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PF2 – PFS Factions

Campaign – Andoran Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Intro to the Andoran Faction

The Andoran faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of the nation of Andoran and advocated for freedom throughout the Inner Sea.

  • Leader: Captain Colson Maldris
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Freedom from Tyranny

Ranks of the Andoran Faction

Ranks: Aldori Duelist (lo-wg-35, Fame +10), Captain of the Society (Fame +20), Eagle Knight (Fame +10), Firebrand (lo-cg-74, Fame +10), Gray Corsair (Fame +20), Knighthood (Fame +20), Lion Blade (lo-wg-131, Fame +10), Pathfinder Agent (lo-wg-24, Fame +10), Red Mantis Assassin (lo-wg-72, Fame +10), Swordmaster (lo-cg-116, Fame +10), Tiller (Fame +10)

PF2 Source – Advanced Player’s Guide (rb-apg), Core Rulebook (rb-cr), Lost Omens (Character Guide (lo-cg), World Guide (lo-wg))
U – Uncommon Option, R – Rare Option

Background of the Andoran Faction

From humble beginnings as loggers and merchants, the Andorens proved themselves survivors on a hard frontier. Even before they won their independence, they were an impressive people. Brave explorers and canny merchants, they were the first to sail the sea beyond the Arch of Aroden. They settled distant colonies, hewing a life from wild lands and an inhospitable coastline fraught with peril. The power of Old Taldor’s navy rested on the shoulders of capable Andoren commanders whose skill at arms, fiery tenacity, and naval puissance was unrivalled in the empire’s glory day.

Andoran shrugged off the auspices of Old Taldor when Qadira invaded the empire. Shortly thereafter they shattered Cheliax’s diabolic chains. Now Andoran holds the reins of its own destiny in the strong hands of its people. They are the first government of the Inner Sea to entrust its power to its own citizens instead of dolloping it upon the crowned brow of a king. Their weapons are innovation, a stubborn dedication to idealism, and a firm belief in the potential of humanity. The Andorens are a hard people, dedicated to freedom for all, and unable to sit by and watch as the world around them submits to savagery and tyranny.

Faction Goal – Common Rule for All

Andoran would see the tyrannic empires who once ruled them brought down. They would see slavery abolished and those who would buy and sell people punished in the extreme. They would bring the torch of freedom to the world’s darkest places and banish mysticism, diabolism, and fear. Common Rule must be spread across each horizon.

Methodology – Light the Fires of Freedom

The Andoran faction attacks its enemies from within. They find dissidents, freedom fighters, and revolutionaries among the populations of their foes and offer them covert aid, equipment, intelligence and the funds they need to topple the tyrants. Missions assigned to Andoran faction members tend toward helping dissident groups within the other factions, though anything that shakes these tyrants’ power is a worthy cause for an Andoren to lend himself to.

Spending Andoran Organisation Renown

Associated Regions with the Broken Lands (lo-wg-25), High Seas (lo-wg-61), Shining Kingdoms (lo-wg-121) and the Organisations Aldori Duellist (lo-wg-36), Eagle Knights (lo-wg-123), Firebrands (lo-cg-75), Free Captains (lo-wg-68), Lion Blades (lo-wg-130), Prophecies of Kalistrade (lo-wg-124), Razmir (lo-wg-25), Red Mantis (rb-cr-21)

You gain a new item (cost below, Uncommon level x2, Rare level x4).

  • (0) Jellyfish Lamp (Item 0, lo-wg-68), Swim Fins (Item 0, lo-wg-69)
  • (6) Golden Legion Epaulet (U Worn Item 3, lo-wg-124),
  • (24) Aeon Stone – Black Pearl (U Item 12, lo-wg-64)
  • (60) Final Blade (R Artefact Item 20, lo-wg-127)


  • Language training – Choice of Speak or Read/Write reduced depending on faction. It the same again to learn as Expert. It costs twice as much for Master, and three times for Legendary.
    • (1) Common language – Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish
    • (2) Uncommon language – Abyssal, Hallit, Infernal, Kellish, Mwangi, Skald and Varisian
    • (8) Rare language – Azlanti (Read-Only)
  • 5 pts – Liberation from Slavery: The Andoran faction will set it members free from slavery once they hear of it occurring.
  • 80 pts – Final Blade (lowg126): You gain access to use the final blade of Galt for your services.


