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Aspirant Pathfinders

Thassilonian Resurgence – 4708 Part 1 (Level 1)

This is the defining adventure of the campaign that introduces the characters to each other, provides a reason for adventuring and lays the foundations of the ongoing story narrative that will be featured in the rest of the campaign.

This is an adventure adapted from pathfinder 1 from the Pathfinder Society play called the “First Steps” series. There are three adventures in this series, the first is called In Service to Lore, the second is called To Delve the Dungeons Deep, and the last is called A Vision of Betrayal.

What is the premise?

The characters have spent the last three years in training to become a pathfinder society chronicler. They are doing this to obtain sponsorship from one of the factions. Things that they have learned in that time:

  • The Varisian Region – an overview of the place, the people and the history.
  • The Gods of the Varisian Region – who they are, what they do and want.
  • The Factions of Golarion – who they are.
  • The internal factions of the Pathfinder Society – who they are, what they want.
  • The seven sins and virtues of Thassilonia.
  • Sponsorship – gain access to the teleportation system in Varisia, be paid a monthly income, and provided lodging and equipment based on the faction who sponsors them. The higher rank you gain in a faction, the more options are available to you.

How did I modify it to my TRAP campaign?

I have added a badge for each of the tests, with a monetary reward for completing the test. They characters know they are being tested and that the way they conduct the test is as important as how they complete the test.

The test of the factions each have a few things that are being looked for in the candidates. What are their passion, flaws and beliefs. Part of these is a lead into the virtues and sins of the Thassilonian Empire. There will be a key to many stories being the passion that characters portray through the storyline.

  • Badges – What are they, and what can they be used for. These are all questions I am working out as part of the ongoing campaign. The first use of the badge available to the characters.
  • Players missing a badge – at the end of the third part, when all the awards have been given and a players has chosen and been accepted by their society faction they will receive bonus renown equal to 1 per two badges they missed.

Adventure and Purchase Items

All Items will have ID codes to represent when and where you found them. Giving it a unique id means that you can then refer to the item at a later time, write up more world lore, or incorporate it into a future storyline.
Quest Items – #[module][number] represents and item found in a set adventure.
Purchase Items – [session number]-[number] this covers items not planned that were claimed in session by players.

Part 1 – In Service to Lore

The First Day of testing was to test the following:

  • The Grand Lodge – Test ability to follow instructions, working with a more senior pathfinder (Janira). Do they follow the spirit or the letter of the request. Are they respectful. Do they listen. Can they work in a team. Are they be a leader, or a follower. Can they report on what they witness. (Grand Lodge – 1 Renown)
  • The Sczarni – Test dexterity, boldness and ability to solve complex problems, and honesty. (Sczarni – 1 Renown)
  • The Silver Crusade – Test ability to read people, medical skills, empathy, investigation abilities and seeing things as they really are, not what they appear to be. (Silver Crusade – 1 Renown)
  • The Osirion – Test of problem solving, dealing with a crisis situation, temptation and courtesy. (Osirion – 1 Renown)
  • The Cheliax – Test of temptation, willpower, combat prowess and intuition. (Cheliax – 1 Renown)
  • The Shadow Lodge – Test pride, self preservation and ability to deal with a crisis. (Shadow Lodge – 1 Renown)
  • Pathfinder Society – Group completes day of testing (Pathfinder Society – 1 Renown), accept a leadership position (Pathfinder Society – 1 Renown)
Part 2 – To Delve the Dungeon Deep

The Second Day of testing was to test the following:

  • The Lantern Lodge – Testing discretion, honouring the intent over the word, capability to achieve a goal no matter the distraction. (Lantern Lodge – 2 to 3 Renown)
  • The Andoran – Testing personal honour, compassion, ability to rationalise their solution, and living up to their ideals, and helping friends no matter the personal conflict. (Andoran – 2 Renown)
  • The Qadira – Testing ability to deal with complex situations, work with conflicting goals and being able to provide a satisfactory solution, without insulting any of the parties involved. If an insult was read in the actions then a further test of courage against the unfair rule and willingness to stand by what you believe would be imposed. (Qadira – 3 to 4 Renown)
  • The Shadow Lodge – include other factions you are friendly with, including a bonus with that faction. (Shadow Lodge – 1 Renown)
  • Pathfinder Society – Group completes day of testing (Pathfinder Society – 1 Renown), accept a leadership position (Pathfinder Society – 1 Renown), assigning a appropriate successor (Pathfinder Society – 1 Renown)
Part 3 – A Vision of Betrayal

