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Campaign – Cheliax Faction

Thassilonian Resurgence

Introduction to Cheliax

The Cheliax faction within the Pathfinder Society represented the interests of House Thrune and strove to expand Cheliax’s diabolic influence over Golarion.

  • Leader: Paracountess Zarta Dralneen
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Headquarters: Absalom
  • Goals: Hell on Golarion

Cheliax of the TRAP Campaign

Ranks of the Cheliax Faction

Ranks: Firebrand (lo-cg-74, Fame +10), Hellknight (U lo-cg-84, Fame +20), Hellknight Armiger (U lo-wg-107, Fame +10), Hellknight Signifier (U lo-cg-85, Fame +10), Pathfinder Agent (lo-wg-24, Fame +10), Spellmaster (lo-cg-114, Fame +10),

Background of the Cheliax Faction

When Aroden died, some say the soul of Cheliax perished with him. The once mighty empire tore itself apart, and only through the power of three noble Houses, each steeped in deviltry, was order restored. The empire runs on the backs of fiends now, a perfect machine of hellfire and blood, where morality surrenders to the needs of law and order. It’s easy to curse Cheliax as a nation of devil-lovers, but few can argue with the results of their fiend-binding craft. House Thrune, the greatest of its diabolic noble families, has brought the empire under control once more. Cheliax rises like a dark star, as strong as ever, despite the recent losses of Galt and Andoran to rebellious forces.

Asmodeus proves as powerful a divine patron as Aroden ever did, shepherding his people toward glory and dominance of the Inner Sea. His plans reach eons into the future, and the minor setbacks of yesterday are all factored into the cost of doing a devil’s business. The Chelish always plan for a long campaign, and never trifle over today’s skirmishes. In the end all will burn in hellfire. It is only a matter of time and calculated conquest.

The pale-skinned Chelish believe themselves superior to all other peoples. Their compact with great devils gives them power beyond measure, and no other nation of the Inner Sea can compete with their summoners and warlocks when it comes to trafficking with dark forces. These devils require payment for their service, often offered up in the form of tender flesh and boiled blood. Slaves are an important resource of the Chelish as are artifacts of ancient power whose secrets are revealed to them by their timeless patrons. Even as Andoran revels in its newfound freedom, the tendrils of Cheliax’s empire continue to expand. Arcadia lays open before them and Sargava is ready to fall under their hellish sway. The Inner Sea will fall with the rest as soon as Absalom rests firmly in the bloodied hands of House Thrune.

Faction Goal – Hell on Golarion

The Chelish plan to spread the dark influence of Asmodeus across the face of Golarion. They bring order to chaos, quell the troublesome concepts of freedom and self-determination, and leave broken souls eager to accept the bondage of slavery in their wake. The world must come to terms with the order of things. Mortals serve at the knee of greater powers. The devils of the Nine Hells are Golarion’s natural overlords and if the rabble gathered along the coast of the Inner Sea can’t be made to understand this simple fact, then they will be purged in a torrent of fire.

Methodology – The Kiss and the Lash

The Chelish are masters of seduction as well as pain. They bring their enemies to heel with promises of aid, riches, and glory, but keep them in line with cruel lashes and hellfire. The Chelish faction wins others to its dark cause with temptation. Lust, power, riches, vanity, the Chelish offer all, and cater to the sinful nature in every man to bring him low. If a foe cannot be seduced, he must instead be scourged. Many missions of the Chelish faction involve tempting upright people into darkness and vice, and then threatening to expose their sins unless they aid the empire as dutiful agents. The tricks of devils have claimed men’s souls since time immemorial and they serve the Chelish well in their quest for control of Absalom.

Cheliax Renown

Spending Cheliax Organisation Renown

Associated Regions with the Old Cheliax (lo-wg-97) and the Organisations Bellflower Network (lo-wg), Firebrands (lo-cg-75) and Hellknights (lo-cg-84)


  • Language training – Choice of Speak or Read/Write reduced depending on faction. It the same again to learn as Expert. It costs twice as much for Master, and three times for Legendary.
    • (1) Common language – Common, Chelaxian, Gnomish, Goblin, Halfling
    • (2) Uncommon language – Infernal, Shadowtongue, Shoanti and Varisian
    • (8) Rare language – Azlanti (Read-Only)
  • Other Services Unique to Cheliax
    • (5) Services of an Imp – The imp will serve you for a period of one year and a day.
    • (10) Kovosa Runegate – Access to a Korvosa Runes Location via your Wayfinder.
    • (44) Fiendish Teleportation (R Item 11, lo-leg-11),
    • (60) Infernal Health (R Item 15, lo-leg-11),
    • (80) Unending Youth (R Item 20, lo-leg-11),