  • (4) Aldori Duellist (U Feat 2, lo-wg-36) You gain the Aldori Duelist Dedication feat and gain the title Aldori Duelist.
    • (1) Aldori Dueling Sword (U Item 1, lo-wg-29)
    • (8) Aldori Parry (Feat 4, lo-wg-36), Duelist’s Edge (Feat 4, lo-wg-36)
    • (12) Aldori Riposte (Feat 6, lo-wg-36), Unnerving Prowess (Feat 6, lo-wg-36)
    • (20) Saving Slash (Feat 10, lo-wg-36)
  • (8) Firebrand Braggart (U Feat 4, lo-cg-75) You gain the Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat and gain the title Firebrand and access to Firebrand options.
    • (3) Snapleaf (Item 3, lo-cg-73),
    • (4) Backup Disguise (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71), Cloak of Repute (Item 4, lo-cg-73), Sow Rumour (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71)
    • (6) Insistent Door Knocker (Item 6, lo-cg-73),
    • (7) Unmemorable Mantle (Item 7, lo-cg-74),
    • (9) Greater Cloak of Repute (Item 9, lo-cg-73), Greater Unmemorable Mantle (Item 9, lo-cg-74),
    • (11) Greater Insistent Door Knocker (Item 11, lo-cg-73),
    • (12) Boaster’s Challenge (Feat 6, lo-cg-75), Daring Act (Feat 6, lo-cg-75)
    • (14) Entourage (R Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 7, lo-cg-72)
    • (16) Bravo’s Determination (Feat 8, lo-cg-76), Great Boaster (Feat 8, lo-cg-76)
    • (17) Major Cloak of Repute (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Insistent Door Knocker (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Unmemorable Mantle (Item 17, lo-cg-74),
    • (20) Daring Flourish (Feat 10, lo-cg-76), Demanding Challenge (Feat 10, lo-cg-76)
    • (24) Daredevil’s Gambit (Feat 12, lo-cg-76),
  • (2) Lion Blade (U Feat 2, lo-wg-132) You gain the Lion Blade Dedication feat and gain the title Lion Blade.
    • (8) Lost in the Crowd (Feat 4, lo-wg-132)
    • (12) Crowd Mastery (Feat 6, lo-wg-132), Expeditious Advance (Feat 6, lo-wg-132)
    • (20) Spy’s Countermeasures (Feat 10, lo-wg-132),
    • (24) Flicker (Feat 12, lo-wg-132)
  • (4) Pathfinder Agent (U Feat 2, lo-wg-24) You gain the pathfinder Archetype and feat Pathfinder Agent Dedication and the Title Pathfinder Agent.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (8) Careful Explorer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Deft Cooperation (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Thorough Reports (Skill, Feat 4, lo-wg p23), Wayfinder Resonance Tinkerer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23)
    • (12) Forced Entry (U Feat 6, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (16) Recognize Threat (U Feat 8, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (20) Everyone Duck! (U Feat 10, lo-cg-112),
    • (24) Educated Assessment (U Feat 12, lo-cg-112),
  • (4) Pathfinder Sword Expert (Feat 2, rb-cr-220) You gain the pathfinder Archetype for a another class as selected below.
    • Barbarian Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Champion Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Fighter Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Ranger Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Swashbuckler Dedication (rb-apg)
  • (12) Pathfinder Swordmaster (U Feat 6, lo-cg-115) You gain the Feat Swordmaster Dedication and gain the title Swordmaster.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (20) Harrying Strike (Feat 10, lo-cg-115)
    • (24) Shoulder Catastrophe (Feat 12, lo-cg-115)
    • (28) Death’s Door (Feat 14, lo-cg-115)
  • (4) Red Mantis Assassin (U Feat 2, lo-wg-72) You gain the Red Mantis Assassin Dedication feat and gain the title Red Mantis Assassin.
    • (8) Basic Red Mantis Magic (Feat 4, lo-wg-72),
    • (12) Advanced Red Mantis Magic (Feat 6, lo-wg-72), Crimson Shroud (Feat 6, lo-wg-72)
    • (16) Achaekek’s Grip (R Feat 8, lo-leg-58), Mantis Form (Feat 8, lo-wg-71)
    • (20) Fading (R Feat 10, lo-leg-58)
    • (24) Vernai Training (R Feat 12, lo-leg-58)
    • (28) Prayer Attack (Feat 14, lo-leg-58)


