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PF2 Settlement Kaer Maga

Pathfinder 2 – Settlement

Campaign – City of Kaer Maga

Thassilonian Resurgence

Introduction to Kaer Maga

The City of Strangers, as Kaer Maga is also called, is an anarchic cliff-top city is built inside the ruins of an ancient monument. The city is known as a place where someone can hide from persecution or start a new life amid dozens of strange factions and thousands of its unique residents.

The Asylum Stone, City on the Cliff, The Hex, City of Strangers

Standing atop the Storval Rise, the cliff-top city of Kaer Maga (pronounced kare MAH-gah) is built inside the ruins of an ancient fortress: a six-sided ring of 80-foot-high seamless stone, stretching more than a half mile in diameter and topped with towers of every shape and design. Also known as the Asylum Stone, Kaer Maga has served as a refuge for exiles, misfits, and ne’er-do-wells fleeing persecution and prosecution for thousands of years and is known throughout Golarion as a place where anyone can fit in, and where anything can be bought and sold.

Districts of Kaer Maga

Ring districts:

  • Ankar-Te, the most diverse of the city’s districts. A district of Kaer Maga known for its necromancers and the undead servants that openly walk the streets.
  • Bis, fabled for its ledge-manors.
  • The Bottoms, home of the anti-slavery organisation known as the Freemen. Home to escaped slaves and abolitionists, the Bottoms is Kaer Maga’s most democratic district.
  • Cavalcade, the city’s industrial centre.
  • Highside Stacks, the towers of the wealthy.
  • Oriat, the entertainment centre.
  • Tarheel Promenade district, magical centre, home of the Arcanists’ Circle.
  • The Warren, the shanty town in the broken section of the ring.

Core districts:

  • Downmarket, the city’s main commercial district
  • Hospice, the hospitality district
  • Widdershins, a quiet neighbourhood where everyone acts correctly—or else!

The city is perched on the top edge of a 3,000′ cliff, and gigantic skeletal stonework looks out from the city to the plains of forests and farms far, far below.(it’s unknown whether these skeletons were titanic creatures cursed into stone, or are actual carved statues. One of the heads is used by Pharasmins as the official entrance to the city cemetery….)

Warning pamphlet written by Z.Sharpe, Pathfinder Trainee and Kaer Maga resident

The city only has one official law:

  • No creating Intelligent undead
  • Every other ‘law’ is a mix of polite suggestion, cultural preference or just common sense ( like ‘never ever attack a Duskwarden‘)

Accept the consequences of your actions

  • Slavery is permitted, but some people don’t like it and will fight to free them (Freemen)
  • Prostitution is permitted, but some are actually assassins or spies
  • Undead are permitted, but always have an owner who will expect to be paid if they are damaged
  • Murder, poison and robbery is permitted, but expect revenge if you attack someone who has support 
  • Every religion is permitted. But try to enforce religious laws in public and you’ll be thrown off the cliff
  • Every race is permitted. You will see giants, lizardfolk, ghouls, elves, trolls, halflings, centaurs all in the same street.

Guides and Duskwardens are safe points of contact. 

  • It’s bad luck to injure/kill them, and people will hunt you down if you do (which is more bad luck). 
  • Duskwardens are not city guards, and will not interfere in disputes.
  • But they’re the closest thing to trusted soldiers that the city has
  • And if they tell you to do something you fucking listen because otherwise something will go horribly wrong (No pranks. They have zero sense of humour).

Hire a guide for any length of time you need. It’s not a pride thing, people can already tell you’re a gawking switch just by your walk. Take the guide to be safer and better about your business

On surviving in Kaer Maga:

  • Each district has it’s own authority. There is no city guard. Nobody is coming to save you.  
  • Anyone will rob or kill you if they think they can get away with it. 
  • Look tough. Carry a bigger weapon. Make yourself look like less of a target. 
  •  Stick to main roads and go in groups of 2-3. Do not go down the alleyways.  