The Third Day of testing was to test the following: (test would take a number of weeks to complete once they leave the test area)

  • The Taldor – Testing capability to recover relics, deal with shady customers, ability to work out providence, ability to hold their own in a battle, and recognise when battle is not needed. (Taldor – 2 Renown)
  • The Shadow Lodge – Testing independence, ability to follow a plan, ability to keep a cool head in a crisis. Willingness to report on what you have seen, even if it paints yourself or those you care about in a bad light. (Shadow Lodge – 2 Renown)
  • The Silver Crusade – Testing honour and respect. (Silver Crusade – 1 Renown)
  • The Grand Lodge – For the recovery of artefacts and completion of Testing. (Grand Lodge – 2 Renown)
  • Bonus Renown – Choice and acceptance of Sponsor gains 1 renown with sponsor.
  • Pathfinder Society – Group completes final test (PFS – 1 Renown), Obtaining a Sponsor in the Society (PFS – 1 Renown)

After three years of study and teamwork building exercises by the Pathfinder Society, my colleagues and I are ready to be tested.

Rising from an Aspirant Pathfinder to a Trainee is the goal, something only a pathfinder can do. And what is a pathfinder, if not someone who chronicles their life, their discoveries, their triumphs and their failures for other to learn from, then are they truly ready to be a pathfinder chronicler in the world at large and gain access to the teleportation network that is their birthright.

We will be assigned tasks from ten different sponsors, with the goal of impressing one of them to be accepted into their ranks.

The Pathfinder Society Factions are: Andoran, Cheliax, The Grand Lodge, Lantern Lodge, Osirion, Qadira, Sczarni, Shadow Lodge, Silver Crusade, and Taldor.

An introduction and reminder that these characters have trained and lived together for three years. They have a duty of care to pathfinders above others they may travel with, and loyalty to the oaths they have sworn to obtain full membership and to their sponsor (Faction) who will request tasks to be performed.

This is your final test before being sent out into the field, succeed at this and you are given the rights of a full member of the organisation, free to make (or break) alliances within the society to the benefit to the society. Failure and your access to Absalom is permanently revoked, with a bounty placed on your head depending on the reason for your failure.


  • Introduction (Grand Lodge)
  • Part 1 – A Favour for Thieves (Sczarni)
  • Part 2 – A Crusade of Light (Silver Crusade)
  • Part 3 – Treasures of Osirion (Osirion)
  • Part 4 – A Promise of Dominance (Cheliax)
  • Part 5 – Jumped (Rivals)
  • Part 6 – The Lantern Lodge (Lantern Lodge)
  • Part 7 – The Snapdragon Festival (Andoran/Qadira)
  • Part 8 – Asad’s Keep (Qadira)
  • Part 9 – An Introduction (Taldor/Shadow Lodge)
  • Part 10 – Journey Overland
  • Part 11 – Escadar
  • Part 12 – Conclusion


  • Asad’s Keep
  • Home for Recovery
  • Grindylow’s Goblet
  • Pier’s End
  • The Grand Lodge
  • The Lantern Lodge
  • The Pickled Imp
  • Saltspray Pelican Warehouse
  • Temple of the Shining Star


  • Acid Jar Trap
  • Fire Breath Trap
  • Fogshroud Miasma Disease
  • Prank Trap
  • Snake Bite Trap
  • Suicide Well Haunt
  • Waterspout Trap
  • Wind Gust Trap


