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Imperial Military – The military arm of the Galactic Empire is a vast, seemingly infinite engine of oppression and destruction capable of maintaining an iron-fisted rule throughout the whole of the known galaxy. Only portions of the Outer Rim Territories escape its reach, and even these remote areas are still under threat. While most regard the military as one enormous, monolithic entity, the truth is there are many arms, several of which enjoy vigorous, even bitter, rivalries with one another. Perhaps the most iconic of the Imperial militaries is the Imperial Navy, responsible for policing the incomprehensibly vast reaches of space in between civilized planets and systems. The Navy is best represented by the Star Destroyer, the very symbol of the Empire’s power and a ship capable of blockading a planet completely on its own by sheer dint of its firepower and complement of troops and vehicles.

Less prominent, but still widely feared, is the Imperial Army, which many erroneously believe includes the independent Stormtrooper Corps. The Army and its subsidiaries are responsible for all operations conducted on the surface of a planet, including the maintenance of Imperial garrisons and operations conducted under the direction of planetary governors, sector Moffs, and Grand Moffs. Just as the Navy has a vast array of starships at its command, the Army possesses an almost infinite variety of vehicles and troops that are suitable for virtually any environment known to the galaxy.

From Age of Rebellion

There is no greater symbol of the Emperor’s New Order than the elite stormtrooper legions that enforce his will without remorse, mercy, or compassion. The featureless helmets, the uniformity of their armor, and the sheer number of them advancing without care for the losses they sustain, all contribute to their intractable image. The details of the Clone Wars have been long forgotten by the majority of the galaxy’s denizens. As a result, there are precious few who associate the terrifying modern stormtroopers with the once-heroic clone troopers who waged that conflict on behalf of the Galactic Republic.

The Imperial Stormtrooper Corps is an independent branch of the military, and while they answer to the officers of both the Army and the Navy, their own commanders have the discretion to ignore or overrule orders issued to them if they feel they are not in the best interests of the Galactic Empire. There are numerous specialties within the stormtrooper legions, the majority of which use equipment that meshes with their training to create a cadre of elite troops that can effectively serve in virtually any combat theater.

From Edge of the Empire

Stormtroopers serve as a constant reminder of Imperial might and, to many sentients, they are the visible symbol of the Empire. Stormtroopers are not part of the Imperial Army but are a separate corps of dedicated shock troops. With high-quality equipment and an absolute disregard for anything other than achieving their objectives, stormtroopers are implacable foes on the battlefield and perform missions regular Army troops would be unable or unwilling to accomplish.

There are a number of common specialized stormtrooper units that see deployment into unique and hostile environments. These include sandtroopers (for desert environments), snowtroopers (for extreme sub-zero temperature environments), and scout troopers (for long range reconnaissance with specialized repulsorlift training). Other, significantly less common variants such as the rad-zone stormtrooper (trained in operating within highly toxic or radioactive environments) exist as well, but are typically organized into self-contained units that are specially deployed depending upon the situation.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules – Imperial Stormtrooper [Minion]

Source: Age of Rebellion – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ar-cr-420), Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr-404)

Imperial Stormtrooper [Minion]

Brawn 3 – Agility 3 – Intellect 2 – Cunning 2 – Willpower 3 – Presence 1
Soak Value 5 – Wound Threshold 5 – Melee/Ranged Defence 0/0

  • Skills (group only): Athletics, Discipline, Melee, Ranged – Heavy
  • Talents: None.
  • Abilities: None
  • Equipment:
  • Note: Individuals or groups of 2 may be armed with Light Repeating Blasters with Slings (Ranged – Heavy, Damage 11, Critical 3, Range Long, Auto-fire, Cumbersome 3, Pierce 1)

Game Master Notes

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-25 – Updated with content from Age of Rebellion.
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