  • All gods are welcomed.
  • Temples exist to Calistria, Asmodeus and Abadar.
  • Other key influences include Pharasma, Nethy, Shelyn, Urgathoa and Caiden Cailean, plus the Sweet-talkers
  • Notably ignored and dismissed are Sarenrae and Iomedae

Specific districts of Kaer Maga

Widdershin or Highside:

  • Do not enter Widdershin or Highside districts without a personal invitation. Period.
  • At best they’ll turn you away, at worst they’ll gut you and dump your body in the river… most likely something in between.
  • No shops or trading here


  • Avoid Ankar-Te... necromancy district. 
  • Undead freely walk the streets
  • Owners are not liable for any damage they do to you
  • You are liable for any damage caused to the undead
  • You may be seen as the perfect vessel for their next experiment
  • Gaming hall is by invitation only (includes undead pit fighting)
  • Necrophiliac brothel
  • No shops or trading here.

The Warren:

  • shacks and slums on entering the city
  • Farmer’s market (aka Meatgate)
  • Orphanage/Workhouses
  • Halfway houses
  • Pillars that Dream: Structure puting anyone walking through it, to sleep. 
  • Bad luck to rob or kill dreamers.. so they get awoken with cold water when there’s too many in the street


  • Main trading district
  • Biggest area for trading
  • Guide meeting post
  • Slave pens and other Stockyards
  • General stores, tailors


  • Foundries, industry, alchemy, mostly run by the Ardoc family.
  • Enforced by Ardoc family and golem-work creations
  • Ardocs will cut off fingers knuckle-by-knuckle for infractions 
  • They each carry a special chisel dedicated to the task. 
  • Run out of knuckles, and they just kill you.
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading


  • Powered by ancient aqueducts
  • Home to grain mills, forges and bath-houses
  • Better residences with open sky and cliff access
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading  

The Bottoms

  • Slavery is illegal in this district only
  • democratic and devoted to Cayden Cailean
  • Majority of practical craft work is here (blacksmith’s, carpenters, cobblers, wagon-rights etc)
  • Also the cemetery, a number of taverns and the gnome kite flyers
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading  
  • Most likely place to go to sleep drunk, and wake up either naked or dead.

Tarheel promenade

  • Named for the strip of magical/indestructible obsidian that covers the street as if it was poured on.
  • Arcanist’s Circle wizard guild (Wheel Unbroken building), and bloat mages
  • Temples of Abadar and Asmodeus, plus the street of little gods (i.e. shrines for everyone else)
  • Magical curiosities and minor items for sale (the odd undercity artifact as well) 
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading  


  • Artist’s district
  • Currently in civil war between monk factions within the Brothers of the seal)
  • Tattooists, painters, poets etcs
  • The Bard Lyceum academy
  • Sweet-talkers (fanatics whom have sewn their lips permanently shut)
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading  


  • Most friendly place in the city
  • Temple of Calistria 
  • Bordellos (including all-male),
  • Luxury hotel, crappy hotels
  • Expensive taverns and holes in the wall
  • Several alehouses guaranteed to have at least one fight a night (Self-started if the night is going slowly)
  • Safe’ish for daytime travel and trading
  • Best place to spend the nights in paid lodging

Random Encounters

Areas not explored will not be detailed at this stage.