  • Amoeba, Giant
  • Beetles, Fire
  • Blindheim
  • Centaur
  • Crocodile (Snap Jaw Animal Companion)
  • Elemental, Earth Servitor
  • Kobold, Bog Mother
  • Kobold, Warrior
  • Krenshar
  • Rat, Dire (A1c) (See Rat, Giant)
  • Shadow Cat
  • Skeleton, Human
  • Spider, Giant


  • Amenopheus (Sapphire Sage – Osirion) (A3)
  • Baltwin, Gilga (Headmistress of Orphanage) (A2b)
  • Dralneen, Zarta (Cheliax) (A4a)
  • Dulay, Deandre (Cleric of Norgorber)
  • Fosta, Halli (Sorcerer)
  • Karela, Guaril (Sczarni) (A1A)
  • Kreuvus (Imp) (A4b)
  • Ledford (Barbarian)
  • Valsin, Ambrus (Venture Captain – Grand Lodge) (A-Start)
  • Weaver, Larkin (Rogue)
  • Zadrian, Ollysta (Silver Crusade) (A2a)


  • Al’Hakam, Aaqir (Qadira) (B1)
    • Faction leader is al’Jakri, Muhlia at the time
  • Fledzer (Skulk Illusionist)
  • Li, Amara (Laterrn Lodge) (B Intro)
  • Maldris, Colson (Andoran) (B1)
  • Zergo, Maurit (appears as a Ghoul Rogue) (B2.1)


  • Ahrmisa (Warrior)
  • Dreng, Drandle (Venture-Captain)
  • Morilla, Gloriana (Taldan Lady) (C into)
    • Faction leader is Baron Jacquo Dalsine at the time
  • Rees, Nester (Artefact Expert) (C intro)
  • Shoalo (Warrior)
  • Sumore, Darice (Sea Captain)
  • Torch (Shadow Lodge) (C intro)
  • Ulionestia (Transmuter)
Treasure Items – Part 1