  • 20 pts – Eagle Knight: You join the Eagles Knights at a rank of Lance Corporal. You have advantage on all social dealings with other eagle knights.
  • 20 pts – Tiller: Recognition in the Bellflower Network, and you have advantage on checks to free slaves from bondage.
  • 40 pts – Captain of the Society: You become a captain and have advantage in social situation when conversing with those who have less fame
  • 40 pts – Gray Corsair: You are a member of the Andoran naval military and can serve on any vessel as the cost of passage.
  • 40 pts – Knighthood: You are inducted into the nobility of Andoran gaining a noble title and advantage on social tests with Andoran people.

Gaining and Losing Renown in the Andoran Faction

Pathfinders with allegiances to the Andoran faction often perform acts of diplomacy, sabotage, and proselytizing while carrying out their primary objectives for the Decemvirate. Whether providing moral support to the downtrodden, delivering messages to agents deep undercover in distant lands, or acting as a thorn in the side of slavers throughout the region, an Andoran Faction operative improves his reputation by spreading Andoren ideals wherever he goes. A member of this faction should be willing to bend the rules of tyrannical law in order to plant the seed of liberty, even when doing so requires employing questionable techniques.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Andoran Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Andoran Faction

Losing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Andoran Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Andoran Objective in an accepted quest.
  • – half current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Worthy Pathfinder,

Your recent exploits as an adventuring Pathfinder have greatly impressed me, and I wish to make you an offer. Clearly you value the freedom of every sentient creature and will be a great asset to the Eagle Knights and Andoran as we work to spread democracy throughout the Inner Sea. By defying tyranny and promoting freedom and self-government, we can rise to be the most powerful and influential nation in the world. Look for word from me before your next mission; I will inform you of opportunities to be of further assistance to Andoran while conducting Pathfinder business.

In the name of freedom and democracy,
Captain Colson Maldris

Character also receives 2 gp in Varisian currency.

#2 – The City of Strangers

Champion of Light,

This letter will be ill company for you on your long journey to the City of Strangers, but know that your presence there will aid our cause greatly. The man you go to visit, Horis Collgardie, is a friend of Andoran and helps us smuggle goods in and out of Varisia. Should anything ill befall him, it’s important you find his ledger and hide it where only you can find it. Then, when you’re on your way back, bring it with you. No one from outside our faction can be permitted to see it. I also have reason to suspect that Wymund Pratt, one of the most annoying bards I have ever met, resides in Kaer Maga. He too is a Pathfinder, but he’s intolerable and he’s an enemy of Andoran. Because of Pratt, the Society has nearly been thrown out of Andoran twice. If you find him, kill him. He’s evil, he’s a danger to the Society and Andoran, and he stands for everything we oppose. I shall send along another letter of instructions that should reach you just after you arrive. Keep an eye out for my messenger.

In Service to Freedom,
Captain Colson Maldris

#3 – The City of Strangers

Freedom’s Herald,

I hope this letter reaches you in distant Kaer Maga. The messenger I sent on the next ship to Korvosa is a trusted Andoren hero, so I’ve no doubt you received this in good order.

As I said in my last letter, I needed to look into other affairs we have in Kaer Maga. After doing so, there are a few things you need to do for Andoran while you’re in the City of Strangers. First, we need to ask you to ensure that another enemy of the state is dead before you leave the city. His name is Kormiggon Sussworth and he was once a very popular Pathfinder in Almas. He disappeared a year ago after his mistress, the wife of a prominent Almas merchant, was found dead. All evidence points toward him being the culprit—we also have reason to suspect he’s joined a secret organization within the Society that seeks to cause trouble for the Grand Lodge and the Decemvirate. Let’s avoid this trouble—ensure he dies. It’s a brutal tactic, I know, but enemies of freedom do not always deserve justice.

In addition, my messenger should have handed you two letters. The other is intended for a loyal double agent in Kaer Maga named Krazel. He receives assignments from the Paracountess and that fool Taldan Baron, but in reality he passes them to me. Deliver the message discretely.

For Aldoran,
Captain Colson Maldris

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