  • (8) Firebrand Braggart (U Feat 4, lo-cg-75) You gain the Firebrand Braggart Dedication feat and gain the title Firebrand and access to Firebrand options.
    • (3) Snapleaf (Item 3, lo-cg-73),
    • (4) Backup Disguise (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71), Cloak of Repute (Item 4, lo-cg-73), Sow Rumour (U Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 2, lo-cg-71)
    • (6) Insistent Door Knocker (Item 6, lo-cg-73),
    • (7) Unmemorable Mantle (Item 7, lo-cg-74),
    • (9) Greater Cloak of Repute (Item 9, lo-cg-73), Greater Unmemorable Mantle (Item 9, lo-cg-74),
    • (11) Greater Insistent Door Knocker (Item 11, lo-cg-73),
    • (12) Boaster’s Challenge (Feat 6, lo-cg-75), Daring Act (Feat 6, lo-cg-75)
    • (14) Entourage (R Firebrand, General, Skill, Feat 7, lo-cg-72)
    • (16) Bravo’s Determination (Feat 8, lo-cg-76), Great Boaster (Feat 8, lo-cg-76)
    • (17) Major Cloak of Repute (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Insistent Door Knocker (Item 17, lo-cg-73), Major Unmemorable Mantle (Item 17, lo-cg-74),
    • (20) Daring Flourish (Feat 10, lo-cg-76), Demanding Challenge (Feat 10, lo-cg-76)
    • (24) Daredevil’s Gambit (Feat 12, lo-cg-76),
  • (4) Hellknight Armiger (U Feat 2, lo-wg-108 and lo-cg-80) You gain a new feat Hellknight Armiger Dedication and gain the title Hellknight Armiger.
    • (8) Ardent Armigar (Feat 4, lo-wg-108), Diabolic Certitude (Feat 4, lo-wg-108), Mortification (Feat 4, lo-wg-108),
    • (11) Fiendish Teleportation (R Item 11, lo-leg-11),
    • (15) Infernal Health (R Item 15, lo-leg-11),
    • (16) Armiger’s Mobility (Feat 8, lo-wg-108), Order Training (Feat 8, lo-cg-82),
    • (20) Unending Youth (R Item 20, lo-leg-11),
    • (24) Advanced Order Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82), Hellknight Order Cross-Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82),
  • (12) Hellknight Training (U Feat 6, lo-cg-85) You gain a new feat from the Hellknight and gain the title Hellknight.
    • (0) Scourge (Item 0, lo-cg-81),
    • (2) Hellknight Plate (U Item 2, lo-cg-81),
    • (16) Sense Chaos (Feat 8, lo-cg-85),
    • (24) Advanced Order Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82), Blade of Law (Feat 12, lo-cg-85), Hell’s Armaments (Feat 12, lo-cg-85), Hellknight Order Cross-Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82),
  • (12) Hellknight Signifier Training (U Feat 6, lo-cg-86) You gain a new feat from the Hellknight Signifier and gain the title Hellknight Signifier.
    • (0) Scourge (Item 0, lo-cg-81),
    • (2) Hellknight Plate (U Item 2, lo-cg-81),
    • (16) Masked Casting (Feat 8, lo-cg-86),
    • (20) Gaze of Veracity (Feat 10, lo-cg-86), Signifier’s Sight (Feat 10, lo-cg-86),
    • (24) Advanced Order Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82), Hellknight Order Cross-Training (Feat 12, lo-cg-82), Signifer Armour Expertise (Feat 12, lo-cg-86),
  • (4) Pathfinder Agent (U Feat 2, lo-wg-24) You gain the pathfinder Archetype and feat Pathfinder Agent Dedication and the Title Pathfinder Agent.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (8) Careful Explorer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Deft Cooperation (Feat 4, lo-wg-23), Thorough Reports (Skill, Feat 4, lo-wg p23), Wayfinder Resonance Tinkerer (Feat 4, lo-wg-23)
    • (12) Forced Entry (U Feat 6, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (16) Recognize Threat (U Feat 8, Skill, lo-cg-112),
    • (20) Everyone Duck! (U Feat 10, lo-cg-112),
    • (24) Educated Assessment (U Feat 12, lo-cg-112),
  • (4) Pathfinder Spell Expert (Feat 2, rb-cr-220) You gain the pathfinder Archetype for a another class as selected below.
    • Cleric Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Druid Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Oracle Dedication (rb-apg)
    • Sorcerer Dedication (rb-cr)
    • Witch Dedication (rb-apg)
    • Wizard Dedication (rb-cr)
  • (12) Pathfinder Spellmaster (U Feat 6 – lo-cg-114) You gain the Feat Spellmaster Dedication and gain the title Spellmaster.
    • (2) Archaic Wayfinder (U Item 2, lo-wg-18), Pathfinder’s Coin (U Held Item 2, lo-cg-110), Wayfinder (U Item 2, rc-cr-618),
    • (3) Pathfinder Chronicle (U Item 3, lo-cg-110),
    • (4) Fortifying Pebble (U Talisman Item 4, lo-cg-110), Scroll Case of Simplicity (U Held Item 4, lo-cg-111), Shining Wayfinder (U Worn Item 4, lo-cg-111),
    • (5) Vanishing Wayfinder (U Worn Item 5, lo-cg-112),
    • (6) Bi-Resonant Wayfinder (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-110), Pathfinder’s Pouch (U Worn Item 6, lo-cg-111),
    • (16) Surreptitious Spellcaster (Feat 8, lo-cg-114)
    • (20) Ward Casting (Feat 10, lo-cg-114)
    • (24) Spellmaster’s Resilience (Feat 12 lo-cg-114)
    • (24) Absorb Spell (Feat 14 lo-cg-114)