Part 1

  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Practical Thaumaturgy in Accordance with Creation (#A1) p288
  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Geographic Anomalies of the Inner Sea (#A2) p288
  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Under Kaer Maga: A Trial and Travel (#A3) p288
  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Physiology of Dragons: An Illustrated Reference (#A4) p288
  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Lost Sarusan (#A5) p288
  • A1c – Leather Folio (#A6)
  • A1c – Infiltrator Thieves tools (#A7) p288 (+1)
  • A1c – 10 x Infiltrator Picks (#A8)
  • A1c – Lesser Alchemists Fire (#A9, #A10, #A11) p292
  • A1c – Lesser Acid Flask (#A12) p292
  • A1c – Jars of various inks (#A13)
  • A1c – Scholarly Journal: Footprint book (#A14) p288
  • A1c – Adamantine Weapon Blanch (#A15)
  • A1c – 3x Bag of Powder (#A16)
  • A1c – Deck of average marked cards (#A17)
  • A1c – 2x Set of average loaded dice (#A18)
  • A2b – Minor Healing Potion (#A20) p563
  • A2b – Invisibility Potion (#A21) p563
  • A2b – Scroll of Heal (#A22) p343
  • A2b – Scroll of Remove Disease (#A23) p363
  • A2b – 30 sp (#A24)
  • A3b – Map of Salhar burial vault (#A27)
  • A3b – Wand of Knock (11) (#A28) p597
  • A4b – Silver Dagger (#A30)
  • A4b – Seven Lock Box (#A31)
  • A5a – Minor Healing Potion (#A33) p563
  • A5a – Scroll of Sanctuary (#A34)
  • A5a – Low Grade Cold Iron Chain Shirt (#A35) p578
  • A5a – Short Sword (#A36)
  • A5a – Dagger (#A37)
  • A5a – Grey Mask (#A38)
  • A5a – Unholy Symbol of Norgorber (#A39)
  • A5a – 28 sp (#A41)
  • A5b – Minor Healing Potion (#A42, #A43) p563
  • A5b – Scroll of Burning Hands (#A44)
  • A5b – Scroll of Mage Armour (#A45)
  • A5b – Scroll of Obscuring Mist (#A46)
  • A5b – Scroll of Sleep (#A47)
  • A5b – Scroll of Unseen Servant (#A48)
  • A5b – Wand of Illusory Disguise (5) (#A49)
  • A5b – Dagger (#A50)
  • A5b – Light crossbow (20 bolts) (#A51)
  • A5b – Fan of Pigeon Feathers (#A52)
  • A5b – Pouch of Fingernails (#A53)
  • A5b – 53 sp (#A54)
  • A5c – Infiltrator’s Elixir (#A55) p548
  • A5c – Chain Shirt (#A56)
  • A5c – Rapier (#A57)
  • A5c – Dagger (#A58)
  • A5c – Scholarly Journal: Notebook of Jokes (#A59)
  • A5c – Ink (#A60)
  • A5c – Quill (#A61)
  • A5c – Small Hand Puppet of Lord Gyr (#A62)
  • A5c – 8 sp (#A63)
  • A5d – Minor Healing Potion (#A64) p563
  • A5d – Low Grade Cold Iron Chain Shirt (#A65)
  • A5d – Greataxe (#A66)
  • A5d – Block of wax in metal tin (#A67)
  • A5d – Bottle of Whisky (#A68)
  • A5d – 4x Silver Cups (#A69)
  • A5d – 25 sp (#A70)
  • Reporting on Warehouse – A1c – 10 gp 11 sp each (#A19) – 1 Sczarni Faction Renown (Varisian coins)
  • Reporting on Orphanage – A2b – 68 sp each (#A26) – 1 Silver Crusade Faction Renown (Absalom coins)
  • Reporting on Puzzle Room – A3b – 82 sp each (#A29) – Osirion Faction Renown (Osirion coins)
  • Reporting on Imp Issues – A4b – 27 sp each (#A32) – 1 Cheliax Faction Renown (Cheliax coins)
  • Reporting on Ambush – A5 – 10 gp 29 sp each (#A71) – 1 Shadow Lodge Faction Renown (Absalom coins)
  • Reporting on days events – A Intro 50 sp (#A163) – 1 Grand Lodge Faction Renown (Absalom coins) – 1 PFS Renown
  • A2b – Prayer Book of Desna with divine spells (#A25)
    • Cantrips (10): Chill Touch, Detect Magic, Fear, Guidance, Know Direction, Light, Message, Prestidigitation, Ray of Enfeeblement, Read Aura, Sigil, Stabilize
    • 1st Level (8):  Command, Heal, Lock, Mending, Purify Food and Drink, Sleep *
    • 2nd Level: Calm Emotions, Silence
  • A5a – Prayer Book of Norgorber with Divine (#A40)
    • Cantrips: Chill Touch, Daze, Detect Magic, Divine Lance, Forbidding Ward, Guidance, Prestidigitation, Read Aura, Shield, Stabilize
    • 1st Level: Air Bubble, Command, Heal, Illusory Disguise*, Sanctuary, Spirit Link
  • Accepting Aspirant Captain – A Intro Captain’s Kit Wayfinder, 1 pp (#A164) PFS Aspirant Captain Award (1 PFS Renown) (Absalom coins)
  • Accepting Aspirant Lieutenant – A Intro Lieutenants’ Kit Wayfinder, 1 gp (#A165) Aspirant Lieutenants Award (PFS 1 Renown) (Absalom coins)
Treasure Items – Part 2