  • 01-06 (CR -1) – Goblins (1d6)
  • 07-16 (CR 0) – Orcs (1d6)
  • 17-17 (CR -1) – Skeletons (1d6 Human)
  • 18-22 (CR -1) – Zombies (1d4)
  • 23-27 (CR 0) – Humunculus (1)
  • 28-32 (CR -1) – Giant Centipedes (1d4)
  • 33-35 (CR 1) – Imp (1)
  • 36-40 (CR 2) – Wererat (1)
  • 41-42 (CR 1) – Rat Swarm (1)
  • 43-43 (CR 2) – Sinspawn (1)
  • 44-46 (CR 3) – Web Lurker (1)
  • 47-52 (CR 3) – Animated Statue (1)
  • 53-75 (CR 5) – Troll (1)
  • 76-85 (CR 8) – Flesh Golem (1)
  • 86-92 (CR 7) – Dark Naga(1)
  • 93-93 (CR 10) – Guardian Naga (1)
  • 94-95 (CR 9) – Vampire Mastermind (1)
  • 96-00 (CR 10) – Graveknight (1)
  • 01-04 (CR 1) – Arbiter (1)
  • 05-09 (CR -1) – Goblins (1d6)
  • 10-14 (CR -1) – Skeletons (1d6 Human)
  • 15-19 (CR -1) – Zombies (1d4)
  • 20-24 (CR 1) – Ghoul (1)
  • 25-27 (CR 0) – Humunculus (1)
  • 28-29 (CR 1) – Imp (1)
  • 30-36 (CR 2) – Wererat (1)
  • 37-39 (CR 1) – Rat Swarm (1)
  • 40-44 (CR 2) – Sinspawn (1)
  • 45-48 (CR 3) – Grothlut (1)
  • 49-55 (CR 3) – Web Lurker (1)
  • 56-57 (CR 3) – Hell Hound (1)
  • 58-58 (CR 3) – Gelatinous Cube (1)
  • 59-59 (CR 3) – Rust Monster (1)
  • 60-63 (CR 2) – Animated Armour (1d4)
  • 64-66 (CR 1) – Earth Mephit (1d6)
  • 67-69 (CR 4) – Faceless Stalker (1)
  • 70-70 (CR 5) – Ochre Jelly (1)
  • 71-73 (CR 4) – Otyugh (1)
  • 74-76 (CR 3) – Centipede Swarm (1)
  • 77-86 (CR 3) – Mimic (1)
  • 87-87 (CR 5) – Gibbering Mouther (1)
  • 88-90 (CR 2) – Skeletal Champion (1d8)
  • 91-92 (CR 7) – Black Pudding (1)
  • 93-94 (CR 8) – Flesh Golem (1)
  • 95-96 (CR 7) – Dark Naga (1)
  • 97-00 (CR 10) – Guardian Naga (1)


Deep Halls


The Curse of the Halflight Pass

On the use of magic while traversing the Halflight Pass, a character is subject to the increasing stages of the curse until the leave the Halflight pass and take a long rest.

  • First Casting – You radiate dim light for 40 ft and attackers have advantage on you until you start the dying condition.
  • Second Casting – You radiate bright light for 40 ft and increase by 5 ft per level. Monster chance tables use advantage for appearance chance, and for what appears. This lasts until after you take a long rest. The effects of first casting also affect all non hostile creatures within your light radius.
  • Third Casting – You gain doomed 3 and cannot take a short or long rest while within the Halflight path, neither can you use an exploration activity and have the exhaustion effect until you leave. Any round you end your turn less than 40 ft from where you started an encounter is automatically triggered.

Campaign Events as Reported to the People

  • 4708-03-12
    • Goblins attack on the Halflight Path, at least 400 goblins involved, and 3 Duskwardens officially killed in the skirmish.
  • 4708-03-13
    • Troll soothsayers close their doors due to a vision regarding “The Sharpe”.
    • The Pilliars of Dream glow until visited by “The Sharpe” who failed to sleep and has aged a year in the blink of an eye while gaining the blue glow in the form of moving glowing runes across her skin.
    • Lightning Strikes the Temples of Asmodeus and Abadar powering up their defences.
    • “The Sharpe”, an new player in town, has put a call out for information to be sent via his old gang.
  • 4708-03-14
    • Adventures seen to enter the Godsmouth Ossuary with the assistance of the Clerics of Pharasma.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-06 – Updated the layout and menu.
  • 2020-07-05 – Added details from RotR players guide.
  • 2020-06-18 – Updated dates
  • 2020-05-25 – Added campaign Events.
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