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Rival – Wealthy Noble

Core Worlders

Core World Denizens – More so than any other region of the galaxy, the Core Worlds are the central bastion of Imperial control. The worlds of that region have most directly benefited from Imperial control. These worlds are often the suppliers of the highest-ranking members of the various branches of the Imperial bureaucracy and its military organizations. While there are a few particularly sympathetic individuals who have lent their skills, wealth, or both to the Alliance, the overwhelming majority are fully in support of the Galactic Empire.

From Age of Rebellion

The nature of the Core Worlds has created an environment that promotes a caste system, something long ago abandoned by all but the most primitive worlds, but which has come full circle to return to the most “civilized” of worlds in the galaxy. Nobles have little to do other than maintain their vast wealth, the majority of which is gained through inheritance and investment, and most leave the Core only rarely. Younger nobles sometimes have a taste for excitement and adventure, however, and occasionally venture out to see the galaxy and experience how the lesser beings live. Most of these young nobles are capricious and largely without compassion, but a handful occasionally find the plight of the galaxy deplorable enough to find a way to discreetly offer their assistance to the Alliance. Such patrons are rare, but extremely valuable to the Rebels, who court them as much as they can without compromising their political and military agendas.

From Edge of the Empire

The noble families of the Core Worlds are so insulated from the rest of the galaxy that they often lack even the most essential understanding of the realities of society beyond their own privileged circles. Younger members of the caste, hungry for adventure and exciting stories with which to top their rivals in court, sometimes venture out into the greater galaxy in search of interesting experiences. These dilettantes are often more of an annoyance than anything else, but their wealth and influence can many times open doors that might be unavailable under other circumstances. For that reason alone, some members of the criminal underworld are willing to associate with “slumming” nobles in search of a good time. Often these individuals cause as much trouble as they alleviate and most never realize the real danger they are placing themselves in until it is far, far too late to do anything about it.

Fantasy Flight Games Rules – Wealthy Noble [Rival]

Source: Age of Rebellion – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ar-cr-430), Edge of the Empire – Core Rules (sw-ffg-ee-cr-409)

Wealthy Noble [Rival]

Brawn 2 – Agility 3 – Intellect 2 – Cunning 3 – Willpower 2 – Presence 3
Soak Value 2 – Wound Threshold 13 – Melee/Ranged Defence 0/0

  • Skills: Charm 3 (Pr), Cool 1 (Pr), Deception 3 (Cun), Knowledge – Education 2 (Int), Melee 2 (Br)
  • Talents: None.
  • Abilities: None.
  • Equipment:
    • Holdout Blaster (Ranged – Light; Damage 5; Critical 4; Range Short; Stun Setting)
    • Antique Vibrosword (Melee, Damage 4, Critical 2, Range Engaged, Defensive 1, Pierce 2, Vicious 1)
    • Personal Shuttle.

Game Master Notes

  • The wound threshold of 13 looks a little high, but keeping to what is written in the source material.

Content Updates

  • 2022-03-27 – Updates from Age of Rebellion.
SW Adversary

Academics: Dancer, (Twi’lek), Researchers (Ashur Sungazer), Storyteller (Ithorian)

Bounty Hunters: Guilded, Hunter (Apprentice, Journeyman, Master), Rodian

Core Worlders: Arrogant Heir, Philanthropic Senator, Physician, Politician/Senator, Wealthy Noble

Fringe: Cyborg Administrator, Gladiator (Wookiee), Jedi (Forsaken, In-Hiding), Nerf Herder, Treasure Hunter (Yarkora), Tuskan Raider (Reaver, Sniper), Vapor Station Inhabitant, Weequay

Imperial Government: BoSS Agent, COMPNOR Agent, Imperial (Advisor, DeStab Agent, Intelligence Agent, Moff), Intelligence Agent

Imperial Forces: Emperor’s Hand, Imperial (Army (Officer, Trooper), Gunnery Corps, Naval (Officer, Trooper), Stormtroopers (Cavetrooper, Commander (Ironarm), Sandtrooper, Scout Trooper, Sergeant, Snowtrooper), Vehicle Corps), Imperial Informant, Naval Engineer, TIE (Ace, Pilot)

Law & Order: Corrupt Bureaucrat, CSA (Security (Captain, Police), Viceprex), Military Starfighter Pilot, Planetary (Defence Force Trooper, Governor), Sector Ranger

Rebel Alliance: Bothan Spy, Cell Leader, Commander, Diplomat, Incom Engineer, Infantry, Liaison, Mechanic, Quarren Agitator, Quartermaster, SpecForce Infiltrator, Starfighter (Ace, Pilot)

Spaceport: Administrator, Comm Operator, Customs Inspector, Mechanic (Mon Calamari), Overseer, Security (Detail, Officer), Urchin

Underworld: Arms Dealer, Assassin (Defel), Black Marketeer (Twi-lek), Black Sun Vigo, Enforcer (Barabel), Forger, Hutt (Agent Jora, Crime Lord), Impact, Infochant, Loan Shark, Pilot-For-Hire (Sullustan), Pirate (Captain, Crew), Shadowport Mechanic, Shipjacker, Slaver, Slicer, Slow-Witted Tough, Smuggler (Baron, Gang Leader), Street Tough, Swoop Ganger, Thug (Aqualish, Gamorrean)

Creatures: Dianoga (Mid-Sized), Gundark, Kidron Jammer, Krayt Dragon, Mynock, Phemis Canyon Charger, Rancor (Captive), Rubat Spinner

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