Part 2

  • B1 – Minor Healing Potion (#A72, #A73) p563
  • B1 – Barkskin Potion (#A74) p562
  • B1 – Leather Armour (#A75)
  • B1 – Dagger (#A76)
  • B1 – Shortbow with Arrows (20) (#A77)
  • B1 – Infiltrator Thieves Tools (#A78)
  • B1 – Opal worth 20 go (#A79)
  • B4 – Letter of Introduction (#A81)
  • B5 – 100 sp (#A82) Qadira
  • B5 – Golden Crown 30 gp (#A83)
  • B5 – Low Grade Cold Iron Short Sword (#A84)
  • B5 – Wax-sealed scroll of Comprehend Languages (#A85)
  • B7 – Trade Agreement Taliq Asad (#A87, #A88, #A89, #A90)
  • B7 – Sack of 20 sp (#A91)
  • B7 – Bracers of Armour Type I (#A92) p607
  • B9 – Trade Agreement (#A94)
  • B9 – Flask of Holy Water (#A95, #A96, #A97) p571
  • B9 – Lesser Healing Potion (#A98) p563
  • B10 – Trade Agreement (#A100, #A101, #A102, #A103, #A104, #A105, #A106, #A107, #A108, #A110, #A111)
  • B10 – Trade Agreement addressed to Satrap (#A109)
  • B11 – Small Purse 30 sp (#A112) – Qadira
  • B12 – Everburning Torch (#A113) p573
  • B13 – Tanglefoot bag (#A115, #A116, #A117)
  • B13 – Thunderstone (#A118)
  • B14 – Infiltrators Elixir (#A120) p548
  • B14 – Minor Healing Potion (#A121) p563
  • B14 – Dagger (#A122)
  • B14 – Jade Katana (#A123)
  • B14 – Spell Component Pouch (#A124)
  • B14 – Trade agreement (#A126)
  • B15 – Lesser Alchemist Fire (#A128, #A129, #A130, #A131)
  • Accepting Aspirant Captain – Captain’s Kit Wayfinder (#A164) PFS Aspirant Captain Award (1 PFS Renown)
  • Accepting Aspirant Lieutenant – Lieutenants’ Kit Wayfinder (#A165) Aspirant Lieutenants Award (PFS 1 Renown)
  • Assigning appropriate leadership – choice of replacement leaders help and not hinder the group for the final test (PFS 1 Renown)
  • For characters confronting ghoul – B1 – 6 gp each (#A80) – 1 Andoran Faction Renown (Andoran coins)
  • Reporting on Skeleton destruction – B5 – 95 sp each (#A86) – 1 Andoran Faction Renown (Andoran coins)
  • Delivering 4 Trade Agreements – B7 – 87 sp each (#A93) – 1 Qadira Faction Renown (Qadira coins)
  • Delivering 1 Trade Agreement – B9 – 31 sp each (#A99) – 1 Qadira Faction Renown (Qadira coins)
  • Delivering 12 Trade Agreements – B12 – 88 sp each (#A114) – 1 Qadira Faction Renown (Qadira coins)
  • Reporting on Kobolds – B13 – 19 sp each (#A119) – 1 Lantern Lodge Faction Renown (Tien coins)
  • Delivering Tien Trade Agreement – B14 – 32 sp each (#A127) – Qadira or Lantern Lodge Faction Award (Qadira or Tien coins) – 1 PFS Renown
  • Reporting on Trade Agreements – B15 – 7 sp each (#A132) – Qadira Faction Award (Qadira coins)
  • B14 – Arcane Spellbook (#A125)
    • Cantrip: Daze, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Message, Produce Flame, Read Aura, Sigil, Tanglefoot, Telekinetic Projectile
    • 1st Level: Colour Spray, Illusory Disguise, Illusory Object, Item Façade, Ventriloquism
Treasure Items – Part 3