Gaining and Loosing Renown in the Cheliax Faction

Cheliax faction Pathfinders tend to win the paracountess’s favor by delivering messages of intimidation to her political enemies, retrieving arcane or extraplanar relics to aid in further mastery of devil-kind, and promoting the establishment of order, tyranny, and Chelish dominance throughout the Inner Sea region. Their missions for the faction often put them at odds with the freedom fighters of Andoran and the lazy representatives of foppish Taldor. A member of this faction should be willing to do whatever is necessary to follow orders, establish the rule of law, and forward the interests of House Thrune, even when doing so may result in the suffering of those unable to avoid being trampled by the march of progress.

Gaining faction renown

  • +1 renown – Completing an Objective of the Cheliax Faction
  • +1 renown – Gaining a level while a member of the Chaliax Faction

Loosing faction Renown

  • -1 renown – Turning down a Cheliax Faction quest.
  • -1 renown – Failing to achieve an Cheliax Objective in an accepted quest.
  • -1/2 current renown – changing factions within the society.

Letters from the Faction

Characters associated with these adventures have the following letters:

#1 – Aspirant Pathfinders

Delectable Plaything,

While I have ambitious agents lined up outside my boudoir hoping to be of service to Cheliax and earn my good favor, your recent actions warrant special attention. The agents of the House of Thrune are ever looking for those willing to promote Chelish dominance and ensure that law is maintained—even on the backs of the weak. Only through strict adherence to the codices of Hell can we exert our power throughout the Inner Sea. Your position as a Pathfinder will serve Her Infernal Majestrix well. If you do as I ask in future letters, you will know great rewards, both from our great empire and of a more personal nature.

Until we meet again,
Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

Characters also receive 5 gp in Chelaxian currency.

#2 – The City of Strangers

Luscious Tart,

It’s too bad you’ll be on a ship for weeks and then forced to spend time in squalor with the freaks of Kaer Maga. I’m throwing such a wonderful series of parties while you’re gone—do return to me whole so I can break you down at the last one.

Since you’re going to be in the City of Strangers, you might as well do a few things for Cheliax and me. The denizens of Kaer Maga hide countless magical power sources beneath their city that they call “ruins.” If only they knew the truth of their city’s origin—ruins! Nay! Power! Since you’ll likely enter the city through the Halflight Path, secretly draw me a detailed map of your path from the Twisted Door up to the city. I’m eager to see how things have changed on the Path since I was last there.

Additionally, one of my spies in Kaer Maga stopped sending regular missives. He’s a young Chelish nobleman named Krazel. He’s from a minor family in Egorian, but his political position in Cheliax is solid—unfortunately, that means killing him for impertinence is out of the question. Find him and give him the enclosed message. If that doesn’t get him back to work, I’ll have to make a special request for his family to have him killed. I’ll send along another set of instructions from my courier in Korvosa—it should arrive soon after you do.

Achingly Yours,
Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

#3 – The City of Strangers

Delectable Dollop,

Such parties you have missed! The evening after you left, there were dozens of loyal Chelaxians throughout my manor house. Wine, food, decadence—they were all had for any who wanted it. We missed you a great deal—my whip, I think, missed you more.

I mentioned in my last letter that I would send along another set of instructions. It seems a woman I’ve been in search of for several years may actually be among the mysterious Pathfinders gallivanting about the City of Strangers. Her name is Kanna Rhamla, she’s a crazy dragon sorceress, and she betrayed me one too many times. For me, for Cheliax—she must never leave Kaer Maga. See to it.

Lastly, my favorite scoundrel, Kormiggon Sussworth, murdered the wife of an Andoren merchant in Almas a year ago. He’s likely now hiding out in Kaer Maga. I care not a whit for the man, but his collection of Pathfinder Chronicles, all in perfect condition, does interest me. Find him and take them for me.

I Suffer in Your Absence,
Paracountess Zarta Dralneen

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