reckoned with in his own right. The Hutts are an extremely long-lived race, with natural resistance to both injury and manipulation by the Force. Coupled with their own extremely egocentric natures and their tendency toward violence, greed, and debauchery, the Hutts are extremely successful in criminal enterprises. They also make incredibly vengeful enemies for anyone daring to cross them. The Empire has deliberately overlooked their excesses, allowing them to oversee Hutt Space, the region of the galaxy that is home to their most prolific criminal endeavors. The Alliance prefers not to deal with them at all if it can be avoided, simply because they are so untrustworthy and unpredictable. Unfortunately, there are occasions when it cannot be avoided.

From Edge of the Empire

There are few races in the galaxy that are so simultaneously hated and feared as the Hutts. These massive beings have a stranglehold on the criminal underworld in entire regions of the galaxy, including the portion aptly named Hutt Space, much of the Outer Rim, and even portions of the Mid Rim. Hutts typically operate in cartels, which are based around their own familial clans. Individual members of a clan can control an entire spaceport or even a whole planet. Typically, Hutts are arrogant, self-centered creatures who prefer to be amused and adored at all times. They surround themselves with all manner of sycophants and criminal underlings in crude courts that are a parody of what might be found on Coruscant or other civilized worlds.

There are many who make the mistake of underestimating a Hutt, looking on them as bloated, gluttonous slugs. This assessment is completely correct. However, it misses two important points. One is the extremely cunning and devious mind that dwells within the bloated exterior. The Hutt cartels do effectively rule Hutt Space, no matter what the Empire claims. The second point is that although Hutts may not be dexterous, they are extremely strong beneath their rolls of fat.

Story Examples
  • Noako the Hutt (Crime Lord based Nar Shaddaa, S-12)
  • Sinasu the Hutt (Crime Lord based on Nar Shaddaa, S-12)
    • Crates of Krayts – (ee-bcr), Has Mon Calamari Dockmaster (Lanni), Rodian Big Game Hunter Agent (Jora), Rodian Lieutenant (Pon), Protocol Droid (TT-3PO), and works out of Nar Shaddaa port called Greentop. Rival of Noako.
  • Thakba Besadi Diori (Crime Lord based on Sieheyron, S-10)
Fantasy Flight Games Rules – Hutt Crime Lord [Nemesis]

Source: Age of Rebellion – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ar-cr-424), Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr-406), Beta Rules (sw-ffg-ee-bcr-218)

Hutt Crime Lord [Nemesis]

Brawn 6 – Agility 1 – Intellect 4 – Cunning 6 – Willpower 5 – Presence 3
Soak Value 10 – Wound Threshold 30 – Strain Threshold 20 – Melee/Ranged Defence 0/0

  • Skills: Athletics 1 (Br), Charm 2 (Pr), Coercion 4 (Will), Cool 5 (Pr), Deception 5 (Cun), Discipline 5 (Will), Knowledge – Outer Rim 3 (Int), Knowledge – Underworld 3 (Int), Leadership 1 (Pr), Melee 2 (Br), Negotiation 5 (Pr), Ranged – Light 2 (Ag), Resilience 8 (Br)
  • Talents:
    • Convincing Demeanor 2 – Remove up to two Setback (Black) dice from any Deception of Skulduggery check.
    • Durable 3 – Subtract 30 from Critical Injury rolls made against the Hutt.
    • Nobody’s Fool 3 – Upgrade difficulty of all Charm, Coercion and Deception checks targeting Hutt Crime Lord three times.
    • Resolve 2 – When suffering strain, reduce the amount suffered by 2 to a minimum of 1.
  • Abilities:
    • Awkward – Hutts have a great physical strength but their bulk imposes severe limitations in flexibility and agility. They add three Setback (Black) dice to all Brawl, Melee and Coordination checks they’re required to make.
    • Ponderous – Hutts can never spend more than one maneuver moving per turn.
  • Equipment:
    • Generally none, if a Hutt needs something, he usually has an attendant to carry and use it. However they can wield weapons such as:
      • Large-Bore Blaster Pistol (Ranged – Light, Damage 8, Critical 3, Ranged Medium, Stun setting, Hutt Only)
      • Vibro-ax (Melee, Damage 9, Critical 2, Range Engaged, Pierce 2, Sunder, Vicious 3)

Game Master Notes

Note: I think the resilience of the Hutt might be a mistake, will have to check the errata later. Checked and it is consistent with the Age of Rebellion version as well.

  • The stats for Sinasu are slightly lower in the book but I have chosen to go with the listed crime lord as it suits the character and works well here. The Force resistant ability is dropped in favour of the higher stats that provide natural resistance.

Content Updates

  • 2022-04-02 – Updated from Edge Beta Rules.
  • 2022-03-26 – Added details from Age of Rebellion
  • 2022-03-23 – Added links to the Trouble Brewing adventure.
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