Part 3

  • CS – Leather Armour (#A133)
  • CS – Sword Cane (#A134)
  • CC – Pelts (#A136)
  • CD – Cold Weather Outfit (#A138, #A139, #A140)
  • CE – 585 sp (#A141)
  • CE – Curse (#A142) -1 to saving throws vs Dragons
  • CE – Blessing (#A143) +1 to saving thrown vs Dragons
  • CG – Wand of Heal (#A145)
  • CG – Club (#A146)
  • CG – 8x Amethysts (worth 2 gp each) (#A148)
  • CI – Minor Healing Potion (#A150)
  • CI – Scroll of Spider Climb (#A151)
  • CI – Wand of Magic Missile (25) (#A152)
  • CI – Dagger (#A153)
  • CI – Resilient Explorers Outfit +1 (#A154) p581
  • CI – Aquamarine Amulet 5 gp (#A155)
  • CI – Spell Component Pouch (#A156)
  • CI – Light Crossbow with 10 bolts (#A158, #A159)
  • CI – Small ASPIS Sharkskin pouch with 30 gp (#A160, #A161)
  • CI – APSIS Letter (#A162)
  • CI – Arcane Spellbook (#A157)
    • Cantrips: Daze, Detect Magic, Light, Message, Prestidigitation, Read Aura, Shield, Sigil, Tanglefoot, Telekinetic Projectile
    • 1st Level: Colour Spray, Fleet Step, Grease, Hydraulic Push, Lock, Longstrider, Mage Armour, Pest Form, True Strike
    • 2nd Level: Glitterdust, Spider Climb, Web
  • Taking the expert – CA – 28 sp each (#A135) – 1 Shadow Lodge Faction Renown (Absalom coins)
  • Dealing with the Centaurs – CC – 25 sp each (#A137) – 1 Taldor Faction Renown (Taldor coins)
  • At least a Gold Coin donation equivalent to the shrine – CE – Minor Healing Potion each (#A144) – 1 Silver Crusade Faction Renown
  • Getting Pathfinder Bog Mother to help – CG – 88 sp each (#A149) – 1 Taldor Faction Renown (Taldor coins)
  • Reporting on travels – CI – 160 sp each (#A166) – 1 Grand Lodge and 1 Shadow Lodge Faction Renown – 1 PFS Renown
  • Obtaining Sponsorship – Conclusion (#A167) – 1 Grand Lodge Faction Renown, Plus renown with a faction you wish as your sponsor. (1 PFS Renown)
  • CG – Primal Spellbook (#A147)
    • Cantrip: Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Guidance, Know Direction, Light, Prestidigitation, Read Aura, Sigil, Stabilize, Tanglefoot
    • 1st Level: Create Water, Fear, Goblin Pox, Heal, Longstrider, Negate Aroma, Shillelagh

Faction Renown Awards

  • 8 available from In Service to Lore
  • 8 available from To Delve the Dungeon Deep
  • 8 available from A Vision of Betrayal

Once they choose a faction, their faction awards are listed as renown points.

A character who misses a faction award gains prestige in their sponsored faction for every two awards they missed. A character can trade in renown to their chosen faction to increase their faction prestige by 1 point for every 2 they reduce a single factions renown. They can increase a faction they don’t belong to to by 1 at the cost of 3 from another faction.

A character must spend faction renown in excess of their Pathfinder Society (PFS) Renown, their chosen faction can have as many points as their PFS Renown, and the renown they have with other pathfinder factions are limited to half their PFS Renown and 1 less than their chosen factions renown.

Adventure Complete Sins Check

At the end of the adventure each character has to justify which sin or virtue they portrayed the most of the course of the adventure:

  • ENVY: Complaining loudly or frequently about another party member’s good fortune, skill, or luck. CHARITY: Spending significant time tending the wounded, free of charge. Base colour of white with gold highlights.
  • GLUTTONY: Getting drunk multiple times during the game session. TEMPERANCE: Spending a game session without drinking at a tavern when at least two other PCs engage in such acts during the session. Base colour of black with copper highlights.
  • GREED: Robbing another PC, or hiding a significant amount of treasure for yourself. GENEROSITY: Turning life savings over to a Mayor. Base colour of brown with platinum highlights.
  • LUST: Eagerly accepting solicitations. LOVE: Giving a PC or NPC a romantic gift worth at least 1,000 gp per level your character possesses. Base colour of yellow with silver highlights.
  • PRIDE: Bragging about how nothing was scary. HUMILITY: Refusing to accept an NPC’s reward for a mission, or giving all credit to others. Base colour of grey with brass highlights.
  • SLOTH: Encouraging the party to stop and rest for a day after only having one or two significant encounters in that day. ZEAL: Encouraging the party to continue adventuring after the group has already dealt with at least five significant encounters that day. Base colour of green with different types of highlights.
  • WRATH: Eagerly torturing a prisoner. KINDNESS: Releasing an enemy that has surrendered and healing its wounds so it has a better chance at surviving. Base colour of red with copper highlights.

How my players fared

I had two groups doing this adventure at the same time, there was some competition between them as to who would finish the story first, as there were no shared players between two groups. One had a full group and the other struggled to get the players on the night.

  • Part 1
    • Group A (Wednesday) managed to attend all the tests in sequence and while they failed a few objectives, but they manage to do it with teamwork.
    • Group B (Friday) split the party, caused a disturbance taking the law into their own hands, embarrassed the society, and challenged the authority of the venture-captains.
  • Part 2
    • Group A continued with teamwork but did not stick together, managed to complete the assigned tasks without complications and keeping their word to all parties.
    • Group B again decided to split the party, ignore and intentionally thwart the trade prince of Qadira and managed to fail that aspect of the storyline gaining enmity from Qadira as an ongoing storyline.
  • Part 3
    • Group A worked together, did some silly things, but managed to get through to the objective as a group to complete the scenario and become trainee pathfinders.
    • Group B is not working well as a group, with poor leadership choices, and taking on combat as their first choice have faced more difficulties in completing the scenario. They upset Bog Mother and were trapped in the swamp for another two weeks. They completed their adventure and most became trainee pathfinders. Two characters left before the final test and missed their opportunity to join their ranks.
  • Total time to complete
    • Group A – 10 sessions
    • Group B – 12 Sessions

Concluding Thoughts

Each faction has tests and asked the characters at the end of the testing how they solved the test for that venture-captain and faction leader.

The faction still has to want to be the characters sponsor. Depending on how the characters interacted during the adventure is how willing the sponsor is to take on the burden of the character into their faction.

Once they gain sponsorship they actually begin the storyline. If they fail the sponsorship they can no longer become members, it is a one time deal.

Note: This is not meant as a punishment, but an early indicator that actions have consequences.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-05 – Updating the layout and link, with a menu.
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Level 3: Korvosa Gone Mad, Missing people in Sandpoint, Rescue of Ameiko, Shard of Greed

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Class Build: Minion (Mitflit), Barbarian (Nexa Shoanti Half-Orc), Bard (Quest – Goblin), Cleric (Pimwinkle – Halfling, , Krol – Elf Half-Gnome), Druid (Barak – Dwarf, Cangacerio – Human Half-Elf), Fighter (Kordar – Elf Half-Human, Zed – Human), Monk (Willy – Human), Oracle (Luna – Shoanti), Ranger (Duzhar – Orc Half-Human), Rogue (Sparky – Dwarf), Sorcerer (Belath – Cheliax), Wizard (Parry – Elf Half-Dwarf)

Discussing the Rules: Animal Companions, Archetypes, Companions, Crafting PF2 Items, Feats, Minions, Playing the Game, Shapechanging, Summoning

Game Modes: Encounter, Exploration, Downtime

Feats: Background, General & Skill, Location

PF1 Conversions to Pathfinder 2: Adventures, Classes, Items, Faction

References: Creatures, Equipment, Items, NPCs, Spells

Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP) Campaign

Design, Campaign, Campaign Journal, Runelords

Jade Regent Adventure Path (JRAP) Campaign

Personalities, Campaign Journal, Region – Minkai, Prophecy – The Broken One, Characters – Social Feats

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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This site is constantly under revision, no blog posts are final as this is a work in progress place for me to develop my game settings and rules. Some posts might be placeholders for future content, so feel free to check back later for updated information.

Basic Links: Who Am I?, Home, Game Tools, Game Session Videos, My Campaigns, My Library, Site Map, Subscription Information

Game Systems: Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder 1 & 2, Shadowrun, Star Wars. Other Game Systems

Site sponsored by the author AS Hamilton (my wife) with her books available on amazon kindle.


By thedarkelf007

I am a long term gamer, I run 6 RPG's a fortnight, host board game, card game and LANs each about once a quarter and have an addiction to buying more games. Games I am currently running are Pathfinder (1st and 2nd Edition) and Dungeons and Dragons (5th Edition).

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